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ghe 5asaIeg assenger.
--Miss Mettie Stewart, of Green- I
ville county, is visiting the family
of Mr. J. N. Howard.
-It is rumored that Bob and
Will's trip to the mountains was
all a "hoax."
-"Dick" Hill says that Mr.
Isaac Williams is still at the Ci
der trough.
-Miss Florence Green,of Green-,
ville, has been visiting relatives in
Easley, and wore her usual pleas
ant smiles.
-Miss Florrie Stacy, with her
beaming countenance, left us-on
Tuesday last, for her home at.
-We call attention to slight
change in Atlanta and Charlotte
Air Line Railway schedule, which
took effect on Aug. 3rd.
-We regret to learn that our
old friend, Mr. J. S. Lathem is
very sick in bed at this time. We
hope soon to be able to chronicle
his recovery.
-Miss Minnie Howard, who
has been confined to her bed for
3 or 4 weeks has so far recovered
as to be able to walk about in her
--T he ladies of the Easley Bapt
ist church will have refreshments
for sale on the 13th inst. They
solicit the patronage of the pub
-Dr. E. Y. Sahtuon's Hoar.e anid
4ttatle powders, for sale by OwNBPY
tRos- july 25 tf
-Mrs. C. E. Bostwick and Miss
Ida Treadwell, of Atlanta, Ga.,
are visiting the family of Mayor
1. J. Gignilliat. Also, Miss Ad
die Brewer, of Elberton. Ga.
-Miss Ella Mauldin has been
visiting the family of J. Tyler Ill,
and attending the protracted meet
ing now going on here. May her 2
stay be pleasant.
-Mr. Rt. K. Hili's small -hi- I
drea are visiting their grandfather,
Mr. Ross H-ill, and no doubt are I
having a jolly 'me with "Uncle
-eare requested to state that
the Daeusrille Democratic Club
will meet and appoint Managers
of Election on Aug. 16th, 1884.
A fall attendance is requested.
-Mr. Rial Blarnett has given up,
that Mr. Riley Simmons and Mr..
T. S. Cisson has laid his large
bunch of crab. grass in the shade,
theirs being larger and more plena
-Read advertisement of Mr. J1.
W. MeClanahan in regard to his
celebrated "Blacek Jack."
Also., "Do You Know.," in re
gard to Lorillard's Plug Tobacco.
--Come Candidates, that Iee Cold
soa water at Ownbey B&os. will keep
vou eolt ani., 25 tf
-Our readers imust excuse the
ihortness of local matter, &c., in
his issue, ai the editor is absent
ind the foreman has his hands full
n printing tickets and other mat
;er of the office.
THI Ciaous is - ComiN.-Look
;o our columns next week, and you
ill see something beneficial to
rou in regard to the virtues of
,AusAYA Tomre, the World Re
iowned Tonic.
-We return thanks to Mr. Len
Prick, who resides on Mrs. A. M.
Rtussell's plantation in Slabtown,
ror the finest cabbage head we
iave seen this season, weighing 8}
-Attention is called to the Dis
solution of Copartnership of W. M.
Ragood & Co., and formation of
L new one with Mr. Mc. Bruce and
W. W. Robinson, two of our
worthy young men.
-Attention is called to the an
aouncement of Mr. W. K. Boggs
for School Commissioner of Pick
ens County. He proposes to fight
it out on the "short line," as he
only has 11 days to go upon be
fore the Primary election.
-Ice Cold Soda Water at OwNnEY
Bos. nijly 25 ti
-The Town Council gives no
tice to all who have'not paid their
street tax or worked it out, that
they must pay or report for work
kt once, as they are determined to
elose it one way or the other, soon.
-Mrs James Prince, from Al
lanta, has come to our town to re
inain permanently, and is quarter
ed at the " Mountain View House'
We are glad to have such acces
;ions to our Society. Her hus
iand is a popular travelling sales
--We again notify the few re
nainiung candidates thbat we are
waiting their orders for tickets, as
here is now hut a few days re
naining ini which to get and dis
:ribute them. We have printed
thout 35,000O for 28 of the candi
--Turni1. seeds, several kinds, at
)W~NiEY BR~os. july 25 tf
-We are requested by Dr. J. R.
ERiley, to state that a protracted
meeting will hegirn at Mt. Pleasant
)in next Sabbath, 10th inst. The
Pastor will be assisted by Rev. H.
P. Nieholsop. The Sacrament of'
he Lords Supper will he admin
stered on the Sabbath.
-An Entertainment, consisting
f Reading, Recitations and mu
sie, will be given in the Hlall of the
P~iedmont Institute at Pickens C.
er.,o Saturday the 9th inst., for
~he benefit of the Presbyterian
Zhurch at that pLace. .Some of
3reenvilie's best musical talent
will assi8t.
