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It will soon be time to make
nominations for Congress. Col
onel Evins of Spartanburg has de
(lined running on account of the
delicacy of his health. In the dis
trict which he repreiented since
1876, there are now four or five
candidates who desire to be his
successor. Union and Columbia
each want to be represented, and
eccordingly Cols.McKissick,Mun
ro and Yeomans have all been spo
k.en of. Col. Evins has made a very
acceptable inember to Congress,
And the change to another man
may pro-ve only an experiment for
the better. Strictly speaking we
have no absolute right. to dictate
in the matter, but we would like
to see Col. W. H. Perry of G reen
sille promoted to tiis high position
of honor, and who is so well qual
ified to fill it. Two years ago he
lacked only t little of receiving the
nomination. le in all probability
would be as good a representative
as his people could send to Con
gress, and no doubt would (o great
cr'edit to h imlselfl dconstituene5.
A deep :an(d thoughtful man, an(d
one alive to the interests ot our
Regadingt his district, of, which
('ol. Aiken has for eight years been
t le represelt-ative, and who1 has
fa ithfullY served his people receiV
ing time after time the support of
t le conventions, we would adiro
cate a change, and we take great
pleasure in bringing before the
public, the name of Col. R. E.
Bwnis a mani whose iflueiince
for' good has beenI widely felt. His
g reat ly enter'pri sing and( energetic
chlaracter, should becspeak for him
he full confidence of our peole.
His qualificamtionis for a fine repre
senttativye in Congress are uinq ues
tionable, and he should receive the
hkeartiest sup~por't of our people.
Pickens has not yet beedn repre
sented1 either on our State or Coni
grressional tickets. The time has
come when we ought to have some
showing in these matters, andl we
shal advocate the nomination of
Col. Bowenm for Congress.
Abbeville has been represented
suffIciently long to concede to a
change. Without disparaging the
merit of other new candidates, we
would like to see Col. Bowen nom
inated without the least trouble.
lUe is a whole-souled and kind
hearted man, and would work hard
in the interest of' the entire dis
Let the people in our county I
take up Col. Bowen and carry him
forward and do our part in placing
him in the position, which. he so
truly deserves.
It Seems that the shooting of
Boggan Cash,which resulted in his
death, was absolutely necessary
for his capture on Thursday morn
ing of last week.
Tle posse which went in pur
suit of him, either had to retire
from the scene of danger without
capturing him, or they had to use
fire arms for their own. protectiflon I
and his in mediate vaptu re.
Now which was right., or is
there any , question albout it? Al
most every one will concede I hat
the posse acted in a lawful and (
just manner, and that Floggan
Cash Was the calse of his owi in
stanitaneous death. 'he man thati
had ridden rough shod over a com
munity. met with a hard( dath
rather than subject hiims' elf to the
immediate course of the law. Ift
he had comne at once 1and gi ven up
he lligTht, have cxpected more sym
pathy froimi the people at 1arge, I
and Would have had the justice of
a. trial, but. rather than act I hus it t
seems that lie waited the people
of the State to SUCu ilcu to his own
personal desireR in the matter, and
to matke him an exception to the
general1 r1 of1c treating offenders
of the pe .
1' t
Those who at te') pt to run rouigh
shod over at communlity7 will yetI
find out., that Such cannot hist. in
South Carolina. Tihere will he
foiid bit flew Spofford's in our
StaLte, an(d where such exists,
there are men who, true to their
couutry, will go forward in the
ma intienaice of good goverinment,
1and i the Suppression of billies
Who want to have their own w:.y
in everything.
TrOW ..NTt
Town Of Easley,.
Sm-C. 1. He it ordained by the T[own
C~onmneil of Easley.now sitting in Conn.
cil, :md1( by Anithority of the tame, that
from aind after the passage of this Ordi
tna'nce that all Ordiniancs herettoore in
force are repealed.
SiEC. 2. That dlrunkenneQs, lighting or
attempting to tight, or ac(tinug in a bois
tErous mannerl)C On t het stree4ts, is pro0
hlbIted, and anmy pers'onl or persons)' so
otffending shall be arrested and( tined at
the discretion of Coneil.
SEC. 3 Any person or persons con
V'icted (of any obscene conduct orusn1
profane or vulgar language, on the <
streets or sideC walk, shall pay a rine of <
not less than oue, nor more than live
(do1llrs for e'very sneh ofte nce.
