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-Read Auditor's notice In an6ther
-Maj. D. F. Bradley and Col. Bow
en were In town this week.
.-Hon. Goorge Johnstone, of New
berry, paid our town another visit this
-Mrs.l. . Folger kindly remem
bered the editor with her fruit this
-Mis Missouri Howard, of Green
ville counity, It vialtiig relatives in
-Rev. ]1 H. Kh'tonk will preach iII
the Methodist Church in this place on
next Sunday.
-Mr. J. R. Glazener IF happy again
He has another fine daughter, which
was born to him on Wednesday, 11 th.
-The cool weather of the first part
of the week, has been followed by
warm, and the flriners are hard at
-Mr. Jas. P. Car3 and Mrs. John
L. Thornley, of the "Hotel de Thorn.
ley," of Pickens, passed through on
their way to Seneca last week.
-Mr. W. A. Clyde brought to our
office on Monday last samples of the
finest Irish potatoes we have seen. It
was cold enough to roast them.
-Miss Cora Clyde. the charming
daughter of Auditor J. B. Clydo, will
id.-ease accept our thanks for a basket
of delicious cherries'.
-Not only does our friend, C. T.
Martin, make a good officer of the law,
but he Is a good fruit taiser too. He
will accept our kind acknowledgments
for some fine peaches.
-We are requested to state that the
Rev. A. W. Walker, of Landrun's,
will preach at 18 Mile, this County, on
the 5th Sunday of this month, at II
-T1'hree of Easley's young ladies,
Misses Dora and Felicia Folger and
Essie Russell, are off attending the
Commencement at Walhalla this
-Read the announcements of Rev.
J. C. Hudson for School Commission
er, and J. E. Boroughs for County
Commissioner. Let the other candi
dates come to the front. Don't be con
tent to remain in the backgr'ound.
--The wife, mother and sister of Mr.
A. B. Williams, of Greenville, past
throngh our towvn on Wednesday last,
on their way to the "Ambler House''
where they are spending a p~art of the
-One more week and we shall miss
for a season, the merry laugh and chat
ter of the school-boys and girls in onr'
streets, and the graceful forms of two
of the teachers as they pass, rain) or
shine, to and fronm the Academy.
-..Mr. andl Mrs. Andrews, of Green
ville County, the Uncle and Aunt of
our townsman, Mr. J. TV. Arnold, died
on Friday'#morning of last week with
in 40 minutes of each other. We ex
teutltt the distressed our sympathies.
-Mrs. R. A. Greer has the fluest
cabbages, and finest watermelon vines
i town, aind she is going to try for
the free subscription we offer for the
largest and best melon this season. We
don't care how many enters; we will
rceeelve them all..
-Dr. D. R. Smith and family, who
has been visitig tie fatally ot Mr. M.
J. SwIuthrettirned to $;e16p61 , after
a pleasant sojourn .of t*4
Mrs. Margaret Blythe, i i
has also returned home after a te* 'as
visit to her daughter, Mrs. J.. kA m
pey. She enjoyed herself finely.
-We venture to say that Mrs. W. F.
Wait, of our town, has the fiest Cu.
cumber vines, and the. heaviest laden
with cueumbers, of any other person
In Easley. They are in perfect clusters,
one cluster containing seven that can
be cover'ed over with the hand.
--Two of the, oid. Easley boys
Messrs. Folger and'Hester, are back at
home. They are * bth adepts in the
Art of managing tfie electric current,
and this, they may send through the
sOuls of some of our fair maidens while
with us, as they have done in Spartan
burg and Welford.
-.%Messrs. T. J. Bowen and R. A.
Durham sent us very fine samples of
oats this week. Those of Mr. Durham
measured 7 feet. While those of Mr.
Bowen were not so tall, yet they were
very fine indeed.
Mr. Wm. Nally also left us a very
file sample of his Oats.
-Our young friend, E. R., has quiet. I
ed down considerab)y since he. lost
that "little book," and finallav had it
returned. We judge he received a
lecturc, and perhaps she has suspend- 4
ed him . for a time, in order to make
him more careful hereafter. We svm
pathize with him.
