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Tranquility at any Price.
'I war lookiu' fur you 'bout am
hour ago,' observed a colored citi
zen to a policeman whom he me
dn Hasting street yesterday.
'What was the trouble?'
'A pusson claimin' to be m3
wife, an' havin' three child.ren be
hind her, arroved from Canada.'
'Did eh?'
'Yes, sah, an' de fust I knowee
of it de crowd was right at de doal
of my house. I just kinder reck
oned on a sort o' cyclone, yot
know. Looked as if it would com
powerful sudden on de. wife an
two chili'en inside.'
.'Whew! And what did you do?
'Broke the ice werry gradual
sail. I spected dar'd be screaminii
an' yellin' an' har pullin'. but ev
erything moved off' de tranquilles
you ever saw. De pusson fron
Canada stuck to it dat she was t
werry woman I run'd away fro
five years ago, an' so when I saa
dat it was no (ood to aroy I too]
de hult of 'em in.'
'And what (lid No. 2 say?'
'Nuflin' wery important. Sh
kinder clawed aroun' fur ait spell ar
den settled down. De chill'ei
took to each odder right away, ar
(ey is now minglin' together in d
harmonist manner.'
'And you are going to run tw
'Well, sah. Ize suggested (a
one take inl yashin' an' de odde
de ironin', "hile I kinder b.oss d
job, an' I reckon we'll git alon!
Wi(out any serious porforash un.
Ize apusson (hat am 111ound t
have tranquility aroun' my hious
at any cost. You kiiin sort o' han
aroun' heah, you know, a-n' fl d
should he a sudden upshot (1
's-gllt ob you would go a good way
to embelish renewed harmony.'
LIcE ON Pornv.-Ev'ery poul
try raiser knows how offensive t<
him and dangerons to the fowl
are the small white lice that a
Ygenerated in wari weather. Us
uIally early in April thie hen' nies
becomes infested with thiemi an<
the younlg chiekens come out s(
fulof thlem, that they are mluel
weakened by their attacks. S(
very serious is the matter in oui
climate, that it is generally im
practicable to set lhens after th<
middle of' May or first of June. Atf
ter' much annoyanee and the fruit
less trials of several suggoestec
remedies, we found the only preC
ventive to be the use of Kerosin<4
oil. We made it a practice t<
feed all the p)oultrvY, on1ce (eer
five or six days, with meal moist
(ned with water and Kerosine oil
in the pr'oper proportions of
dessert sp)oonful of oil to a pint 0
meal. If more oil is put, the fowl.
will not readily eat the food. Witi
this treatmlenlt, tihe lice have beer
entirely eradicated ; and we have
b)en enabled to set hens through
out the entire Sumnmer. I'ast Sum
mner, in order, to make a sure tes
of' the preyentive, we used somi
pet'manent nests, and in tW<
cases, set in each, three lhens i]
succession, without making an:
change, or even giying fresh straw
the two nests being occupied with
out a day's intei'igission throngh
out the whole of April and May;
ahd in no instance was a single in
1 sect to be seen. The great advin
- tage of freedom from these pests
will be appreciated by all who
have a ny dealings with poultry.
Cor. Main and Washington Sts.,
- O FFE.RS to the public, one of the
be.it selected. pin-est aII(I freshest
stock of Driigs. Medicines, Paints,Ols.
Dye Stitfs. Toilet articles, Patent
iediclnes, the - best braids of Segars
and Tobacco, Notions, (etc.. etc , to be
foumd in the State. Also, full line of
Garden. Flower an field
- uaraiteed fresh andl genuine. and in
t fact everything usually kept in a first
Class Drug Store. l6
is in 1ll blast, and well suipplie(I with
v every conceiv able kind of tlavoring
Syrups, Cream, etc., intd served inl the
best style in the Citv.
Polite and a ttentive clerks, With :1
full and select stock of Goods is our
Le aditig 111aluee ticst. for patroln
Whe von enin)e t.4 G reenville clon't
fail to call on m1e, an l i gara lit(a.
if4actiOI. M stock is toO large to un
(lertake to emnhlerate all he articles.
Q F. A. WA LTElt.
May 23 if
,.u abterJuine 8th, 1884. Pas enger
I.-ain ser.vice on Iihir-Lim.
