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ghs fasleq Messenger.
-Sheriff Mauldin was in our town
on Wednesday last.
-Most of the County has had good
season recently.
--The weather has been delightful
for several days past.
-Senator Field was in town last
-Mr. G. W. Tay lor, of the Pickens
Bar, was in town on Monday last.
-The MESENGER i8 read by about
1800 people every week.
-Read the advertisement of W. M.
Hlagood & Co., on 2nd. page about corn
and grain cradles.
-Soon the Air Line Road -vill be
laid with steel rails. Then we will
-Go to OWNBEY BROS. for a glass
of iced Soda Water, Lemonade or Cl
der. may 9 tf
-Mrs. R. A. Greer has sent to our
office a sample of the finest new crop
I rish potatoes we have seen this season.
--See change of Schedule on South
Carolina Railroad and its branches.
-A destructive 1ire in Charleston on
Monday night last, dostroyed $100,000
worth of property.
-Let everybody subscribe for the
AmSSENGER. Our list continues to in
-Dr. J. P. Carlisle, who has' spent
some time with us,went to Pickens on
'Th1ursday to open an office there.
-The -wheat crop is turning anl
looks splendid. Plenty of cake and
good things this Summer.
-Our friend Thomas G. is much ap
preciated. His presence was necessa
ry to the enjoyment of another, on a
certain occasion.
-Farmers, call on OWNBEY BROS.
B-4 buying your grain Cradles. 9 tf
--We received the latest change of
Schedule or the Air-Line Railway too
late for this fsue, but will give it in
our next.
-To a venerable father, and worthy
mother, Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Riley, of
Piekens, another fair daughter has
been~ given.
-Quite a numbher of p~eople went
from Raley, to see Miss Lula Hurst
perform in Greenville on Monday night
--air. Martin Welborne, formerly of
this County, but now of Oconee, paid
us a visit this week. lie was looking
well, but yet lives tt single life.
-Mr. J. Swann, from Conyers, Ga.,
is now located with Mayor Gignilliat
in the depot. We welcome himi to our
--Why is CALISAYA TONIC like
an effieent polile?
Because it arrests all species of dis
Sold and recommended by all deal
ers, at $1.00 per bottle. Th'le Medical
profession recommend it. Try it and
be convinced, may 30 1t
i --Read the card of E. E. Mauldin,
who withdraws from the race for Shen -
iff. His name will be omitted from
the list next week.
- W. 0. Childress, of Dahlonega,
Ga., is visiting the family af Rev. J. W.
Hutchins. It is whispered that he i.'
smitten with oie of Jasley's ''fairest
of the fair."
-It seems that there wIU not be
many more candidates to coune in the
-All of the candidates are 1kntJng
ur readers know they are in hIW0eld,
save one. come my friend and how
,your colors, it will cost you but five
dollais more.
--Subscriber, "P.'' and Adam C.. will
please accept our thanks for their kind
contributions this week.
-Messrs. Collier. Bradshaw and
Butler, commercial tourists and clever
men too. were in town this week.
-Send your orders to OWNBEY
BaoS. for f resh Leimous, &c.-may 9 tf
-ne editor was Invited to a big din
ning on last Wednesday. The wife of
our very efflcient Postmaster knows
how to prepare a sumptuous dinner.
--Do not forget that the Books of
Registratloh will be opened on next
Mondy, and that you cannbt vote in
less you Register. Do not delay, but
Register at once.
-Judge W. G. Field. in his iuntiring
energy. greatly aided in the release of
Lewis iR. Redmoid. The Judge Is to
be comienIMded for t hi greatinterest he
has taken in this matter.
-For the conveiemnce of travellers.
a coach will be attachb -d to the freight
train, No 17, % hich passes our towvn
going North at 6:17 ii the imoinug. A ny
one wishing to go to Greenville early
can be comfortably cared for oi thLiA
---Mayor Gignilliathas m-my attrac
tions that charm a man at his beantiftil
home. A nice eroquet set aid gronud,
pleasant company. and a rich festive
board. We spent a most pleasanit eve
nig in coptnatIy with the family amnd
friends receti.ly.
-Our town 'is munic'h enlieytned hv
the appearance of Maj. fJ. J. Lewis
and daughter, of Picktns, la4t week.
They' boardedI the tralin for Sene'ca,
where Miss Sue Ellen is no0w speniding
some time. We hope her visit will be
as pleasant as thobe of the past.
-It seems that there is going to be
an abundance of fruit this year. In
order that you may be enabled to take
care of what you preserve, canll on Rob
Inson & Wyatt anid be supp~lied with
fruit jars. T1hey have them inm qulart
and half gallon sizes.
-Miss Ida Rosemond. of New Meix
lco, Mo., with her cousi, Mr. TLhacks
Lon, of Piedmont, came over on the
train last Monday afternoon from
Greenville. They stopped with the
family of Mr. C. T. Martin.
-Listen farmers and everybodiy: Mr.
J1. M. Philips, a first class liack-smith
and wood workmani, has permlanently
loeated in Easley. is shop Is on the
northern side of the railroadi near
the depot. Give him a call, and get
your work dlone well, and for cheap
prices. may 30 tf.
-We re(turn' many thanks to Messrs
Blake & GIbbs, of Woft'ord College, for
anm lavitatig~to Latteind thme Coummemnce
mnent of thmis Inmstitutiona on the 8th, 9th
10th and 111th. of June net we tr.
It may be our pleaste to be present.
NO Institution in jo State gives a
grander bill of fare tban the facul- a
ty, stadents and friedo of WolFord "
College, on a Commt4afteat occasion.
