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jhs fazet 5essnger.
J. R. RAGOOD, Editor and Prep'r.
-Senator Field paid our office a visit
last week.
-Mrs. W. M. Hagood is earnest in
the cultivation of her flower garden.
-Miss Essie Russell is visiting rela
tives in Anderson.
-Peggy S. appears this week in
splendid style. Read what she has to
-The weather has bten quite cool
this week. Wednesday morning a large
tire felt very pleasant.
-We received about 50 subscribers
within the space of two weeks. And
still they come.
-OWNBEY BROS. have a Job lot of
Crockery, which they will sell cheap.
apr 18 2t
-Hon. J. E. Boggs and Capt. J. J.
Lewis have been appointed assistant.
Supervisors of Election.
- Read the announcement of Henry
J. Lewis for Sheriff to be found on the
local page.
--Prof. Moore will speak on"Schools
and their Intluence"' on Friday night.
Let all turn out to hear this eloquent
speaker. All may enter free of charge.
-Mr. Elbert Hester brought us this
week a sample of a field of fine wheat.
It is over two and a half feet high and
is well headed.
-Rev. W. 11. Kirton is improving
in health. lie was able to ride dowii
town on Monday to the voting pre
-Our town and vicinity Las again
become healthy, and very little sick
ness reported, and our pysicians are
taking a "rest."
-Mr. Morton Nichols, telegraph
operator and ticket agent at the Air
Line Depot, in Greenville, is visiting
the family of Mayor Gignilliat.
-De-'- y Marshal A. W. Folger re
turned home from Charleston on Tues
day morning last. Ie had gone to
Charleston in charge of a U. S. pris
-Farmers, call on OWNBEY BRos.,
and secure some Fine Cotton Seed.
"Jones' Improved,'' and "'Ozier Silk,"
and you will make a bale of Cotton to
the acre. Call early.
apr 18 2t -
-Messrs. Nix & Howard have re
ceived their Spring and Summenr stock
of Goods in abundance, and will tell
you all about it next week in our col
umns. Their stock of Notions, etc.,
is complete, and their prices at "Rock
-The fruit crop in placehs his noot
been injured and is very large. Mr.
J. 1T. Anthony thinks the trees in his
orchard will not hold up the fruit I his
year. Perhaps he will give uts the op
portunity of calling attention to is~
fruit when the time comes.
-It is to be hoped that our new
Council will shortly place some por
tions of our sidewalks in a better con
dition, as some places are really dani
gerous to pedestrians after night, since
-We omitted to cll attention to fb
the advertisement of Commissioners h
Day and Blakeley last week, in regard k
to bridge to let over the Saluda river. m
Read it in another column. A
-On Friday night, Prof. Moore will d
favot us with one of those fine address- 1
es so characteristic of himself, and we fi
will have the pleasure of listening to t
voices trained by the tine vocalist, the
Music teacher. E
-Mr. M. J. Smith purchased that 0
wonderful hen formerly owned by Mr.
W. F. Wait, mention of which made,
sometime ago, and she has laid this
season 52 eggs. Mr. Smith has 7 Leg- a
horns that laid 226 eggs in 60 days. g
-Our clever Post Master remarked 0
the other day that he thought there a
would he a storm on Monday night and s
Mr. Gary said he thought the storm
was on Monday. It was of a ditler- p
ent nature, and the town was stirred r
-Mr. Gignilliat had on exhibition V,
last. week some of the linest samples of al
butter we have ever seen. He has a p
very fine cow, and his dairy is super- a
intended by his mother-in-law, Mrs. 0
A. D. Mosely. tI
-''A young man is iade better by b
a sisters love," and so a weakly atnd del- n
icate constitution is made stronger and
more vigorous by the use of Calisaya a
Tonle. All who have used it will tell b
you so. Why wait for a cylone to con- P
vince you. Sold by all dealers, "and 11
all it cost is a dollar a bottle." t I
apr 18 tf fi
-Give us your Job work of every i
description, as we are prepared, both
with Statioiery, type, presses, printer.
etC , to do your work neater, better
and as cheap as any one in our County.
In fact, the only office at which you |
can get decent Job work in the county.
-Eggs are yet plentiful, and retail- r
ing at 10 cents per dozen. Butter is v
also plentiful at 15 cents per piontid. v
Chickens are searce, especially th'. fry - a
ing size. Corn and bicon are about, the s8
same. Pcas cannot be had at any g
p~rice, and if our county friends has i t
any to spare, they will fid ready sale
for themi i this market at a fair' price.
-In behalf of our young friend, we
again appeal to the tinder- of the "Lit
the Book," with those sweet words
neatly folded away in it, to b.xing it I
forward. The present week has gone o
hard with him, as it has been raining a
too [m.ii~ to farm, and consequently, n
his mind has becen idle, with nothing hi
to do but studly about that precious C
book. Perhaps some onec in the neigh- a
borhood of W lla could inf or m a
him where it is.
-The pic nic and celebration to be si
given by the Methodist Sunday School is
has been post ponmed one week for obvi- t'
otis reasons. Thec quarterly meeting .s]
of the circuit meets on the first Satur- a
(lay andi~ Sinhay in May at Antloch, b~
anid by a p~ost ponemtent of t he celebra- 'a
tion. we may be onabled to secure the a
services of Drm. J. HI. Carlisle of Wof
ford College, one of the grandlest char- p
acters in existence. n1
-Henry D)avis, coloredl, came into e
our office the other (lay wit h head and1
jaws tiedl up, the result of getting too F~
close to the kicking end of a mulec, a
while unhitehimg him fromt a nlow a
:w days ago, on the plantation of Mr.