SEC. 4. A ny personi or persJ'ong gugl.
ty of obstructing the sidewalks by rid..
ing or driving wagons and v'ehices of
'any kind whatsoever thereon, or by
hitching horses to fences, gates, or ob
struceting Inl any other manner, shall
Ipay a fine at dliscretIonl of Council.
SE.5. Any person or persons found
guilty of shooting on the streets or pub
tic highwaiys, or vacant lots within the
Jncorprorate limit.', shall pay a tine of
one dollar for each and everv offe*nce.
ISkr. 6. That any person 'or persons
h orterae!ng or nemh-sie rmnum af
borpee Inside Incorporation, shall be
leemed guilty of an offence, and upon
.onivictloi thereof shall be tined at the
liscretion of Council.
SEC. 7. That any person) or perscons
otId loating in Town for more than
Ive days, :id not eiipnged III some in
Itistrial pursuits. Khall be arrested by
I'own Marshal and broiught before the
'ncillil, apm( upon failing to show
omne vkiible means of support, iuch
ierson sliall be requested to leave
rowi within the next twenty-four
iomrs. and. upon failing to do so, be
)rosecutel for vagraney inder the law
>f the Staite.
SEc. 8. That Sleight-of-hand, Circus
Shows, or any kind of Exhibition ex
dibited within the Incorporate limits
>f the Town 1hall pay a license of In-t
ess than tifty cents Ior more than lif
V I dlliars, at discret-ilon of Cotmeil.
.sc. 9. That all PeIlers aind Atic
ioneers selling goodsn IlliI chattels with
it ie Incorporate limits of the Town.
hail pay t Iicenst of not less thawt
ive lor more th1 uil twenty dollars per
lay. uld an111y person violatilg this Or
hiliance shale i n eilled at discretion of
%i-.C. 10. No person or pe.-sons shall
etail spiritulous Liqulors. Branldy
aches o Bitters. insidle the lieurpo.
ioll, ai(d anly pe Son foluld guilty of
loing so shall be lined at, the di.cretiot
d Council.
Sjc. 11. That all residents of the
l'ownI of Easley, who are liable to
Ioad dlutyi undI(er the Laws of the State,
hall pay to the Clerk of the Cotticil
Iwo Dolars l mi Fifty (ketts Street
['ax. or shall work five days mder the
lirecti4 of the stre t. Overseer. Fur
herimiore,. e it. Or(ainedi, That. One
)ll.ir 1e paid to the (Clerk by the 26th
lay of May, 1884. 01 work ot streets
wo daIvs, the balance. One Dollar and
<'ifty (Cen s, to be paid on or before the
5thday of Jtily, 1881. 01 work three
liays. He it. further Ordained, That
my persmn who shall refuse or neglect
.0 pay or work inl accordice wiih the
orego)ig Sectilon, shall be liable to
nllietinenit before a Trial .Jutstiee ili
ler t he Laws of the State at for a vio
ation (of the General Road Laws of
Je State.
SC. '12. That it, shall be the duty of
he Towln Marshal to priomptly arrest.
MY pe'rsOnI or person)Is. (b5 who is found
'idhitinig an1y of the Oirdinaties of the
lomncil. and conlnle themill tile 4 '1aard1
-lo se tunitil they are discharged by the
SEC. 13. 'ihat if any person or per
oils (ovicted tuntder4 any Ordiiance
>f t lie Council shall fail or 1e'fuse to pay
Ahe Aine 01r "ines imposed, the Council
naiy compound( I hem andl~ receive strteet
aihor-onie dlay to be equal1t to fifty
sentts -if Cotinell furnlish meial s--or
>Ine (dollar if lab~orer furn'hishes& his own
Board of Health.
An Ordintance was submitted bi the
Lionorable Boar'd of HeaUlth, ando alop)t
'd by thie Cunctil anld emblodIied with
he foregoing Ordinances, as follows:
SECTIoN 1. TIhiat on or hy the first
lay of J tne, 1884, all citizens of the
l'own be re'quired1 to have all priv'ys,
rbog-p~ens, decaying matter, either veg
stable or animal, or anythig else that
nuiay produce paon5ous1I air on their
premises be cleaned or rem'toved.
$iEc. 2. TIhat the T1owni Marshal be
requiredl to inlsp~ec the premises of
each of the citizens of the Town, ace
30mpanied by one memiber of the Boar'd
)f Health, once in eachl month.
