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The Easley messenger. (Easley, S.C.) 1883-1891, May 09, 1884, Image 1

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Ende-ied (a tite J'osto f/ice at Rtuslc
-1. ". a.feo)d 'ls Maier
onie y'ezr, strictly ini advance. .$1.0
six montlis 4 0 0.06
RATI'1S Ole Al)V'RT[S1N(4.
one sylU8ct (I inch) I insertion ..
ztwhl --beq1ietit isertion...... 40
Li beral1 discommit oil COnt ituacts or' 1)
)1 itll-ies over 112 fiues cel rgeli fol
*Orre~sponden'ltis. to i II5II P atten tiom
().I' ve O'1 il fu ftill -(1ddress.
'Wel ni~ ot responisilie for thei ()pii
.011 0; 01114 ' )COIOVI(1(' nt s.
hII1('~ I ttcrs to Oiw IulIii(' of. tit
M I, (1U. j Al~1~,S C.
-14 jJ, c* 9(, (xl. & C. I.
fI.rm Ol te Pres :11111tit 114111lhei
;overliol' I I:12ood, (Coloniel j
V. Boc1 en uzd ( oloiel ( '*uiu"
ht- 1 of' this s;tntv, :111 (Thi (ii(L
,1!ndhz(' ( or111111 of tiiis vilhurie la1 .
(4)~ no ot: kno1(w I Ile partlicuhlr
the '.8~ WhichI'd thsjignleelsi,
impkSiV n, tol( tac vile( htl~(i di l n
lkwi beluvib ill 101~I th i1'scc-.)
10111( whomue theiriOi 1 ha
11'(dlef:1, ; e cnille\1~t 'I t :
11fao, the t"hieveL that.1 ou0i - nh
!11il 0to11 I )O I'a NY (" 1') "t * I a
11c'.11 :111i('a10 pon~ whitich tihei'
vw'll rei\ l 112-teir I hiIo:. For 1'tl
10pletiotion ,t he RmAd vauWhuV ie
I;iVu dead liekovn el)c iI'OV to ,I. tuesi
d ill w C.I be (wo ith1 ato. Vt' il
tiM t , m , 0(1 I i tho if'i Iv
I' 1110I IS4 NV e :)QI 1 o 1-c
ctIil ()1- 1a1Mi I I oftI I o t ,11 1())
I i Ilr s A wc I. m'e t o I e(. I vc )
!le o n of " a w S : vae (1111 ' -t 1 Vii .V~I Il
1%,: thI roal froml "Fro v1to)i nIersm h
for 1.11 approach to this village has
been made. Beginning at the dli
v verging point, the route through
the village in rear of the Episco
pal Church by Maj. Zeigler's lot,
to Clpt. Bonham's and out by the
5 Misses Cater's would cost $28,000
the ridge route by the Morse house
and1( near M r. J. F4. Livingswton's
V dwelIing( Would 1.)e $6,000-includ
Inlo riiit of Way in each estimate.
All the heavy grading from Troy
to A bhville has be-e1 finishied.
It is in(lerstoo(1, ald ill ill fact
G, (overnor lagoo'md salid so, that
while the prospec t for aid was
good, yet inl no evei t Could w(. get
r the roa(d without fiu -ther hel Irom.
