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The Easley messenger. (Easley, S.C.) 1883-1891, April 11, 1884, Image 4

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Why lie Reforied.
'You luust OXCIISC luc, genitle
inen, for I etirinot drink anything,'
Said a manl who was known to the1
entire town as -a drunkard.
'Tlis is the first time you everI
refused a driik,' 'rid an acquainit
"'The other day yonl wera huist-;
fin(g around after a coktail, and in
fact. you asked Ime to set. 'em up.1
'Iliat's viery true, but 1 am a
very different man now.'
Preachers had a hold ,f' y-o ?'
'No, sir, no one has sat'i any
thingo to 1me0.,
'W(ell, What has caused le re
'I'll tell you. After leaving you
1lhe other day, I kept on hustlingi
for a cocktail, as 3 on term it, un.
til I met a party of frields. W hen
I left them I was alout half drunk. 1
I volI not, have stopped at this.
but m1.% friends Id to u.1rry a way
to caten a trainl. To a man' of mv
temilpe'aIelt. a ialf-drunlk is a
Iiserable condition. for the desire
thr' mo're iS so st rongl' that he forget;
his self-respect inl his cfforts to -etk
,mIore to drink. Fai Ini g at the .a
lools, I rem b ('111 hered that tere:
w'as a. halfpiit of whiskey at hom01e,
which hadu I-d been 1 purchased for'
Medicinal purposes. Just before
I'eaching the gate I heard vOiCeS in
ie garncII. .1ml looking ovel the
fence I Saw mny little so11 and
dau11ghter. pdlaying. No, Yom be
ma, ' said the boy. '-and I'll be pa,
Now you -it here andI t'll come in
Irunk. Wait till I ill my bottle.''
110 took a bottle which lhe ran a
way and filled with vater. prett y
a 1oon he retu ned anad entering ) tle
playhonse,1lodded idioIitically at the
little gil and sat down witVthout
sayinig anyvthiing.
.hen tle .grirl l)oked up from her
work and acked'1:
',eJ s, why u ill Vou do this
way :-'
'WI~hizzer wvay ?' lhe r'epliedl.
'W hio's drunk?'
' oui are, an'V( you promiisedl mie
whleni tihe babyx ui ed that yu
wondn't drin1k anty mnore. The4
''hibirenm are almost raggeZ2d ani' we
hiavn' t anyt hi ng to eat hardly, but
you still thrmow youri money away.
D oni' t you know you arme break in g
too life-like, I could think of
nothinig (dutrin~g the (day bitt those
little chlilhlren layin)g in the gar
(len, and I vowed that I woul n. ev.
er take aniotherr dIrink, anid I will
not, so help) me Gotd.'-Arkansas
Washingtoni, A pril 1.- C.heif
Br'ooks, of the secret ser'vice divis
ion of thme treasitury dIeparmtnmnt,
saidI to your1 corrmespondent to-da:1y
that ai systematic dhistributtionm of
counmterfnit silv ~er (crtificates wvou~ld
shortly be attemptedl in thme Sotth.
\fanufacturereus of the counterfeit
$2(0 certificates had aliready prepar'
ed about $800,000 wor'th of thme
stuff and arrests hats beeni madle b~y
thme secret ser'viCe aIgents alt Mem
jphis, Tenuessee, anid N ewp)ort and
Louisville. Kentucky. it would
,C safe, he said, for persons to re-,
ruse to take certificates nuinberel
, ither U1.17X or 11 14187 4 15X,- as
.liese we're the only two sets of!
umiers ised by the counterfeiters.
Dn the back of the note in the up
)Cl left, hanid corner the word 'tCer
ificate' was placed inl a pan el, a I!:
iore too a defeut was noticeable
ifter 'Ter ;' the ot1her' letters were
reversed anl in the penalty claise
-m the back 'taxcs' are spelt 'tasas.';
'hie general awpeara nce of tie cer
ificate., hwe i to pro
very deceptive even to ex)eIts,
Ind great care Shonli be exercised
in hamlling those of the $20 de
1011ination. Thie South 0 ffers a
nmd )h f or 1,61 coniterfeiters' Opelr
ltions. iid the atteiotion of its cit-1
zens his been frequently ill vitel
.0 this fact.
CIInEArP FIaIrr AND I1Arn> 1
Nml'nxr.Th uuta Evening0'
CNews says:
Ill <li cussinlg ftle receit acql ui
;itionl of thle Gr nvl , La es
i(l Sp1a'tanb rg Railroal hv the
'enltrala op lraa en g ti
'All-11ad 111:111 1-e nnrked:
-The next step Will be a grixald
rttunk line fraino l'olt oyal to Spar
This i'- a sitriking lani a l it
vill not ho 1 )lo. be'ore it. is in 1
'ratioll- I n1i'leed. the develol) etIn lt
)f the Port loyal Railway tutler
ts l'resent 11.al1i~~len t is silln ily
VOlt(1rfill, aii the r(Wll'lin ()
rainvs fron'ii 1l I (ovaI to ('r 'en
Vo0d is alreadv a successfll I a iid
r 1prOsp erOs fact.
