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The Easley messenger. (Easley, S.C.) 1883-1891, August 15, 1884, Image 8

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[For the Messenger.
Mu. EIrTon: We'uns is had so
much to do lately, I aint had no
time to write to nobody::. Daddy
had his wheat thraalijd, an' a heay
of it was .ipiled, so we'uns had to
stir it continuerly to keep the bal
ance from ruinin' bodaciously.
Then old Mis Stringer's bin migh
ty sick, an' marnmy's had to stay
over thar purty nigh all the time.
Mis Stringer had the concentrated
sore throat, an' a pain in the back
of her head an' neck. The doctor
was afeard it would turn into spi
ral menrogetus. Poor old ereetur,
she suffered a heap, an' she could
ent eat nothin' less'n it was biled
all to.fliuders..
I told you about that-young doe
ter a curin' daddy of the newralli
gy. Well, that jest set him up in
this naberhood, an' he gits a heap
of practis here. All the gals,
nightV nigh it, is plum destracted
about him, but I dont lew it'll do
em airy grain of good. .He's pow
erful nice an' perlite, au' I reckin
they kaint-help it. Tha-r's Julie
Snetman would be willin' to die, ef
she knowed she'd come to life agin.
Calliue's along With the rest, she
dont pay no tension to Rube Fyler
when the docter's about. Rube's
done took an' an' sold his watch,
bekitse it brung him bad luck, he's
sorter like old man Bell. Old Lish
Bell liked music powerful, so he
thought he'd fix to have it all the
time, an' bought him a music stool.
Ile gin it a turn or two, an' the old
woman an' all the chillun gin it a
turn; an' lo and behold, nairy time
w6uld it play, so he took it back
whar he got it, an' no livin' soul
could er made him believe he'd not
bin cheated. Some folks aint got
no sense an' never will have.
Sunday's a week ago, the doc
tor was a passin' our houise jist
about dinner time, an' daddy axed
him to lite an' come in, an' git a
hite to eat. Arter dinner he sot a
spell in 'tother house longer dad
dy an' me 'an Calline. Drectly I
seed Rube's head pokin' round the
door, but Calline let on .she did'nt
know he's thar. Presently Rube
says: "Hi, I've come agin.'' "Yes,
says I, I see you have, come in an'
take a seat an' set down.'' "No,
says he, I'd just as soon stand
'round about awhile."
Iri about 5'Iminits~ he stuck his
head in agin an' lowd: "Well, I'll
be gwine, all o' you must come
over some Sundy." Arter he left,
says I t o Calline, 'Th ar. now, Ru be
is gone.' 'Jest let him go,' says
she, 'the ticks'll git him anyhow.'
Some of the wimmin' s gittin'
mightly intrested in pollytick s.
Mariar Dashboad was at Otirwhouse
tother day a talkin' bout this, that,
an' tother, an' she lowed we was
all under the men's thumbs, an'
das'nt say our soul's our own. I
aint got no sort of patience with
'wimmin-iters,' so I riz up an'
says: 'Well, I aint livin' xinder no
body's thumb in pertickler, but I'd
as lieve to the full 'twas a man's
as a woman's.' I reckin she wants
to run fur the Legislater. -Thar's
a sight o' men runnin' fur offis in
Pickins county. Dad lows. 'bout
forty of 'em had better stay at
home an' mind ther own bisness,
place of tryin' to help 'Uncle Sam'
(United States) tend to his'n.
The youngsters in our settlement
is gwine on a exertion to Glassy
Mountain next Saturday. Tom
'Sumpter's goin' longer me, an' I
reckin we'll see a power of fun.
Troi's a monstrous regenious fel
ler-, he's made him the nicest little
kart you ever seed, -an' he's a
gwine to drive his 3 earlin', Fire
Fly. I know the rest of the gals
will be green with rage, bekase
they has ter walk. Mammy's pow
erful oneasy, feard we'uns '11 git
run away with, er be iapsot. Jie
Winder's gwine whether she's ax
ed er not, an' take all the chillen.
