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The Easley messenger. (Easley, S.C.) 1883-1891, July 11, 1884, Image 6

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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Iatiglie, w Whlite iiil of 19 or 20
Ve:Il'S. of age, l1- s for soillei tile
1a8t lleell pnlvillg verv lnitke(t1 at
, ote~tiolls t-o i (:1daughter (W lIe r
Pool, at P"ietimlonit. The I fu athI erI
ilnt 1O1I( t iar e i - -llllit( llet :ei'v
g:Ve' AIt'. I vle veryv ('11)b ant ie
o (let's to (les5ist 1 il l11 is tilntri iII)
1'.i l 1aI 1ntlli festnt ionls. T h'le ellInIIi
n1atiol (>f Ilit' :aif:ai N' \\ s Ie:eliIe
S dtila( v, WIell vmll I egil'e bal
iliiOu ril:t 10 lll eln ts to zike to bim
self the (lallgiter wit lioit.t Ihe con
sent 0! the fatier. I le mllet li s n f*
tiallcel !it. slI(Iny S chool alli w as
t'())Sllsiiitling 112 lie Ii tin 1 In s :t
isk, leisurC when the fath er, who
l ( 'e'eiveIl ilitin t'mIons of t he
ll'oli"s(e cl l( '1illelil1, n ime Ol I he
scelle. I I stn rt( ed t take lIis
: Ntit ulterl Il <ut Nv Is lL l :11n '
niet at t h <b 1 x . h)v thlt , ,Cor(S:il
fru vist jte i I N\i' who a 1 li e
81 I.el cd ta at110 i ' lI I li- eoI IISi I v
lit. r-Iii- I: . A slun t sJe lle tow
Mll . wliclh wvt s t 11<vi ru i t e ll Y
si 1n o I crs el-r li the c(li111):11
I .ewis 1 In , :u nt 2 n o; ''~
allts. st nil 1f gg lft :1 w r m tw
('51. of' ( I n s I I ( e I(,' )I 1 Ins :
l'O is Iill In W 1,11. 11 h 1 t:1
18 it II :1 v I I t'I:( ) 1.1 i I . k.I t ,, Io -,( \
o his ( v. li, u . r . .
1l.. lw is, l ti al ut n i viles In hi
( o s I 1 t I I't II : t I it I I - ii:
lio 1k I' ill p t ro \I. I n1m
:1! 1iti tl i .t I I i II I :of )I I W II I t' ('M
il.8vit h l r i l he I (l
'1 klinww I i ne ie :Is i r11 I
1 1 . I
'illireb. ( ) enI lin i l eii letil .
to~.I[ \lis lW 1,, e % 319
he: lfl )*lell h le l a n in
ch i bel ( bour t It)ve Oinmi 'tl bl t(
.11ttr. Idw p8 m-, : 'A ie SI: I i
inl hiel. l)uiefere s.he onho euin
jIlIh'~' relriei Iliiet.u rolw
hl>hl <>i' thein:e.se ar
-hav1e yohr Jo wirh drun <e.t
rIC(eipt. for sllbcript ions, ,job wOrk 111(
ativer iee n it s for Tii T M IsSNGEr
:Inl .rcemi-e cosv hox Of ..-o
which will hielp) You lo mion. III)m-vN
nAh I l aning IZ Il. +lse inl this.
worI''. \ll of (it her,1se'x,SnCeee&(I from
Ii1t hoir. The hro l ro:d to fort one
oewia, hefon' Ilho workers-, houIv!y
un.A( once, :nbirc!sZ, T .: Co.
An \:la ine. ,av 23 Iv
Joseph Weston,
Hoot S! Shoc Maker
( )ver WVash. llowe ll's li'ef I!arket,
3/ain 0!.. G R N(E.V I"lL l , .
F VOn waill to Save 11mi ne .aIll on
. W I-S'STO N :nI i h':m vo r rv
proin1t111done, fr Cash.
1)( (- 21 l
Enaslev. S. ('.
ill ''he 14e("r Lo I'rieS.'
T~ T.\ .\I \!\; J:' N T LIN E
:i recei'~v'ed. Whib sI14'j1hoppin in .
