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-She fasleg aessenger.
-Miss Docla Stewart Is visiting the
family of Mayor Gignilliat.
-Read notices of Ownbey Bros.,call
on them and keep cool.
-Chickens are scarce and high;
Egga still retail at 10 cents; Butter at
15 cents; Corn at 90c.
-We judge that she certainly Drew 1
him in, from the circumstantial evi
dence in the case.
-Farmers, call on OwNBicY BROs.
B4 buying your grain Cradles. 9 tf
-The fruit crop generally, Is full,
and with plenty of bhckberries, &c.,
we need dread no hunger.
-Mrs. Dr. J. W. Quiillian has sent
to our office a nice sample of the new
crop Irish - potatoes, grown by her.
The'y are the finest we have seen so far.
-Mr. A. M. Runion, oir popular
Furniture Dealer, will accept our
thanks for a good and substantial of
fice chair.
-Mr. W. A. Mauldin will please ae.
cept our th inks for a nice bouquet of
flowers, which camne f;om1 MIs. M.'s
)eautifil flower garden.
-Our kind Post Master has just,
nade a large sup)ly of Folger's Lini
ment, one of the best relle(ies in the
country. Call and get a bottle.
-W. M. Hagoo(d & Co have just re
ceived a Car load of Corn, which they
will sell for 90 cents per bushel, cash.
-Send your orders to OwNBE-Y
Bos. for fresh Lemons, &C.-Imay 9 t f
-We have received a cOpy of the
"Rolla Herald," published at lfbhi,
Missouri. It is an excellent paper,
%nd we gladly place it on our exchange
-A generous citizen dinnered the
whole county on Monday last. ft was
the Board of County Coniniissioners.
You know they have the County inl
-Why is it t hat Easley asks 10 cents
for Bacon, when Greenville, with a
scarcity of that article, only asks N?
Are we not on the same line of Rail
-See anniounicemients of Johnt M.
Barr and Elias Day for County Coim
missioners. Also, that -of J. C. A lex
ander for House of Re presentatives.
-Wheni you go to Greenville, if you
want to keep cool, call on lDr. F. A.
Walter, as lhe keeps the best Soda
Fount in the city. We know whereof
we speak, having tried it.
-Go to OwNsEY BROS for a glass
of iced Soda Water, LemUonadeC or Ci
der, may 9 tf
-Pickens County has as many pub
lic spirited men in it as any County in
the State. So keep your eye on the
candidates column.
-Candidates for House of Represen
tatives are rather slow in comning out.
Come right along with y'our V, as it
will cost you that., come whien you will,
and the sooner the better,
-The r'attle of the guano wagon is
no) longer heard in our streets, and
now the voice of the ploughman fills
the air througout the ent ire counity.
-Deputy Marshal, Mr. W. F. Gary,
was carried to Greenville on Tuesday,
*to give bondl for his appearance at the
November term of the U. 5. Court.
Messrs. RI. G. Gains and W. N. Payne
from Cent ral are his sureties.
-rho County ConmissIoners held
mn extra meeting in this place on Mon
Jay last to consider the opening of
-A gentleman remarked in our of
!lce on Thursday, that* there were
%nough eandidates out for Sheriff for
wery guano agent to have one (a sher
ff) of his own.
-A pocket book was picked up on
he street the other day. The owner
an get it by applying to this office,
roving the property and paying for
his advertisement.
-Rev. D. W. Iott, pastor of the
Baptist Church at this place, left for
Baltimore on last Monlday afternoon
to attend the Souhern Baptist Con
-Anot her Shipment just received of
Lhose celebrated Gros Grain Black
Silks, which has become so famous
with our trade. No one cnan afford to
buy a Silk without first looking at this
stock. J. II. MORG A N & BRO0.,
Wholesale and Retail Merclhaits,
may 2 2L Greenville, S. C.
-The infant of Maj. R. A. Child. of
Pickens4 died on Tuesday night last,
with the wloopinlg-cotgh, aged one
m1oitih. It wAas blried on Wednesday
At the Met.hodist (hurch yard.
-We know a young inan tihat esc')rt
e'd t wo younig ladies ont to Choir meet
ing the 01 h-r nig ht, wIto (pparently
became very nich figlitened by the
erIess of a youlo man from a grove.
