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The Easley messenger. (Easley, S.C.) 1883-1891, March 07, 1884, Image 1

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The e a. lots ofii lpu COt 10hg,
it , kn.$. todo itk
On 'U geccustomed to It.
Do yo a hlg moderately,
As WS p1s4, not a favor;
M~a st~ y itadds greatly
!0 thlant fl ivor.
Court yQura-~etheart in the kitchen,
in the parlor, li the park;.
And you'll.find the most bewitchin'
Timq~for courting after dar'k.
Court for lo-ve; most women like It,
Nay, I am oortalu they all do;
And the fellow who can strike it
Once will hanker for it, too.
Court a woman for herself, sir,
For the virtue that Ia in her;
Don't go courthigifor her pelf, sir;
You will rue it If you will her.
Court a woman boldly, bravely;
Never court her for a tool;
When you do, shei'll tel you naively
How a womani scorned can rule:
Conrt'a woman for a wife, s1,
For a mother good and true;
And nmgv ord yog'll.tlzad this life, sir,
Paradlse eonough for yotu.
And such courting heats st,rawberi les
Peaches frozen fin lceam
Champagie f irppe. branded cher ries,
'Tis a sinny 2oldcn dream.
[From the Alma Mater.]
My hearers--male and female,
-.Squenchin' my native modesty,
which is nateral to all of the weak
or vessels uiv whoi I am which, I
feel impelled to speak to yoo this
evenin' on the subjeck iv woman
-her origin, her mission, her des
tiny-a subjeck, bein' ez I an ia
worgan myself, I hev given much
att ention to.
Man, my.hearers, olinis to be
the sooperor ur won..n ! I. it #6
and ef so,.in what, and how much ?
wuz he the fust creation? ite i'uz,
my hearers ; but what does thiat
prove? Man wuz applied to the mnan
kid' ,uVa betterer and ntoreflier
beinl', uv whom I am a sample.
Nachier made man, tynt saw in-ai
breef apace uv time that he cood
ent~ take care uy hisseif' alone, and
sio he made a womnau t6 take care
umv him, and thats why we wuz cre
aed, though seein' 11l the truable
we hev I don't doubt that it wouldl
hev bieen money in our pockets ef
we hadn't been' made at all.
Tma~ine, my antiqmate i eure,
Adat before Eve wuz made! Wh<
oooked his beefsteak? Who made
his coffee in the morih', and did his
washir'? He wuz inizable, he WU2
-he. must hev boarded out and-eal
hash ! But when Eve come the sent
Dhanged. Her gentle hand soothed
his akin brow - when he -one in
from a hard day's work.. She bed
11is house in order. She hed his
4lippers and (dressin'-gown ready,
ind after tea he smoked his ineer
ichauin I peace.
Men, cruel,i tiard-hearted men,
assert that Eve wuz the cause iv
'is expulsion from Eden-that she
plucked the apple and give him
rialf, oh, my sisters, is it true! It's
oo true, but what uv it? It proves,
rustly, her goodness I1ed Adam
plucked the apple, of it lied bin a
Yood one, he'd never thought uv
lis wife at home,, but, would huev
obbled it all. Eve, angel that we
dl are, thorght uv him, and went
avers with him. Secondly, it wuz
he means of good, anyhow. It
ntrodoost death into the world,
w'hich seperated 'em while they
still hed love for each otlier. I ap
.)eal to the sterner sex present to
ight. Would you, oh would you
lesire for immortality, onless in
leed, you lived in Injeany, where
ou cood git divorces and clhan zc
your names wunst in 10 or 15
eCars? S'pos,n all tiv you :ed bin
Vortunate enough to win sich virgin
souls ez me, could you endure
Tharms like mino for a eternityI
Nethinks niot. I know that ef I
ied a husband he would bless Eve
for introdoosin' death into the
I progress. Woman then,isnman's
skal, but ez she okkepyin.' hew pro
per speer? Alas not! wve are de
prived uv the ballot, and ain't al
I1wed to make stump speeches oi
take part in pollitix. Is. it righti
Truie we ain't ez yit learned ir
these mters,. but what uv thatL
How many men vote who know
what they'r votin' for, and huon
mnuy stumpl spea.-ers -know whai
they'r talkini' about ? I deinand th<
ballot. 1 want to be, a torchlighi
procession . I want to sit in Con.
gr'is among the other old grannies
I want to demonstrate my fitns
for' gorerin' lyy comuin' home eleva
ted on 'le'ckshun~ nights. I' wan
to assoon that speer which Naci
fitted me for ekally with nian, I
from which maskelinejealousy h
thus far excluded me. Don't 8s
we're weak and frivolous! wea
Why I wunst knowed a 'fen:
friend iv mine whohed strenth re
lerly to carry her husband, w
weiighed 200 lbs., averdu:ois, in
the house every night, after he w
lifted off from a (Iray onto whi
his friends which could stand in
fluids than he could lied deposit
him. Many a time I've seed I
lift that barrel uv whiskey witi:
man outsi(e uv it.
