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One o' our old citizens, who r
membere Dr. Goodman as an er
inent phyician more than i gene
ation since, requests the Courie
Journal to pnublish the followir
from the New York Herald. 01
readers woild do well to cut it o
and.preserve it:
Noticing, your remarks und
the. head "Hydrophobia Remedy
I enclose a - copy of celebrat<
"Goodman remedy." The writ
was treated with it in Philadelph
40 years ago by Dr. Goodman,
whose family the remedy remai
ed a secret for many years, and
request that in the interest of h
inanity you will give iteirculatio
Yours truly, G.
A dose for a horse or a ce
should be about four -times i
great as for a person. It is n4
too late to give the medicine at
time before the spasm comes o
Tlie first (ose for a person is or
and one half ounces of elecampai
root, bruised, put in a half pint (
milk, reduced to one half by boi
ing, then take all at one dose i
the morning, fasting until afte
noon, or at least, a very light dii
after several hours have elapse(
The second dose the same as th
first, exept take two ounces <
!he root; third dose same as th
last, to be taken every other da
Three doses are all that are nee(
ed and there need be no fear.
This I know from my own e:
perience, and I know a number <
other cases where it has been ei
tirely successful. This is no gue;
work. These persons that I a.
lude to were bitten by their ow
rabid (logs, that had been bitte
by rabid dogs and were penned ui
to See it they went mad; they di
ro ma.(l, and did bite the person
This remedy has been in use i
:111d about Philadelphia for 4
years or more with great succes
ind is knowm as a Goodman ren
4-y. I am acquainted with a ph
sician who told mae that he kno~i
of' its use for more than 30 year
but never knew a case that'faile
whlere it was properly administe
ed. A on othr cases he mei
tionedl was where a number <
cows haLd been hitten by a ma
dlog; to half' the number they at
mkinlisteried this r'emedy, the'oth<
half not; the 'latter all died wit
hyd(lrophobia, while those tin
ook the elecamnpane and mil
showed 'no signs of the dlisease.
(loud accompanied by thund,
a1nd rain which passed over th
tity yesterday took the form of
young cyclone. A number of ci
izeuns hbre saw the bfunnl") qui
distinctly. But after all it wa
rasther a small affinir. For a fe
mrinutes everything was obscumr
by an immense (cloud of (lust wil
w hich leaves, -twigs and trai
were mingled.- The wind was vei
trong andl violenlt for a few rn
mewnts. .Then the rain -camer
mn about a quarter of an hour the'
was a enlm, while the (lust was ii
!ayed and vegetation was refres:
el. The (mio dam~g head
thus far was in the yard.Qf F. B. o
McBee, on West street, near th4 0
e- Catholic Church. A large hicko
' ry tree in Mr. McBee's'fard' was
r- snapped off and :thrown about 40
r- feet. The tree was 59 inches in
L9 circumference. A dog which was
ir in the yard was blown against the
it fence, and much to Mr. McBee's
regret was not killed.-Greenville
r News, 30th.
(d A CYCLONE IN Onjo.-Shortly
er before 5 o'clock Sunday morning
La last, a destructive cydlone passed
in over Montgomery and Green coun
n- ties, Ohio, devastating everything
I in its course. It appears to have
Lb- originated near Woodburn, a small
n. town ten miles south of Dayton.
An eye witnesses describes it as
appalling in its fury. An authen
tic statement is that the cyclone
was formed by a union of two
A slight storm clouds from the south
and northwest, which immediately
' assumed the form of a water spout,
rising and descending like waves
I of the sea, and destroying every
le thing in its way. Its path was
fully one-eight of a mile wide, the'(
storm moving over the country
n like an immense cloud of smoke,
t while everywhere in its course the
air was filled with trees and ruins
of houses. Forests were mowed F
down like weeds, fences destroyed
for miles,. and it is estimated that (
in one county at least 20 residen
ces are in ruins.
At Alexanderville. six miles
southof Dayton, several persons
are known to have been injured,
and one lady is reported to have
been killed.
At Carrolton the Friend's paper
mill and other buildings were bad
n 1y damaged, and nu.mnbers of resi
1) dences destroyed.
P Near Woodburn two farm hands
reported missing. A child was
1;cauight in the cyclone carried 200
yards and dropped to the earth
0 slightly injured.
In the neighborhood of Morris
burg the damage is heayy Ope
freak of the cyclone was that in
D~Iayton and five miles Sonth of the r
dcity there was rain and hail, while
still further South there was rain a
and no( rain, and in some sections i
d1 of the country devastated there was
neither rain nor hail.
.From Carrolton the cyclone took
ha direct easterly course, and its f
tforce was not in the least spent I
k when it reached Jamestown, a
thriving village of 800 inhabitants.
Two-thirds of the town was com
pletely ruined. Six persons were
k killed. Several persons are badly t
~r wounded. Hundreds of people are
s5 turned out of homes. No estimate
n of the damage is possible. -
te -Sheriff Spofford said to a News
as and Courier repok-ter last week
w that he received a letter, frorn Bo
~d gan Cash in Meridian, Miss.,
hi about two weeks ago and that Bo
h gari had indicated that he would
y come back when he Wasi assured
r- that he could get a fair trial. The
d( Sheriff said he had perfect plans y
re for the arrest of Bogan and was
1- about to put them into execution a
6- wheni the State Constable'took the
of muatter in hand.
Entigines, Saw Mills, Separato
0 and Condensers, Cane Mills.
Royer and Walter A. Wood's
with Improved Universal Lay
lead Blocka; The Casadav Si
<"' Moor01e Cou nty1. Gri
May 2-3m
aeading Drug Store,
Cor, Main and Washington Sts.,
Pure Drugs, Medicines, Paints.Oi.
>ye Stutt's, T1oilet articles, Patent
ledlicines, the be.st brandls of Segar's
nid Tobacco, Notions, etc., at prices
s low as can be found In the State.
Polite and attentive clerks, with a
all and select stock of Goods is our'
,eading [Inducements for patrons.
)ur line of
o)r Presents, cannot be excelled, as we
ave useful, as well as ornamental ar-a
icles, for your wife, huisbanad, sweet
ear-t, child or friend, and all at bot.
omn prices. Don't f-il to give me a C
all, and yon are sure to de part haippy.
I am sole Agent for this County for a
he celebrated
he merits of 'which 'cannot be over-es. b
Dec 21-tf
soot & Shoe Maker, e
Over W'ash. Ilowell's Beef Market,
liain St., QGEENViLLE, S. C.:
[F you want to save money call on
JOS. WESTON and have your
toots and Shoes made to Order, anid
uaranteed perfect fits.
Repaitg both neatly, cheaply and
i'onptly done, for Cas h.
Dec 21--1y
rs, Cotton G(ius, Feeders
and Evaporators. Perry
Sweep Rake Folding
Bean), sand S1imultaneousg
ilky P'low.o
't" AM AStones
COUTY 01"'a
Is and Millstones,
mo othing .
H A R1R W,
nd is especially adapted for
ultivating Corn, Cotton
nid Small grain crops.
Thousands of them are
eing sold every year.
Let every farmer save
me and MONEY by pur
hasing one.
Easey, S. (J.
Agents for Pickens Co
far 28....n

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