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WVe will not, nor could we, cenl
sure any newspaper for advocating
one of its own good citizens for
the position of Congressman from
any particular district; but when
any such paper stoops so low as to
ignore others whose fine qualifica
tions of head and heart recom
mend them to the good will of the
people, then the action of such a
weak paper should be severely crit
icized, and the light of knowledge
should be sent into its sanctum
for the enlightenment of its ob
scure editor. - As is well known,
the Third Congressional District
has in the field four candidates,
All these number among the most
worthy sons of Carolina, and yet
the "Saluda Argus" fails to re
coguize anything like merit in. any
one of them save the [Hon. D. Wy
att Aiken. It publicly, and very
foolishly, terms the other candi
dates as " up-strarts," when itself
should not have the presumption
to fosteri much y), than a private
opinion of the3 m1an1,,in as iivuch as
it seems to b) such a poor judge
of huin u1n-tture. Will th a "Ar
gus" give us the grounds upon
which it bases its very unbecon
inw\slander ? To force such an
*tpb)inilon on the public min:. with
0oit dIue caise, is pp1)osterous
in th13 extrem!,anl sh1uI)ld 1) con
sidered unworthy any man who
sits upon th2 elitorial tripod.
-low nearly acquainte.1 with the
life of Cal. R. E. B)wen is the edi
tor of the Argus? He says that
the only ma~n that has yet been
b)rought o-it, who-n he could con
seentiously suppyort is Col. Aiken.
TPhis may b)e the case, but should
hie, b)ecause he couIld not conscien
tiouasly suppor't the others, term
th vn as upstarts? It is true, they
have the s-ArT-UP, an] we would
like to see them continue to mount
the ladder of f'ame. Such attemp~ts
at dlisparagement, on the p~art of
the A rgus, regarding Blowen, John
stone and Murray should fail to
place anything to its cr'edit. 'Look
next time, before you leap.'
Y., will, no doubt, be the Demo
eratic nominee for President, and
is the strongest man that could be
chosen, S. J. Trilden not excepted.
If the party will manage right, and
stick close to him, the chances are
goodl to elect hinm. The South casts
153 votes, N. Y. 36, and we will
only need Connecticut and New
Jersey or Indiana to elect him.
Puirsuan t 9tI.O afsst48i(d by. it
Corniy FtcItive dtnt'tte' td
Democratic County Conventito)t1 met
in the- Court House Jiue 21st., 1884.
D. F. Bradly,' County Chairm-an, call..
ed the Convention to order at 12
o'clock NI. and after readino the call
nutlde which the convention. had as
sembled, ainnionticeil as the first busi
ness in orler, the electiol of perml1a
nent officers of the Convention, J. R.
Gossett, Esq., nominated D. F. Brad
ley for President of the Convention;
inanimously ciiilelected. W. B. Allgood
nominatad'J. E. Boggsi for First Vice
President. V. M. Uagood nominated
J. 1. Gossett for . SeconId Vict-Presi
deit. id' J. E. Boggs nominated '.
W. Folger for Secre'tary. ''hese gen
tilemeln vere till a1111limoisly elected. 1
On motion,'the following Committee
onl C(r!4lcltialS. coisisting of one fromn
each lbiN, wa: aj-pohited by the Chair:
Pickens Court [louse cl'), J. 11. New
ton; Easley, A. V. Iumgens; Pump
kintown, J. D. M. Kthl; Dazenlsville,
O. W. Bowen; Liberty, V. ). 0lenn;
Central, S V. (:l:ay'ton; Nine Mile
Sehol Ibuse. L. M. B'rry; Crozs
Plains Geo.Ni MAdtians: EKatato(, U.
.1. Le wis; Shady Ow rove, Johm WV. T'hom
:1,Z. Thle- committee retired and after aI
Ahort Session retuirned to t hi (on ven -
tion and reported the followinr list of
delegates vWho had beenl (lly electd
by their respective chibs.
PIrccE;s.-D. P. Bradiley, T. E.
Bogs, v. T. B owen, Nv. T. Meaull.
J. 11. Newton, N. B. Allgrood.
QEN'TRA.--S. W. Clatu, Ti. W.
F olger, B. (4. G lilies, NW. F. .lohIustol
B. ). Gairvin, It. J. Johnston, JoseJ)'tph
EASTATOE.-J. L. Lewis, H. .1.
SrADY C Rowv. -J. W. Tomo. W.
A. Martin.
[huRRtiCANIN. --L M. f..ry, J. N.
Muitrphlree. Johm Gillespie.
DACUSVILL.-W. W. F. Bright.
W. '. Fiel1, J. C. _Alexar.der. W?. 11.
Andersoni, R. L. AdrSOn, B. A. Fos
InE~rY.-IM . '. Smith. La~ban
Mauildin, A. T'. Clayton, A. 14. McJCor1-1,
C. Jrss PLA IN.-C. i. Carpen ter.
.J. WV. [[int, N. A. Chmristop)her, Geco.
Mc Adams.
PUTMPKINTinWN.-0-. M. Lynch, V.
S. Jones, 4. D). M. Keith, S. TL Mc
Hngh, A. B. 'Talley.
