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he fasiry ffJessenger.
J R. HAGOOD, .Editor.
It will be seen in this issue that
we have given space to the edito
rial of the Wadesboro, N. C., "In
telligencer," with regard to W. B.
Cash, who so dastardly committed
murder upon the body of Marshal
Richards of Cheraw. A foul,wan
ton murder, to be chronicled, not
only in our own State but that of
others. A murder offering perhaps
capital to the North for the abuse
of the South ; or a murder calcula
ted to give the South a bad name,
while so;many of Chesterfield's pri
vate citizens, ally themselves with
the Cashes, and sympathize with
them in their baseness and iniqui
ty. Too proud already of the op
portunity, are the Norhern people
of throwing shame in our faces,
and this sneaking offense, will
probably embolden them to renew
their efforts at derision.
There is a claimed panacea for
the crime of murder, but too un
frequently is the murderer's neck
spared the noose-hole of the gal
lows. The same mercy that the
jurors and the officers of the law
show to those guilty of murder,
should be shown by the murderer
himself before the committal of
such an act. le never stops to
show mercy to his victim, but is
the recipient of it himself when
brought in the courts of so called
justice. Cash should be caught
and tried, and if he with "malice
and fore-thought" murdered Mar
shal Richards of Cheraw, he should
be hung "as high as Haman.''
Is the reputation of bravery, the
act of dwelling in a "palatial man
sion,'' the hospitality characteris
tic of an old time family, or the
close alliance with a multitude of
good peCople to protect him from
the punishment which he might
dleserve. Let Justice take its
course for another time. Shear
Mr. Cash of all personal and fami
ly recommendations, and place him
on the plane of a murderer, and
dleal out justice to him, the same
as it should be dealt to any other
murderer who might sustain very
iriferior social relations. Gov.
Thompson has 'left no stone uin
turned' to secure the capture,
of Cash, and we may rely upon him
as doing all he can to bring the
guilty parties to justice.
Col. E. B. Cash, the father of
Bogan Cash the murderer,has been
arrested, and carried to Columbia,
where he is now in jail. Mr. R. C.
Watts, one of Cash's lawyers, pro.
poses to "sue out a writ of habeas
cor pus.'' Col. Cash has been guil
ty of serious ihreats, stating.that
the death of Richards saved him a
Winchester rifle ball, and it is fur
ther reported that there 'is a let
ter extant' in which he says "that
if Gov. Thompson offers a reward
for the arrest of Bogan he will of
fer a reward for the Goveruer's
head.'' But Col. Cash is now lock
ed up in the prison walls,as acces
sory to the crime of murder, and
who if proved guilty, will be hang
ed if the letter of the law is car
ried out.
In last week's issue of "The
Sentinel," it was suggested that
the county be divided into three
divisions, each to be represented
on the Board of County Commiss,
ioners. This suggestion we think
an admirable one, and if adopted
by the voters of Pickens County,
will work well for its interest, and
greatly to the convenience of the
successful candidates. As it now
is, one or more of the Commission
ers is or are forced to travel over
several miles in order to at tend to
their business, and the interest of
all sections cannot be watched as
closely as they could be, if we had
three divisons with a Commission
er residing in each. The sugges
tion regrardingy this arrangeineiit,
meets our approbation, and so far
as the method of voting is con
cerned it may perhap' s he bet ter to
allow the voters in each division
to elect their own man. We ree
ommend the suggestion of the 'Sen
tinel' to our readers.
-It was accident, coupled with
nterp1rise, that brought Mr. Iallet
to this place. Sheriff Blassingame
me.t him on train while returning
from his late trip to Baltimore af
ter H-owardI Butler, under the Gov
ernor's requisition. Th'le Sheriff,
who lived out west for a number
of years before the war', and who
has since traveledi in Europe, b~e
lieves that there is no place like
Spartanburg, and takes pleasure
in saying so, when occasion calls.
Learning in the conversatior, that
Mr. Hallet was on his way to South
Carolina to select a site for his fac
tory, lhe pointed him to Spartan
burg. Tlo cut matters short, Mr.
II., after examining several towns
in the up-country, came to the cop
clusion that the Sheriff was right,
and has settled in our midst. Hie
has rented one of the houses of
capt. A. J. Gwynn, on Main Ut.
-Spartanhburg Herald.
-The capacity of the cotton seed
oil mill at Greenville has been ineresa
ed by the addition of two presses of
mnrod natten.
Greenville, March 10.-The Uni
ted S' ates District court adjournei
sine die to-day. James Parks, c
Laurens, convicted of retailinj
whiskey, was refused a new tria
and sentenced to three months i
Laurens jail and $200 fine. Mar
shal Livingston, accompanied b;
'Deputy Marshal Dill, leave her
to-night in charge of Edmund Wil
lis and Newton Rsehardson, con
victed of perjury and sentened t,
10 months each in Albany, N. Y.
penitentiary, and ciarles Tinsley
convicted of robbing the mails, sen
tenced to 2 years in the Reforn
School at Baltinore.-News an
-Up to Saturday, the 8th, ther<
were 1243 liens indexed in the of
f ice of the Registrar for the coun
ty. This is about equal to las
year's record, and, considering thi
had crops of last year, is quite :
creditable showing. Very fem
landlords have taken mortgages o
c-rops.-Spartanburg Herald.
