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Wischief Done by Good Natured Peo.
It is rather remarkable that
what. are called good-natured peo
ple rarely undertake unpleasant
(uties it they can possibly avoid
them. They do not like telling
disagreeable truths, however urg
ent the necessity for so doing, but
transfer the mission to a sterner
frien( with some such phrase as,
"I should not like to (1o it," or, "I
should not like to say it," just as
if the habit of tLeir lives was on
1v to what they liied. Indeed, the
good natured people we are de
scribing are rarely generous in a
grand way; they are seldom capa
ble of self-sacrafice. If they are
rich they give money rather than
take trouble. It" they are people
of leisure they probably give time,
which, perhaps, is not very pre
(ious to them; but doing some-.
thing they greatly dislike, in or
der to benefit another, is a virtue 1
too rare to be found among them.
There is a form of deception, too
often considered very venial, with 1
which so-call good natu red people,
if they are good letter writers, are
not seldoni assoiated. This isl
drawing up letters for their less
gifte(d acquaintances to copy and
send out its their own. A really!
goo(d letter often makes a very fa
vorable impression; but it is some
thing like a false Coin it it he not
the composition of the signer. No
doubt there are cases when it is 1
necessary some statement should
he made in language more clear 1
a1d precise than the person eoi
cerned can command : but in these
instances the ready penman should 1
write in his own person for his;
friend. We are afraid many situ
:tions of trust and responsibility
have b)een obtained on the strength
of admirtble letters dictated by,1
another. BLut incompetence is sure 1
t o he discovered sooner or later, as i
it is a deception, which is less for
givable thuan want of ability. Long. 1
long ago, we knew of a case far
more sad than the engaging of aniI
icomnpetenit clerk or governess. A
girl of goodl family and large far
tune was won over to accept for a
hlusbandl a young gentleman of ]
mnall means and not much prinei-t
ple, mainly by the eloquent, poet.
ical, ver'y chat ming letters lhe ad- a
(lressedl to her; nearly or not quite (
Vall of which were composedl by a <
elever, brilliant friend who had<
never seen her. When the mar
riage proved very far from a hap)- .
py onle-andl~ the rea.l scribe had1( a 1
wife and children of' his own-we
have reason to believe that he
deeply regretted the part he had
played in dleluding a confiding
girl.-CThambhers Journal.
- A lawyer to avenge himself
uipon an opponent, wrote the word
"Rascal," in his hat. The oiwner
of' tha hat took it up, looked rue
fully into it, and turniug to the
jndge celaimed1, "I claiml the pro
teCtion of the honorable court. The
opening counsel has written his
name in my hat, and I have a
strong suspicion that he intends
to make way with it."
A Wonderful Child.
A Richmond (Ind) letter to th<
CLhicago "News' says: We have t
mathematical wonder here. It. if
r child' six years of age. the Ron o
M. L. Price, a journeyman carpen
ber. The little fellow (oes no
know figures any better than h<4
:loes letters; yet he mentally solvef
problems way up in the hundredE
,hat would require paper and pen
.il with the average business man
rnd he gives you an answer a,
promptly as most boys of his yeark
lould give you their age. Aftei
mnswering a inmber of question
in multiplication he was asked i
die was prompt in addition anl
mibtraction, and as he replied it
lid not know what that meant.
et when given sums and subt rae
ions to (1o he did them as quickh,
is it' he had the examples in multi
>lication. For instance, you giv<
iin your age in years and he will
ell you instanfly how many weekq
>ld you are. Sometimes he wil
inswer in this wise: TwentN timef
hirty are ten sixties; but an in
,tant after he will tell yoi tell
;ixties are (00. Hlowever, in bis
!alculations he is not governed by
he rule of tens at. all, for he just
s promptly answers when the
mrnount does not include a ypheri
is when it. concludes with one.
His father said he began asking
m(d solving problems in a small
vay the latter part of last summer;
mt hie gave uip the habit until
tbout Christmas. when he again
)ecaic interested in figures, or
'ather Mental ca1lcu.l:tious, ad
ias rec(ently devel(oped the charac
eristic that certainly stamps him
i wonder. I n appeaale he is
-hildlike, but iii actions more
nanly. caring i more about. being
vith his father and the latter's
1ssNo'Ciates than with his own play
nates. In development his fore
lead is rather broad. but the
)ther parts of his head an'd his
mdy are not beyond (rdinary, his
rVeight being forty-six pounds.
Iis parents have two other ch ild
en, niot remar~k ably bright.
SAr I)E.ATH or' Mit.,JAMES
lImu~ y1s.- We regret to anno'unce
he killing of Mr. .James Hughes,
highly es8teemedl young man re
iding~ near Richland, byMr. Be
, on last Tuesdlay night. Thle
zreumstances under wich the
leedi was committed were, so far
1s we have beenl able to learn, as
'ollows: Mr. Hiughes, who had
ieenl to the fireman's pie nlie at
Walhalla, in returning home about
[( o''clock at nig'ht ced at the
mouse of Mr. Brewer, who is a ten
Ant upon his farm. Some of the
nmates of Mr. Brewer's house,
iearing him outside awakened Mr.
Brewer andl told him that some
mel was attempting to break int<
;he house. Mr. Brewer, jumping
>ut of his bed and taking his shiol
un, went to the door and seeing
Inl ind~ividul in the yard, called
ut to him and then fired. The
Montents of the gun entered the
back of' Mr. Hughes between the
shoulIders and penetrating hii
heart he fell over and (died in fif
been or twenty minutes.-Senees
F'ree Press.