111 owni i citizens. Aiken will be
allow1 d anot he)Ir chianice to v(fte a
isullseri~tioll -1A a town.ship). The1
(chaer aHlows the com)patnv to
*conImlet the-ir ro-tol ith4 that o)i th
Soith (.'rolinn8 ltilh v ay ('m mnytuv
at or nienr Aiken, :m11 if' Aiken re
ues to give a libierl sub.crip
tionl. it is certain1 that0 the ro-.14
wHotrnto(. that. town. in1 thet
bi event of the re'usnl of ubrin
tion it will coiect. with the South
e ('a ro 1 )I .I ,I X lina kd t n m enp'ie,
siomie five or. six mal' nea;II ,.:1re r
a ( iarlest-ii, at a luueh lns y cos
tmhan wouli be imwurnml t( tainket it
-to 1h11e towli of A ikmn. A \ b:
e tR-S uh(o l n ailr l . h
I (lleers 1un t r os of th lIn ( t1I
h 1any ir, t 1)1r% to . i , h() at :I
) 1 t\l n1 il vl fo- r to th) o at :
vatt tmevso oe$9M)
I tf AiI w hI p wIll v-Iot $ a1) tax
A or $; ). " he i I.( wo)b, he s)oI
I 11a to tha IIt, tow w he bu v I IIiIt.
- ~u if the town which iS o I Ihv
t tertainu1 of tIh rU I I se,; to
- n 1u k t s b ri t i i . t h r 1 r!Il'v
aIl I h ro w IN h i ft rce .I rai
Sro:nl 4)11 tIeI i\ i ei te1sU.,
W~ presue Irin G I Ia go I o'
he will have some efi c p ropo
sitin t1 mak , our ( epos
(leternin thej jJ ( (: whole ' ntatter."C
aSi4(itionialI hel) vihe by pivt
-subsen(*rl)1ions, taxat:i~ion, or' 1hondis.
b . )btweell ii x.at ionm a iii honds(1 we
are14 Unirel'y ill Otror of the( le'vy of
a : t ax 1for any amon'wts whichh ouir
towa rds ihe1( c'onstructioni of the
rondl'. WX ithot bIei ng. f:miliair with
the( nu~li'iplion)1 of the hol)s1-,
we hav at8\C* pr~ejud(ice, if not a w(ell
1f oundl~ed reason,) against votIing a
bonde deb225t. er a rIl* )11e ltmany
be)(1 huirt f'ul 4 tiMu. T1hie amlounit
4) whic(h we w.oub11l)2\y iln inlteres(t
Sivuhl 0er taily be a~l libera JCsub
I if' for 11o otheri we shiallI opp.ose a
tbondedi debt, but w.e favor t an
ists there the merits of our schene
tlhis of itself has been no matter of
quick accomplishment. Persons
who are lucky enough. to be the
owner of millios (10 not, genera1l.
ly, eXtpt upon thle fuillestnsr
anee of safety and profit, plut them
6far from their imillediate Control.
Th ( y have demuanlded and we have
given to them0111 the fullest. an m)s
miinute inlfornutlation as to the :nlI
vantages andi enpImeitIis of this
pr-oposei(Il thr-ough roulteacross thet
1imiitalins; an11d of everv pm-tic'eI
lar e1iretustan11ce connieetedl with
the en telprise. Ilese repe'seli t n
tiionis 1have beeni verified 11) t heil
in tlemort c ( .Otltisive 111:1hmler pos
sible, awll I :Iml assuredl b1Y Mr. S.
that his neg&o-()tiations have passed
hrifrgh the pleliinary sagE' no
have rene(htnl 1w l oilit at whiei
hlk contidenltlyN antlicipates nul .l
Iv sul(ces.;.
Repor'ter-D you fel at libertv
to , ive m iut line f the chiaII iir
refene e1 to 1e Ieatn i ) that mil.
tmva rids t he tme.
