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- ghitnrh Qirectory.
Methodist Churcli-Rev W. I. Kirtm,
Pastor Piekens Circuit.
First, Siunlay t, I1 a. n., at, Dacusville,
a114 ai 3 p. m., at Antioch.
We(3lnestly iight before seconi Stim
day, at 7. o'elock, at Easlev.
Sat IirIlay before con(l Sif l l at I I
-1. mn., at. Talor.
Secon( Smiday. Il a. m., at Pickens:,
and 3 p. In. at. Iethlehem.
Saturday before th'rl Siiday, at I a.
Im. at Mt.. letlI.elI.
Third Sunday at It a. In., Salem, and(
at 3 p. in. at 'owter's Chapel.
S-at1ur1day before foorth Stlday at 1!
a. in. at Union.
-'ourt.hi Sunday at 11 a. i. at. Easley,
and at 3 p). n. at Zion.
Haiptist Chureh-ch-Rev. D. W. Htiott.1
'irst. Suutlay, 11 a. Ill. and 81 p. Iml..
:and Saturdaty before at h n. m.. at
EIaslev. S. C. 'rayer Ilectig)(). every
Thursdlay nigh t . Sundlay .-4elmoi
each Sabbatdi at, .1 p. Im.
Secoatl Sundlay at Giritiin church atli
.i. Ilt ; Saturday befort' :t. 12 in. At
Presbhyteriaui churebl, PeesC i
at. 3.1 p. m.
'hird S1itnlav at (eitral at I i .. Il.:
Saturday before, at 12 inl.
ilourtl Sundlay at Libert v, 11 :. I.
- of appoint 11n01nt-. for th] A It
rso Circuit of M. 1'. C h'rinh :
J airview, 4t h Sabt h in each It 3n h.
Il!ariniotu, 1st
'Smith's sliappel. 2:di h. - -l
%-Navaumah h ish:b1d a
8)14M. I+. cissiera, l. It .*
a1 For u Wa11te I3.
()n r l ilay I lmo n in (': A . .t3 t
1)Il l. u Bperintendenit oft the l'.
S.Fish ltbneFialihna
a tWah ing:a 'ton, 1.( not ifie-d t wo
lit' I S i A sI talls A rt-01111 ('lli11 ti
at nid L I('alrd Vitezgeraltd, to iti.
In e liti're t :1 l li et he it(- tf) li
lile ".Nellekna :111d Tilfe h riuv
s [l ult.\ tto t U l a t' t eit'11ill I, it ilt
n; g S.lha. . BYV nauriv ''1i
int alk S in reallilnes. 111d (-i
1i( 1i P lite gile n 4t:1(1.te ( W i t h.11
0lh.000 o1111 oilfish. h'lheyarrived
(Pt 11 Treenille St P. ittl lic gro
I 'i (il SuIlI v a ifter oll an llt-ti
IOmlled -1 larne cl. filled wtithl
ewit ill fr I. I1t a fow flmlieli-ts
eI'ttnefell'sC(. will (lh.n
IAfter i rnisori theish wok the
rIl I gI i I %(a 1 '({ % ito 1 . -: Il a j -
4' whar th0.00 ywinl la were00
phicedg in t hefl taluda t 1. ()o'
bride. Theyo were taefuwlly ph an
elled( aby( thentlemern i n ch-e
butf hey wou1h ntV allheay will
'laethelpUj theemt a a ntiwr:
1n(d pe tro mihpauemc
it in le~4n th andot the sizenm&nt
fhatoinghree yearl the rivers o
edwit h food nutiiors aonpdeti
party((~5 prcedte to hernenc riv
nleers should receive every cour
agmn n ourtesvi. poe
tinhg thirbenieficient abors to
at. end.---Daily News. 13th.
Ius'A- SIIorLD nK Er As r
vows.--Dr. Tooker, a (hicago
i ~ian,~ says ill t he I in ter -
DCean: ."ver'y physician inl thiis
'oultry who is postled on1 cereal
:oods knows that wheat, as it
.rrows (except the skin), cont-ains
nore nutrition than any otler
OO1d,either Cereal, animial'or ve e
:.a ble. It was intenle(d iat Nwe
nhould eat wheat as it grows ns an
ltpple or a potato, alt hut the skin.