SEC. 3. T1hat all citizens failing to
3omply with Sec. 1 of this Ordinance
fifteen dlays after being notfined by3 thbe
I'own Marshal, their premiises will be
ut ini the proper sanitary condition at
lhe expense4 of the owner of the lot.
Chairman B. of I1.
Dli. RI. J. GILLILAND, J1k.,
Seretary 1.. of I1.
Raise Supplies.
Ie it ordained by the Town Coincil
of Easley )ow met and sitting in
Couicil and by the authority of the
same; T'at a tax of fifteen cents upon
every one hundred dollars of the value
of all taxable propertv of this town be.
anl the same Is hereby levied for the
pnmirpose of defraying the current ex
penses of the town Government for
t-he fiscal year, commencing Juine the
1st, 1884, and to meet such other in
(ebtedness as liat beeii,or shall'be, pro
vided for by the Council.
Amended SEC. 2nd as follows:
hat all taxes assessed in the pre
ceding section sh:al be (ue and pa
able from the 1st day of September to
the 1st day of November 1884.
SEc. 3. That all taxes and assess
ments or any portion thereof charge(
against any property or patty for the
present fiscal year that shall not be
paid on or before the 15th day of No
velmer,1884, the clerk of Comicil shall
procee(d to collect the Same, together
with a penalty of fifteen per eit. oil
the ainoint so (elinqiuent in the same
form and manner as is now prescribed
by State law for the eollectiou of tax
es due the State.
Special Tax.
SEc. 4. No person, firm" or corpora
tdio, shall be engaged in, prosecute or
carry on : My business or profession
hereinafter mientionedl without having
first, paid a special licelns)e tax tlereol
as flilows. to wit: Itach an-d every
business or place of business whether
imiercait-ile, mechanical or Ianufactur
ing the gross sales whereo,f shall not
exce~edI pe*r annumi onef thousail dI()
lars sha11l)ly a ieonlse oaf $1.00, and
where t he gross sales are in excess of
one thousand ulhiIrs, $1.00 11pol the
first lioniand and (Ifty cients for each
ad(itiona-l thouisanid or fietional Part
thereof; each Hotel (lwee dhollars; each
Saw Mill d u(i Cotton Ginl three oIIllars;
each Warehouse live dollars; each Boot,
ainitI Shoe shop oie dlollar; each Black
smitlh shop one dollar; each Sewing
M'achrie Ageiicy two (ollars; eaeti
Piotogrnph gal lery or Artist one dol
ar; 'a1ch ot toi Weight'r one m dolar;
enei Livery, Feed andot Sale Stables
three dlollars; each Horse anllo ggy,
Horse and wagon or other Vehicles
kept or offred for hire by any other
person or persons except by a regular
hicen-ed stable, one dollar; each Agent
for the sale of Fertillizer shall pay a Ii
cense of five cents upon ev ry ton of
fered for sale.
Any keeper of warehmoiue. ( V
other person 0or personis wo) s. .J
liver or cause to he de'livered any Per*
tillizer upon1 which tax has niot been
palidh; and~ aniy personk or persons~ carry
mng on 01r proscuitinig aniy business or
occupation mentioned ini this sectioun
withbout first having taken out a license
for the same shall pay a fine~ not to ex
ceed twenty-live dollars nor less than
fifty cenlts.
SEC. 5. Any buiness ocipation 01'
profession not enuimerated in the fore
going section), the license shall be reg
ulatedh by the Council.
SEC. 6. Any person or persons liable
to special tax unider' section 4th of this
ordinance whose tax is based upon
gross sales the tax shall be payable
quarterly'In advance and estimtated
upon01 the sales of the preceding quar
ter', arnd the tax upon a new bunsmess
for the first quarter' shall be $1.00, if
the capital invested dloes niot exceedl
one thousand dollars, If more, one dol
lar upon1 the first thlousand~ and fity
cent s up*on each a(dditional thbousand
or fractional part thereof. Any other
business tax nnder section 4th shall
have the privilege of paying quarterly.
D)one in Council amnd ratified under
the corporate seal of the Town of Es
leon the '20th day of May. 1884, and
im the omne hundlreth amnd eIghth year
of thle lud(epenidence of the United
Stat e. of Amerlea.
J. N. HOWARD, Clerk,
May 23 it

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