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VOL.1. t"o ~u
thie julegg Jense~unger.
J. R. HAGOOD, Editor and Pro'pr.
Enteied (it the Postoffce at Easley
S. C., as Becond Clas Matter.
One year, strictly in advance......$1.00
Six months t " 6.... 65
One square (1 inch) 1 insertion......75c
Eaich suibsequent insertin............40e
Liberal discount on contracts or by
the colm, half or quarter column.
Marriage notices free and solicited.
Obituaries over 12 lines charged for.
Correspondents, to insure attent ionl,
must give their full address.
We are not responsible for the opin
!on1s of onr Correspondents.
All communications for the paper
mutist he addressed to the Editors;
buisiness letters to the Publisher of the
IESSICNGE. Easley, S. (.
Had I Never.
Ihuh I niever, never known thee,
'h10n Imly heart 11:1(1 bei my own,
And the voice that now bewails thee;
Learned to breathe another tone;
Like the stars that slhed their glory,
O'ir a dark and trotibled sa.
Or like soie log remni uibered story,
(h rishI'd art th:>I still to mIe.
iHid I never, never seen thel
Vith the beauty o'er thy brow;
With so many friends around thee,
Smiling all as tholu art now;
I 111 11ever known the highting,
Of a mlomlit thu.k to part,
Or tied from all delighting .
To a lonely broken heart.
11l 1 Ie Yver, neverlov'd t hee,
With a soul entrancing pow'r;
1i4l I never k nelt before thee.,
In that bright and glorious hour:
I had nIeve' known the sorrow
'I'hat no joys can now beguile,
Or felt how cohl and eheerless
'was to live Without thy snmbile.
South Carolina Road Law.
The following is a complete syn
Opsis of the road law of this State
showing the duties of' overseers of'
p)ublic highways their (discretijona
ry powers in repairing r'oads, and(
a list of exemuptious from road du
Each tow niship constitutes a high
way district.
Thke county commissioners shall
annually appoint a superintendlent
of' highways for each highwv*y dis
trict for which he is appointed and,
liable to road duty, b)ut e xempt1
therefrom by reason of his office.
lie shall have superintendence -of
highways in his district, under the
dhirectionu of the County Commiss
'Oiner, to whnm he alnl makre a.
report once in three mnonths of the
condition of the roads in his dis
Each Superintendent shall di
vide the highway in his dietriot in.
to suitable sections of not less than
two, nor more than five miles and
appoint over seers for each of said
sections. le shall likewise divide
all persons liable to road duty in
his district into two companies or
squads and assign a squad to each
overseer, as far as practicable, as
signing the road hands to the near
est road, and shall require the over
seer to call out the hands to work
the roads, repair and build bridges
of same whenever he may (leei it
necessary, after twelve hours no
tice and shall require each hand to
bring a hoe, axe, mattock or
other tool. Ile shall determine the
number of dlays for each workinir
and the tool to be brought, provi
de(d riot more than twelve days
work shall be required of any hanid
in a year. For refusing or neg
lectinig to carry out any work re
quired by the County Commission
ers, or any of them, the superi n
tendent of highways. shall be (elm
ed gulilty of a misdemeanor, and
uo)0n conviction, before a Trial
Justice shall be fined not less thar
$10 nor more than $50. Overseer.
for neglecting to call out hands
and work roads, when required by
the Superintendent, 11101 convict
ion in trial justice court, shall be
fined not less than $5, nor more
than $20.
Sul)erintendents shall jointly di
vide a highway running along the
line of two highway districts, and
shall assigi hands from their res
pective districts to work the same.
Overseers shall require their hands
to do such wvork on bridges, as
will prieserve them and keel) them
in order, when it can be conven
iently done. If bridges need such
repairs as should be given out un
der contract, Superintendents shall
report the same to the County Corn
missioners without delay.
