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Oh, Foolish Heart.
Oh, foolish heart, why feel
III painl a pleasuIe,
And baiish similes to find
iI tealrs a treasire?
Why seek the cruel thurns
Beniea'h the roses;
Why hiarbori thotyghts of ni;.ht
Before day clois?
'I'he joyg of life, at best,
Are far too fleetiig,
Tlhat ioti shoild haste the hour
Of grief's sad gleeting.
Sulicienlt to the day
Is its Sorrow ;
For t01t pleasurM11es of to-day
May pall to-nIorrow.
-Jermne 1. Bell.
The Great. (clone of the 19th--Ful
ler Reports Fromll The Carolinas
and Georgiav4--11iole Towns Swept
Away--The Terrible Story in De
[Condensed frin Greenville News.]
L. Foster, brother of B. A. Fos
tor, got here from the upper part
of I'ickens yesterday. lie furnish
es some additio-al particulars of
the work of the cyclone inl the up
I)er part of Pick ens near his store.
lie says that his outbuildings were
unroofed but no other serious dam
age done.
The outbuildings and stock of
Griffin Hendricks were swept a
way, but his dwelling onlybad
ly damaged, the chimmeys being
blown over and the roof crushed in
as if tremendous weight had fallen
upoi it. All the furniture in the
house was brokei to pieces. Mr.
Hendricks was absent as were sev
eral of his childlren who had not
returned from school. Mrs. lIen
dricks and the child who rema' ned
at home took refuge in a log shed
andl escaped injury..
The outbuildings on the farms of
Capt. Manon .Jones and J. LI.
Banks are blown down. The di
ning room and kitchen of Ihenry
Williams' (dwelling are unr'oofed.
Mr. Foster said1 the track of the
storm was very narrow, seeminug to
be only a few hundred yards wide.
Thue Pumpkintown road is also
blocked by trees, but hands ha. e
been already ordered out and the
fallep timber will soon (disappear.
At Looper's at 5:30, p. in., the
tornado struck, anid traveled from
North..wet to Saot--+at ak
[ng everything in its track, about int
1-fourth of a mile wide,destroying 1po
houses, barns, cribs, and fences. .
No lives as yet reported lost, tor
[From the Anderson Intelligencer] d
About half-past 5 o'clock on Tues- so
day evening the attention of our ing
eitizens was called to the fact that mi
P shower of rain was approaching tili
by several vivid flashes of light- ea
ning, and hap81111) peals of thinider.
At the first approach of the cloud cli
F slight shower of rain, in large all
trops, mixe d with il fell, aCCOmU- ter
p)anied by a severe blow, which, N
liowever, (lid no harm. Back of
tlis cloud, which was h)aek an a
threaten inlg, a clear streak of goldai
light ap.eare(1, and persois b o
hiouglit a clear sunset would fol- 2 1
[ow. on
In a few monents, however, an
After cloud follou ed and r pidly ter
rissuimed a more angry and threat- oi<
Lming appearance- the great cir
rents of wind- a'nd rail flying in clhi
ELvery direction, with black chmd1'ls so
ibove crossing white strata, whicb hu1
4eemiied to be boiling up beneati.
'Iwo or three clear reverlbera ting Br
: laps of thunder in qiick success- NwaI
Ion seemed to form the storm ecen- o
Ler a litde Sonth-west of the city tli(
if An(lerson, and all the seething th
mass of clouds rusheld to joini tihe by
Jevastatinixg force, and forming a fia
buge black mass dipping down ly
nearly to the earth, in a funnel wa
shape, shot off inl an easterly di- wf)
rection, revol ving and roaring in a th<
fearful manner. It enme with per- sol
feet torrents of rain, and leveleil II
trees, fences and houses in its .LN(
track. Soon after it started the q
:oud burst and formed into 2 or ho
more funnels, each of witich ('ar- we
ried (ldevastation and ruin before it. als
le torn adoes ppI)er, passe(l abotit VS(
me and a half miles North and 4 li
miles South of Anderson and pro
"'Ceded East tand North-east. da
The storm (lid its work quickly of
mnd was gone, but the wreck wh
Lite tornado made surpasses any tli
(alamity that has visited our Coun- do
ly in the last half century. As i
usual in such cases, the storm dlid:no
not sweep uniiformily upon the wa
earth but would strike with devas- bk1
tating force for a few hundred pla
yards, and then, and as if to gath- 4
er fresh power from the raging' el. ing
amnents, would rise and make its~ bk
Lourse for some distance throug'h 4
thie airI, r'eturnring againi to leave lr
atdditionial wrecks to nmrk its blo)
youzrse. In the p~ath of its greatest
fur'y scarcely a large tree was left on
standing, and acres of felled forest'
nay he found to-day to show the ag
rorce of this storm. Ihouses were the
shattered as playthings before its -wa
iower, and huge timbers car'riedl nem
'or hiundreds of yards before the got
'aging winds, or lifted nnel1 dleiven
o the grouind with superhuman r
As far as we are able to learn the 0
1anado seems to have commenc- t
its deadly work at or near .Mas
's mill, about three or four miles v
tthiwest of the city, its trzt-k be- t
between a quarter and a half a
le in width. It swept every- i
ng before it, traveling in a nor th
terly direction. e
')n Mr. John I -l' plaice, the a
mneys of his dwelling house,
his outhouses anid one or 2 j
lant houses weCe blown down. s
One hurt.