Ez I heard some9 wicked ba.
who wuz a playin' cards say, I pa
Matrimony,. 4lths far in the worl(
history, hez bin our only destin
I am ghid I hed allus strength
iniud enough to resist all propo
tions lookin' to my euslavement.
lied too much respeck for mys
to make inyself the sla.ve uv a ma
Wunst, indeed, I might hev do
so, but the merest accident in t
world saved mle. A young man,
mny younger days, when the bloc
wuz on the peach, ere sleepic
plights spent in meditatin' t
wrongs uv my sex hed worn ft
rows into these wunst blushi
cheeks, a young man come to o
house and convereed sweetly wi
me. It wuz my fust beau ; and a
my si.ters, ed. he that night. ask
me to be his'n I should hey 1)
weak enough to hev sed ves, anI
would hev bin a washer utv dish
and a mender of stockings for Ld
But fate saved me. HE DIDN
ASK ME-that night nor nev
lafterwards-and, hallelujy I V
Again. I demand the right
stand in' up in the cars tihe same
mein, instead uiv havin' a dozen
'em start up) wheni I enter coz I
a woman ! Why should they ! WV
these limbs given me by Nach
for what? I resent with skor-r-i
tihe implied insult. I hev se
bearded men stand up to let a lit
chit uv 18 [0, my sisters, of th
oz a provokin' objick in tnis wo
it's a smnooth-:facc girl uv 18 ; tI
know so, httle .of life and let
they know so much,] set dov
~hen the night al'ore that same g
hed waltzed 90 miles, and of s
hedn't tired all her partners o1
er could hev .altzod .20 nore. f? n
ut disgusted with.sieh.
ez There hev' bin womieri, -il the
n'ytwotild who hev dofisutil r
k I wuz the queeri of She
tLie eggselled only by Solomon, antall
g- that surprized her ir . hini wI, that
ho lie could stipport 3000 woloe.
to Bless Solomon's heart, .I'd like to
as see him do it now! Where. could
ch he find a house big enough to hold
ire 'em? He'd hev to put a whig on
d each side nv the end put ahotler
er story on top iv it. And there Wuz
a Joan of Arc, who walloped the En
glish, who wuz maid uiv Orleans,
YS which wuzn's the same as Noah's
5S. Ark, fbr that wuz made of gopher
i' wood, besides the latter wuz pitch
ed within. Theie wuz Queen Ehz
Ay abeth, who wuz the Virgin Queen,
; and-but I propel.
How shall we gain our lost rights,
,f and assume that positions in the
n. world to which we are entitled to?
ne O, my sisters, these is a question
he t)on which I hav cogitated long
in an d -vigorously. We imight do it
i by pisenin' all the meon, but we
ss would be robbed atv one-half ny
lie our triumph, for, they wouldn't be
r. .alive to see how well we did things
n' without 'em ; and besides, who'd
pay our bills, and then what would
tl become uv the generation? We
h1, might resolve to do no more of the
3d degradin' work they hev imposed
in onto us, but if we - didn't who
I would? One week's eatin' what *
es they would cook would sicken a
e. well-regulated woman, but let us
'T be women in a grand style. Let
er us refuse to kiss 'em or be kissed
Lm by 'em till they. oome to terms ;
let's preserve a keerful coldness
of toward 'em till they..acknowledge
asour ekality. This I have practiced>
uv for years. I allow no young man
'm to throw his-arms around my waist,
uz and pressin' me to his buzzum,
er, imprint upou my virgin lips the
an impassioned kiss uv love. ,,Et one
gen should attempt it this minute, I
tie should exclaim, "'My civil .rights
3re fust, the marriage rights after
rid ward![" Tr~y it, young sisters!
Ley afld ef that slon't fetch om to terms,
on write me postrpai, n I'll send
auithin that will. .
irl , +Gen. Longstreet, though only
he sixty;-three years old, ia rep6fted
it, to be in his dotage.

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