Jim and Bud is the rainpageonsest
boys I ever seed in my life; an'
they'd go inter everthing ef they
knowed they'd break their necks.
Yours Truly,
for the working cl.
Send 10 eeiits for
postage.and we will wail you free a
royal,valualbe box of sample goods that
will put you in the way of making more
money in a few days than you ever
thought possible at any bisiness.Cnpli
tal not required.We will start you .You
can wor'k all the time or in spare time
only. The work Is onlyevrtsally adapted
to both sexes,young and old. You can
easily earn from 50 cents to $5 every
evening. That all who want work may
test the business, we miake this unpar
alleled offer; to all who are not wvell
satisfied we will send $1 to pay for the
trouble of w:'iting uts. Full particulars,
directions,etc..sent free. Fortunes will
be mad': by those who give their whole
tine to the work. Great success abso
lutely sure. Don't delay. Start nowv
Address STINsoN &Co.. P~ortland
Maine. may 23 1 v
News and Courier,
Daily $10 a year ; Weekly $2 a year.
The Leading Paper of the Souith-East
Largest Circulation in the Cotton
___________ States.
A IPRIZE. fS"nd e
and receive free a costly .b)ox of goods
which will help) you to more mnoney
right away than anything else In this
world. All ,of either sex,succeed from
first hour. T1he broad road to fortune
opens before t he workers, absolutely
sure. At once add(ress, TRUE & Co.,
Augusta, Maine. may 23 13v
Hagood & Co., is this day
dissolved by Mutual consent.
All parties indebted are re
spectfully begged to come
forward as soon as possible
and pay their Notes and Ac.
counts to W. M. Hagood,
,as m"-ey is badly needed.
W. M. 11AGOOD,
The undersigned have en
tered into partnership for the
pu epose of conducting thle
Mercantile business at Eas
ley under name and style of
W. M. Hagood & Co., and
respectfully ask the patron
age of the public.
aug 4 tf.
Esta bished 186.
No Patent No Pay.
Obtained for Mechanical Devices, Comn
p)ounds, Designs and Labels.
All prelimmnary examninations as to
patentability of in ventions, Free. Ouri
"Guide for Obtaining Patents," is sent
free everywhere. A ddressq,
Solieitors of Patents,
May 30 tf Washington, D). C.
Joseph Weston,
Boot & Shoe Maker,
Over Wash. Hlowell's Beef Market,
Main St., GREEN ViLLE, S. C
[F you want to save money call on
JOS. WESTON and have your
Boots and Shoes made to Order, and
guaranteed1 perfect fits.
Repaiiln gboth neatly, cheaply and
promptly3V< one, for Cash
Dec 21 12mn
Dec 21-1y
Store of
Is the place to buy your Staple and
Fancy Groceries, Tobacco, Segars, Far
mers' Hardware, Garden Seeds, &c.,
We keep Stoves, Crockery and Tin_
ware. at hard times prices.
Thanking the Iublic generally for
their liberal patronage in the past, we
hope by close attention to business to
mecrita continuance of the same.
Country produce bought at highest
markect price, for cash.
Remember our motto is qdick sales
andl short profits. Give us a ca-i.
Jan 2--801Easley, S. C.
Furniture House
A ND furnish your Houses in elega~nt
style for the Summer with a niee
Line of Bedsteads, Mattresses, Bui
reaus, Trabies, Stands, Chairs, Rockers,
&ca &c. A general assortment
of Landscape chromos in 22x30 inch
frames,' chord, &c., all ready for hang
ing on the walls. Also, on hand, a line
of cabinet, promenade, panel and card
size photograph frames, all in~ artistic
style. Always on hand a full line of
Caskets and collins, alisizes and styles.
Burial Robes for each sex, all qualities
and prices. Ready at all hours to wait
upon customers. Coffins trimmedl in
any style, and when so desired, will be
trimmed and shipped to any point on
Railroad free of extra charge.
Thanking you for past favors, and
solieiting your further patronage I am,
Respf ours,

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