E~sLEY- W. A. Hamilton, T A Mc
Mahan, J1. A. Easley, TI. 'J. Bowen, .
R. Gossett, A. WV. Ilodgenms, W. A
~OOd, Joltn lIiggitis, Wuim. McMah mn,
1. S. Lathamn Wv. M. Hiagood. WV. WV.
Lfland, Jr.
Onm motion, the following delegates
to) the State Convention wereC elected(
by acclamnationi: W. B. Allgood, C. HI
Carpenter, J. RI. Hlagood, *J. P. (Cary,
J. J. Lewis and~ J. Hi. Boweni.
On mot ion of J. R. Gossett, the cani
didates for Congress, prent(lt, Messes.
Bowen, Murray and( Johnstone, were
in)vited to a seat oni the floor of the
convention. Th'e Chatir appointed J.
Rt. Gossett, B. J. Johnston and J. E.
Boggs as a committee to wait upon the
Con gressionlal cand(idlates an td in formi
the~n of the action of t he conIventiona.
The committee retired and within a
few [moments thereafter condneted the
gentlemen above mentioned to seats
upon the dloor of the Convention.
Th'le Coialr annionneied ats te next
businiess in order, the election of six
dlelegates to thei Congressional Con ven..
tion. Before t he election oif dIclegates
J. E. Boggs, E'q., arose, and in an el
oquenit an d happy speech placed in
niominiat ion for Gonngena from the.3rd
sti'ie , ol. R. E.o Wen fick.
0s y. Mr. oggp
'ibtti. h h ter- -o Zt
o d n, wi I bruiglit de'i ft,
.T . aood, a y e:estCil i (
eilogistic speech AQ1.Xd the nomina
tioni, anId Presented the following pre
am-ble anld resolu1ttion:.
"Wlereas, It is of the highest- im
portance that the 3rd Congressional
Distriat showid have as a Representa
tive inl the Congress of the United
Stat~e4 a man of somund 'and matiired
j udgement and patriotic inotives, thor
onghly identified with the people and
who uderstands thir desires and ne
cessitics and vlhoss 1ldelitv to the ser
vice of the State in the past, on the
battie-field an(d inl the connclis of the
State, is a guarantee of his devotion in
the future; and whereas knowing that
inl the person of Co(. R. E. Howen
sneh a Represent-ative is to. be found,
and, without liaparagement to tihe
out her dli-tinug'uishied genttlemeni whoe
arile aspirling to Con gressionl :11 holnors
f.-oU t be 3vd District, i he Democracy
of Lickens Couity in Convention as
sembled, tiake great pleasure ai pride
inl represgtentin go to their f(llow Demo
eraIs of the 3rd Congrdssiomal District,
the 11:1nne of our dlistingluihed fellow
citizenl, Col. R1. E. Bowen, as a man
vhmo vonhld ably, lones~tly and satisfa'c
torily represent tieum in the Cocn-ess of
Oe Initel St ate.; thuereforC be it Re
solved, Th it int delegates to t he Con
g'r4rioral Conmvention b! , amd they
:n-e ieby, inls' ructed to vote for CoL
It. I. Boweim so long0 as lii name is
before th. Conventioi.
Resolved ttheri, that the following
deleatI's he electedl to th" Congress
imnal Convention: D. F. ra(dley, A.
11 T \Vey . Mf. 1io ,A. W. llind
ZCenS, J. E. Balg.,4 Rt. C-4 GainesR.
'll$ Cli tir sugested the proprietv
of separating the qilestionl in as ,nuch
a it m1g111hit he desired by some to place
before th C-Imvention anlother list of
dele'gates. J. It. Gosset t. E sq., mov
f(d to sep.1rate Ii h tquestion, vhericup
oni Mtr. hIlaoo I said he wo'ald separate
th question withouat a formal rilotion.
The prea uble a-Il first resohuion were
adlopted unan11limously and ellt h-usiastic
ally. Mr. J. R. 1Ioiood then planed
i niomiiation 0lhe list of delegates
namuleod Iml the las. resolution. Mr. .1.
It. Newton plac iil nomination thE
laies of the following genit lemneni: J.
A. Ealey, C. T. Martin, 13. J. John
st-on. T. WV. Folgrr J. Rt. G.J'sett and
J. II. Newton. AIot her delecgate 110m
inlated G.W. Howen.
Oi mo1)tion). the delegates Were elect
edl by hallcot, whuich resuulted as follows:
D) F Bradley, 41', A WV Huidgens, 44; A
B 'Talley, '43; J EC Bogg, 41; R G
Gaines, 38;; WV M Hlagood, 35- J A Eas
ley', 13; (3 'T Martin. 9; BI J Johnston,
7; T1 W Folger, 15; .J R.Gossett, 2.); .J
HI Newton, 15; G- W Bowen. 1 1. Fif
ty-seven vo)tes were cast, necessary to
a choice 29. Thle six Iirst mentioned
catndlidates .were. declar'ed duly elecd.
