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The Easley messenger. (Easley, S.C.) 1883-1891, April 25, 1884, Image 8

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Out of Love and Out of Debt. th
Of hIAppy len. the happiest yet .m
Is he that's oit of love an1(1 debt, CO
Who owes no kiss to wotmakilnd,
Who has no dulln to craze his mtitd;
With heart and thought an1d conscienec
free N
'Where is the manti more blest than he ? mn
"'Out of love ati (.t of debt,
Motto none will C'er. regret.
'To all surrounding reconciled, th
ie sleeps as sweetly as a child; di
By neither love nor debt rdistress'd, en
His dreams but glorify his rest.
ie never dreads the morn to see,
For days with (lays in peace agree.
"Out of love and out of debt ," - (
Motto none will e'er regret, y g
WIho's tad his share of debt anl love
Knows what the peatce they rob hiin of:
And, onee relieved of love amd debt,
Ills slavery never can forget.
No longer will lie hend t he knee,
Bit sing the pmns of the free
'Out of love aInd out of <lebt.,, n'
Motto none Will e'er regret. ki
For all the bliss that love can give,
There's more of woe vith love to live;
IfIc plucks the perfect, thorltle't s rosw.
Who honored manhood, no manl owe's.
No love, no debtI, ahi I there's the key I
Mf life. for him, wh1o'ld happy he.
'Out of love and out. of debt,"
Motto ione will e('er regret.
To Close Temporiarily. l
In these days the wires (uite
I)eq uen tl v annoni vice the tem porla- M
1' v (l()Se of c(Itton mills in the i
Soith ii coimsequence of lie sc Ir
ity of otton and thle 'onseqIlent mI
hi igh PriC(e Of the st:i ple. It was
hoped that the lack cf the raw ma- I
teri al would not effect our milils.
but. destpite the forethought. an d
COnst8it (ff'rt, of' Superiitelldelt
Sanford. of t hie (Camtpe'1r(dowl I4 IC
tory, it has been !bunld uittierlyV imn
possfhle to Secure a supply*v of,
c(ottoni which is requied'( to spnin pi
It e (oarse v: rns of tow(er mill. No.
V V a'(nuel of Sly1 h11s
beenl sounided, and1 endeavINors havec' I
Ieen 1mad10e to seculre th't t le o ion in
his State and in iany port ions lIa do.
Goi. very ble of the requi
sit g'rlade seemitis to have d isa ppear
cd. As finie ((ottoln enn only be run1 :
i hrou h t lie lower' niiill ait ai hearV '
loiss, Mi1r. Sanf'ord la id the mnatte
Ihlb'e a1 mee'(ting~2 of the dhirectors.tl
beh'll yeste'rdayv afternfoon. A fler
' eeful cons iderant ien of' thle situai
t i Ons iln all its hea8.rings, it wavs re
NOl ved to tem'iipor'ailyI close thIie
lower mvillI. It will be shtut downt
onl Wede Ilday.li or Thur ~sd ay. No1
priedictionl as to wheni the ill wil
resmne enn he made at this t ine.
:as that wvill depend on the abhility
oftecopn to~ seur maeral to
SumedlOX wh'1en the new~ cexp b~eginsJ
to (omel ini, buiit whet her1 the spinl
iterveriin12 t imeit 1 is ( ncertin.,
lbout 100 haltiIs are emnployed in
No. I. Mrt. Sanford will endfeavor
to p8 r'tin lhy emWploy 1i mot (tf 1 hem
in~ the uipper' mill. Thir' r'ent will
b~e freeQ( whV~ile No. I is idl~e and' theio
comny i will aissist them1) as mucl(h
as p'ossi ble. Mu r. Sani ford d (oes n ot
I think thee. wvill be t he Shjlghst
di oiiulty in keeping~ the upe in
mvil) ruingiiL at its flI(t apaci tyV
as I hefre is a lairge supplyx ahueaid.
This mill has over 7,000 spindlesj dr'
while No. 1 has only ablout 2-800.
