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[For the Messenger.
Words of Wisdom.
Mn. EDIroit: Will yott be kind t
-enough to pulbliQh the followin clo- t
juent an(I statesmanlike words by our s
represcit ative inl Cougress, the lIon0.
D. Wyatt Aiken. The farmers all over y
this broad land are rapilly learning the f4
rutih, that in politics, 'Lis not all gold C
that, glitters, an( tMat too often the
promises and pledges of party plat- r
forms are made not to be carried out )
in practice, but to eatch votes i eleet- i'
ion times. Read below and ponder.
T. H. R.
"Occasionally we hear a farmer c
xay that political matters are out 9
of place when in the columns of a
paper that is devoted to the inter- I
ests of agricultural pursuits. Pray, li
then, where will you get political a
information? Or don't you want a
any ? Do you propose to remain the ,
Alaves of politicians and business y
leaders ? You answer, 'We can get si
our politics out of our party V:a- .11
pers.' So you can. That is where i
you have been getting such matter
in the past, ; and you can see With h
your eyes shut just how much in-' W
fluence you have exerted in public
The farmer needs good govern
ment, not party tyranny. Ile needs 0
wholesome laws justly administer- a
ed, not a combination of jobberv. 0
Look hack over the affairs of any
single county inl the state, and see b
what influence the farmers as such,
have brought to bear in the admi[-0
istration of public business. T"he t
pre.sent Senate of Kansas has fives
farmers amonig the 40 members.
W hat good for the people in gen- V
eral are the party papers fdoing e
Here and there one has courage toC
go in among the lions and wage h
perpettual war ; but as a class, par- i,
(y newspapers are mere weather- s
ocks, showing which way party,
breezes blow. Look at them ; stu-I
,1y them ; then say if these state-la
ments are not correct.
Agricult uiral papers that have
ben intelligently handled (lone
muore in the past five years to e
mancipate the farmer and~ educate t
him than all the party papIers comn-i
binedl. There can be no question F:
abIout this. TJhe true policy for 0
farmers, and rural people general
ly, as it seems to us, is to encour-He
age andl supp~ort such pape)rs pub-l
tishedl irl their interest as have the
brains and nerve to lead them ->n- hi
ward andl upwardl. A paper that t4
has suitilient support to keep it a
bove temo)ltation is aL power in the
land. It is conlstanaly sowing good
seed ; and that seedl silently and
.surely ta~kjs root and grows. Its
information is accepted as correct, 3
its opinione as honest ; its state-t
mnent of' facts is reliable, It has
no party to support it. 'It looks to
the p~eople for its bread. It wvorks
fot' themn, anid cares not a whit a
hout party' politiCs. The 'peojle
need cot-rect inafo/mat~fon; 'and c
w~inz it comks "thr'ugh trusthior'- j
thy b 4hy3Kf .1%idW it ind it
nmales xei winiY.amd strorger. u
Stand by the papei-s that stand by t
you, an~d give them such support j
as will make themi feel you are be- 1.
hind them ''
Hardware, Cutlery,
Agents also for the celebr
and Separators. legre's In
lepeident and Simultaneom
Jan 18-3m
'Staunch & Reliable.
FalrIer's, if you Vant, to be sure of
rorCrop1 donl't Stop unt-il J. 11. King
I(s loade(l von with " OLD STON(O.
mhen you I ive "LD STO(NO" you
iave safety, and s.-afety inl fainig is
mappiuless at home. Thie mlanl th5at
muder hik, crop will smile all the Sum
eI. The cotton wvill grow and the
mile will come.
You will not be asked to load your
)wn wagYons, as Mr. Kinig will do that
or y~ou. Back up) your wag on anid we
vill do thme wvork. Respetfully,
Store of
Is the place t.o bu11y your Staple andl
["ancy Groceries, Tobacco,/Segars, Far
ner's' Hardware, Garden Seeds, &c.,
We keep Stoves, Crockery and Tin..
svare. at hard timies prices.
Thankinug ,the pulic ge'nerally for
heir, liberal paitro:nage in the past, we
Iope by close attenitioni to businiess to
nerit a cnntinuauce of the same.
Coutrmy produce bought at highest
narket prie, fr path),
Rtemember our .mfottQ 1 isdick sales
rndl shmort profits. Give us a ca-i.
Jati 2N--:8m
in~'. J. '. A.-nold, after Feb. the
lst, w11l become thme traveling agent for
rum Mmna~wama.
