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hito tihe woods, and some of the bales
of cotton tnore thai a 100 yards from
(aell other.
The next farm in the course of the
desroyer is thit of S. 1Stalnaker. I-iS
dwelling is badly' wi'ecked, cim 1wneys
blown dowu,and all his laborers hon ies
inl his extensive grove a complete
wreck, and also his son's residence.
Foi-tunately, however. only one col
Ored women was seriously hurt here.
'ihe Saddest of all is W. II. Stal
wort i's can. He lett'his home thaIt
morning to visit Cha14rleston . When
the stormstrtk his Place his family
were hi the house, except his two sons,
whio wa at the barn feedig thig stock.
The house, a hirge well-built structure,
went crAshihg down in an instant. The
two dauglters and mother were crush
ed and imprisoned first by tle bricks
from a falling chimney, then by the
debris of the builing. Th'lle soils vere
blown fr om the barn out across an or
chard, badly stillned, but recovered
and hastenied to the house, extricated
all from the building, whicl had now
caught from the fire on the hearth, orI
in a cooking stove, except the eldest
daughfer, Eddie, 16 years of age. She
was covered so deep beneath t he brick
ald I mortar, with heavy tim.Cers also
across the place, thiat it was impossible
to extricate her alreiady lifeless body
before it Was entirely Consuimend by the
ilarmcs. Mln. Stahvorti and daughter,
w ho were saved from the burning
wVreek, are seriously but not, fatally ini
Four nlegroes onl the lace are badly
and olle fatally hurt. Several horses,
m1uiles aid cattle were Crippled and one
horse and Lvo or three head of cattle
killed. Not a single house of any de
scription on this plant atiol is left
standing A bale of cotton here was
I)lowIl ald dragged over the ground
until it was separated from the tieS and
scattered by the w inds. Buiggies wag
0ns an1d a gill, from t ie gin-house, were
literally demolished.
J. II. Buirnett, wvho lost his dwelling
and half his outbuildings by fire last
every house on his pIlace save one,
wihwas out of t he linem of thme storm,1
levelled and11 1 sctteredl like ChlatT, b~ut
fortunately onily one of hlis family, hi
wife, was seriously bruised. Pink Ihary
ly had his house blown dlown', and an
inifanit of a few mioths was blowni
more t han a hun dred yards fromn the'
house and was not found by the family,
who( were all badly hurt, for several
hours afterwards.
of mior'e than 40 famiilies are diestroyed,
and the long forage, and1( inl some cases
cornl andl oats, of mraniy others w~hos2e
(Iwellings are safe are entirely dlestroy
ed1, b~es ides the fenciog_ scatter'ed anmd
the cattle killed or cripled~C(. In someW
cases on light soils graini is seriously
injmied by being blown uip b~y their
The phy13siianIs were kept busy goin g
from place to laice to attend the*
wounded. I satw one Methodist and~
t wo Bapt ist lminssters going f rom house
to house speaking words of sympathy
and consolation. :. w. .. I).
T1he next place lIn .the track after.
Mays's was thme Dunovant place, now
owned by Jeff Kinard. Ever'y house
On tile phace Was -lev'eled. Luther' Ki
mmn aelsnon suf'nerd bad11.
ho occupied it was killed, her body I
blig horribly nmashd.
At Concord several brick dwellitiks t
ere badly dmaged and others un- v
Ofed, and all the fenchig and mn.y I
the trees blown down.
The 21st was spent in burying the t
ad in Rockingham. Mart hi Diggs,1
>Ior'ed, Who waiI'i reported yesterlda a, i
issing, has been found dead. Asa
awkins, aged 13, died last night from i
s lijuIries. The ijured number I
>out 32 colored and 20 white. Three
the whites are in a prectrioits coti
tio), and two adults aud three child
n, Colored, are thoughL to be inl dant- 1
-r. About4 fifty houses vere blown)VI
>wn in this vicinity by th istoiml, and
Ie (amlage to property cannot be es
iuited. Th1i m number of dead bodies
oi;.;ht into Rockinghamn reached'
enty. This, it is thought, is a ful
L of the dead in the Philadelphia, N
, horror. Among the bodies was t.hat
a woman with a dead child three
eeks ol clasped in ler arms.' The
t al dead in Ilichmind county is 23.
Union county, N. C., on each side
Moni roe, was swept, IIany residenI
s bei ng dstro yed. Ma I I ri! Ten
as killed, a Colored child waz burned
a wrV-elced loue, anid two white
>ildrenl were blown aIway aid have not
-eu heard of. One fatiily exposed
the wild, vis blown into a fore:st
inid a crash of fallineg tress :Ind ever
itch of Iloth"iI. was blowi :ndi torn
4)1) theim. Fowls exposed to the
0rm wre fotund dead, with all thir
athens llowNN1 oil.