W. 1). 11lall's stables were d am
qd. IA
Ars. P'. A. Maf-sters, dwNelflng t
Ise was slightlIy dinuhged. :n11d
enaunt houses destioyed. No, h1
hurt-. I
I'wo out, houses on J. 11. Ala-- 0
S' pla c wereo tor) down. No t
I. C. Craw ford's d welling house 0
mnileys were blown down, I as al-d
were three omhouses. .No one, au
I'he (IVell inlg house of John lt
)Oks, tel iller at Masters' mill
S LlOWI (ovn. AMr. llrooks, Iw
men and three chil Id'en wer'e inl
iise, Which wus blown off at e
floor. Ml% r. BrookS was kilied 1
a filling timbeir, 'his head and1(1 r
SbI iig bruiised. Ile Was fol 1e(1
og oil top) of the wreck which i
S Scattered oil both1I Sides. The t
men anild clildleln rani out into! t
chIard an d caught hold of s
ne peaIch- trees, where they re
i ned nIII til tie 'storm was over'.
ne of them Were injured. 0
J. M. Keys' dwelling house, out
ISCS an thre1 tenaunt houses 1
re blown down. His stables weret'j
odestr-oyed, t hough the stock a
-aped injury. No one i hurt o1 I
place. - 1:
In caddition to this, considerable I
mlage wa done on the plantatious t
'. J. McClure and Oliver Bolt, c
ere two gin houses and two 0or
ee teiant houses were blown I
Xtending fulrther east and
'theast conlsidera ble damage r
S done. T'wo tenant hlouses were i
wnC donuo1.C.:era'
3n Wmh. Sh irley,s the outbuild- v
's and-1 two( teinant ho~uses were S
wn) (10wn.
>adway, two tenant houses were
I'wo outhiouses were dlestroyed S
Mr. Crosby's pla(c.
L'he storm dlidl no extenisive (dam) I
inl the city. Tlhed tin roof over!'i
storeCroomi of W. S. Ligon & Co.
3 torn upi 0on the' northwest corn- '1
. No damage was done to their! d
t. two room kitehen,.jin.t comn
leted on L. L. Green's lot, on.
outh Main street, was thrown off
f its foundation at one end, but
lie timbers remained together.
The colored Methodist Church,
(hich was in process of' erection,
h buildiug having been framed
nd realy for the weather-board
ig, was destroyed.
In various portions of the city
onsiderable fenicing is destroyed,
rid a number of trees uprooted.
The storm (lid most destruction
Ast one mile from the city, de
troying the dwellitig houses of V.
V. Todd, our County S.hool Comn
lissionier, J. L. Fant and Miss
Una A ilcox, the latter's beielO
> the grouln(l.
'hie main portion of Mr. T1 odd's
ouse was left standing, the upper
alf-tory and roof being carried
T' The glass inl the windows of
le lower story were shattered,
i several rooms the sash blowin
It. The furnitu ire was badly
am'ilaged and(l broken up. As soon
s the Occupants could escape from
be house, they got out and lay on
bie gronrd, pro''er'ring to be in the
ainfall ratuier than risk the house.
;one of them got hurt.
A large tree fell across Miss Wil
ox's house. The furniture was
ro(ke~n and scattered in every di
ection. Mrs. Chattield, Miss Wil.
OX's sister, was the only person
ri the house nt the time. She hearl
he storm approaching an(d got up
Z close the door, when in all in
Lant the crash came. It seems im
>ossihle for her to have escaped a
orrible death. 1However, she came
ff wit:i only a slight bruise.
Mr. F0ait's house was left in a
out the same condition as M'.
'odl's. llis household goods are
iso badly damaged an( brokei.
lis family were all in the house,
it none of. them i nj tIred. Mr.
"ant's stables were ui plifted and
orn asunider, but hee Seenped with
ut a scratd h.
A large untenanted house recent
y ocenpied by Joe Lee, colored,
fas alse unr'ofed.
The scene in this immediate
,eighbh)1Iood 01n Wedniesdlay morn
Lig was tel rible. Thle track of the~
orn'Iado did( not appear' to have
een more thau a quarter' of a mile
ide, anid Miss Wilcox's reiec
eems to have been ab~out ini the een
P ieces of furniture, clothling and1
imbers were car'riedl several hun
red yards off. All the trees of an
IZe was upr~iooted.
A. small t(euiant house onl II. 0.
lerrick 's place was11 unroofed.
lie occup lanits were not inUjured''(.
Several tenant houses ont d.W
hompson's place were blownt
o wn. A negro man and thr'ee
biild1'rn were painfully injur'ed_ by

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