, Division vill be as follows
Expre. . Mail,
No. 51 No. 531
Da i. ailv.
Iave Atlht a. A 44) j~i) - 4~ a ill!
Ar. (Gainesville.. 6 57 P i 10 35 anm
S Luht.... ....., 25p I I O1a m
" lab.GapJunei 8 12 p mi l 30 a m
"Toccoa.. ..C 8 54 1) i 12 04 p m
" ' ?Senecj City N. D 9 59 p m' 1 00 p m
"Centra . 10:32 pm ti 152m lin
.'Iherry . .1053 p d 2 13pm
b : IEaslev ...il 110p i 227 pm i
"Gr IeIville. . . 1 42 p m 2 17 p m
- 'Spartaibiurg . . F 1 01 a 1n 3 56 m
t " Gastonia .4 3 17 ! m 5 p m
1.'aot 410am 40 j) m
SO UTiH W./IRi D).
> No.50| No.52
Daily. i~aily
Leave (ih:ir'lot te 1 30 tan 70
Aa . Gastonia. ....2 21a' 1 00 p) im
"Spa rtanouir 4 27 a mn 3 45 p mn
" G Ereen ville....5 43 a m~ 4 55 p mn
" ' Easley's 6 17 a in 5 26 p mn
" ' Liberty. . 6 31a mn 5 42 p nm
" ' Central. .. .. .. .6 55 ai m 6 (JO p mn
"Seneen City. . . . 7 32 a mn, 0 37 p mn
"Toccoa.... .. .. ..8 40 a m' 7 35 p m
" Rab. Gapiine. 9 34a anm 8 3() p in
"Lna. .. .. .. . . .10 09 a im 8 50 p rm
" 'G ainesville .. . .10 36 a ml 9 25 p mn
"Alanta.. 00 p mn 11 30 p mn
AccommodatLion Traiun,(Ai r-Line Belle)
Leaive Atlanta............6 15 p rm
SA rrive Ga inesville...........8 25 p mn
SAccommiodation T1rain, (Air-Line Belle
3~ L've Gainesville.-.............7 00 a mn
.. A rive A tlanta.. ............ 9 20 a mn
. No. 18-L~ocal Freight, Going South.
t Leave Charlotte............. 6 00 a im
A rrive Gaf1ney's.............10 50 a m
2Arrive Sprt n r-.... ... 53p
Arrive Greenville............ 4 15 p m
Araive at EasleVi ............... 603)p m
Arrive atL Liberty .......... 6 45 p mn
;Arrive UCuntral .............. 7 30 p
No. 17.--Loc~al Freight, Going Nothl.
- L~:~eave ertral............ a a,n,
Arrive at Liberty............. 5 1A a if
Arrive at Easleys ....... 5 50 1 I
Arrive Gree ville .......... ... 7 03 a ti
Arrive Spartanbu(rg............10 20 a mn
Arrive Gafftey's. .....**.... 1 03 p Im
Arrive Charlotte .......'........ 6 15 p m
All freight. tramis on this roaI earry
passengers. All passenger tralis riu
liroigh to Danville & Richiond wI+h
out change conneeting at Danville with
Va. Midland. to all Eastern cities, and
at Atlanta with all lines diverging. No.
50 leaves Richioid at 12 45 p. m. and
No. 51 arIrives there at 3 50 p m. 52
leaves Richmond 1 28 a i. 53 arrives
there 7 00 a-m. The local freights stop
at above stations 20 to 30 mites
On1 trains No. 50 and 'I, New York
and Atni ta. viat Waslhingtoi and Dan
ville. and aIlso ,Goldsboro atl Wanm
On trains Nos 52 anl 53, Rihimnond
and Danville, Washiiiton atnd Autgus
ta. Washington and New Orleans.
14etu1riing. on No.52 -sleeyer G0reiens
boro to Richm)oild.
ThIrough 'Tickets on sale at
(2Charlotte, Greenville, Seneluca, Spar
tanbitrg antd Gainiiesville to all)oin1ts
doith, Southwest. North and Easit.
A, with N E R Ri to atlll firom Atheins,
m, with N iE i i to anal from 'Taliu
hih Falls.
