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The Easley messenger. (Easley, S.C.) 1883-1891, July 11, 1884, Image 8

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Father, who travels the road so late?
Hush, my child, 'tis the Cndidate;
Fit example of huTani woes,
Early le comes and late he goes.
le gireets womilel with courtly grace,
Ile kisses the baby's dirty faee,
Ile calls to tle fence tihe farmer at
Ie hores tile me'elrcalt, lie hores O.e
Thie blacksmith. while his anvil ring's
le greets al this is the song he sings:
Hlowdy, howdy, lIovlv do,
H-oV is your wife aml how are vou?
Ah! ih fits my list as no other ('nn,
The horily liamii of the working
I hisbamln, 'vho is that Iman at t he gate?
1111sh, 1m 11 l(ve. 'ti,. the ca lt iiti.ate.
1 lishantal, why c:m't le work like voln?
lie has nothinzg at home to <lo.
Alv lear. when(lleve'r a. Iiai is down,
Nio cash a:t hom11e, HO (lrIh(lit inl town,
To(- stupidl to pretach, tn(-o prlmul to be,.
To tiiiil to Steal antd to lay t) ohig.
'leni over his r i.wi lhe 1lings.
Ant to he lear pe'o)le thii Song lhe
si Igs:
Hov oI y. hw)vly, howily (h),
Ilow is your wife ant IOw are voU?
Ah! it its my list a.s ni (thler en,
T111 hor hand (f the workin
lirollirs, wll labor eal-ly anlt te,
Ask these thingmis (f the einnlilere:
W ' his recnl? 1lom <s hle stanl
At home? -No unitter about hi.s himid,
Ble it han1.1 ()-or j.ft so) i-. Ile not) pnmle
T( elose over, lII)nI\ not, his owi.
lis he inl view )n I hieving planl?
Is he honest :unl capable?-he is (m1r
( 'her snuh one till the wvlkinl riniig .
.Ioini inl the erlns w0hen ts he slins:
I Iowvy, hwly(),W hiowly <b .?
Iow is you' Wife ald hOW :111 von?
A h! it iits my ti-t a no oth eI can1,
Tihe horny ial of tlie worwkinii
Wanted To Be Kicked.
'Yes, 'yes,' Smiled the (ld coun.
tryian, as be stood talking to a
citv c:ha), who seen(m( to kiov
him, ther's a heap )' tricks pla.ed
on the kentermvien; they gits suck
(d inl lots ()' timfles. But I kinder
ligger thet the sharper who tiles
t draw wool (over mv eyes'll git
lef' purty bad.
'I'll Iet you aure a good one,' an.
swered the str'ang~er, ptron1iingt
ly, 'I can tell a man wheni he's
'Ie rustic po(ked~ him inth
s"ide,"andio puilling dotwnl his eye,
laughed andl said:
'D)'ye see any green~ there?'
'Not a bit1 of it,' merrily repi ed
ihe other; then in an advising tone
lhe 'onltinued,'o 'I'veI seeni moore of
thle world than you have, andl
wouldI like to say thatd the most'
important action is concealing the
'Oh, I'v'e got thet (down fine,'
broke in the coun~trymlani, pointing!
to his left sleeve, '('ye see that ar
little bump? well thar's the cash,
inside o' the Ii ni n', and~ nobody
c.an take it out 'thout me a know
in' it.'
.A few mtomnents a fter, they parit
ed, the countryman going ito aL
clothing storIe to do some buying.
ie had made his p~iuchase and~
was waiting for the hill, when one
(It the salesmen approached him
and said1:
'('an't I sell y'ou a nice coat'
-Not me,' answered the farmer;
'I've got plenty o' them fixins.'
'But, I see the sleeveof the ne
vou have on ]has been torn or cut
and, if you wish one of the latdic
will mend it for you.'
With a ghastly look the farmei
jerked offI his co(at an1d viewed th<
wretched sleeve.
Tleni tilniig to the clerk he
'Mister, kinl ye tell mue whar I
kin git a r.ale stout man to kick t
dilged fool outeni towi?'
ton plit uher head over t he fenet
and thus add ressed her nteighb1ol
who was in the yard:
'A family has moved in the emp
ty h use across the w ay, Il rs.
('hurTc lhhill.
'Yes, I know.'
'Did you notice their fIu rit ulre?
'Not particvulia rY.'
