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A Dry Cyclone.
On Sunday evening last at. G.Iar
nett, Kansas, was witnessed what
the Kansas people are pleased to
term a "dry cyclone." wircfh threw
the whole city into a fever of ex
citement. A special, describing it
says it was plainly visible from
the town For a period of nearly
half an hour. It was so plain that
tlie p)hotographers took good views
of it from the city. A correspond
ent of the Kansas City Times
says it hai the appearance of a
large rope, black in color and as
large as a hogshead, extending all
the way from the earth to the
clouds. It was almost perpenidic
ular near the earth, but leaned
northward at the to) until it reaeh
ed the clouds, when it stretched
alimost horizontally through them
for at great (istan(Te. Your corres
pondent visited the scene and
found that is was a dry cyclone,
no water falling with it. It form
ed near Westphalia., 17 miles west
of Garnett and passed northeast
.a distalee of 8 or 9 miles. Three
m1iles Tiorith of Westphalia it
caugh-lt Da.vid 'Methieney driv-ing'
home Oi a loa(.1 of lumiber. It - ar
ied i him a coisideable disttanice inl
the air and dropped him. Al
t bigh no bInes were broken, he
sustai ned such severe internal i
Jiiries that it, iay prove fatal. 'His
w%agon and huiiher were scattered
all over the township and his
horse's c.arrie(l 60 feet anld the har
ness strij)ped from them. Its
,ouirse Was over an open stretch of
prairie, else it would hi ave done
'great damcare. It broke just north
of' Ca ltain Reppert's ha im, t h roumgh
Which it passed. It left a zigzJag
track about twenty feet wide il
moved wondeftully slow. At Rep
)eIt's fiarn it cireled arounmd he
t ween his house and barnl , destroy
ino' his garden annmd barnyard fene
es. It was not reinirkable for the
1ge cauised but for the excite
ment it, cr'eated, or' all the people
in Alnderson an1d Co fley counlitty
mu 1 tist have seen it plainly for' fully
half' anm houri.-I- olla ( Mo.) lier
A N AliA nAurA 1R~MANe K:.-TI hte
Selmna ( Ala.) Times tells this sin
e'lVIa r story:v "Mir. Isaae Fran k, a
whiiite muan, wats indhicted by the
hi1st granmd j ury utnder' the charge
of Jiving in unlawf'ul wedlock with
- a niego' wma. rs Mary Ann'
l''ran k, wife of' thle accuitsed, was
present; also her' aleged mother,
L ucinda Weaver, colored. Lucuin
dha was sworn atnd. putt upon the
wit ness stand. I ler testimuony
brew new light upon01 thme case and
c'aused a little flutter of excite
iienit and surpr'ise among those
prIesenlt. She spoke'in a straight
oiutmnner'. Notwithstanding Lu
4.ind(a has always been known as
he mo(ther' of Miry, it turnsfl. out
t hat the young woman's p)arcultage
is purlPy w hite. Lucind~a testified
ti hat shte was not the mnother of
Mirs. Marzy Frank,.,*nd.that Mr's.
F'rank wps givyen to her when an
~it'anit thr'ee~danys old. thait a pror4I
inen t gentleman otf Skuth . Caroli
ua brne3iht the young child and~
presente~d it to Lucinda, request
ing that she raise it as her own.
She stated further that the child
was the illegitmiate offspring of i
an aristocratic woman, and it was
her brother who gave the infant to 1
the old negress to shield his sis- k
ter's reputation and conceal her
shame. The old negress brought
her charge to Alabama, claiming
her as a daughter, and the real1
truth of matters very probably
never would have been uncovered
to the world but for Mary's mar
riage to the white man and the in
dictment issued against him. Mrs.
Frank, now grown into mature wo
manhood, has light straight hair,
fair complexion, and clear blue.
eyes, and doesn't bear the remot
est trace of African blood. A num
ber of gentlemen visite(I her re
cenltly, coIversed with her', and
decided that she was hevond doubt
a white wonan. A 1,ev Lucinda's
testimony was heard, Solicitor
Fitts agreed to the ver(lict of not
guilty, and the happy twain de
)arted in peace.
THE SI vo BE SwAINiTo ny
Tjil.EA I(TI.--There is good reason
for beli(.ving With Se1onan, La
MAeunier, Frankland and Sterry
Hunt, titat in the remote future of
the eart h the wateIs of t Ite se
will be withdrawn into(1 her ilteri
or. The Irocess of witli(rawa.l is
in reality takinig place even) now.
Enter any cavern., such as Kent's
lole in Demvoireic. (m the d"ielst
and hottest day, on even after
weeks of dry weather, and you
will find the roof wet with witers
which have been slowly muaking&
tleir way fron the surface, where!
they fell il tle way of, raill mont hs
)eflore. Thoughout the whole t
cruist, of, titc, (,a11rth, ex.ellt. inl : few%,
spots whe- re rainl netver. falls, the '
sme1( Pro'eSs is going Oth al the
time. Only a. portion of the wa- -
ter, which thus fialls on the eartlh,
ever returns to the surface in the
1,orin o spI ingrs. A rtesiann wellsI
show how slowly so'ne of the stra
ta (if the earth )eirmit water which
hus t hiuis reah(led them to pass
through; hut they show also how
a large port ion of the earth's wa
ter's are already b)eneath the sur
face. * * it may well he said thrat~
t.he amon' t ntnial ly withdrawn -
fromn the sea surface in this~ way,
anid niot restored, dIoes not prodluce
a change of level of more thana
foot in a thousand years. Still
(een t hat wouldl involve a very im
portant alteration in the aspect of'
the earth in such periods of time
as belong to a. planet's history.