Smiorronj DituLNK A (am.-Sherifi
S1)oflord summoned i. posse of be
tween forty and fifty of the most
tresolute meIn in the county to at
4tempt the capture of V. B. Cash
r last night. This posse was t(
leave Cheraw at 12 o'clock, but
the sheriff did not arrive until 2,
and was then persuaded to put
some one else in ointmand, he be
ing unable to act efficiently. Ma
jor W. It. Hancock was placed in
charge, with E. T. King, J. A.
Sellers and Henry Jackson as
deputies. The posse went on
leaving the sheriff nearly a quar
ter of a mile from the scene of ac
tion, and surrourded the Cash
mnanision, the residence of the his
torical Julia Ann and another
house, whe re it. was suppssed W.
B. Cash night be. These were
thoroughly searched, the ( ash
mansion from its base to the gar
ret. but the bird had flown if he
had ever been there.
Dr. (Clayton did not fanev hav
ing his house sairched. but wits
inforimed that he would have to
submit tnd that ni term s woNuld
be made with any one. ('ol. ( 'ash
said that if the sheriff and certa:tin
men he nasmed would ome wh en
he notified them both he an1d11 his
SoI woulI accompanyI them to the
court-hoise. IlIe waIs 11swred
that. he would have to 2- wit:h
ljust such IIenl as the fl'icer in
charge should cboos to have
with1 him, anld no( torswudb
made with him. There has iever
been a day when any number of
M en cou 11d not h ave beenl obtlai ned
to exeen1te the W:rrnt ,of :ITrest in
spite (f all the ( 'ashes onm the face
i of the ("11rth1. itnd tie ollv trouble
is in tinding V. B. ('ash.
Ihis failure Imight have been
predicte i after the mole of sum
moning mflen for the posse and the
inability of the sheriff to act was
It is reported that Mr. Coward
can not live mo~re than tvwenty-fou ir
hours.-Ngevs and Courier.
A- P----n-.u. P--ro-. -.-Id
at pro(posal fromJI anyV of the fa ir sex
since leap yeari began ., Jones.r'
"I have Brown. 1 had a propo
sati fr'om~ th'e daughter of my b~oard
ing mnissus.'
"Gimini ! vou are in lutck. llow
did she muster courage to make it.
andl( what did you sayY'
"Well, you see,. she keeps the
books for her mot her. so sheP (came1
to mue the other dlay and1( prIoo
"Yes. yes. lucky dlog-. go on."
"She proposedl that I pay up miy
arrears or git."
I"Whew !"
---A mnaiden lady, not remarka
ble for either youth. beauty, or
goodl temp~er, camne for advice te
Mr. Arnold, as to how she could
get rid of' a troublesome suitor,
"Oh ! marry him! marry him!" he
advired. "Nay, I would see him
hanged first." "No, madam; mar
ry him, as I said to you, and I'll
assure you it will not be long be
fore he hangs himself."
--Powder is something likt
money.' It's awful hard to hold
after it begins to go.
Leading Drug Store,
Cor, Main and Washington Sts.,
Pure Drugs. Medicines, Paints. Oils,
Dye Stuffs, Toilet articles, Patem
medicies. the best brands of Segars
and Tobacco, Notions, etc.. at prices
as low as cai be found in the State.
Polite and attentive elerk, with a
full and select stock of Goods is our
Leading Inducements for patronim.
Our line of
gitx~cr *aNrczgs
for Pri'esents, cantiot be excelled, as we
have useful,i as well as ornamental ar
ticles, for your wife,, huIsbaid, sweet
heart, child or friend, and all at bot.
tom prices. Don't fail to give me a
ca:ll, and vot are sure to depart happy.
I am sole Agent for thi County for
I lle celeblated
WizAnR OrL,
the merit- of which "an-not be over-es.
Dec.( I1- t~f
Furniture House,
N 1 furnish your Houses in elegant,
style for. the Summer with a Iice
L ine of IReds~teads, Miat tresses, Bum
reansw. Tables, Stanld-,Cir, Rockers.
e -' A generalI assortiment
of L; te. .ae i-bromos inl 22x30 inch
fr:une'.. chord. &c.. all readI for han.
ilug ml he willN. Also, on hand, a liiir'
of :ahiet, prolinemialle. panlel and e-.1141
-ize pho tographjilt frm.Ues. all in artistic
style. Aways onl hand a full )ine (of
's kets am c fl ,alsizes and1 st.vies
Burial Rtobes for a h sex, all (ial itie"
amkl prices. Ready at, -ll hours to waiah
uponmi eistomer. Coflns trinuned i!,
ny .st yle, mal when So desired, will h.
trimmed antd shipped to iny point mn
Ita ilroad free of extm rahbarge.
Thankinig -ou for past favors. and4
soliciitg yoiur futrthen'r patroniage, I am
Iespevt ftlly yomur's
feb f8
Terrible Slaughter,
anrd Winter stoc'k Of gods
Notion, G~(lothing.
Had wa,& G'.(rocerie'i.
-uLIIl Grcr Dru'tQI ttgs, in1 o)rder to mtaket
rom fotr their
WVeke'ep con)stantlyo h1 liui a full
line of chtolce Oroceries. TIobacco, &'c.
$&'G ive us a eal) and we will be smtE~
to sell to you if low prices are dIesired.
Jan i8-12m
Main St.. GreenvIlle, 8. C.
3?rd .7)ioor .>bore coj)-ee St.
(3ENUINE Wm. Hoesctey
General as.sort met of goo dJewiery
carful~ly uIseeted, IBest famidly
a specialty, andi at ess flgures.
Renairing wou .a l jwelr,.

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