,.'wo) lolls and( I wouhin'1t givc
a dollar a load for it. Carpets! I
would not puit theml- downi inl my
kitchei. And the echildron! I won't
allov mile to ass(ciate with themi,
yN1 het. andl the mothaler! She
ooks as if she had iever seen a
Iay'S l 1) iess. Th'e rather
drinlki I expect. To0 had that
Such pe )ple Shoub111 emne into this
neci'hr(hO 1. I wonder w 1oi t hey
i ()low tlI Ilu.
')0 you? Well, I de laie. W ho
are they '?
'Thel(1 m11other is 111v sister, Aid
tle father is superiitendeint of the
'1lethodist sunidar vScholm.'
A paillfull palls(! e1ll(sue.-FiX_
ch ange.
L ASi' IN H.!) BiA.<mws t 'ri- il.
I~ilT.--()ld i'el l' i t an<1
his wifei were hohl ing :a sort (f love
feast the t her night, recouuti 1g
hl(1 times. As the worth oupile
slowly prepared to ret ire tihey vwelt
over the days gome bY in a highlty
eitertaiting man er.
')1 you kn iiov, ' in 1 .1h. I f'el juSt
as y'ouing as I over did ?' said I'n
le Plowgit exuberaitlv.
's(), dho 1, Enoch1.' spr-ily respondl
ed Aunt'Piah.
heni a thought suddely oc
CuredQ( t(oi 'neie Plotwgit1. and( whee'l
ing., on his heel hie criied oiut:
'Last inl be b~l lows ou11t 1he
light!' and muade a p)tlge for the
side of' the coueili Ilis wife, t bough
taken byv suirpri se. was no( thlingI he
hin i in spri~~jghlii ness,and t t heir
agedl hieads met abI oult thet midd(Il
of the bed with a startling lthump.
Aut 'RHiah doub()l led u lp onl the
floor, and 1 Uncle Plowgit, ru bbi ng
the top) of' his head, muttered,
'WVhat two durnmed fools we be anuy
howv !'
--"'Thiere is a fine spe(ciien of a
bull-dog,' remarked Smith t i.Joines
at the (log show.
'Yes, he is a beauty.'
'You ought to have a dog lik<
that, Jones. Livinug in the sub
urbs asVou (1o, a watchd~og is ail
miost a neceessi t v.'
'No, it isn't,' replied Jones
weariy. 'A mnan who has sever
d (aug hte, all over twenty- t an<
unlmarrniedl, stands in his own ligh
if he keeps at dlog.'
W . S,. GR~mxony, our Foremhani an
Publhisher, is authorizedh to receive ani
receipt for suibscriptious, Jrob work an
advert ienats for Tirn M ESNGEJ
+-PO RT A 111, 1",T 11"A (' 10
isagnesSaw M ills, Se-p -at.
Itoer ou Waa- A.\\ood'
I iTe
IDec '2i--1V
ors, Cotton Gills, Fe"eders
and Evapontors. 1'ery
s Sweep ilt Foh1(lN
Ills and Millstones,
Store of
k 11hwpac to buyv yourl Staple aini
nr~ G arcdware, Toarlme, See-,ds. .
We keepi Stoves,( O CokeryW and Tlin..
ware 1. at hutrd timesI( prIices.
heir liberal patronage2Q'I inte past, we
merit. a cont inuancwie of tlhe saine.
Couint ry'~ proucel(( biought. at hiighest
tuark et pr*iCe, for ca *sh.
IIteember' (our mot0to is <plick salesM
am1l shot pr )ollts. Giv'.- ms a ea-I.
E1sl~ey, S. C.
.Jano 25.-8m
II() I.t for the wiorking class.
\./ lSend 10 cents~ for
postag(e.ami( we wvilI mtail you f/ree a
royal Ival1uiable box of sampijle goodIs iha t
wvill putL y~ou ini the way' of tmaking more.
mfoneyV in a few days' ftan you ever
thought p)osile( at anyi buIsiness.Capi..
tal n ot req1u1ired.W wV ~ ill I t art you.Y~ou
canI work all thie time or in spar~e time
only3. TFhe work is univisersally3 &aapted
to both se'xes,yoIung and~ 01(1. You eanh
(asily earnn from 50 cets to $5 every
eveing That all w~ho want work muay
test thie busi ness, wve ma~ke tlhis un par
alleledi (ofer; to1 all who are not well
saitixfied1 we will send~ $1 to paiy for t he
t roubile of w:iting usx. Fu ll partieiulars,
dietose .sn free. F'ortunecs will
be madtel by those wvho give their' whole
I ime to the work. Gret suiccess abso
lautely sure'(. D~on' t delay. Start niow
AddresS STI NSON & Co.. Portland
Mai.ne. nmay93 i y

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