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The Easley messenger. (Easley, S.C.) 1883-1891, March 28, 1884, Image 4

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TE w06 ROLLIN. b
DAnU CoUSPIN :--I have told YOU a
about the candy pullin' at Aunt u
Mahaly's, and the quiltin' at Miss a
(oodwen's but I iaint, never told t
you about the log rollin' at the old I
man IHasher's. Pap lows, them as b
never has tried to cleatr a thick a
timbered new ground inought think tj
it was easy as whittlin' of a stick b
or takin' a chaw tobacco; an-d it is s
w hen they set off and watch t'oth
er folks do it, but jes let 'em lay a
holt and hep awhile if they wrant a
to know what its cracked up to be; A
and one man needn't think he can t
do it all by hisself; he is obleege v
to ax hands to hep him. I
The IIashers had a little strip of: li
new-ground twix them and the Pri- :
ces, that they was a fixin' to cleer s
and plant in corr. They cut down p
all the under bresh and the trees, a
'cept t few whoppinl' big'us, here d
and~ yran, and thley. Chopped aroundl vN
them when the sap was up1) and it!,(
deadened 'em. They split a big f
chance of rails out' n the trees that a
was fittin', and them that wasn't o
fittin' for nothin' had to he got r
outn't the way of the plow. f
They had lone all they could ( 1Ii
by theyseves, so they turned in an t
axedl hands to a log rollin' , an11d 11
the w'omen folks had a gIuiltin' the v
same day.
Old Miss Hasher lowed her rule
lers was "'work fust and p!av af- 'q
terwards,'" git the ground Cleered i
and the quilt out, and then frolic a
to ther "sadifaction," and she was s
plum willin' to leed 'em if' they t
(o1l eat sich vittles as she had,
and they was more' n welcome. t
We knowed in reason thar was v
gwine to be a big Crowd, bekase u
we seed1 'em gwine by3 in gangs by s
time it wais light that morning.v
The Bates boys went by with t
thier hounds like they was gwine a t
huntin', and~ pap lowed if' they was (1
fool enough to carry ther (logs he I
wasn't to take his'n,it was too dani- a
gersome, they was shore to run in g
way ofa log and git kilt or cripp led. o
You see they are nosin' aroundl for t]
rabbits, and they think you are t
turnin' over the logs to git 'em, t
and you can't skasely beat 'em out n
av the way. Maw she fastened np1 s
old "'Scrouge,'' and "'Tige,'' to e
keel) 'em from follerin' of us, she '~
lowed1 she'd ruther they'd howl all s
day as to git kilt ;and shore enough t
Tom Bates' old "Bulger" got run t
over and kilt, and Cap D~ew berry's y
little bench-leg fice got crippled. '1
Mfalindy Jane and A nn Eliza f~
an aliedony wna lnge we' tn, ,
ndi we all went by the newground
) see 'em at .work. Pap and bud
y was already thar; they are
oth brag hands at a log rollin';
ouddy's ekle can't be found, fur
s liftin is consai'ned. It was gin
p thar that day that he could beat
iry two on the ground. Most all
1e settlement boys was thar. Jake,
,oftis, Iky Roberson, Cap Dew
Crr3, Lum G abriel, Jim Wig-ins,
1d all that gang, and I tell you
iey was a clearin' that land in a
urry . Some was pillin bresh,
Inme rollin logs, some pillin 'em
I heaps, some gwiic along firin,
nid the blazc was high and red,
n() the smoke reteled the sky.
11 of em had off their coats, and
ter faces looked like the blood
'on1ld 1101) out, cept a few that
as black with pine sinoke. Ma
uida Jane hollered at Jake Loftis:
lev Jake, what makes your fde
black ? Ka ze smoke follows
retty folks, says Jake, then they
11 hollowed :111( anghed bekase
ake is imonst rous ugly. Thev
'as all makin a powerful fuss, hol
13rinl, whoopinl, laughin, nd havi
an1id runilin rigs !jj and j )kcs on one
nother, and they had tormented'
ie poor feller tel ho, was most
ea(Iy to cry n papan lowed he
Lst on1 e said anothe' wor1d 1 hin
e'ld slap the life (it (v him0. -o
bey let him alone qumick , for when
ap) speaks they know It, melanMs
hat lie says.