A million years would reduce the,
sea level by a thou sand feet, arnd
in a period of time which cannot
he reckoned long when compar
ed with the heaven and earth
speak to us, every trace of water
would have disappeared from the
face of the earth.-Prof. R. A.
Proctor in Good Word.
ScdanerrY o1? RAcoN.-The wash
out on the Western Atlantic Road
is the cause of' the bacon famine
whIiich was manifested yesterday
about nioon. There is mno supply of
this meat in the city, and farmers -
who camne lhere yesterday to b~e
providIed went away empty hand
edl. A number of firms have large
shipnmentM on the moad Rfnd it i
Dec 21-]y
leading Drug Store,
Cor, Main and Washington sts.
G / E NVI L L R. S. (.
Pure'( Dhrgs, Me-dicines, PaUinlt . Oilk,
ye0 Sttf's, Toilet articles, Patent
edicinles, the best brands of seg: I.a
id Tobacco, Notions, etc., atpne
low as can be found in the State.
Polite and1( attenitive clerks, with a
11 and select stock of G~oods is our
ead~ing I iducemenits for patr*ons.
ur line of
e&iCP *1?F1CLE
rPre'sen ts, canno~t be excell, as we
tVe uiseful, as wvell as o.rnamiental ar
'les5, for your wife, husbaud, sweet
~art, child or friend, and all at bot..
mi prices. Don't fail to) give me a
11, and you are sur'e to dlepart ha'ppy.
.I am sole Agent for thisConyfr
e celebrated - ony 4)
e merits of which 'cannot be over-es.
Dec 21-tf
{ews and Courier,
aily $10a year ; Weekly $2 a year.
he Leading Paper of the South-East
argest Circulation in the Cotton
Jannary I1 f'
Ixpe(cted that their cars will be
rin to arrive in a, day or two. The
>rice is still 9, cents, not having
)een af'eeted by the temporary
itringency.-Daily News, 7th.
The Registration Law.
We give below the provisions of the
legistration Law, and urge omi citi
sens to see to it that their certifleates
tre all right before it is too late :
1st. All persons who have hi good
'aith lost their certifleates of registra
ion are entitled to a rencwal thereof
10 days before the general election,
,Vit hout cost
2d. Defaced certificates can be re
Iewed 11pon sirreindering the same.
3rd. It) case of a party who has ie
noved his residence to another place in
lie sIme precinct, he shall notify the
4th. in ca1sc of the removal of an
,lection from one precinct to anot her
ecinct inl the salIe Comity, lie shall
lotify ihe Supervisor.
i I. Ill case of the removal of an
'lector from one Coulity to another,
le shall notify the Supervisor of Reg
stration of the County% wherein i he is
-egiste red a nd get a c iertiic:ate of trans
er to tie Coity to vich he remloves;
1Pon presenltingt which1 to i per-1
AP for that Coliity, he w\ill get ai Cer
ifienIte to I here.
(Plh. All persons who have ait.tained
hI-ir majority Since t le ha. elcetioll in!
882. are entitled to a cei-ilcate.
7th. A lwrsoi (esiring to vote at a
icarer poilling plhce i a lrecilnet shall
;oks arf open only n Ihe first Mon
hiy of each mon01t h, to am1l illlding(Ps
Ie first Monday in JuIly, 1884; exeept
it le event of an elector Coming of
We be)tween I he 6th of Julv. 1884, ai
lie 4t il of November t hereafter, who
Ill apply to tle Sipervisor and get a
Any information As to the death or
he removal of an elector shouhl be
uruishied to the Supervisor
T E will be at Easley's Bridge.
over Saltila liver, on the 10th
1ay of May next. at. I1 o'cock, a. m.,
or the purpose of Itling tie building
>f a lridge at said Bridge site. Plais!
Lul speciti(at ions maale known on (ay"
)f lettiiig. E lJA S DAY,
County Conun'r l Pickens Co.
JA MES1 . I L2A KELY, ff.V W
C'ounty- ('.:mnm'r (Greeniville (o, if'
:pr 18--it
VR8ONS desiring to raise Jerseyl
Leat tle, will be serPved by my Buill,
' E(OWE," at the LOW rates ofli
2.50O insurance, or if any~ prefer' it ti
hey may pay $4.0(0 for Hetifer calvesl i
und not1hinig for Bulls, providedl they t(
mnsex them at 30 dlays old.
lHe will probably be onl the Oolenoy tl
part of the time.
Cash In, Advance. Money returnled
f no Calf. DRi. W. TF, FJIL.4.
a pr 18--4t* ___________ t
Boot & Shoe Maker,
Over Wash. Howell's Beef Market,
1ain 1St., G RE EN VAL LAE, S. C.
JOS. WESTON and have vonri
loots and Shoes made to Order, and
~uaranteed perfect fits.
Repairing both neatly, cheaply and
>romptly done, for Cash.
En all its branches, done by L
Eadley, S. U.
Give him a call and satisfaction wIl.
lie given, both a to work andl charen.

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