When any highway shall become
obstructed by storms, or otherwise,
the overseer shall summon a sufli
cient number of hands to open and
rep~air such highway. Any over
seer failing to call out hands, for
the space of a day, after appli~ca
tion made by any citizens, shall,
unless he has sufficient excuse
therefore, forfeit $15, to be collect
ed in an action in the name of the
County Commissioners. Any per
son liable to work on highways and
neglecting to turn out, on such ex
traordinary occasions and assist in
opening and repairing such high
ways, after being summoned, shall
be deemed guilty of a misdemean
or and upon conviction shall be fin
en $3 per day. If any person shall
perform more' days labor than ii
required by law, he shall be paid
$[ per day for ths overplus.
All able bodied male persons, be
tween the ages of 16 and 50 years,
are liable to road duty, except
members of State County Board of
of Examiners, School Trustees,
mer-ibers of boards of assessors,
teachers aid students at co1leges,
ministers of the gospel, millers en
ga'ed in grist or merchant mills,
where they are kept open six days
in the week, and the warner for five
d:a y s.
Tie overseer shall make a list
for the warner, requiring him to
give notice to each person of the
kind of tools to be used, whi'h no
tice shall be given twelve hours be
fore the time fixed in the notice
and also state the hour and place
of working. If any personl, after
receiving such notice shall neglect
to appear or refuse to work accor
ding to the direction of the over
seer, he shall be deemed guilty of
a misdemeanor and upon convict
ion before a trial justice, shall be
fined not less than $5, nor exceed
ing more than $10, or De impris
oned in the county jail for not less
than five days nor not more than
twenty days. Any person notified
to work can pa~y the county treas
ure $1 per (lay for the time he is
required to work, which shall be
receiv'ed in lieu thereof. Overseers
shall allow 2 dayslabor for a man
working one day and furnishing
a horse and plow, or three (days la
bor for any person working one
day and furnishipg a wagon anid
two horses or mules 0or oxen.
Overecers have power to cut
down and use timber, or use any
wood, stone ~or earthl, in or near
tihe highway, bridge or causeway
to be repaired, necessary for that
pu1rposebut the owner shall be en
tilled to compensation thlerefor if
demanded. But. no overseer shall
ruthorize the cutting down of tim
bor trees reserved by the owner, or
planted for shade, or ornament,
either in the fields around the
;pring, or about the dwelling-house
Dr appurtenances, the cutting of
rail timber when other timber can
be procured, or the taking of'stone
ar earth from enclosed grounds
without the owner's consent.
Any person prohibiting or hind
ering an overseer from cutting
down and using timber, or from
using wood, earth, or stone, in or
near roads or causeways, for the
pur)ose of making or repairing
such roads or caueways, or making
such repairs of bridges, or shall ob
struct the passage of said roads,
causeways, or bridges, by gates,
fences or ditches or any other ob
struction, or shall hinder or threat
en or forbid any traveler from trav
eling any public road, shall be
deemed guilty of a misdemeanor
and upon conviction shall be fined
riot less than $5, nor more than $10.
Any person removing from one
L1ounty to another, who has prior
to snch removal, performed road
duty shall upon the production of
the certificate, or receipt of the o
verseer of the district where he last
resided, showing the labor perform
ad, be entitled to a complete dis
eliarge for the amount therein spe
Persons over whose lands any
road, other than a public highway,
shall pass, may erect gatesl there
n but shall be liable to be indict
ad for a nuisance, should he fail to
keep them in good repair.
Superintendents of highways
shall cause roads t,> be posted and
aumbered and a pointer placsd at
each fork and for neglect of this du
by, he is liable to a fine of $10.
-Keep your hiead cool, your
feet warm and subscribe for your
Local newspap~er.
-Don'tL sp'end more than you
can borrow, and don't borrow more
than you can pay promptly.
-Don't kindle the fire with ker
>seneC unless you are 'prepared for
i land that is fairer than this.
-If' you are angry at a ma~ count
50 before speaking : if' he is a great
deal bigger than you are count

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