BE IT UNDERSTOOD.-- That., while
re oppose public education In general.
nd negro e(ucatiOn in particular, we
011(1 have it distinctly understood
iat we are, as heretofore, in favor of
reating the colored race fairly, an(1
ball continlue to uirge that he be treat
(I11 human11ely when~ broughrit into Court.
Vhile the ofileials of the Govermnent of
outh Carolina are notoriously anxious
nr t he coun iseation of our property to
dcluate an alien race, we think they
mld imuIch better serve the ends of
istice by overlooking the prisoners
ow confined in the State penitentiary.
L large per cent. of them, in our. opin
m1, should be restored to their freedon,
nd if half the energy was expended
.i seeking objects of executive elemen
3y as has been mnifested for the edtu
ation of the race, mieh stibstanltial
ood would be done. When we op
ose the levy of taxes upon our prop
rty for the edneation of the negro, we
iean no enmity to him. But merely
rge that he assert his own mainihood
nd educate his own children. lie is
free as the white man, and has an
pual chance to work, and he should
ot place himself inl the position of a
icie mendicant. His freedom and
bIf-respect are more dear and import
at to him than education, and the cost
inich less to us.-Press and Banner.
Lrge company of United States
itnesses left here yesterday for
harleston to attend Court at that
lace. There were fully 40 of
1em, the crowd being composed
f ex-deput3 marshals, ex-defend
tits in the United States Court and
'hers. It is understood that all
iese sources of testimony have
een sul)onaed to testify in regard
) the alleged crookedness in the
epartment of Justice which is said
) have beenl discovered by the in
pectors who came throigh this
ction with sharp st*eks some
ionths ago. Another big lot of
vidence will be shipped to-day for I
liarleston and Gnreenville will
ave a very large representation
i the city which stands )y the
alt, salt Sea. It is hoped thut
one of the evidence adlduced will
s-salt these Greenville witnesses
u( that not a single one of them
-ill become defendants.---Daily
ews. Alpil 8th.
Go(IN( FOR THE Diwu'rirs.-Dis
rict At torney M elton has been bu
yat work in Columbia for the
ast week or two preparing bills
f indictment against the United
tates D~eputy Marshals charged
rith malfeasance in office. i~e
aft for Charleston Sunday night
-ith 20 or more of these bills in
is satchel, ready for presentation
the grand jury.-Register.
eie Mr. Dibble is the only
)emb~er of the South Carolina del
gation who is pronounced in his
Ltdgment against an attempt at
rrriff ref'rom at this sessionn but he
ril readily fall in line ar~d vote
or the Morrison bill or its substi
ute as a party measure.-Ander
onl Jonrzaal.
-A sliark was Ca ptured at'1Tob
gan, Panama, recently, measur
'ig 3 feet in length. Its mnouth
e'sgid to be large enough to'hold
hor'se, but it has no teeth.- A pho
raph of' thly aninial, with -ite
aws hlf opened andl a fullI grown
oy standing upright in its mouth,
ran takeun.
Iron, Nails, Agrioul
ated Eclipse Engines, Gins,
'Iproved Saw Mills, with In
eIlad Blocks.
Leading Drug Store,
Co)-, Matin an't W'ashunyton Mts.,
G1 RE N VI L L E. S. .C.
Pure( Drg, dic((liejICs, Paints. Oils,
Dye Sttfs, Toilet articles, Patent
Inelicihes. the best brands of Segar.;
and )Tbacco, Notions, etc., at prices
as low as can be found in the'State.
Polite and attentive clerks, with a
full and select stock of Goodg is our
Ialtig Iil diteelnenjts for patron-ls,.
Our line of
for Presents, cannot be excelled, as we
have useful, as well as ortnanental ar
tieles, for your wife, Iusbalud, sweet
heart, child or friend, and all at bot
tomn pri(cs. D)on't fail to give me a
call, an you 30I are sure to departL h-kppy,
I am .sole Agent for this Count~y for
the celebrated
WrLzAani OIL,
the merits of which 'cannot be over-es.
Decc 21-tf
In all its branches, done by
Easley, S. C.
Give him a call and satisfaction wil.
be given. both .'.s to work and charges
Oct 12-12mi
News and Couier,
Daily $10 a year ; Weekly $2 a yeai'.
The eading Paper of the Sou th-East
Largest Circulatikt In the Cotton
Jan 11tfp

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