Moi ngoliery is th latest couit.y
le1111 from and th nes is dIiredfil.
hle ;storml 'wept 1p Lite LUharrie River,
aig a&ci oss from Pee-dlee, and( ex
i1led a1'lo either "Ide of the river.
om) the Sa1er1vis phre-e" to Mrt. Polly
raNwford's. The force w18 terni le anld
ari&,'y a house ill its track was left
LI linIg. Whole chlips of trees
>rooted and piled in tangled muasses
di aill the fencees were swept clear to
V gro11A. hlorses, pig.. Cows. shie),
'.ekens:n ldogs kill(d :d their bod
S blow over di'etanwes varving from
ty yards t o h al f a inile. Neil McKoy,
sonu of Solomion~ McKoy, of TProy', left
mie on the morniing of the 19th to
sit S'tanuleyS Goun ty, bit on arriving
,1irk's Ferry founda that hm coiuld
>. cross untiil eveing, biut the waiters
ill being too high to cross lhe repaiir
I to thielhoui-e of Willis Dennis where
Sstopped(. for the night. About 9
(clo)k a f rightl fuil roat ing~ somad wasI
'ard coIming, and before the alarmed
tople col con jec'ture its mieaninig
Ie tuimbers. of .lhe ho~use wvere fallihg
>out thei: head s. Thme residen ce, barn,
ib), smoke(4. ho' iSe an i Ikitc'h -n were
)in letely dem'nolished,. not so nu1ich as
jiieee of timber beig left on the
nee. Matre~ses, blankets, sheets,
oth inig, articeles of furiniturec, corn.
heat aill h~acon we're scattered for
iilf a uitile in' the course of the st orm.
r. McKoy's h1uggy was hurled for a
1-.dredl yartls, anid broken to pieces.
is'trun k w as crushed and( 'con tents
ere scatteredl beyotnd reach. Ilis horse
as... fatally .injured. Mr. Dennis's
>r'ses disappeared in thle storm anil
iye tnot since beeni seen). While this
as goiig .oin feigilledI seamis we
'ard across the ferry. It W-as a tan ds
>ice calling 'fdA help, bumt no ihlp cduld
one(. In' t 6e mOrnigs it was geenu rhiat
When the cyclone reache.d the neigh.. w
borhood of lalfiwanger's store the b<
scene was terrible. Every cablu and
Jwelling-house, barn and stable on w
Win. Burkhalter's place was utterly rc
lestroyed. On N. M. Burkhalter's ol
plaice the same may be said. They lost
i lie horse each. On J. M. Proctor's di
place several eablns and his stables c(
were carried away. Mrs. 11. Dyson m
Also lost several cabins. It crossed the D
Salida River into Newberry Comnty 'I
near the railroad bride. at
Oi the morning after the fearful ol
tornado, J. Massey Knight, a reliable di
-itiz7eni of Lancaster county, on his rc
way' to town, found lying in the road, gt
tbout six miles east of Laincaster comit d<
liouse, two fishes of the pike or jack ti
-pecies, about 8 inches long, and inl a til
live state. The pllic was in a flat b
2ointry, in the piney woods, and dis- tv
rant about t wo miles from any stream. ii,
Ile placed them inl a bIcket of water, C
wherein) they swaml and b1)1frouight them ol
into town and had thlm Coked. The w
writer received Ih , facts. from the te
miaoith of t he witness, who is known to
be a man of veracity. 1o
A lmii L S. C., February 22.- e
S'incee the stoim of the 19th instanit w
MIs. Lyon I is died from her injmries. i
Mirls. Giriflin's daughter is inproving,
1l1 it is ib )p (d tiluit tle. accil delti tobI)<
Mrs. an1d Miss Stalworthii are not, a; s(. t
riouis as at first reported.:n
A reliable gentIlan from the sa- st
vaiiah side of the cotmity informns mue fr
tAt the 'hail fell inl such qua utity th i IL it
it hly on ih i groluni like snaow, andI I iih it. (
111 huil-stonles were in lmi ny instanucles
is large as guineua (egs. lit
Capt: 1 Frank L'anlier, litiinmam for the e
Southerni telegrai h company, reports. t v
hlat as b - pazsevd Woodiward's oil the ir
C. & A. I tillrol, the reImaiINi. of a C
(egro im maanl hi.; wife Ihul just be(' s
Ixtrieate-d from the riils of I 'Air de- .;
noliNshed eahinl. Their bodies wvere I;
erribly brikse d l mashed atl tei :
leati linust h1 Ive ocirred instant ly. 11
F M Gray, a promitient citize Iof 1i
AnIson1 Couity, lived i hearl Polkton. ie
Mionday nighli h'. retired ;as uuual with 1
lis famiily. but wazs wake.1 shoIrtly' af- a
erwards by ih.' timbers oif his mnansioni 11
iahing abou t. his head. in the twinak- vi
Aing of ani eye, rain surrounded(. hin. at
Ilis house was torn by the mnighty m
whinrlwind anid scattered along the st
