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the asles * essenger.
J. R. HAGOOD, Editor and Prop'r. ty
-The weather Is very winter-ike. mI
-Too cold to garden any. We
--We had a heavy raln,accompanled -
with hall on Tuesday night last. ho
-Six cadidates to the front this nI
week. an
-Come on Candidates with your
Williams. im
-on. J. E. Boggs of Pickens, paid h
our office a visit oi Tuesday last. W
-Attention is called to the Election
Notice by Intendait Hudgens. ge
Messrs. W. II. & N. R. Green, from W
Aiderson, visited Easley this week.
-Read t he announcement of An
dIewI R. llHamilton, for coroner, to be .
found on this page.
-The Wizard Oil company is to be
ii Pickens next Monday and here onil
-While March was gentle in its c
gress. the first part of April was boist- a
crous in its ingress.
-On Friday evening a literary cir
(le in our town will be organized for
mental and social enjoyment. T.
-Dr. R. .J. Gilliland is making a yu
large improvement on his beautiful jt
-The MAethodist Sunday School is hiI
going to havoe. a pie nic Sometime dur- If
ing the moith of April or May de
---Miss Lucie Ilagoodof Chaliirleston, G
who has been spending some time with
her relatives and friends in Picken s
an(d Easley left us on Tueslay last.
-The Rev. S. Y. Jamiison will fill re:
Ih pulpit of t he Baptist church oin Sun- he
day mlornin1 ( and evening' next, the ol
pastor having gone to Brevard N. C.
-Mrs. T. G. Ilawkins dien at her Ith
residence about 4 miles from Picketis
C. If., on Monday last after a prolong- to
ed illtess. She was buried at Secona. (a
-Mrs. Foster Wyatt died6 at her of
home near Piekens, on Trs *day night "I1
hast. She was buried on Saturday at h
the 12 mile grave yard.
-TIurni out to see and hear the great sei
Wizard Oil Company. See their fine tei
wagon, mad~e to order, and the four Cc
horses they have to pull it. ,PC
-Dr. J. W. Quilhlian is making im-. he
p rovements upon01 the secondl story of or'
his store. IIe is arrang'ing it for a -
-All those wishing to contribute to l
he cyclone su flerers can do so by send- ha
ing your money, SUp~plieS &c., to Rev. t
D). W. lUiott, who will forward all fi
-Now that friendl R. C. G.,' has be- 3'
comeC an expert in the art of shinging' to
lightning, we miay soon expect to hear j~
of his being joined to some Rail ry
.Road1 Corporat ion).
--Maij. D. F. Bradlley, of the "Senti- N
e"was ini towni onl WVedn1esday. We gr
heard a gentlemen remark that the bo
canl Conivenitioni does nIot meet until thi
Saturday nlext. Whom will the Pick
ens Alternates support? Doni't come at
to vote solidily for the illustiouis ClIark ov
Millr ha
-It was our fortune to meet somq
e representatives of Anderson coun
, on Monday last. We paid a visit t<
)art of the cyclone region.
-One female murderer was convict
in Spartanburg last week, and three
Lie murderers in U'reenville th
-Miss Sue E. Lewis returned to hei
me in Pickens on Monda3 last, aftei
iking pleasant visits to Mobile, Ala.
d Seneca, S. C.
-Rev. W. 11. Kirton continues tc
prove, and before a great while we
pe he will be able to resume hih
-Williaml Cha:1 pian, a one arme(
utleman, was killed near Central o
BdInesday last by a falling tree, whilh
was ploughhig in his fleld.
-Next Monday is Salesday in Pick.
s. Tihe Democratic Executive Com.
ttee meets on that day in the offict
the "Sentinel."
-Miss Sallie Wilson, who lived al
's. Freemans, near Pickens, died o
tirsday last at a very ripe age. Sht
Ls buried on Saturday at the McA d
is grave yard.
-The following new camlidates ap
air in this issue. For Sherill, W. N
-yne, Jas. L. Ambler and Earle P
ylor. For Treaulrer, P. ). Cureton
>r Clerk, J. J. Lewis. For Probatt
(ge. J. II. Newton.
-1hrce was a furious gale in Col urn
L on the 2nd inst., a part of the Stat(
>Isc was blown dow), Ilad the chal
lier in the Governor'sofflice fell. - Th(
>vernor had a narrow escape. Ther(
Ls also a gale in Lexington county
d two mnCll were killed.