Ihe ral.pid movement. of the
reiglt on the Port Royal makes it
)opular w iti lerchalt :und t hose
01ho wAan' the quicke't (101 VerV
rom New York to A ugusta and
>oints along the eo.gia or the Au
)'usta & Knl'xvile load orderl bv
nl, Port Roval steane's, whiciI
Ure now)\ doingo.me Swift schech1ile!
A t Hi 1l S o A imi A aL) -J) B , i,
.'., (bu-ch 20.--A very v m-ions m- ui
on, I earg oblo. h lie t wha known
atb I !at hlr only t wo ereks.'h -ihl gen-a
\lemh) ls Isick t Mr'. Bell' s hsid
oulie i Constanc came omtl to a virgi
rom bae ~oaing toSelIo. he nurey
Drot. ien throughk:tl allortl ut ver
pll of tlshiless:..Il as oo n a( lifh~ go
eenoughi tol' wal nt te wo1 ent
\le >-list miiter ri. I~Heo i s
mii be ver weaVl1 by, own it w0o1 h)ik
>ranes g('roed inf'orlig. ovihe bo
>fLflowert t hled othrel ma ceu of -~
>led hav one to et thei heofey-~
noonl'. le remi- trkal hliac is good
-nug Wt heii gir' aen to are woll'y
hi l fo sveaJ~lS generats ions back
ie sI-eent aoe~ or lnohngevt . l,
lra ithohe lie to th'ago 0
Atn1; lst own0 fahe toIl fi tOhe Iage hof10
rerst le inoi to) tha heis oo
Ifor '..04 >eh yers. r1 ifa hxx
Auwas w enth buzingt his ilk,
i;Srung a~ boy, andQ ih b'a dog'i
.i h't ettlsd tdownii vtodi' )'C
owinates in fr'esh izmtortat inn.
W. M. lagood & Co.
w ill s ell
the balance of their
I N~ T E R.
(3 -0 017)--S
C~rc~o~t 1.o
W.I, I1JAO00D & GO,
Run ai irist Class Livery
and Sale Stable in conneeC
tion with their business, and
will furnish
It Lowes Rates. Don't
forget them when in Easley.
Jan 11.-Om
N/N 1 , -rX
' J 7 1N P.;lINI
GOODS, &C, &19,
(tll oi me anl mimind thi
,' ExFcelsior Cook Stove"
7// /,i e and /O//oAse /Far
Wi'- il AjREl
rT I I\T -W.-A.R Es
At 1 1 les:ile, ( Chieia p 1r- taitn t he
Nov 3)-ly
(/ ~/) B )S' (
,1s/8r, -. c.
C I V E ) 1 Ca ll, :c;i gt. rI) iC, .
y I will be pleasoll to -ser~ve all tie,
oldi fi i d- of Iho l'avilie, GuI' un,
,11-. ()f thlt lcid ' o p t .
see Ine at I h, Warlhousue oil Ea:-L
(11d of the wepill.
Furniture House,
0 -A furnihi your Hu t s s in La
. style for IIhe Suiuiner wih: a nive
Lille of IodI..l di s.t ai, t res.,es, 1'.
reau TablstSnuds, Chairs, Rm-okrs,
de, &TI. IF AX general~ aissortmieiuI,
fr~tunes., chiord, &c..~* all ready~ for aP.
inig on1 theC walls. Also5', Onl h ui, a lite
style. Always ont hand a full line( of
( 'ake't S ani dcoI~ll , all siz es lk ( 8t yIls,
lluiirial Robe )~ts for (each~ Ise x, all q ualitijes
:uii ( prices. Rteatly at all hours to wvait.
anyt s'tyl e, ami wheun so desired, wvill he'
I rinunedt!( :ui shlipped to an~y poinit onl
Itail roa(u free of extIra (ch arge.
Thlimi~gyo for past favors, :urn
feb 8-8mu
Main St., Greenville, S. C.
7 Stho Knves and F11~orks $3.50i.
Genieral assortmteint of good .Jewelry
carefulily selected. Best famnily
a specialty, and( at close figur'es.
R e paiin g watches and( jewelry
prtomptly' dIone. feb 22-8m
"&-Mr. J. TI. A'aold, after Feb. the
1st, will become the traveling aIgent for
TnlE MimmoiNnJ1

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