---W. S. Gregory and wife, of Eas
ley; give"I ' he'i unsbilelted testiomiy'ds
to the merits of CALISAYA TONic,
and do not hesitate to say that it is
the best remedy known for (isorlders
that it is recommenided for. It is for
sale by all Druggists' and a numher of
other dealers. Only $1.0- a bottle.
jun 20 lt
-We were glad to met in our offie
on Wednesday last, Mr. A. B. WIl
liams the Popiular editor of the Green
ville "Daily News." It isn't necces
sary for is to miention hi naime, in or
der to secure to him an eiviable repu
tation. for this he already has. His I
well edited paper is the index to a fine
cultivated brain. May promperity ever
be yours brother editor!
--Listen farmers and everyblody: Mr.
J. M. Philips, a fi-st class 'black-smith
and wood workman, has permmanently
loeated ini Easley. Ilis shop1 is on the
northe~rn side of thme ralilroad( near
the depot. Give hin a call and get
your work done wvell, and for' cheap
pricos. may 30 tf.
-The closing of Easley Academiy,
for the first session of this vear', will
take place on Thumrsday amd FrIday,
Thurday7h, Examinaton beginning
at 9 o'clock, A. M. Trhurnsday night
Original Speeches and Essays, by the
scholars, at 84 o'clock.
Friday, Extracts,'Dialogn es and Re
citations, by schiolars, at 10 o'clock, A.
M. Fiday niight,Charades, beginning
at 80 o'clock. All the exercise swill
be accomnpanied1 with appropriate mu
sic. The publice are invited to attend.
--Don't forget the County Conven
tion next Saturday. Let every dee
gate be in attendance. We are request
edl to bring before the people the ques
tion of electing our Supervisors of
Registration . It is held that our' Aud
itors. antd Treasurers are recomnmended
to the Governor upo)n an election by
the people, and that the Supervisor
should be treated in the samne,way.
We have a very efficient mrsn in this
oilice now; one awake to his duty, and
one that will perform it. But let this
be made an office to be run for, as well
als reamsurer and A uditor'. .. Let the
Donven'tlon of het Saturday disetts
thin, with tlie other points of import
%nee that will be brought forward.
-Misses rae P. ra n and Ton.
Mile Purkinf, of 4a., ad Va., graced
our townwith their presence this week.
isas Purkins was met by the charm.
In Miss Hollingsworth and was escort
oto Miss Ida's beautifttl home in
Viokens. I"ope that MiseP., will be
ravo'ably irapressed "ind that she will
honor us wlth another visit. Miss Gro
gan, who fqr so long a time ably edi
bed the "Al .a Mater," lionored out
ianctum pre less to her departure for
Pickens. Conie again, and you shall
produce mere thain two Impressions
aert time,'
-Wan1ted. Will some gentleman in,
he county who has more fair daugh
lers than he can well take care of, or
tuore poor oows than he can feed, dis.
pose of one or the other of them to
>ne of the single men of the MESSEN
mER Office, which has been the recip
en of so much line wheat and oats?
Dur old bachelor, G. W. B., brought
is a fine sample of wheat the othnr
lay- We won't charge him anything
!or this advertisement. We would like
sone pound cake, however.
-E. H. Bates, tie prosperous farm
3r, who lives a few miles northeast of
Easley, was In town this week and
3rought a very favorable report with
im. With an Osborne Reaper. bought
> Jafs. T. Williams & Co., of Green
Pille, he cut 160 dozen of o.its in one
tour and twenty minutes, and 481 doz
bmi in 4 hours. lie sowed one bushel
>f ie wheat, the sample of which was
'ent him by Hon. I). Wyatt Alken,
Ylhi he thinks will produce 20 bush
Mr. Bates will ploa-e aece)t owr
hanks for a basket of fine peach's and
-Bse GBall Is on the brain now.
lhere are two inhes. One coilposad
>f thr. school boys and the other of
own. A match game was played on
ast Friday afternoon, which resulted
i the (efeat of the sch)ol boys by a
core of 30 to 24. The following fine
nen composed each tean:
The E. B. B. C.
R. L. Ownbey, J. 'T. O'(Conor, W
J. Bryant, W. A. Folger, W- F. Wait,
E. Runlon, Dr. J. F. Bruce, J. B.
)eorge, P. L. Kirton.
The C. B; B. C.
Jamnes Rankin, L,. T. Gilliland, WV.
[.. Orice. J. T. Lathimi, B. D. Len
vardt, V. E. iludgens, R. N. Berry,
. If. Clyde, W. II. Hlamilton.