LcMahan, near this place. lie says it
nocked him senseless for a thn., and
rhen he came to he heard Mr. McMa
Laian say to some one to go for the
octor, but he told them to "hold on,
'se here ylt," and prevented them
-oni going, although badly hurt about
ie face and head. That mule was
anting rest, and thought it would lay
[enry up for a few days, he being the
dly one on the place that could work it.
O cents. Address,
T. K. & V. E. HUDGENS, Easley
-We had the pleasure of attending
most enjoyable Leap Year party,
iven by the young ladies of Liberty
ii Friday ight last. The town, with
l1 its beauty and attractiveness, as
!mbled at the "Avenger House,"
here the party was given. Easley,
ickens and Greenville all chree were
presented by the sterner sex. The
owering clou(ds and falling rain pre
nted the fair forms of Pickens from
tenditng. The evening was spent in
leasan t conversations, promenading
rid dancing. We return thanks to
Lr good lady friends, at Liberty for
icir kind invitation, and their contri
Ltions to the enjoyment of the yotng
-One of the MESSENGER men took
stroll on Wednesday, and in his rain
les tho'ight he would visit a cyclone
it, and see if they were really bene
eial. On reaching the place where
I pit was dg, iilagine i his surprise to
Id a certain young im seated on onme
de of the door --which is about 18
el s wide, and placed on similar to
cellar door-and a young lady sitting
ti the other side, both looking serious
-as much so as though they were con
miplating a cyclone every moment
riether they were really practicing
>r a genuine cyclone, or making ar
ingemen ts for a matrimonial cyclone,
re leave the reader to conjecture, but
'e turned away after an inspection of
1e pit, which is ju1st the thing. with a
>rrowfi lieart, for we never canl for
et his anxious looks. lie looked a
inough he was saying :
Pret ty mischief ! Changeling ! Elf !
Cease, oh ! cease to vex me so
ease to vex me and perplex me,
Saying, No, No, No i
Laughing, No !'
-Have your printing (lone at the
[E~SSENGER Officer We rceived1 an -
ther supply of stationery, this week,
1(d are now ready to print legal doen
tents of any kind, note and lette r
eads, bill heads, business cards &c.
urw new supply of type and job ink
'll guarantee the execution of good
-We now have 10) stores, one Drug
;ore, one Furniture house, two flour
hung Holeds, two blacksmith shops,
w'o wood shops, two b)oot antd shoe
tops, one flourishing high School, a
!ell pattronized p~riting office, private
oarding houses, three Li very Stables,
ith good stock, and one barbier sh.>p.,
id five practicing physicians.
-The above shows the energy and
ush of out town. Who will make the
ext move at any of the following
-A flrst-class Confectionery and
ruit Stor'e, which would prove profit
ile to its proprietor.
-A regular meat and vegetabic mar
ket, say three days in each week, at
any rate.
-Another first-class Drug store, aud
two or three more Dry goods stores,
Wood an(d Lumber yard, etc., etc.
-More dwelling houses, store houses
and shops, on our beautiful and nu.
merous building lots; That is the way
to induce others to come among us.
-On Wednesday morning last, Hen
ry Foster, col'd, in attempting to cross
Reedy River trestle at Greenville, was
run over by a freight train on the Air
Line Road, and killed instantly. On
this side of the trestle there is a deep
cut, and Foster was about on the mid
die of the trestle when the train made
Its egress from the cut. Foster ran
back toward the train in order to get
off the trestle, but turned around again
and ran in the opposite direction.
When the train was in about 15 feet of
him he fell down on the track and the
cars ran over his body, crushed his
right leg below the knee, dislocated
his thigh and tore the muscles into
shreds. His lower jaw was broken.
The engineer of the train did all in his
power to save the man, but it was n
possible for him to (o so. The coron
er held an inquest and the jury return,
ed a verdict of acci(lental death, blam
ing no one. His little (log which fol
lowed him was also killed by the same
train, his head beitng severed from his
Married, by Rev. S. A. Gary, at his
own residence, Mr. P. K. McADAMS
and Miss N. 1. FREEMAN, all of Da
eusville Township, Pickens County.
01111TUA IV.
On Thursday morning, April 10th,
1884, at 8 o'clock, Ma. WATSON STEW
ART departed this life, after an illness
of only five days. Ile was in the (7th
year of his life. In him our county
lost a good citizen; his neighbors a
true friend, and his wife and children
a kind, devoted husband and father.
From boyhood the writer was acquaint
ed with him and never a more honest;
and truthful man have I known. lin
every way possible did he minister to
the wants and necessities of his fellow
men, and not with Intention of extort
ing, but from pure kindness of heart.
An allwise Creator sawv fit to remove
him from the faimily circle, and we are
consoled with the hope, that he has
joined his dear daumghter in the hmaveni
of rest. A FIEND.
For Sheriff.
S&- The many fi lends of Henry J.
Lewis respectfully announce his name
as a candidate for the office of Sherifl'
of Pickens County, subject to the next.
primixary election of the D~emocratic
party. apr 25 td*
Easley, S. C.
OFEFERUS their professional service
to the surrounding country.
P~rompjt attention to all calls-day
or night. Offiee at Easley iol.
apr 18--mI*
W~ Ewill be at Easley's Bridge,
ovrSaluda River, on the 10th
day of May next, ait 11 o'lok a. mi.,
for the purlmpose of letting the building
of a Bridge at said Bridge site. Planas
anid specifieations mnade known on (lay
of letting. E LIA S D)AY,
County Cormm'r Pickens Co.
County Commi'r Greenville Co.
apr 18--4t

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