1'rIck of t he storm. Mr. Gr ay, vu ith, e
hxis chihireb, esc5aped, but ini th ri'iuin in
th~ beloved mother and wife was lost. I)
11er dea(1 body wa picke~d "P near thle h<
ia the neighborhood of Pioneer t~i
mills, Mrs Mart ha Black a short time al
f;ame d welling. Shortly after she re- C(
tired1, the haowhnig winads awakened h''r, a
Find hearing the timbers cracking. she pl
prepared to fliee from the house, bult e1
before she could get out the house comn- w
meneeCd tumllblinig abhot her head. Mrs ll
Black's famify also e'scaped, but all yj
were njurd bythe falling tinbrs
iSa ia aged1 lady and( wa1s qunite so- [l
riouisly hurt. About a mile from Mrs a
Black's, -Monroe' Iewis's' 'oiithoiinss a
wecre blowna awvay, but his dwelling I)
house withstoo( -the. storm. In the
samue neighbprhood flive (dwelling hous-- -w
e~s were dem~olished. Near Mii-.. Black's 114
house a negro: eahinx was SWept: coim- V<
uletelv a way, an(l, the nego-e woman C(
he residence and all the outbuildhigs
t the po1t frofn which cries oris
ress.had beei heard had disappeared,
aid there vas n6 ign of life about thle
>lace. The% storm continued on its
surse directly ub the river,layling low
ivery houseI in Its track. Silas Kern 's
ouse was unroofeil tnd his'etabhda de
niolishied. Wiley iart'is's hose Was
Iestroyed. Elzevan Sanders lost hits
Aew residence, store, kitchen and gin
kouse. John Morris's house was level
d to the ground. Ed. Mulinix's housN.
,vas blown down. and burned. -Mary
lurley's honse was destroyed, and
mirned after it was wrecked. Wllson I
Davis's house was blown down' anl
birned. James Byrd's house was de
stroyed. Rlchard )entmts house was
2a rried away. iaisel Beaman's house
was completely wrteke(l. Aunt Pol
ly Crawford's house vas tunroofed.
In several of these wrecks lives were
merificed. The list of dead, as com
plete as it couhl be ascertained by Mr.
D C W ade, clerk of Montgomery Supe
:lor court, is as follows: Child of It
W 11lls, child of Wiley Morria, Wim.
Morris, James Byrd, Mrs James Byrd.
Mrs Richard )enims and a child of Mrs
Richard~ Dennis. lHanselI Beaman and~
bi ree child(1re 1 were seriously eCritS1ihd.
L'vo of hIs children had both of their
'gs brokei and another had her arm
orn nearly oi, it being Iteft hanging to
ier shoubler by a piece of skin. W S
gralenn1, a prominileit citizel of
Iontgomery cointy, is reported killed .
le was caught out in thei storm and his
)Ody w% as terribly miuttilated. Ie was
oing to Troy from A11hboro', was in
L biuggyv alone ani in front of him weie
wo of his w-agronIs (Irivel by Colore(I
neI. A t a poiIt het We CI Mount Gil
a and Swift Island the cyclone
truck thei. Mr. IngrahamN was blowni
omne di-tanee across a hill and instant
y killed. Both legs and bot h arms
vere broken. The wagons were to
ally dest.royed, and one of the drivers
ille(l and the other fatally injured.
Il Amson colnty the storm was (s
st rous. Wim. Little lost every build
uig oni his place. Hie was very badly
murt by dlying timbers. Flake & Al
(en's store(., ten mtiles northeast, of'
N~adesboro', wvas blown1 awvay. Flake's
esidlence was enitirely dlemolished.
It will be observed that t her cyclone
truck Andlersonu at 5), C~happel's a lit
le after 6, Golightly, Spar'tanbuirg co.,
Ch, ii"ter anud Ellenitoni at 7, Concord
SC, att 8, Phiiladelphiia at 'J, aundl Dar
inigton ait 10) o'clock. From this it
eems t hat there wer~e two eyCloneQs ra
~ing down through the State, which
~onfirmns the theory that th'i original
~yelone startedl on the gulf coast and~
wep across Alabama, diid~ing when
otn half way across Georgia and1 ma
(ing hirge leapls so a. t o mliss someit pha
efs applarently right in itii tr-ack. Ches
eri and~ Ellen ton, whlich- arie at almost
>lposite sides of the State, were struck
it about the samec time. UJpper Piek..
mns andl Gr(eenvihll an id An1dersonI suf
~ered~ heavily, but are niot. in the same
rack att all.
TIhere wvere probably 250 to 500 lives
ost in the traek of the cyclone. The -
oss in piroperty Is beyond esthnate.
We have ntot spiaee to g't~iveI eorts
I'rom Alaama and( Georgia in this is
m'(e hitt wvill ini our next.

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