--Mrs. M argaret Brady, of Mt
Vernon, N. Y., has recovered $1
500 f rom the proprietor of a drink
ing saloon for the loss of her hus
band, vho fell down stairs whil(
]irunk with liquor sold to him ii
Jiefiatice of her warning not to d<
-The guano dealers of Spartan.
urg have made a -'black list'' o
perons who have refused to settl<
their fertilizer bills, and such per
sons wAl be unable to purchas<
their supplies there this season.
-- Married, at the residence of Ih<
bride's broth-r, It. R. Beaty. Esq., oi
Tuesday, March 4th, by Rev. R. C
Iaigon,. Mr. W. II. Teasley, of Elber
co)Iunty, Georgia, and Mrs. Martha J
Baker, of Anidel-son county,
News and Courier,
[Daily $10 a year ; Weekly $2 a vear
The Leading Paper or the South-Eas
Largest Circulation in the Cottoi
Jan 11tf
8UBScaRIB *i N ow
An 8-page 40-column Agricultura
Journal, the only paper ini South Car'
olina published exclusively in the inter'
est of the Farmer and Manufacturer
TIhe best and cheapest Agricultura
paper in the South.
Trhe officmt organ of the State Grange
Endersed by the leading citizens o
the State, and by the best farmers bi
the State and the South. Send posta
for specimen copies for yourself an<
your neighbors. Address,
W. J. MCKUAnT.J Marion. S. C.
Leading Drug Store,
Cor, Main and Washington Sts.,
Pure Druags, Medicines, Paints. Oils
Dye Stuffs, Toilet articles, Patent
- medlicines, the best brands of Segars
and Tobacco, Notions, etc., at prices
as low as can be fomid in the State.
e Polite and attentive clerks, with a
. full and select stock of Goods is our
Leading Inducements for patrons.
- Our line of
F&mCF 7R*fIce&s
''for Presents, cannot be excelled, as we
have useful, as well as ornamental ar
tieles, for your wife, husbaud, sweet
heart, child or friend, and all at bot.
I tom prices. Don't fail to give me a
i call, and yroui are sure to depart happy.
I am sole Agent for this County for
the celebrated
. the merits of which c annot be over-es-.
- timated.
Dec 2 1-tf
Main St., Greenville, S. C.
3rd :Door .Aboye Coffee St.
G ENUNI-NE Wm. Rogers Cutlery,
G.JSet of Knives and Forks $3.50.
General assortme:t of good Jeiwelry
carefully selected. Best family
a specialty, and at close figures.
Repairi ng watcels anid jewelry
pr lop)tly dolne. feb 22-8m '
R. M. MACDONALD, Prop'r.
and1(1 Manufacturer of all kinds of Ma
chinery, Brass and I ron Castings made
to order
I am agent for the Jidson Governor,
an1d canl (uplicate any part ; also the
whichi I can fit to any oiler. 'I'he
safest and simplest mealls of injecting
water into a boiler. Inuformatjion
cheerfully furnished on application. I
hive on handa( Steam Gauges, Fittings,
Valv'es and Steam Pipes of all sizes.
My. stock is first-class and1( from the
best manufactures.
Write for' prices.
R i. M. M A CDONAI r-iear' Sir:
We h ave onle of th hi llanock Iluspi
rators, No. 12'. furnished by you, in
use suipplyinig our A0-l horse Power
Boiler with watear, and. coansider it
equal to, if not suiperior, to any ini use.
We cheerfully recomnend it.
Shumnate, G rady & Nichols.
R. M. MACD)ONALD, Greenville, S. C.
1 -Dear Sir: The No. 174 Hancock
I nspirator [placedl oan my 50-i or'se Pow
er Boiler by you, p~rovedI a success so
far in every particular, and1 as a boiler
feeder, I believe it has no equal. Be
fore I seculred your Ins[pirator I suffer
ed from uni easinaess, besides t he ex
pen)se of Keep)ing our1 steamhl pump11 "'in
repairs.'' It dloes its work pr'omptly,
i Cana recomnmend( it t~o aniy isig a boil
- er' feeder. Respect ful Ily yours
-Oeor'gc Putnam.
.R. M. MA CDONA LD, Greenville, S.C.
I -D)ear Sir: The No. 8)- Hancock In
spir'ator you puit on any Portable En
gine last summer. .I consider' it far
.superior to any PUmp I have ever seen.
f In fact I could not get along without It.
i 1 would adIvise all owners of steami en
1 glnes to use them.
I Respectfully yours
E. F. Algood.

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