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he faileg r sWHsetiger.
J. R. HAGOOD, Editor.
A Premature Meeting of a Part of
The Republican Party-Holding A
Caucus for the Election of Dele.
gates to State Convention-One
White Man Present.
On Saturday morning last some
of the members of the Republican
party of Pickens county, met at
this Place for the purpose of hold
ing a County Convention for the
election of delegates to the State
Convention. Some of the leading
lights of the colored si(de of the par
ty, headed by Mr. II. B. Hendricks
of Piekens,-the only white man
that went into the caucuis,ald who
was elected Chairman pro tem-all
.of whom atteT pting to prove them
selves loyal to their colors, after
manouvering around awhile, met
in the vacant building near the de
j.ot, when without legal right they
elected the Clairma n, and Clark
Miller., colored, as their (lelegates
to represent the party in the State
Convention. It was a meeting,
held without orders from the Exe
cutive Committeeand was not par
ticipated in by the regutlar Chair
man of the Republican party for
the county. Mr. A. M. Folger
who is the regularly appointed
Chair'maI, ha.s not issued orders
for the hol ing of the Convention.
lie himself not having received
such, from headquarters. Conse
iuently tie action of the Conven
tion was illegal and the election of
the chairman an(d Clark Miller was
but a burlesque on the proceedings
of a county convention
An enger (des ire to be a (delegate
to the State Convention, fostered
perhaps by the pro temn Chairman
was the occasion of this premature
County Convention. It is said that
be read t he rules governing a con -
ty convention, and that he attempt
e'd to convey to his audience the im.
pression that he was county chair
man. The townships of Ilurricane,
Pickens andl Liberty were the only
three that were represented in the
Convention. Central sent up her
repres'~entativ'es, but they came too
late to have a voice. These townm
.hips haid been holding private "an
cuses und(er the supervision of the
"hbairman, unattendied by other
white citizens, and in conformity
to his wish were represented here
on Saturday. Tart Craig and
Warren D~uke represented II urri
canie, I lampton Reese, Ben Griffin,
C'lark Miller and Alex Pitts repre
ienited Pickens, while Alfred Blas
sented Liberty. ()eutral s, delega
tion came up n the $ o'clobk tra f,
but reached the scene of action *ob
late. The whole affair .will turn
out to be nothing less than a fir'ce,
and a certain gentleman's sugges
tion to have the meeting let out for
repairs will not prove to be an un
timely one.
M. GiEoRGE G. SALE, ex-Asso..
ciate editor of' "The Newberry
News,"has retired from journalism
in order to devote his whole time
to other professional duties. Mr.
E. II. Aull is now connected with
the 'News' as the associate editor,
and we wish him inuch success in
journalism. May Mr. Sale he e(ual
Ily successful in his legal profess
--1ow soon shall an eletion be
held in the interest of the C. C. G.
& C. 1R. 1R. ? Colonel Campbell,
of the Construction Company, has
resignIed from his position as See
retary. It is a mistake that the
Louisville & Nashville Road has
as yet taken charge of or road.
Let Gov. Ilagood order the elect
ion Soon.
A correspondent of the ''New
berry I1 erald," of March the ,11th,
Astronomers tell us that on the
27th of' this month, at nine o'clo. k
in the evening, Neptune on his wav
West will encounter Venus or, her
way East. Whei they reach the
same point of right ascension they
wN'ill be in conjunction. Thes e will
be an occiltation of one planet )v
the other. It. is a very rare occur
renee. and is sai( to be a very beau
tiful phenomenon ; but no one can
1)e sure about that, he -anse there
is no 0one alive who ever' saw it.
T1he last recordedl was in 1727 and1
the last before that was in 1591.
Get your opera glasses ready for
the night of' the 27thI inst. It will
be somethinig you never saw before
anhd may neCver see it again. There
will be0 conisider'able acti' ity amiiong
the planlets the balance of this
mionith. Mercury and~ Ur'anuis are
announedl as mo1'rning stars until
the 16th, whenCi Mercury goes on
night (duty and' is an evening star.
Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars
aind Venus are also eveniug stars.
Mars is stationary in the middle of
of this month and is brighter than
she will be for two years. Jup1iter
is stattionary at the close of the
monthI. Persons having telescopes
can find eon.,-iderable to look at dlU
ring thme balance of the month, in
the beaut ifuil heavens. Young gen
tlemen aled ladies, putL your
thioughits on the hea uties above and
nrever I ,ok dhown) or back. Study
these things. P.
--Don't blow in your gun to see
if it is loaded unless you want to
get your name in the papers and
your family is well provided r.,
Tle 1Fitz John Porter bilt -
n e .VpIn the S natq last Thurs 1
ay. L.ogan made his usual ppeech
against U, but, it was passed by a
vote of 86 to 25,the result of which
was received Wthi'applause and
cheers from the gallery. Senators
Butler and Hampton voted in favor
of the bill. In 1865 Porter was
court-martialed after a trial which
lasted 45 days, he was dismissed
from the army for disobedience.of
orders. His friends believing this
decison unjust, sought to have the
action of the court-martial set a
side by Congress, and after a long
and determined effort they have
-The Columbia Register notes
in that city the arrival of Col. T.
Stobo Farrow, clerk of the Senate
of this State and also clerk of a
committee of tfhe House ot Repre
sentatives at Washington, and
says, ''the col. is already in the
field for re-election next winter.'
One office at a time col., if you
please.-Ujn ion Times.
I ov. Thompson ihas appoinuted
I. W. Shand, of columbia, T. Q.
Donaldson, of' Gl reenville, and
Thomas W. Bacot, of charleston,
as tie commissioners ''to consider
and report a plan to simplify the
mode of assessing and collecting4
the taxes of the State and CouLn
ties.''--Union Times.
---A woman living in chambers
h'rg, N.' J. claimns to have A snake
15 inches long and thick as an or
dinary lead penrcil removed from
her stomach. As evidence she ex-I
hibits the snake, which is sai(l to
have lived two days after its remo
val, and is now preserved in a bot
tie of alcohol. '
-Ludwig Miller, 'of Atlanta,
has been in the habit of jumupingi
on the pilot of the railroad engined
and riding into the depot. Ile triedI
his usiual prank the other day,
when he wvas thrown under the en-f
gine, meeting a terrible death. Ihis'
headl was cut off and both eyes
were torn from their seekets.
I)EATH OF M. E. Bunn.-M. R
Babb, Clerk of' Court at Laur'ens
Court Ihouse, died Sunday morn-i
ing last, aged 42 years, from can
cer, with which he had been suffer-i
ing for a long time. lIe leaves ar
wife and 7 children.
-A well-informned wi!iter inl the Mo
bile' Regi'ter says : "I believe as tirmn
ly as 1 (do ini my1 OWnl existene, that if
the cot ton) States will plant 15,000
acres in cotton and 2,000,000 more in~
corn and1 oats. raise bogs and1 mnules, as
before the war. they will in five years,
he in)dependentI of banks and city
merchants, their lands wvill he worth
100 per cent. more thanU now, and all
the Ind(ustrnial interests of the country
prosper as they have not sin1ce '50.''
-The P~hiadelphi~a R~cord1 ventures I
upon tihe following remar ks If Mr.
TPilden should (lie we would be very
sorry, but it would only3 eut dlowni the
D)emoeratie majority in Ne w York one l
vote. The patrty will survive the loss.
A party ii hose vitalihy depended upon:
efaIhng strenigth of a single aged
ma ol ebdyor, in~deedl. Le't
ts nars to more s-rlona cnidrations.
