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For President,
For Vice-President,
Tnos. A. HENDRICKS, of ndiana.
For Governor,
For Lieutenant Governor,
For Secretary of State,
J. N. LiiscoMit.
For Treasurer,
For Adjt. and Insp.-General,
For Attorney-General,
For Superintendent Education,
For Solicitor 8th Circuit.
Col. JAs. L. Oi.
For Congress 3rd District.
For House Representatives,
J. E. Bocnos.
For Clerk of Court.
For Sheriff.
11. A. Riency.
For Probate Judge.
J. 1-. NEWTON.
I For School Commissioner.
For County Coniuissioners.
A B. B. TAtT..
For Coroner,
WE HAVE received at our offic
the first number of the "Honea
Pathi Herald,'' p~ubli shed by
McDavid & Bear'd. From its
first issue it promises to be a live
and an energetic paper. Thle Sal
utatory and the editorials which
follow it, bespeak for its editor
success in the fields of' journalism,
and our wish is, that the "Herald"
might live long and prosper, and
that it will also receive the patron
age which such an enterprise de
THE FIRsT number of the
"Charleston Independent" has
found its way into our sanctum.
It is published in Charleston by
Messrs. J. Hendrix McLane & T.
Barker Jones. The would be
Greenback Governor has quit his
old colors, in name, and now at
I empts to run what he calls an In
dependent sheet. H~e will en use
us for terming it a dependent rad
ical sheet-anchor, and after he
and his party fail to be saved by
iL. what nert shall the do?
On si 4~i 'lot qu1' C4
were t surprfi
arrival of the West bound train, to
see Chief-of-Police Greer, from
Greenville, alight from the train
and proceed to hunt up Iolice- E
man Martin, of bur town. But in t
fifteen minutes time the whole mat- 1
ter was explained, by the capture '
of Primus Moore, colored, who c
was supposed to have been one of (
a partj who had robed the Cloth
ing store of Messrs. McMahan & t
Gwinn, of Greenville, on Monday
night previous. le was carried E
by the officers around to his stop- 1
ping place at Hannah Good's. But I
officer Martin went on to Eliza J
Austin's,another friend of Primuis,
where he found a large bulk of the I
stolen goods, she taking pleasure 2
in showing them up, while Prinius
denied the theft, saying they were I
given to him by his mother. le I
had in different places, goods toll
the amount of $150.00, all of which .1
were recognized by McMahan &
Gwinn as their goods, however,
some of which they had not niss
ed. He, or they, had eltered the Q
store from the rear hy. using an ax.
h'ie gas was btirning in the store 'I
w hich he did not even lower, and 'j
an open glass front made it a most
daring piece of business, wohen it 5
is considered that he picked for
the best goods in the house, ran.
sacking every shelf and table, and
even took shirts in the front win
(low, all of which is proof that lie
had aid from the outside in the
way of a look-out or watch. lIe
was carried, by Capt Greer, to
Greenville on Saturday night and
lodged in the guard-house, where :
he, on Sunday, still dlenied the 1
theft, but ownedl that he was an es- i
capedi conviet from North Caroli- e
aa, which ledl to a correspondence <
with the oficials,which prloved that'I
he was correct, he having escapedl 1
from there little over a year ago.
[His right name is Gus Cole, and i
of course he will have to be return
ed there to' finish his sentence be- <
fore being tried in Greenville. It <
is now thought that he had some
thing to do with the P. 0. robbery I
in this place in Feburay last, as
he was here at the time, but was
in jail in Pickens, for living in
adultery, when the store of Robin
son- & Wyatt was robbed in April.
He is a regulai adept, and it is
hoped that enough may be found I
against him to keep him the bal- I
ance of his undeserving days. I
What lead to his dletectioni, main
ly, was a report to McMahan &
Gwiun, from Fed Blassingame, a i
colored man of' this vicinity, and :
the boldness of himsel in we,.ing,
e e shirt h11."a$ n 04%-o
Sille on ue
The primaey electiori for Ander
'on came off on Friday last. All
he oflicers were elected save the
iheriff, County Commissioners,
Lreasurer and School Comm ission
,r. .A secon(l election will be held
on Seotember the 5th.
Below we give official result Of
he election on Friday last.
on, 2,787; Clinkseales, 2,650;
?meker, 2,054 ; Scud d:a, 1,993 ;
Irown, J. N., 1,883; Whitfield,
,505; Prince, 1,220.