-Ihaac Williams, W. M. Ha
good, J. R. Gossett, A. W. Hudg
ens, Dr. R. J. Gilliland, Jr., Prof
C. W. Moore and the Editor all
went to Seneca on the 6th to at
tend the Convention, which met
bhere for the purpose of nominating
a Congressman. for the Third Dis
trict. The) were not all delegates
but went with the hope of doing
some good for our candidate, Col.
R. E. Bowen.
-Our editor attended a sociA
ble in a little vHlage near this
p'ace not long siuce, and after his
return home, upon being asked
how he spent the evening, inno
cently replied that he and his com
panion sat upon the piazza and
promenaded. A novel and expen
sive proceedure, we imagine.
OWNBEv Bitos. can sell yott the best
Horse, Cattle and Chicken powders in
the world. july 25 tf
-The protracteid meeting in the
Baptist Church of this town, is
still progressing with good results.
Up to the present titmeo 15 have
joined the Church, and many
more seem to be seekinag salvation,
and requesting the prayers ot the
ministers and the Church. rhe
congregations is largre and increas
ing, and with a few exceptions,
are well behaved and attentive lis
-On Thursday of last week
our town and immediate vicinity,
was visited with a young cyclone.
It seemed to first strike in a Wes
terly direction, aboot one or two
miles from town, and passing
through. with some damage to
hotuses, trees and sign-boards, and
a great deal of scarce, went in a
South-easterly direction for a
short distance, and disbanded.
No one was hurt.
[For the Messenger.
The Re-Union at CarmeL.
The pupils of thke Carmel High
School (Limited) taught a few
years ago at Carmel Presbyterian
Church, in Pickens county, by the
Rev. H. McLees. had a re-union
on the 26th of July, at the Church,
which was a most pleasant and
enjoyable affair.
The p~ublic exercises were open
ed in the Church at 11 o'clock, a.
mn. by prayer by the Rev. Mr. Mc
Lees and the singing of that ap
propriate and feeling song, enti
tled, "The Old School H-ouse on
the Hill." Trhe chairman then in
troduceed as the first speaker, Maj.
'r. H. Russell, who delivered the
welcoming address in an earnest
and becoming manner. Thien fol
lowed other addresses by W. HI.
Knight and W. K,. Boggs. These
gentlemen acquitt d themselves
handsomely. Mr. Chesley Smith
was then called out, but graceful..
ly declined. Mr. J. R. Hlagood.
Editor of the Easley MEssENGE~R,
was then called out and dlelivered
one of the best impromntu addcres
es on the subject of Education, to
which we ever listened. We could
not attempt even a synopsis of his
speech, but two points which he
made, are deserviug of more than
a passing notice. The first was
his touching and feeling allusions
to the former history of this neigh -
borhood, in an educational point
of view, under the guidance of that
revered and honored preacher and
educator of youth, the Rev. J. Le
land Kennedy. He needed no
marble monument to comemorate
his memory, because it was im
pressed upon the hearts of an ap
preciative people, never to be ob
literated. The next leading point
was, that however extensive the
acquirements of the student in the
curriculum of his or her literary
studies it uight be, and probably
would be forgotten, in the whirl of
business life, but the moral im
pressions which were made upon
the plastic beauty of childhood
and youth, in the school room, and
around the parental fireside, would
live and freshen, and grow in af
ter-life, to gladden the world with
its rich and glorious purity.
But the crowning effort of the
occasion was the admirable speech
of the Rev. H. McLees. If it were
possible to re-produce it, it is wor
thy of a permanent record in the
educational archives of the coun
try. We will not undertake even a
skeleton of the address, but there
were two ideas brought out, which
in the present educational exigen
cies of the country are of two much
importance to be omitted. One
was compulsory education, and
the other was the ultilitarian idea
to pervade all our educational in
stitutions. from the very door of
the common school up to the por
tals of the highest institutions of
learning in the county. He aited
the Cornell University of Now
York as his model, with perhaps
but one other institution of the
kind in the United States. P re
the student is required along with
his literary acquirnients, to prose
cute some handicraft, under the
tutilage of skilled experts, it may
be in the department of mechan
ics, agriculture, or manufactur
ing, or any of the industrial pur
suits of the country, so that when
a student left the corridors of Cor'
neil University as a graduate, he
had the highest endlorsemuent that
he was capable of adlding to the
productive wealth of the country
in some of those dlepartments. IHe
thought the profession were al
ready over-crowded, two lawyers
to a Court House ought to be
enough, and of doctors, every year
added to the number of those who
eked a scant subsistence,while the
industrial occupations were being
overlooked to the detriment of the
best interests of the whole county.
After the close of this excellent
address, one hour wa-s assigned
for refreshments and dinner, and
the exercises of the dlay closed by
an exciting game of baseball. And
to crown the enjoyment of this
long-to-be remembered day, the
bounteous Giver of All 'Good,
poured out a refreshing shower of
rain to rerresh the parched crops.
W. L~. BoGS, Chr'mnn.
T1. 10. RUSaLL Sec'y. .

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