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Closing Exercises of Prof. Tom Gal
loway's Sehool-Dinner--Speech
es by Singleton, Boggs and Du
rant-Excursion to the Bald Knob
Head by W. R. brlce.
On last Friday morning the
writer started out on foot from
Rev. J. M. StewarE's accompanied
by two cousins, Misses' Emma and
Lena Stewart, to atten:1 and wit
ness the closing exercises and en
tertainment given byw Prof. Ton
(Galloway's School at Holly Spring
Academy. We reached the place
some two hours before the exami_
nation commenced,and while walk
ing around the church-the place
of my first school days-I caught
myself several times musing on
the scees and incidents of my
y outh. Every person knows sonic
thing of the emotions caused by a
visit to the home of his child-hood.
We all love to dwell on tender re
collections, kindred ties, early af
tections and touching narratives
mingled with all we know of our
y.'outhtful days. Just to the right
of where I was standing, I 1-earned
to play "Roun(d Town;" about 501
y-ards to the left, I learned to play
'Bull Pen," and "Cat;" under the
old oak tree in front of the chureb,
I lea rned to play 'N marbles; and be
fore the fire-place in the church,
with blue-book in my hand learn
ed my a b e, well as I remember,
when I stood byv my teacher,a Miss
Robinson, for the lirst recitation.
'he first. word iiomn my preceptor'
was, "what do you say when you
*t1m) youri1 toe?" will ever be re
membered. WIile thus lookino
(Iver the field of my firs't school
dlays, and~ almost unconscious
of' what was going on around me,
I was notified by the sound of' the
heitll t hat the hour11 for examination
wa~s at hand. Ther'e was a large;
at tendanice of parenCIts and fr'iends
of the childIren. The s lhool-r'ootn
was beaut ifully and tastefully ar
ranged. I sketch a few of the many
dlecorations ;the teacher' dlek was
d ressed wit'h a p)ro1fnsio'fi ofthoice
fiowers. To the right on the wall
were these words, "Parents Edus
cate Your Children," nicely en
'losed in a motto frame, aind uin
derneath this, were the wor'ds,
"Help and Encourage Us," signeo,
"Little Children." To the left wvas
he significant sentence standing(
oput in relief, "W~e live in the Moun..
t ains, But We Are Comning.''
A t 9 :30 the examination began.
R~eA. G. WV. Singleton, 0. L. Dut
rant, Hion. J. E. Boggs, W. R. Price.
Wmn. A ik en. Joh n n) nIo-ay a
A. B. Chastain were selected by
the teacher and seated in front of
the class as a criticising commit- W
The following is the programme
for the forenoon exercise. N
Salutatory, by Henson Price.
Fourth Reader -John Eden,
Addie Porter, Melissa Lynch,.Em
ma Lynch, Nettie Chastain, Nettie N
Lynch, Mary Lynch, Iaura Mose
ley, Joanna Rickman.
Third Reader-lenson Price,
Willie Price, Joe Chastain, Early
Mosely, Ella Gravley, Emma G rav- T
ley, Flora Gravley, Malinda Chas
tain, Lizzie Porter, Mary Chas
tain and Gideon Lynch. Si
First Reader-Ella Price, Nan
nie Stewart, Lillie Lynch, Emma p4
Whitmire and Dollie Gravley.
La ti-John D. Edens and Cray- tlj
ton Price.
First Geography--C ray ton Price Ti
Addie Porter, Mary Porter and
Joanna Rickman. CI
Second G cographv-Willie Price.
Ella Price, Mary Lynch, Nttfie Ti
Linch, Emma nch, Nettie Chas
tain and Laura Moseley
First Eng. G ra m.-Sam Porter,
Ella Price, Mary Lynch, Nettie
Lynch, Emma Lynch and Laura
Moseley, to
First Arith.-Crayton Price
Sam Porter, Addie Porter and Jo
anna, Rickman. G<
Second A rith. Class-Ella Price,
Mary Lynch, Nettie Lynch, Melis- fr(
sa Lyneih, Nettie Chastain, Laura
Moseley and Emma Lynch. ed
Third Arith. Class-Ilenson M
1rice, Elijah Price, Early Moseley, th
Ella Gravley, Joe Chastain, Gide- st
on Ly neh, Emma Gravley, Flora w(
Chastain, Malinda Chastain, Liz- b
zie Porter and Mary Chastain. i
Algera-John Edens, Crayton TI
Price, Addie Porter and Mary~ Por' pa
ter. in
The ab~ove closed the morning's ca
exercise. All the classes acquitted
themselves handsomely and to the te'
entire satisfaction of the parents fa~
andl all present. dai
Music by John Edens and the th
school ;then followed declamations i
by the studlents. The following fr'
is the names and subjects: Ph
Crayton Price-The loss of a Z
National Character. N
~Joe Chastain-The Infant Ora
tor. P,
Tally Moseley-Cauition. s
Mary Lynch-The Destiny of se
America- a!,
Ella Gravley-The Lomg Ago. G
Lizzie Chastain--A speech by a in
little girl. fa
Win. Porter---Our Heroes. l1
'Willie Prie.-..Th is World.i
Ossie Stewart-The Sailor Boy. th
Nettie Chastain-No Excellence I
ithout Labor. i(
Lizzie Porter-Tlic IIours. fel
Flora Cliatain-Who is My ici
eighbor? f!r
Music. (IL
Julius Aiken-Onward.