Stentoriani toles founda reaiv litter
anmi'ge. Did they calm the fears of the
fair forIs ?
---Our frield, M . R. C. Gigun illiat
has received the a ppointment. of Ageti'
and Operator at Whita kers, on the Air
Linle Road, nieair 11h N. C. line. IlIe
and J1. . Ilester,jr. went 111) list week.
Su.iess to you, loys. James will re
turni soon.
-The farmers have beeni moving
witi all their stremgt'h and vim diring
the p eek, getting tleir crops ill, -Il(1
show a disposition to coitiitue to pusih
[m, inl order to mutake up lost tin. We
trust they may Ise rewar(ded with a
full cropi this year, and tvreby dispel
the gloomi that 11ms pervaded thema for
the last few weeks.
-Prospects for something more to
'at a re bright ening as we hmeari of Eng
lisht pea~s and 111r ish potatoes iI alead be
ing used( onu the more fot'tunate onie'
tables. Mrs. N. A. Green, of ou town,
had a nice mess of potatoes and peas
on last Suniday, with a prospect of
p~lenty more to follow.
--It is a strange thin tg I hat oft -t ines
m~isconstr'uctions are plaed upon the
simlesl0t expr'essions. If we were0 to
say Easley is in Pickens County, there
wouldI be some people, perhaps. who
would misunderstand it. After all
that has been said rega rdbmig the pic
nic to be given by the Methodist Sun
(lay School of I his place, the '"Sen ti
niel"' ann tounces th is~ week that the stu
dlents of t he Easley Acadlemy will give
a pie nic. on Saturday at Mauldinz's
Mountain. NOw, eachb Sunday School
at Pickens Court Ihouse has beeni invit
ed, anid the editor is a member (of the
Pr'esbyterian church, and( the other
prUopr1ietor, 'a mnember of tihe Methilst,
andt( yet these representtatives of tihe
''Sentinel"' have failed to uniderstanid
it. Put on your glasses gentlemen, or
gIve utte ra nce to correct hn fornmation.
--'A young man Is made better by
a sisters love," and so a weakly and del
icate constitution Is made stronger and
more vigorous by the use of Calisaya
ronic. All who have used it will tell
you so. Why wait for a cylone to con
vince you. Sold by all dealers. "and
all it cost 18 a dollar a bottle."
apr 18 ti
-Accounts from every sect ion of our
State indicate the small graii crop as
unusually flue and promising, which
will be a great. blessing if It can only
escape the rust and storms until it is
-We return thanks to Mrs. J. E.
Robinson, also to Mrs. Perrin O'Dell.
for Some delicious strawberries. They
were very fine, and is tle result of
ine hortieuiltural management.
A few secotids after writing the a.
)ove article, we were made the recipi
ent of other line straw1Jerriles, accomn
panied by some lovely fiowvr4, from
Mrs. A. W. lludgens, who will please
accept our ackiowledgement of the
kind favor. The extra doiestie quali
ties of these superior ladies are readily
evineed by sich acts of kinldness.
- -Mr. Washington Taylor, the fath
er of M r. G. W. Taylor, of .Lickens,
died at his hoie near Chick's sp rng,
in G reel) Ville C(iunty, on the 7th inst.
lie was in his 75tl year, anud has been
for a great maiy years a promiineit
imeinber of the Baptist( Cmrehi . ie
was a1 representative mina and a fin
Cit izen, se ving his County t wo years
in the Iegislht i'e. lie leaves many
to iomrn his <b-ath. and may the All
wise C rea tor ',Pom fort them in the hom
of dist ress.
-- WNe heard a younltlo Iuuui f(rom Cell
t ralt, who was coinntected with a thresh.
er last St unumner., renark the other day.
that on one (ccasionI lie was sorry
itre was Such 1 a thiing as a 'Separa
tor." lie h-i1 beeni baskig iin thesiun
light of I young lady's preseence, ai
hated, Oh ! so niumneh to have to h-ave
her. ''Sch is life,'" h(t you InZaY
Ge mt her yet.