SHEuIFF.-McConnell, 1,588;
o!t 1,231 ; Dacus, 572; Jones,
57; Beatty, 194.
,041; Robbins, 4,542 ; eJaimison,
,876; Eskew, 909; Nelson, 188;
JaIl, 706; Duncan. 589; Boatner,
64 ; 'Trdm. 431; G ilmer, 930;
)wven, 632; Tuck er, 142.
TRtEAsRIER.-C ox. 1,177 ; Frier
on, 1.107; McGuikin, 356; Rus
eli, 161.
Scioo CoMussmn:n.-R. W.
[odd, 1,472; Clinkscales, 1,745;
rate, 267; McDavid, 231.
CORONER.--R. Y. H1 Nance,
,273; J. W. Prevost. I ,212.
CLERCK.-M. 1. Tribble, 2,181;
F. W. Daniels, 1.554.
Aunro T J. Webb, 3,558.
PROBATE JDGnr.--T. C. LigonI,
By ref'erence to another p"age,ou r
ealders may see Gov. Cleveland's
etter, in whiehi he accepts the nom
nation for the Presidency. It is
hort, conlcise, decisive. It does not
~arry with it the abuse character
stic or John A. Logan's lettei, but
>ears upon its face indications of
~elf respect and good will, alike to
Lil. ie will recognize the right
vherever' it shows its head and
rush the wrongs wherever they
~xist. A man, courageous, bold
an (decisive. One alive to a cut
ivated sense of duty, and cogniz
nt of the responsibility resting
Ipon the chief magistrate of this
rand( Republic. He fully realiz
~s, that it is an executive office,
rnd not one in which to promote
done the selfish ends of others,
md~ to work for self aggrandize
nent. Look to it voter, that on
he 4th of' November next you vote
ohidly for Cleveland and Reform.
.man in whom exists the ability
o further the nations' interests,
mud to promote peace, harmony
mdl~ prosnerityv.
ASSY 1Es rZ INC PoisoN
j-ihwe eases of zine poison
ig apCcdu at the Orphanage
last tugdty, caused from eating
boiled custard that had been left
over night in a z'ne ice-cream freez
er. As soon as the poisonous ef
fects were discovered medical aid
was called in. Dr. Boozer, the at
tending physician, soon made out
his diagnosis; and' went to work
with the proper antidote, and all
ot the sufferers are now out of dan
ger.-Laurens Herald.
-Sunday last the dwelling of
Mr. John Rich ardson, Who lives on
Shaw's Creek, s'artanbu'g county,
was struck by lightning, tearing
up the door sill and rendering 1ir.
Richardson senseless far awhile.
His wife and child were in thew
house at the time, but escaped in
jury. A second bott struck a barn
about twenty-five yards from the
dwelling and tore off the weather
boarding. Thle lightning also
strnek several trees in the neigh#_
borhood during the storm..
from what we have seen and heard
from the various sectious of the
County, this vill be the largest
cro) year that Laurens has ever
had. Wheat and oats were far
abovet all average, potatoe1 and
vecetIbles of every description
have been good, fru itS and melons
plentiful, and cotton promising a
full yield ; or at least a fair aver
age crop, notwithstanding the late
start, excessive rains and grass.
-MIchlant and Farmer.
-'he C0n(lition of the crops has
im proved greatly dui ring the pas1
three weeks, anid it is probable
that the farmers will have a good
deal of cotton and corn to market
after all.-Daily News.
Land To Reit For 1885.
IW ILL. Rent my T1rac t of Lau(l lav
..in I 1 miles of Easley, for 1885.
It is one (of the best cotton arnd grain
farms itn this country.
I will also sell mty T 'WO MU LES,
Two-h orse Wagoni and(1 I~arness, one
dSBORNEF Sulky Pl1ow, and all ot her
Faringi TIools~ for (Cash or g~ood aie
eeptable pape r on reasonabllle prices.
W. II. NIX, Easley, S. C.
aug 29, 4 t
Easley Academy..
Second Session for 188{,
wvill begin September 1 st,.
and continue Four School
Primary Depimnaat, per month, $1.50
Intermediate " " 2.00
Academic " .3.04)
Select (ourse " " 25
lcidental Fee, per Session, 5
MIusic Extra.
Bonrd ini Private famnilies, per
Month,..................... 10.00
aili For particulars, address
C. W. MORE, Principal,
A ug 29, 18S4. 3m. Easley, 8. C.

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