PISTOL.-l*w York, March 16.-Inl
Br1ooklya, - to-,day, Miss -Cela Renny,
.eventeon years bf age, was visiting thle
iouse of John Cassidy on Oth Avenne
Brooklyn. While the Cassly famiy
ind their guests were chatting in th'e
parlor after dinmer Dennis Reilly, 30
years old, one of'the party, drew a re.
volver and pointed It at Mary Cassidly,
-aying he would mesmerize her. When
;he exhibited symptoms of fear he
laughed, and t.irning Around, levelled
the weapon at 'Miss Renpy's head an(
pulled the. trigger. A loud r.eport fo..
lowed, and without uttering R word
Mfiss Renny fell forward upon the floor
rlead, the. bullet having pierced her
brain. The screams of Mrs. Cassidy
nind her daughter aroused the neigh
borhood, and Reilly, who made no ef
fort, to escape, was handed over to the
police. Ile seemed utterly overcome
with horror at the occurrence, and said
that he thought the revolver was
emlpty. All the other chambers wern
inloaded. The coroner will investigate.
Such accidents are becoming almost,
daily occurrenlces, and the law will
have to intliet hanging or some o~lter
ueveei pinishillent to prevent fools
frn carelessly handling Ilre-arms. It.
would he well to have a law doing en
tirely away with the present stock of
pistols. an( strictly preventing the
maifactiire of any more.
--The "Keowee Colurier" says A
ve'ry reiarklable event occrirI1ed near
WaI ulhal on Vednlesday mrin eoI'imr
March 121. in the denth of two ve r
ofl and much respected persons-Mr.
iId Mrs. John Sharp. of otir county.
Mr. Shar) died at t-enl ininnites to two
,Ind Mrz. Sh1-1rp 11t tenl mii utes to four
o'clock. A. M. They were 79 years old,
th teri'e beingij' IItL thirty-one days dit'e;-.
'nee in their ages. They had been
IIt'rried 58 years and r'aisel fourteen1
chibrldlfein of their own, and five orphan
and chidre7. Th1v have nnmeirous
rnlhdrnsrviving( themi. Ther,
will be 1ur'ied at. Beltel Pres)vteri n
(hurch in one grave and in one cohin
on Thrsday morning at eleven o'clock.
'I'Ii aged and lovely couple were not
far divided in thir 1 i deat h. It. is thte I
of very few to live so long togetler,
witne'ss so naniy changes in the world,
Iu die so nlear togeth(er'.
-Keep the Ioney Imlovinz. )on't
nilt it away. Pay yor lebts a fa .
;. you call. Have patien'ice with one'
AnIothe. 10y your goods of home
merchants. Enicourage homie enter
prise and give your patronage to our
rwn mechanics andI~ we will all pros
petr.-Keowee Courier.
The abovec appIlies to every place,
and( to newspalpers as wvell as mer..
r'hlantts, mechanics. etc., t her'efore, sul.
scr'ibe for I he "E A sLv M ESSENG EP,
which is only one (dollar per year, an1)1
make us heajppy.
--The plan of chieckinig cot ton has
been piopuilar' wht~ereve fairly tried. IR
tan he cuiltivated with less labor and
:he yielhl Is generally greater than wvhen
)lan ted itn( ills.. The larg'est co
naJde by Mrv i. Watth'n, iof Harnwell
~Ounit y, on)t checked cotton. If entough
~eedl are drIoppe~d in) the check therec
will be nto difllilty in securing good
tand(s. A goodl ploughman can cult i
vaite c ar'efulily checked cottLonl witJhot
'alling ini the help of the hoe hand.
--Thle "'Savannahd News"' says that
here may he In Atlanta a wildI desireC
o whoop- up T'ilen biut this dlesire
asn't cropped out to any mlarked ex
ent mn any other part of the State.
Sinlce 188) Tfilen ha~sni't done anything
hat shiould( cause the p:'ess of the State
;o butbble over wit h enthusiasm for him
md~ at that time there was no very
narkedl sentimient in his fav'or.
--It is said the new Spring bonnet
vili be a (lnIke

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