C, with El. Air-Line, to and troin
Elbertonda Bowe-rsville.
1), with Blue RiIge i it to ail from
E". with c and (1 iR R. to and froi
Newherry, Alston and Coltnmbia.
F, with A atild s anIld S U 1n1d C 11 -i
to a(nd fronm Hendersonville.A Ist.oti &c.
G. wit,h Chester a1i I.enoir R R to
and frmit chester. Yorkville id Dallas
11. With N C Diivisioll and C C and A
It R to arIId fr*otuIl Greettsbloro, Italeit|.
&c. EDw[N BEniUvLEY. Stlpt.
.M. SLAUGHT~IAt. Gel. Pass. AWL.
A. L. It IVS 2d VT I & U'vil. man't1.
South CarllWina livaly Companly.
({moninenJeintg Sunday. May 11.
C/ 1884, at 4p m. Paissengvr Trains
will il as follows tuntil fuarthsur nlotice,
"Easteril time :,"
Depairt. Columbia at 7 50 a i 5 25 p im
)sue Charlestont at 12 20 a m 9 55
Dei ar- Charle4son 8 18 a m 4 30 p m
Due at Columbiai at 12 38 " 9 2 "
Ea1st (Daily ex(cept Sundaysi .)
D~epart Columbia ait 7 50 a im 5 25 y mt
Due at Ciantdens at 2 25 p in 8 25"
We~st (Daily except SinnIlay .)
Depart Caindlei at 1) 00 a im 4 00 p im
Due at Columbia 12 38 9 22
East (D~aily.)
D~epasrt Columinbiat a t 7 50 a iio 5 25 p in
Due at August a a t 1 20Op mn 8 10 a im
West (Da ily.)
Depa rt Augusta at 7 i5 a m .
Due at Columbia at 12 38 p mi
mnad.e at tolumblia withs Golumbhia and
Gr'eenil le Rail roadt by trains aarrivinig
at 12 38 p mn, atnd dleparttinug at 5s50p).
m. At CJolutmbia .Juniction with Char
lotte. Coliumblia and1( Augusta Railroadl
by samni trainr to and4 from all p~oiits on1
both roadls.
At Charlestons with Steamneis to
Newv York on Satuurday'; amnd (in T1ues
dlay and Saturday with Steamer for
.Jacksonylile anud p)ohits onl St. Johnli'
River; also, with (1haurlestoi andb Sa
van nah Railroadl to a nil from i Savan -
nahs and( all points in Florida.*
At Augusta with Georgia and (Tnu
tral Railroads toand fromt all points
West'and)( South'. At Bhltekyill to and1(
from )oints 0on Barnwell .Railroad.
Thmrpugh ticketsecnn be piurchased to all
1)o its Southvand'Ves y applyting~ to
.1D. MCQ UEEN, Agdfii Cdhum bia, S C
JOHN B. 1.ECK, Geiterad Mantager. '
J) ( Ar LLEN,(h'. PatS. nnuil T'k't Agot.
Small L ot
Easi.ey, S. C.
Jul y 1i--.5m:.
Lime! LiW.Q Lime!
( A N fI1OC 1'rT OF
E asley, S. 0.,
Either in Car Load Lots or
by the single barrell at very'
Oct 12-tf
Joseph Weston,
Boot & Shoe Maker,
Over Wash. I lowell's Beef Market,
Ma~in. St., GWNE EA N V ii' N H ('
I F you want to save mioneyV callI oni
JO.WESTO(N aiuld have y'our
Boots andi( Shoes muade to Order, and
guran teed perfect fits.
R~epairing both nieatly, cheaply and
(>romuptil one, for CasIhI.
-UDec 21 1I2ni
anid receive free a c'ostly box of goodIs
wvhich w~Ill help you to miore mlonev'~
right away than aniything else in ti's
wvorlol. All~of either se x,snecceedt fromt
first hour. T1he b~roadl road to fortune
Open s before the worker's, absol utely
sure. At once address, Taus & Co..
August~a. Maine. nay 23 lv
News and Courier,
Daily $10 a year ; Weekly $2 ai yor.
TIhie Leading Pap~e'r f lhe South-.East
ar'gest (irculatonm in thle Cot~lton
St ates.

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