They wasn'It sease of wh i k e.
ut it too' 'eIm a time gitt il it
hey sent a. feller with a jug atteri
aid lie Staved so long they sent
nother feller att er hin, anid that'
taye( so long they sent the
biird man 'fore they got any
h1isky, and he founad 'em both
ight, and by the time lie got hack
'ith the jug he was drunk'nm airy
ne. Some of 'em *Tnost kilt they
elves tryin to pr'ove that they
ras as strong as Bud lIamiI-J
31n, anid some was shlarpj enongh
let t'othier do the lift in and they
o the gruntiun. Old Miss
[asher was as proud to git them
shes as old Ilasher was to git his
round eered ; she kep a gwige
n about them good1 hickry andl
lack.-jack ashes, what strong lye
icy make, and how she was gwine
> make her soap in the light of the
ioon in March, and stir it with a
asfack stick and not low nobody
Ise to tech it, and turn it back
Lrds. We gals wheeled in and
oon got the quilt out. A fter while
1e meon folks come to ther' dinner;
becy stopped at the branch and
rashed 'fore they got to the house.
'he Hashers had jest everthing
yr dinner you could name, and as
ap says. ''tihe whole yeth was k-v.
ered with pumpkin pies," and I (1o
believe pap wouldn't have thought
it was a log rollin without theim
pumpkin pies. le calls it "wood
pile desert," bekase you can take a
pie in your hand and set on thei
wood pile and eat it, and that's the
way they done over thar that day;
some of 'em stood'ound the ta
ble and et but the most of 'em tuck
ther vittles iv ther hands and sot
on the fence, and on the wood pile
and et it - them as wasn't toc
(runk to eat-and they all peared
to have a sight of fun. Jes let Bud
Hamilton, or Iky Roberson orJake
Loftis airy one open they mouths
and t'others all laughed. You
motght have thought atter rollin
all them .log, ad(id pillin that bresh,
them boys would be too tired tc
play, but I jes wish you coud1(
have saw 'em.
A few of 'em sot about on the
wood )ile, too shame to come in,
but thar wasn't no shame in toti
e's. Buhly, and Cap Dewher'ry,
and Iy R(oberson, and Buck Silip
Son, an(l Jake Loftis an(d them can
look a mule out'n couitenance,
t I ev haint afeered of nothin nior uo
body ; airy one of' them can wall<
right upI) to a gal they never sain
before, without any interductior
and talk to her like they had knowei
ie aiers. Jake Ile thought h
was " 'mighty mucn of a man'' that
nighdt with his new blue irceches
his maw had wove an(l made foi
himIn. Theodosia Williamson--thev
call her 'Dosh''--is a good heart
ed, fat, simple milned sort of a gal
and she was takin' on about Jake
laugh in' at ever'thing he said, an<
t'other's all makin' fun of her kas<
iy knowed in reason lie didn'1
keer' a straw for her. Their wasn'1
cheers enough for all ; some was
settin' on the beds, and somne o
the gals sett in' in one anoth~er's
laps, but the biggest part of th(
gang was standin' upj. .Jake h<
was settin' on a three-legged stool
and some of the boys was tryin' tc
make him git up. "'I shant (10 it,'
says he. "Oh, git up Jake," says
Jim Wiggins, git up and gin Mise
D~osh that ar stool." Jake he pat.
ted1 his knee arnd lowed: "'Com
here D)osh an-I set on my new blu(
breeches,'' " Shet your mouth,'
says she, "'I say it, I haint a gwin<
to (10 it ; you think you air mnighty
smart, Jake Lofiis.' "Oh ! comie
on Dosh," says Jake, still p~attin;
his knee, come on, you know you
want to. "I say it," says she, "yor
cant fool me Jake, you know you
haint in yearnest, I'm not a gwim4
to do no sich a thing."
"Oh ! come on Dosh, and set or
my new blue breeches, 8fava Ja'-.'
"I say it, says she, aid sidled up
to him and fldpped herself down on
his new blue breeches. I know
you'uns won't believe that,,but its
so, and it made Malindy Jane tur
rible mad. Its the talk that her
and Jake is engaged. Law! I aim
ed to tell you how they played and
kissed (others, not me,) and danc
ed tel atter midnight, and about
Cal) gwine home longer me, and a
power that I haint got tinie to write,
fur its gittin'.tco dark t49 see how
to spell, so no more at present.
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