,mt there has n)ever, uIitil receit Iv,
ACII known anll ,y lmssible means-. (ir
vav to )make all of the wmheat filn"
Ilvncev t he milIler have. given uis
ltingy but. "the beaut ifull] white
lour." fromi wliich the best or mos iiit
ilItritious part 0, thtlie wheat is ('.
Im ilat e(I or the so-c albd " grAhm"
lomrI, a namle, tit h-d orll brand( which
-au1Ses a1 mul11titulet of, sinl,,. .\ ()ost
>W tth "grQ:1aham'" flmiou sol)d in this
-(illunit I is nothing . hut :1 mi xiti re
it' It(e lowestk .rtIev- fi wh N-Ii t hfintr
vith bran . N() phy1skian iho is
)osteIkd on overeal foods- :1nd4 knows,
hit meiNsovth o ti e he t iu
Vill anlvise an ill t( t ent onainl
lolur. while every phyNsician inl Ihis1
w iti ry 1) (w Eng11l . wh has
Well and4 knows i what it i-4. aisc (s
Ilu I l l .Iln Is t hI I c (!!i - - .I i.. i
1ur. wh. !ki faiI iisi ' 1k I ex l i is b
ad('I , vi/..: The Iwv I I enI i r
1le11Ie I it he usal war, i I I
k (_ (I I II c I Iii I v I I~ st' ofI
ff Ihe "kin I r IIuI k I h I I rc
uII Io lt Iru i hI 1 , t e ua
h e n ,( a f t e r , I e p a r a I t n b y . b oI i
Italr. t he 1 , 1.: I r (luc I I -v 1 ) *v " erla
naichin ery : t hon by iN -. I SY st )m if
-it II 1 i II t II I II 1n ' 11 1 h oi l ull
s:iliroliit ir fU he a d m'~tiixed al
\e l ilI I a iln I l( v n rt)inI t hert
-xisted in i I'the helri . T he Ihm r is
1h( i Mt d t lv I I I o l ere nulit i tis
hanl allY (>her li t wNill a iI .h
tte w' i thelweakesti i nach. he.po
-)us i tiI51 is~ lie andtt onetin allSe
f ~(tthe enanlphosphate here
1r iont whiet tae anhe srid of'
ma othr tiur Ci the wrbn 't is
-heaper( tha' an othrat.I' he a it
nakies towamuchIl mru bread. whc
. ex l1atied byrrit ie t her of'
1-812 t i oev. l~'osfo
thr it x i IIaste.r ~au.
Don't shke a hornet t's e ther
' ny ofhte famil tar t hifoe.
D)on't: try to tirsake bulrightog
v~a from anoexpesso trai at al
load e prosing. f h Jw
Don't goall a rargt. I raf
omnes toaryun a wayeareo . Avo
are Sure he is a P1e1'Va1riCntor Ii
anOt her tnail to break the news
hi m.
Don't allow te baby to drii
colicent rated Ive. ( (oncent rated I
is danger)lis, evt'1l in very sm
d(oses, e'xcept to a ainn wIlo is:
custoled to (drinki~j la. mli(
(''I w'
1cmrti whiskeyv.
AI11:.- It is u1ndlerstoodi ( on t
best antlority that the A t-torni
G eleral of the Un1 ited States II
stated that it t he Soiitl h Cardi
C(ongryession laI d (lelegation Ar
ecI'(10 lleienti Ilelilmild's pa dl oi,
( the At torney (G eraI ) wIId <
Iorse the petitiol and, forward]
to i he resilent. when it woub(
<I10bt he gr1-llited. I-( roi a I I
arel oil'. ftm-ward ill l' i ll%, )11
1011[ll. al l Iet ('s frman (i'(1hin
it 'IZel liave Ieeni w I t t ell to W a
in'mt 1n1Jl I I i Mirdi . I t
reasona bh- t o believe t bat t he s
C A i 1 i n o e)t m-. will 1
1n1.-(' l lbia Regit er.ct
C:iriY ':\i s the Nevs :iin i era
t i1 rned 1 h(rr :I < I <i rect I t he
but b,1 Y sme ic cac placI t
1dilrS. . (ille wr n rL. . T
res lt asthat :1 wel liuwnl ;h
tir got1 a p ite invitation t
buggy1* ride1. w hile. t 1) un
Was fil(le franltic liV F''1CitiVig
I )o (llwin t "lel fAs sruen ii i'ila
iies (I h11 1 1 m terial\, 1 si t :
e1ut t e X i'f.I~l~ 'il:
-- e he l. a . N .(i'W r ( '<011n~in
s .) ).r (it, A ericultsie, has a1111'di
( oIng. .lohn 11. W hartol. it 1\
t c Il ) N I Ie Ii I 11 m l(1 w g
Foute. ('1arn(' (Mlmiss(l)t eit
th c )epar meIt (f A r c(IoIe, I I re
t1h c olleII c t io of 1 A IL.r icul It u ral:1 pi
ducts. :m I o herwise t assist sI
)pa men1 t, in heving t he resmt
CeS thf I'ebl ate pr(1)rlOy repj'esel
et at the old'S Indust ree l I a
h-to the t Nlew OlaFn i 1to 88 In
--Ah le sing itar lise flfata]p
oin lfrm aneiliis vere
oanhsa. They wif notfe vdet t.