- It will be noticed by a few of ou
iders, that a portion of 0111 bnrg5
ad-liie. "Easley Nesse(nger."' fel
t, linobserved by the pressila n
lich leaves it lookin. very funny, bul
reading matter is all riglit.
-'The editor of t his paper was heart
express his love for flowers the othel
y, remarkirg that ie was more foml
the Lilie~ thanr any other. Otu
)evil"' whispered to the foreman tha
"fiuks he see's a point stimvhreres.'
-D~eputy U. S. Marshal F'olger i~
vin~g SIunnnfons on witniesses to ait
id the A pl ril TPenrm of U. S. Ci rcui
urt in Charleston, againSt-stum(
rSOn~s unknown to any on e, unless ii
t he G3overnment oflieials. Some 5(
55 witnesses will be smmnnonred.
-A young man, whose good pleas
.3 it was to go to Pickens oni Mon day
t, was observed to be exceedingly
ppy. H~e was elatedl even into th<
lerial regions, and the soft eyes of
r form that in themselves did( speak
~re so piercing t hit the heart of oui
uing friend was moved from cenrtre
ciremnfere nce, and t he feelings o
-a most intense joy played upon eve
fea~tre of his facee.
-Th'e lynching occurred at D~allas
C., on Monday night last, of a ne
r> whno had committed murder oni th<4
dy of Thomas Wilson, a prominen
lite manm of Gaston, one week befor
a lyr~ching took place.
There was also another lyniein
Rock 11ill withini the bordlers of ou
ni State on Tunesday. A negro, wi)
(1 coinut ted a ifelon ion am.anl
upon a little girl of 6 years, was hang
ed to a tree, and the following placard
was attached to his body:
"Our daughters we will protect."
-It gives us great pleasure to an
nonnce to our readers, that on Tues
(lay next the great Wizard Oil Co.
will be with us. Open air concerts,
and the sale of the great medical rem
edy will be the order of (lay and ight.
The company attracts a crowd wherev
er it goes, and the people of A nderson
were so much pleased with it that it has
been Invited to return there to give a
special concert on the night of the 2d.
Let everyboey go out to hear them.
-On Friday evening, the 11th Inst.,
the young ladies of dhe Callierenian
Literary Society of the Piedmont In
stitute, at Pickens, will give an enter
tainment in the Chapel, to which eve
rybody is cordially invited to attend.
If all the other entertainments which
have been givell by this school were ta
ken as samples of the present one, it
will not fall short of being extraordin
arily flne. Ad mission fees 25 cents for
adults, and 10 cents for children under
12 years of age.
-List of Letters remaining in Eas
-Cy Postofilee, on 31st of March, 18S4:
Mrs. Lizzie Brown, Miss It. L. Bas
well, Miss Anna BrmLL~lt, Mrs. Virgin
ia Bur'dine.
W. M. Couch.
Mrs. Lizzie Davis.
Thomas Fletcher, Tilinan Fennel.
SHardy Fennel.
Pollie Gbrel, Iatte (rulibriel,
John Gamnbrel, Richard Golightly.
Sisan Ilarrisoni, Thomas linton.
hannah Johnson, Thomas 0. Jame
Son), l I'r Johnson, Lawrence Jell
kins. Wim. Les.lie.
Mlatt le Mecolhunl, MNrs. Sy re n Me
Junkin, Aisel Mc.Makii, Nelson Moss,
J. 14 Mauldin, (2).
C. S. Orr, Maggie O'Shields, Maj. 1)
Orr, John Orr.
William Sutherland, ' tMrs. G. A. San
deI'rs. Fannie Turner.
Jefl' Welborn, Charlie Williams.
Persons in askiig for the above let
ters willI please say t hey atre ad ver. ised.
AL~ONzo M. FocaGF:n, P'. M.
PICKH'NS, S. C., April 1, 1881.
l)EAIt MESSE~NG:lt. Th'lis is "All
Fools'' day, and three of thme boys are
sitting by me ini thme office as I pen these
Tines ar'e du11ll ny here now, andl
gracefuil sitting~ and t hat peculiar grin
which a sunshine b~athm pr1odumces. is thme
order of the day.