The next buisiess in or'der' was the
ele'tionm of six dlelegates to the Juidicial
Convention. WV M [lagood ofreredi the
following resolution which was unani
ciency', faiirnuess, pr1omfptness, 1mutegr'ity
and ability of Iloni J L Or'r, we hereby
instruct ou.1 delegates to vote for his~
nmination for Solicito" of the 8t h Ju
dicial Circuit."
J IE Boggs, Esq., niominiated the fol
lowing gentlemen as delegates to t he
Judicial Convention, who were clected1
by acclamation: G W Taylor, C TI
Martin, B J Johnston, R{ J ()ihlland,
Jr., WV T hlowen and( .J HI Newton.
J1 R Gossett ofr'ered the following
resolution, which wvas unuaniknously'
adopted: "Resolved, That the Execu.
tive Commnittee of the 8th judicIal cir
cult Is respectfuilly regntested to de~sig
nate Easley as the place for holdling
the Judicial Convecntion.".
Dr. R J Gilliland, Jr.. ofrered the
following r< s utlo'', which wau tian
imously adopted: "flesolved, T[hat It
Ia the sense of this convention thirt the
Congressional Convention should be
held at Snnena Clty."
'%The Cogv4&tio then 4ntered Into
an' eecitipof afoun y Cairiman. W
MlI4good' notvnatd 1 F Bradle3,
whdayas dniip piou8s1 eldted.
T66 flowi membet:of the Coin
ti~xedit i v oiltitteyere confirm
ed by the Convention: Pickens C. H.,
II C Grady;. Easley, J R Gossett; Lib.
erty, Thomas Parkins. Central, S W
Clayton; Nine Mile School House, J E
Gillespie; Shady Grove, Jasper Herd;
Dacusville, G W Bowen; Cross Plalus,
C H1 Carpenter; Pumpkintown, W B
Jones; Eastatoc, H1 JLeivis.
The proposition submitted by the
County Executive Committee in refer
ence to -9 division of the County into
three sections for the purpose of selec
ting candidates for County Commiss
ioneri's,.-was, after debate participated
in by Messrs..V S Jones, J R Goseett
and J E Roggs, rejected by a decided
The Chairimatn was authorized to ap
point alternates to all the Conventions
wheun a principal Could not attend.
J E Boggs oftre(dl the following res
olut(ion, wihwas u11ilnaimosly adopt
ed :
Resolved, That the miAdc of nomin
ating the varlous offlers in this Coun
ty, incllding two Represeitatives in
the Leoislature, Clerk of Court, Sher
iff, Pro mite Judge, Coroner, County
Commli issioler, GoIinty Treasuirer,
Cototy A uditor atd one Tril Justice
in each Town,.-ship, shall be by primary
Mr. Boggs also submitted the follow
ing riles for governing the primary
elect ion, which wver' adopted:
Resolved, I, 'Thit the MNagers of
the! primary election for each clib, and
their clerks, immurnediately before opc.
ig Le pols, shall repeat aloud after
tihe presidincg ofibler of I he club the fol
i')wing Pledge: "1 (10 solemnly pledge
MY saucred hoRIor that I will faitlifullyl
perform Ill the. duties incident to my
position as Manager of the primairy
election to the best of my ability."
I . The Polls shall open, at 7 A M,
anld close at 5 p mn, whenl the votes shall
be immediately counted puiblicly,open -
ly and inl the presecec of such mem
bers of flhe club a in ty choose to be
present, by th., Managers anl Clerks
(n1der the siupervision of the presiding
oilber of the Chih, without adjourin
tmen1t or inter'ruptio n until the samn %
completed, and the result shlt.Il be im
1meVdiately declared. If two or manre
bIllots shall be fomid folded toglther
compaetly. only one shall be counted
and the other destroyed, if they bear
diflerent names the same shill be de
stroyed, an( not. counted. It mnore
ballots shall be found on opening the
box tha:n there are tnes on the poll
list, ali the ballots shall be returned to
the bo0x and1 thiorou gh ly nixed tog~eth
er*, and one of the managers, or the
clerk shall. wvithiout seeing the ballots,
draw therefrom and immnediatelyr de
stroy, as many ballots as there are in
excess of the number of the names on
the 1p011 list.
HII. Only enrolled Democrats of each
club, of tha age of twenty-one years,
who have resided one year within this
Statte, and sixty days wvithin this conn
ty, next preceding the general election,
and who have been duly registered up
on the books of the Supervisor of Reg
istrationm as qualified electors of this
county, shall be entitled to rote- And
eachi person presenting himself to vote
shall, if not known to the managers as
a bon a- fide Dor, furnish satisfac
tory proof that he voted or co-operat
ed1 with the Democratie party n tthe
last general election, and that he did
not vote for any candhidate who was in
opposition to the regniar nominated
Democraitic ticket, and shall before de
positing his ballot take, in goodl faith,
the following pledge: "[ do solomuly
affirm that I am a (du11y enrolled mtem
h)er of a Democratic Club In this coun
ty, that I have duly registered my
name with the Supervisor of Registra
tion as a q'alitled elector of this coun
tv, that I voted, or co-operated w ith
t he Democratic party in the last gener -
al election, andJ( did ntot vote for any
candidlate in) roppmotimm to the reg..ia.

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