Early Moseley-TLhe Destiny of S1
a poleol. s
Elijah Price-Know ledge. el
Addie Porter-To the Eagle. mn
Melissa Lynch-Golden Side. pr
Dollie Gravley-God Made all C
liings. io
MIusi c. J
M Ary Porter--The World 'Frn
Laura Mfoseley-The Beautiful
Nettie Lynch-Tfhe Poor anld
e Rich. or
Emma Whitmire-Slight of
Malinda Chastain-A Little
iild(. -
Lillie Lync-h-Ambiltious and da
'U C.of
Mu"SwI. an
John EAens-America.
IHenson Price1-Pro(irreSS
Robert -Moseley-Assumption.
Joanna Rickman-Pulpit Ora
Mary Chastain-The Winds.
Nannie Stewart-The i Word of "a
Ophelia Chastain-A Word t h
>mn a sweet Giril-Listen. m
The evening exercises were clos- a
with an original valedietory by i
r. John D. Edens, who, in a pa
etic and feeling manner, bid
idents, teacher and friends fare
41. Speeches were then made
Revs. G. W. Singleton, 0. L.
irant and1( lIon. J1. E. Boggs.(
iese gentlemen urge upjon the
rents the all-impor'tance of' giv- IFa;
.r their children a thorough edui- m<
Music was furnished in the af
enoon by one of North Carolina's we
irest andl most accomplished ti
ughters, Miss Nannie Zachary, no
sistedl by her brother Wylie, on "'
c violin. mn
t mong the distingui shed visitors
>m a distance were Col. Geo. W.
iyne, of Ashville, Capt John
~chary, from Cashier's Valley,
We were pleased to notice that
'of. Galloway had introduced
veral of the higher studies in his
hiool, including Latin, Algebra,
Ld I believe he had a class in
reek. The examination in Lat- D
and English Grammar compare TI
vorably with any that I ever
ard. I never saw a more intel- ~
~eit school of cheerful boys and
'eet little girls in~ my life In
e analysis of English sentences,
was forcibly remindcd of old
Treen,' when I heard these little
lows tell the subject, the pred
ite, adjective element of the
st class, and the nodifying
Now while the citizens of Holly
)ring are enthusiastic on the
bject of education, we would
rnestly insist upon them to aug
ent the public funds and. the
eospective aid from the -National
Dvernment, by private subscript
ns and keep a school going froin
nuary to January. P.
Easley, S. C.
)FFERS their professional serviec
to the surrotiding.country.
Prompt attention to all calls--dy
nighit. Qlee ait Easlcy Hlotel.
:pr 18-*
E will be at Easley's Bridge,
IV over Saltida River. on the 10th
y of May next, at 11 o'clock, n. m.,
the purpose of letting the building
a Bridge at said Bridte site. Planis
d Specificatiols Iadie known on day
letting. ELIA S lAY.
CounltY Conun'r. Piekens Co.
CotuIty f.o1un1'r Greenvillc Co.
lprI 18-4t
MRSONS desiring to raise Jersev
cattle, will be served by my Bul,
OWE4, at the LOW rates of
.50 insurance, or if aly prefer i,
'y may pay $4.00 for Ieifer calves
(1 nothing for Bulls, provided they
sex them at 30 days old.
[he vill probably be oi tie (olenov
mrt of the time.
Dash hn Advance. Motney returned
no Calf. Du. V. T. FIELD.
rpr 18-It*
Store or
[s thme place to buy your Staple andi
necy G rocer'ies, TIobacco, Segars, Far
ris' iUard ware, G arden i Seeds, &c.,
WVe keep Stoves, Crockery and Tin
Lre. at hard timcs prices.
1'h moking the public generally for
nir liberal patronlage In the past, we
pc by close attention to business to
rit a con tinuancee of the same.
Dountry produce boughit at highest
trket price, for cash.
Remember our motto is qdick sales
d short pr'ofits. Give us a ca-i.
Jan 25--8:n Easley, S.C.
rews and Courier,
tily $10 a year ; Weekly $2 a year.
e Leading Paper of the South-East
rgest Circulatiom in the Cottos

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