Bishop George F. Pie, one o1t t
finest Divines In the &4ith, preaches t
the Commencement s*&on. Let all
attend who can.
-We are glad to xaqouneb to our
readers an1diall who usnyhear it, thit
Col. R. E. Bowen, Is [email protected]$eople's can.
4Idate for Congress*toitthis district.
We are correct In uapking the state
mafnt. and we may rest asstired that if
Col. Bowen is run and nominated In
the Convention, tie will with loyalty to p
his friends accept the honor. Let al I
the forces in Pickens county go to j
work. Show your appreciation of the t
man, by lendMig your intitence and
personal aid, in placting hi before the
plublic milm',
--We had thli pleasure of meeting
i onr towi last week, Hon. George
Johnston e. from Newberry, who is a
candidate for Congressinial honors in
this district. He showed himself to be
a most pleasait, viary intellectual atid
highly entertaining gentleman, and
Com1es fully up to the type of t rue man
hood. Ile left us for Pickeis. from
whence ie went to Central and Sen.
-Messrs1. D1111111ng & Doerr, fromt
Kentueky, ure stopping at the "Mollll
tai View llouse ." Theme geitleman
are very' pleasait indeed, anIdII have
mai2L6le mnyu friends hi mir midst. MrI.
Dinn1g k 1 selling $1n extra ile lamp,
and Prof. Doe r lt sttertailig the peio.
pie with soltne of the ti'iest muicu1ie it ha
ever been oi pleasure to li-ten to. It
you have a piano to tuinie. or a h ise
to ligh tip don't forget thes.e gentle
--'he Columbia corresrpoundeIt of the
"New s anid (urier, says:
"Mr. Theo. Weitzel, representiig a
Germ:mii synldlicate who have Colitralct
ed for large tracts of land inl Oconee
aid Pickents ('ounties, Is inl this elty.
lie visited the coiimmlssionier of agri
eniture and the office of the seeretary
of State to-day, anid has imapressed t he
otficers of these diepartmaenits with thet
ophiionol that he meanus busess. H~e la
an edneated gentlemlan. ftull of eneirgyv
and thoroughly conversant with the
State aned its resouzrces, and fully' imn
pressediwIth theo conavlctionu that. thej
uipper and mniddle' portions of Southi
Carolina offer theO very best opportn
ties fo, the settlemient of a therifty Ger
mian populatlin. Hie is at present en
gagedl in satisfying himself as go the ti
tle to about 134,000) acres of land
which his cotmany has seculred,. and
will as early as possible arrange for its
settlement by German families, who
will bring mcore or less mneanis with
them, thereby seocuring permianency
anid success to their enterprise."
Easley Democratic Club.
T1hie Easley D)emocratic Club is re-j
quested to meet at Easley on Sat urdaty
the 14th (day of .lune, next, at 3 o'clock,
p. mn.. for the purpose of reoirganilzing,
and electing d1elegates to the County
Conuventiou, which will be held at Pick
ens C. HI., on the 21st Inst.. and for
the.transaction of any other business
that imay comel( before, the mee'ting. A
full attenidaunea ia requeste(t By or..
A U42U.
For rseons satkactory to myself
ud triepAds 11om.1 have contsult
d, hR l~ve t withdra* fron
lie racef Pigkem County.
retrh4 5 , troughour
ion ohn firi fir AUp
ort fin , and hereby with.
raw from 6v1ss.
Ma. EDITOZ: I was pleased to
ie in your paper of last week tbat
rou suggest the gentleman whose
ume heads this article, as a suit
ble candidate for Congress from
his District. From a personaland
blose acquaintance with Col. Bow
m, for the past fifty years, and
tlmost a perfect knowledge of his
raried good traits of character, and
rs the writer believes, his full and
)ertect qualifications for the high
Lnd responsible position of Coa
rpessman, I do most earnestly en
torso his nomination, and trust he
Till at least consent to let his friend-s
ise his name in the next Congres
ional Convention, which is to
iominate a Democratic candidate
o he run for Congress.
Col. Bowen is an intelligent and
iuccesstul farmer and manufactu
'er. His integrity and honesty no
me can'doubt. He is possessed
)f a strong, analytical, observing
inind, and although not brilliant in
lebate, yet he advances his views
ersely, and with a blunt, native
ntellect, that always carries con
riction. le is a Democrat, ''true
ind to the manor born."' Threo
Ames has he represented his native
Dounty in the State Legislature
Lwice in the lower House and once
in the Senate-eaeh of which time,
n the dark and gloomy days when
South Carolina was under the heel
af the robber band, and like ada
mnant, he stood in his place in the
Legislature, and with Roman hero
im, by example and precept, he
tobly strove to turn back the lacRk
ide of venal corruption which held
Nigh carnival in the Capitol of our
State for eight long and weary
Pickens has always delighted to
Lionor ('ol. Bowen, and now let's
aff with our coats, anid ''with a
long pull, a strong pull, and a pull
altogether," try and put him in a
position lhe deserves, and one that
bie would fill with honor to himself
and a pleasing satisfaction to his
const ituents.
A\. PiRiZE. 2W
wu reeive free a costly box of goodIs
wvhich will help you to more money
'Ighit atway thtan anything else in this
world. AII,of either sex,sutcceed( front
'lrst hour. Tlhe broad r'oad to for'tiiue
>peus~ before theL workerIs, abs~oluttly
mnre. At on1ce address, TI'UE~ & (Co.,
A twt a.4t Maine. ml:t v 3: I

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