Fthe, hof beawfrencen, au sea
anrer main wernes sestrted to<
torhe pateon walk p~e. Sh'Ie wt
abraion. Tilhe bloodabsorbl~
somA oth livng nolorin mat
of thenil aontyoo ipoisonl
se.iShe diled tn thuree days.
hose threek hme toain, hang
one oFdy 24Riley, Andersontiees
in (lhe beslsrithe Hes winter
to d aal pigel u t() Mr. o
itt the West En-"Id, disphryved unm11i's
ik takable signs lf bydropihobia. I'le
Ye pig was bittenl .13 days ago by a.
all1 m (1( andi the effeets of the bit(
did not show uniitil Sunday, when
) it becamne ext remuely rabid aii
ihadi to be killed. It was shot b.\
oilicer Robo.--Daily News.
he -They tell a good one on an
y A thens ( (Ga. ) lawyer. "lie wtas
as l:tely em ployed inia case to de
naL fetal a. little, i nro-gu(nage railroad.
[dld It is S:ai( that he took the road al+s
lhe a ret ainiI&'i.er, vile the company a
'11- greetd tU) issie bonds to payhis
itee whien the case is eided."
Jl S xty SuoteIi erofters frmln;
l's t he I I' o Skye have ar1rived -I
.nt Ii lh. N. ( '.. on t heir w a to II u
sh1 h mInes in1 t h<( sonl IWesteri blrderI
i of t he S :Ite. TIis is tlhe s ecmn
I 'tV. - iI lin1y ()t 1 er parties 1(
en t C( 1o l Nw..
- . ]1 --1 1'ii m| j rts (X thlis a nd'
t, d jI n g I crIIo u 1( n t e w e d u t 10 1(h-1
Ir nd onts re loo iking we ll.----New
w~ r. I. NN,_
N JT( ()DS
ho ,AN1)
jrt Ih \V 1 Rl( ES AT
he MaIN S II. ruET, EAsuy, s. .
,1 -- <)> <v 0(1()Z(.l1 S -.-aw Iats---OIVe V
It, :1 calli fm- th le. a s u lit'a jutl hlw of
'0-!(d to xnsl. 8-t 1 e tl s elIv. a iv m
a full, lin e lieo dsaf~im l
11 i'1at-. an b Iall i git. (; ro e , &,..
he a call forti m A4 .opfemct im.rs ( I
t1A* JS111 H WEh~vq(.STO '-m-,
I N()T & ( )N k ,
IIs heI tl ~ii lit tol 'ae ~()arw~i cal oo
.1 towsh, XVET 1 cnts eahanve yo
d m rnaitet h erfk t gooi t eqaly.o
. pre, pai rng heat ii~ul~v ates. au
Ael IlIih~ ic line for ofCatiotresa(i
In a l l iard wIarcgrain (1'r011es bye
tos Wewlo Easlesoh ( o gve.
1.-- Giv early call R1( arct i w im
n Boh gv n ot &i~t Shorkn M aer,
H. OvrW. Tlwl' Is-1Ef ak
mt Newyo wand Caeouerllo
rily CAA.RWESTON, aS. h'v v
l' ootiys1( ain Sher Weel toOrer.n
e .Teainge perc f ihes uh
i-LRea irg aiot ntheapytand
ieirmpl onfr ah

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