Almilih 1r 1b
I s . A n i . !. I I I
Solv(I lione, ei d Pho, s
-l i v - I I (:I l'l'9I 1 1i ( . 1 0
G Vl A 01!: 1 kdINie 4)f ('f)1lt(? ) o '
S. ..C. S.TIDE I,.
a renl. .C.. 0
I o i..\ r. v I N
W ar.-l es . ';<> k s , J te d r
&c. M.
. I I V % .\ 'F('1 .1 4 r I, T )
4' >- 2i9 1 *fh0' 1(
I.- ('. 1|1 it /'. VCI1,(' Ii. li/i :1. (I1 7 9. - II
IFor (oai t'elL.imigso.
~jr. '~' T h uiiin n f r'i vnd. of Alr.I .J
nona h n1(i;aItldne for (oii ~ ~ii risoate
.Idr of r iek n ( 'onut t , ,hje'Ct tO w ih
aicto of( 1 net l)Iemn1a ti pr(' i mary
-ia 1 - i 'll f(i-ll i
JONIO KIlNG respectfuy :m-I ad
onneie l. h ialn e asa ,a e ldidat c for. ihIt
live of County Go~llissioen'l f.
'ickens ,t)tilty, subji t'(f h) li t ion
fthe l enloe1ric'i prili y letet.io .
1 li :i~pIo:I'lllw I ' eAle'S\' I {E1.
.ill 27 t l.*
tOl'dWG ls respect full I :nino1 iie
hIm:I-a 'a1l di liv frw I out ('om.
Fissioner Cof ieke (ontY, Tr11a.ull
iNt ei ll illl el ical, iIihji It to :I
onlill t ii n by t h lo I 4intr't t ie par-t V
t the approlhing prin'y eleet il.
jini 20 t(I
U2 The nlnaly fri'iilt of .lloht M1.
alt l '1:1 t 4 fill 1y a ill) in I lik t' Ii
t'hi~it lif it ( t lifo' 1 14 i y 1111y i.in
r for cicklen ('onits. sib1ject to he
liol1(f thi <t en' oei( tie' ( in-lnn-' v el f -
oil. -t)1 d ( E 'sI, I.n-.
" 'Tht loany frienldt' fi Elias of
[bt q wv f4 utl' IIi zI I :~~ t I I 114' :tilu '
}H'ei[ flNl 111m110 lie )):iine :01' t
.11l t t ftll ( )Im 1 ,v ('mlillik -ituler'
wllll v, atllI )' I i f, :Ic
iN ' lliu ':al i siln'l oy
The 11:111v rr ull ()f it
f'ib tlalif4,(1*
11 a 'et f-lidll vl :1111111i' hilli :I< :
ll(' (1 1 'i. oi >ll ol (fi( ')l lt v ( miill -
fiil fobiln n. 8nh it
- W ijil' I if I I l''
For Counitv Treas urer,
Te Ilivli ft illk I,f 11. Up,
roi lespeel filly 311: 11 ,4111il :1
C: n1dilhie for. 1t: (Olice (if ('40nn1iv
1<*19()'' f <>' 'chell-- c(11111u , . -1lh1i (c1
:1|Il' - i I I II II NIII- 1 '
11. Th1 m vi friend Ill f 1>. 1).
Tk if c'O n-p I fullyII :nn on1 hIl 111(4
111f,- :1 a e 111ulitbue4 firl n. i (n- f
cll e il ill v, :Il I h Ir f-11 l ill.'elr -
1 ,1 Iti i e ' lit- ;le t it Ill ()f I hle I) l .
cla.tif' Im):1 Y. :tpir .1 1d
.The nInym frilendi olf ,1. W11,.