There will be a mateh game between
:he E, B. B. C., and C. B. B. C., on
Eridlay next 27th inst. The public are
-From a private letter fromt S. RI.
?., West Springs, Union County, we
ather: the following information:
"Tlhe small grain crops are fine, but
sonalderably damaged by the recent
utorms through that county, and a
arge quantity yet to harvest. Other
r"ops are promising. We had two
weddings on Sunday, 15th inst., viz:
By Samuel West, i-l.al Justice, at
he residence of the bride's mother,
air. Thomas Cunninghtam and Miss
F'annie Mayes. all of Uniuon County.
By Neil 'West, Notary P'ublic, at his
residence, Mr. John Lancaster and
MIiss Martha West, all of Union Co."
L'IHNGS. -Smith -Hello, neighbor
Jones, I got my mawaoff' the other day
lust as soon astI could. I suppose you
got your cradlle all right?
Smih,-One of the fingers broke.
~Jones.-Yes, I saw it was.
Smith.-Well, I tell you how I
thogitht we would settle that. Well,
you know it was just a little neighbor
ly affair and I am very sorry about it,
in fact just as sorry as I can be, but
maybe you wtl break something of
mine some day, and that will put us
Jones laughingly, .said yes, but It
looked very miuch like he thougrht It
had been a one-sided "neighborly af.
-The name of Col. R. E. Bowen, of
Pickens, has recently been presented
as a candidate to represent ouar people
in Congresa. Col. Bowien Is a good
man, a true Democrat and represent
ed for many years Plikens County In
our State Legislature. Ills past record
should be suelett guarantee to our
people that their honor and Interests
would be safe in his hands--Senqca
Free Press.
-Col. R. E. Bowen, of Pickens has
published a card In the Easley .MES
SENGER in which he conxents to the
use of his name as a candidate -for Con
gress. lHe says "I have always taken
the position that high anio honorable
positions should not be sought, but at
the same time, if it be the will of the
people, they should not be declined."
If Col. Alken Is to be left out when the
nominating Convention meets there i
no man in the District who would be
miore acceptable to the people thanit
Col. Bowen.-Anderson Journal.
Dots Fron Tagalo Valley.
DEAR MESSENGER: According to
promise I drop you a few dots, com
anencing with this marriage notice :
Married, at the residence of the
bride's brother-in-law, Mr. W. B. Ma.
son, Mr. JoE. R. JoNEs, of Fort Mad
ison, S. C., and Miss SALIME R MOSS,
yountgest daughter of ex-Judge A. C.
Moss, of Homer, Georgia. by the Rev.
H. Sti ong, of Walhalla, S. C.
The happy couple left on the 17th
for [Homer, Georgia, .where they will
spend a few days visiting friends anl
relatives of the bride. May happiness
and pleasure ever attend them. and not
a wave of trouble roll across theirlhap
py voyage tirough life.
The farming interest of thi.s section
is prog'ressing finely. Corn crops are
in size about up with this per iod of
last year, although we have had a very
dry Spring but for the last two weeks
it has been almost one continuous
shower. Cotton is looking fiely for
the unfavorable cold Spring, and be
gan squareing aboiut the Uth of June.
Wheat crops are said to be better here
than they have been in many3' years,
though I notice it is sproluting. badly iI
the shock from the continued wet spell.
Rye and Oat crops are proportionally
good With the full fruit crop that i
coming, and small grain ctops consid
ered, it will be a great blessing to the
people In meeting the short crops of
last year. M. J. W.
P. 8. 1 was one of the wveddig
party, andl enjoyed the rich and boun
tifully supplied tables. &c., hugely.
Married, on Saturday night, Junie
14th, by. Rev. D. C. Freeman. Mr.
.JoNES, all of this County.
Auditor's Notice.
T H lE County Board of Equalizationi
will meet in the Auditor's offee
on the first TVuesday in July.
jun 20 2t County Auditor.
For School Commissioner.
gg-We are authorized to an
nounce Bev. J. C. HUDSON a candi
(late for School Commissioner of Pick
ens County, subject to the nomination
in the ap[proachiug primary election.
jun 20 td*
* For Countyr Commissioner.
g'rThe friends of JAMES E.
BOR0UGHS respectfully announce
him as a candidate for County Com
missioner of Pickens County, at the
uext ensuing election, subject to at
nomination by the Democratic party
at the approachiug primary election.
jn-20 td '

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