Amlfog mrost of the spinners!
r'ouighout the South there is comn
aint about the barrenness Qf' the
arket, al(d ill Augista, theire is,
mflparatively spea.k11ing, greater
arc it y than in GIreen ville. Most
the cot toni is si(l to be shilpped
.rthi to spec ilators. :1nd4l hIas d(ne
t of, the SoUth. A Ir. S a I II)rd
edict.S a. cotton I neilic in this
etion tuid thinks that, Some of
e Southern mills will have great
flcultv in getting hold of
ough cotton to fee(l theiim until
pthelbler. Ie thinks that the
arcity of the low grade of cotton
eded by the lower mill.is ill a
'eat measure due to the very dry
ather last year which nunial ew
oiied' or 'staine '. I I
reenville News, 20th.
A looN MOONLIT ST 1oNY.- er
01---'11y den rest PllOr!an, vol
low that as we 'Iare son to, be
arrieI ve shold cease to liv ill
I (IChInted dreail and bg1A 11in to
ke p ra c ti cal vicws of ci fe.'
EIAlor'a-'I k now that. d'ar 1, and
hae tIIht it all over muchII I
(re oftenI thant y(Ou thinkl.
I'Io--' Y u k limv t ii t 1 .i1
)t richI, and 1 c 11nnot aflo'(rd to keep
1 bird of pIt uise in e II tF(rI I
lgVern onI, I have 1P a Ire:( v - k I
it Ca swlveet little hIouse in the su
.bs, which I know vou en r.I1m
A lgernon-I low ' Ioo l of ,
y allgel., :au then v ou k noII w t h a t
In i t wil no Io I kI I IsIsr
c1(lh to i IO i 1I'I ~Y
It. (' 1n y d 1-ar )l 's Iret v
h ite henI I s m II 1)a k e bred : 1
11n1 to nl t Ihe other hou1h(
it ies
E d ra -' ellI. nI ; but I ve
.o for that. too. Aot hel'
Mi Le I .1 N I: i' iI e r'iu-e
'rox.--I't is miy dutyf to intforml
u, sid the superintendlent of :
w nhul raIIlrOa I.A,asL) ne of
I I i v oN I tors eItered is
(sne(, -that the salaries of all
nit. with thle )bginnhing~ of the
'YXes, sir,' w(as the calmr rep ly.
'I amB gila(l you take suh a ch'eeer
1 view of the situnat ion.'
'Oh, I've been expecting it for
mionthls last,' saidl thle couilue
r'. 'I have put all my real es
te ini my wi Ie's niame,'elappe' 1 a
at Vel morag on) all myi person
('ffects, am11( raisedl $200 on a
nlk-nlote whiceh t lhe indIorser will
ri' to j)ay. Mfake the ob(1 eut
irty per cent, if' voU wVant to, for '
is is t hi' onlyI time ini miy life I've
-l4ast year t here was, thriough -
t. thle country, a dJeerense in the
IInufahctur ie of S'ores a monunt ing
4 per' cent.
-Never' fear' of spoiling chii--~
en b~y maiking them too happy.
--There is no luck like --..bck.
L 0 T Ill N
D)ue fI--lv
All persns are wa ed l agaiIis
i3''7 l ill lb
A Fainner who p>uts in i
And1( Cotto:
'will s(ure( moneyC?,
T'hese MJachines (ar
G. W. SIRRINE, Superintend
March 7-2mnos
Laws of Newspapers.
1. Subscribeirs who do not give ex
press notice to the contrary, are eon
sidered as wishing to contino their
s ubscriptions.
2. If subseribers wish their pape1s
discontinued, publisheris may continue
to send them until all charges are
3. If subscribers tieglect or refuse to
take their papers from the oflice or
plhce to which they are sent,~they are
hold responsible to scttle their bills and
g1ve due notice to discontinue.
4. If subscribers move to other pla
ees without Informing the publ.-isher,
they are held iespoisible. Notice
should always be given of the removal.
-Candidates, have your t ickets
printed at the MESSENGER oflice
1te O0 1est
Should b:lve their Pictures taken a
We A re preparledl to lmalke F4,'tRtO
A '1
Good Pictures made in cloudy
weather. Pay us nor no one else
for poor Pictures.
The only eibeFrovp
Gall(rv ili the Soiut h.
No 30-I V
Infrin g11Cements o1 these Patents.
e cotton
6, S. a.
s FERTILIZER with the
ra Seed wvith~
timle and( troutblc.
e nultde ? Ibt/ h Greeni
11. CA. MARKLE~Y, Proprietor.

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