-The 'dollar iludles" of remnanut.
of pere'als, weighiig foui' pollunds,
which are beinig so ranpidly purchaise<
fromi ie st() re of W.M1 M. 11lagood & (Co.
by the ladIi.s, have a lively time 11t
their roundlts. At near'1 all times o:
the dayV you may1 see one or mtoreC la
dies goin g tIhe rouniids with her huuile
huniting up) a neighbor who has one, ii
(,der to "'swae'" for pieces to matel
soume of theirs, which very often e aa
bles bo0th to secture enouigh to makt
a full d1ress, We move that they ap
p)oint a lace of meetinlg for on1ce a
wet k to exchjange. Butt would'nmt wt(
like to be nmear the room, unob~servedl
and see atind hear them when the hun11
dies were' open. Oh ! my!
-TI be Me t hod( ist Sun day School gi ve:
its pie ie on1 Sturdaty at Mauldin't
Moutin~i. A pleasanmt dayj is anitici
pated. On Suinday afternoon at 3,
o'clock, [the ceelbrat ion of the schoo
will take plac in thie Methodist church
T1his occasIin proisesi~ to he a most5 in
teresting~ one. TJhe school is to be ad(
dress.(d by Messrs. J. E. Boggs amt
.J. P. Camry of Pickenis, and Prof. F'. C
Woodlward, of WofYord (College, Spar
tanurbug. TIhe speakers from Pi1cken;
Thieh ability to entertain ani audienet
is well realized in the county. - Frona
them we may expect something good.
Regarding Prof. Woodward, who tt
lighted an audience in reciville on
Sunday last, and who i6 a stranger to
our people, we would say that all who
may hear him will be perfectly carried
away. lie is an exceedingly Stron
minded manand a most forcible speak
er. Ile will give us something to think
about when he is gone, and all will
wish that he would come again. Let
ll turn out onl this celebiationl occa
sion. The music will be good too, ui.
der the management of Miss Lalla
Quillian and her iule eloir,it could not
be otherwise. This choir i. preparing
itself for the Occasiol, and It will Xcr
tainly do its share in the eitertahimkent
of a large congregation.
-There will soon be a petition pre
sented to the citizens of this Count
for the full pardon and release of L. lI.
Redlond from the penitentiary, as his
health contiiules to fail him. and from
all accomit will soon be released fr-om
all -arthly loies or bonis, ati it i,
hoped that ht has secured a fuill 1par
dol from on high. So, for the sake of
his wife and innocent lit tle babes, if
not for his own s;ke, let friend
-md foes alike, signi his pet.itioni and d(1
all inl their power to obtlini 111 earthly'
pa110don, and let his last hours Ie wit h
those dearer to him than all else. Ilik
race is iaryI run1; ie cauln h1o one
elste, evenl if inclined. 11s life is al
r'eady forfeited for his past awts, in tha.
his presienti loiditoioni arose from i hec
wonllds received, andi exposlre ill eva -
ding arrest.
A Card ol l'Thanks.
M r. anl Mrs. Charles Lent wick, re
turin their heartfelt thanks to the good
people! of Anderson, Poickens and
Greenville couities, for their generous
contributi ols t-o restore ill som1e degre(
the almost, total destruct ion of their
little property, by the buning of t heir
comn fortable h1omi1e, on the 2"1st of
March hast. This Card is itended to
cm brace the colored people as well,
who, of their seanty iiean1s, coitribut
ted their ite along with their white
neighbor, to assist a distressed neigh -
bo'r inl the losses of his honsehold
goods. Mr's. Alice Russell, th 1'ownler
of the household, tunites her in icere(
thanks, with those of her tenants, for
the benevolent nets of the charitable
in t his hour of need.
Ande(lrson, Pickens and G reenvillec
Marriedl, on thle 4th inst.., by Rev.
W. II. Arial, Mr. JOHN B. GOSSsC'm'
anid Miss ADELLIA S. A. COx, all of
this County.
For House Representatives.
- ijr We, the mnany friends of J. O.
Alexanider, take pleasure in presenting
his name to the voters of Pickens
County as a candidate for Repr'esenita
tive in the Stat e Legishlature, subject to
tihe act ion of the primary electioni.
The namei of Mr. Alexander is too
well kaiown t~o the peop~le of ouir coun
Ity to need commuent, having on1ce serv -
ed us in the State Legislatumre wit hi
honor to himself andi constitueney.
may 9~ t~d FIEINDS.
Easley, S. C.
(FFE RS their prIofessionatl serFvice
tthe surrtoludingscountr'y.
Prnompt attention to all calls-day
01' night. O//ice at Easiey IloteL

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