Appearances oft en dleceive. A large,
sliek, bmrown biscuit someitimes conitainis
a ma~ss of cotton. A household of
boarders up here wereC complletel y ''set
baick"' this morin by n ingenfiou)s
landlady. Such is life, but we'll take
the life in ours without thme such.
Mr'. C. P. Barrett and Miss Addie
Ambler wore marr'iied last Sunday af
t(ernloon at the~ reCsidnceI of Maji. James
Ambler. We wish themi miuch joy,auid
SItr'ust that laying ofi the single and (10n
nling the silken dlouble hainess may
bring a(honeymoon that necver wane)s
an~d much happiness, "d own where the
"orange blossoms bloom.''
A fellow trottng :rll over towin hnnt.
Ing a "left handed gimlet" is truly A.
pril fooled.
Miss Lucle Hlagood, wl.o has spent
a pleasant vlsit, both to herself and
friends In Pickens, leaves to-day for
her home down where the water. ebb
and flow.
Mellow sunshine, singing birds and
blooming flowers have gracefully e
corted April to the front.
The Republicans of thIs precinct
met in the Court House Saturday to
send "diligits" to the County Coniven
tion which meets at Easley on the 5th
inst. Flye or six whites and quite a
number of the dusky race inade up the
roll of delegates. Jeremiah Looler
was called to the ch dr and A. R. N.
Folger was requested to act as Secre
tary. The chairman ''airily," inl a la
Meltoni styleexplained the o)Ject of t h
meeting to be the first step in gettingr
th3 next president of this glorious coutn
try; at Easley, they would take the
second step, at Columbia the third,
aind at Chicago, they would 'ilead out.
the horse." The chairman rides a
pretty high horse and is saturated with
no small amounit of 1spreadeangleism."
Ile declared, with an air of contidence,
that the next president wohl1 he Re
publican, but when he come to consuid
c the County and State oflces, that
siwv.ificant stroke of his massive head
seemed to sing, 'jare welt brother Jere
de country am gone dimicratic." After
this gaious blow the follovlim -t11
git's" were elected: I. 1. Ilefndhieks.
bell went her, ,Jeremiah Looper, to lea y
the fence and light in this bellweath
er's tracks, then comes inl the distalce
the three ebonies. Ellic Pitts, leurv
Lawrence and Tony Ferguilson. The'I
then fluting in as a sell, Ifve tdemnoerii
alternates and instructe d thei not 11)
he presellt as the principals would be
0nIt hand.
moon has its time to rise over
ithe white clouds ii the sky, the star-;
t b iir tile to bright ly t winkle,anld smil
mer birds their time to tly aeross tiw
seas. So "Larks" aid "ight~inllgales"
have their time to gently steal beneath
the- "Bay window" and warble forth
thioutgh the moon-lit air, lotes which
souniid as sweet and mu m1sical as:
"%Appollo's lute strung .with Is ownt
hair.1 N UW
Ma~irried1, at the r'esid~encee o1 Major
Jamies I1. Amibler, on Sindlav the 30th~
March, C. P. BA anETT, Esq.', of Spar
tanbu~trg, aml Miss A.1DIE~ AMBRIIt of
atingO elIergyimn.
.Mariried1, on1 t he lt 1h inist., at t he~ res.
idenice of the bride's father, by Rev;
G. W. Brooks, 3'aji. G. M. L~ysnC, (d
Piekens county, S. C., to Miss SAJLIxNA
A. LYON, of French Broad Valler.
T1rantsyl vania county, N. (2.
Married, at the residence of the
bride's father, Mr. Vardry Mauldin, on.
Feb. 24th, by the Rev. B. S. GaineS.
MA ULDIN, all of Piekens.
F'or Corone14r.
'lTe many friends of ANDRIEW U.
H1AM II/['ON respect fully bring for
ward his niame ats a candidate for the
oflice of Coroner of Pickens count y,
subject to a niominiation b~y the Detmno
cratic party in the next primary eleet
1031. apr 4 t~d
Election Notice.
A N Elctionwill be held in Easler
Aon Monday, 21st of A pril, 188 i,
for an intendant and( four Wardens a
serve t he ensui ng yearm.
Mfanagers of E~leetioni : .. Rb..
inison, A. M. Runiion and1( C. T1. Martin.
By order of Council.
A. W. I rnaONSs. InltenIdanmt.
ajnril 4 tf

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