\ A 1 31.\.11 )I . resipfn-1tfullv h rin- flr
' I I t'II i b il 11 1It il t :I in ' :I r . ill fi t ll \,( -
f l 'l i l l t l <f I ' l i l 'f l lO 4 1 1 M i l l i r , ; 1 1 1 ! 1 1- v
ft b nir~l le ]i-I'I -: 1 ' ( .(e ) II I Y.
fj'< lfill v :1111)(11 'llle im ;I- :1;I lp i
fle()I il' evWt illill4I'll hitjli bv I I- )ll, 411
crat ir Ji'llI v alil i l N d il~l' l t
M l0 . fo ill:M iM Ili 11 1 1 ; ie I il'
f l'ickenz ( 'onu v . fellb 2-..l 1
Upt~hefriend oIf JAS K, k I R K .
T 'O'Y'' hily :llo l l e Iill) .1-- ;I
111Ic lt i' for fl rillill ,It hit ill1. 11h '.
For County Auditor,
" IThe mnany friends of Major
1). G11108 respect fully~ anone imj
as a cnlditiae for reconnnenII] (1titin hv\
the < hilt'ocrafit't't in u'tt t he esuin'
r N(. elveti to the pp in .tinent of
.uditor. Maj. itice h11:1 ever been a
wwkin ih'it ti alwayt to (the front
i Iion-of n'eIti i in every * V ) CO pe..
int1; :nl*nI has I iever aklt? :nI olie of
hi lwtple. apr. 11 (cd.
Uf>-", I'e n:unv frieinds of ,1. R
CL 'hi' i )tErepe fullypres hi n
Io t u"'. voturfl of Piken ofli t sernu (t ri
nun'y v leetionl, for t he re-alppo int nient,
aofa ~ (' ol t IA I'f Ili t't. i't fb i Ii.1
For Clerk..
i tl h ,in fri ls of t. ,1.
LEA I r'espectil i1nu ilet him 1s
: l frllit 611. re-election t of 1 llce
of Clork (if (' tIhIolL for tb l' lit ' o nlliv,
:1 the IWNx V1h-Htonl, Sub)ject 10 aL not'n.
to ina i4n b) I lhle 1)el oeratele p:n'tv.
l n' I llf
U' Tho' u1,11 v frie liS of 311 0. . [,
1TE WV fling Ihat 1w wil 1hw lit
righd t 111.11 inl tIw right1, place, respeet
tilfu v i cll f in-ll . a llo in vi terso
I 'ivkoens c(nnut y .1, 1 c:nlINdate for tIl
offltli( If '1tork Id ('turt, o i ect. t Ihe
Ie V.esil <>t t h.0 11wiljnratia' duiriion*h
tion.( onu-:mer.
:(1(oI-'itr lit-s iOp.11 res at i vesi11 .
D"AT I 'i linniyv fri'nIkif CANptD .EN
l A ,\\ v-: r. p1t alle :an aa .,.
hi * : 11 I ml i Ie O fI I 1w Ic-, )lii Ill(
hinsa a ifite fo a t vohhe Ieiotn-e
'aill).hC ne x t. fnsoing-attionu bjIeo
Cy ati ai3- ipprothie IIXrititay elect-n
ill - Ul)Y 4tIi
[N y""11:1 \\, vle a a l friollls of,,
Alexatier, kake phn einl pren iin11
hli-s 1:1111 t o tin) vot r Piolke 1
t. t ill f i ' ll- ' I , i ~ { i a l j ,p
tll.o o tionl (if Htn pr-in .Iary elect-ionl.
T114, 41ne f Nlr. A .\ la d(.r is o
wI'll len wsa14 t he pe(Ople of11 in 1 ,connl
Iy to a e~ onahvn-oe-SerV
a inl the St te L gi-.4:11ln-o with
honor. h) hiin-elf :111d ro it uenevv,
f ,. 11. Vi~ g i) n pI.. fu111y :M .
,ioct h) o h 4:1 Ilwus o d nnar ti
l'al't / - Il iv 2 t '
F'o r Sh er iff,
.The 11n:111y frielis-z of ,Joab)
.iudinl nr e._cfullyv :nmanne[e1 him n1a
a1 (:nn1lilte14 for re- h-e i n) to) 1 hw (11l4-1
)f la'r|I'l <>4 P'I(lll- ('<nt[v, :1i 111
nO'xt Iele ti(On. sa~e t:1) no1mimaionl byN
III,' fl 'llift l t '. le i r )IA . 111:Y 2 Id

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