Gen. I ngood- --(u people wvillI
certain v Il e t: ( )IlI tij n1k
thir own h.lIs if thev ex Iec
bri pi to be vt 'ste( iiI
th1;Jis o nit I. I l e sh pe t:1t
0r !n 1 i It i 1n :1 h ve o w k e'
it~~~ in prbbe ut tho cotrll
with1, freig Ie n pt aIst wN.il he hI
th ly urish:-I t he nI e In th I(, :1
mate. rinl st iphud When1 our' pW
p . 1 vhav c'it h1 r c(op) )Iet.ed n cert -I in
mu )n t. (of worNk or h ave (xh 1i I )ctiI
ibY thei r con!ri'ni1ions the ii e(el s
1br~~~~~ don to Thsi u us
ona (l : l) " ,"u ance r jlii 111i tU Ib i
I)1 (n 1 a1'4-itli iI tI h 1 esu1lts (of onr
own (1nt lrprise and of, t he necessi
ty f'elt eII(. r f, r tIhec (),II. I hIe ex
:et -I nlN'lt ) I o ur c oIrI Ii I ut ion
is still a mii1 er of n aliniion, but
I do f ele at liber(lc to. s1ay that1 i:
is prohlnh!o - t hait. when oir pe)l)e
are agai Iled 11)pon to put t heir
sholulder ' I () a he nW( ttI aIJ h ( IJ( t<
d he 50 (,1(1 1i I les they have a Ire. I 1\
g1aded- it Nie with ssri ' e
madle for. sull~eienit ca pi t. al fr'oin
Repor01ter'-D ou th(n 'x yee t to
ple at t his tim und' Hler t hl( r'(ecen
Ae(t~ of the IA'gisbitur au'( :thorizing
thet I :taton by\ townsh ips, & e.
(Genl. UnIgSod--AS at pre'(sent 1.d(
vised I dlo not untI iil. ' Iuregotini
tions15 abr'oad ar nn( r f) 1( ull y (level
opled: or' unitil some10 new cond)itionl
haps bieen inlt r'odued into4 the( pr'ob
1(em be(fore( us5. Thiose inl(I ihare
oft the Road ol nIot ' expe(t or in
tend1( to ask for1 U1Ia iolla of ' obi
I ionatl ylil)ser'iplt tin uitiiI we ate
v'anceent of. ani acc0omli I-hed
tioti for tha2t 1)Llpo~sQ. T1h en wyhat -
everl we give,. goe direcotly to the
rurthermnce of the enterj-pri.-ic for
Which it wils inttended. 11, we. Notv
a tax on1 ou rse ve~i vie khO e xact
ly what we nre' doingr. We know
the lhurdell 'whic-h We wNill undetr
bike to cal'rv, fua 11we, kiiow the
d-Ite Ut WhichI We Will he, 1reieVel1.
baw it Ill a 1 l )ed deblv .111 a ii e -
1 n .ia g i ittereSt over oiir 1 eads)
wetiv are CCt,-il of, nothingu. We beQ
lIc-Ne n, ronso)nhle talx Colr ra.il road
purpoI)ses would( he~ a 1rolitnl1)lo n
v'estment. We' p)rk~-ulje thl %L t -IXesI
which pai Iyr. p'64 for thek Au! i1'i taI
& KnloxNville, i'aiIIohl(I h-1 Z1110:11lN
heenli lwkwe 0111I1 1-oturnel. '],Ihe
pi oplk-~ :11ou'r, the S miuial
))()I d oll1t H inat the :. iate
0 o v , I olla '1e
'oli-dil di'tl. iSI) o) i K l)('d. be
I i.' 1H ion 1~t 1 41"10,41100 a I 111 lit i'w';
. 1 1 ) 1 (4Ij~r i h l I Ill " 1T ':e I, nr we liii1
ill111155 W~ '(t l it' toi :1,1il
ti.*I l w gho'ill)'z _Yi: 1)1ol it'iSofl
;w"O~. I l aret iso S ill 1('l , 1t.a
e Iit () I he(I l nv IIr. Sh
W(1011l1111,2 iiir te i1 lwii i' ll
IM)li 1) kwil' teo 1111,'.SI dl l iroet
0Ile Il':ln . i f'u( Iti'eru I Ii isI
Olle'*) it 1118221 itOerai IL )
010w' ( 'A , d t inn iif alw1)s c
V onw nit I'a ill whichr t he Iiv;
i l iI - 11Q( ,'t, is till 15 01 llaij.2
a t 01C Iie r I~,O~)( po(llo oi

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