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8idere~d, yet Loving.
Does not hin' tell t hee that. I think of
ilhee ?
Sonet hig l d whIiper it. into thy
Oh, du1sky, y look ward
through the clear
Aidl aztare sky, bid; di1stance hence! de
In1 thouglt at least travel the realms
of Space.
Anll Con110. intio thf weli- inl mly
)mr liVes, like two cleft rocks. are
.mumlered Wide;
No nnman pOVer' caln heal the fatal
On:this sile (o death; but when we
cross the tide
Over wvhose wave our spirIt handu Im.ty
Wilt thou then meet- nie with the
olden slile, hA
And sqieak to me in the old tender
specech ?
N coiming years can brush a way tihe
)If onIe sweet year (hat cling- about my
Short, sweet, and sad, swift love that,
met its doom,
B'it. yet the sweetnes i eimnot all de
For love is deat hless, arnd it spirit
IShall haim1t. and follow m1c, go where I
A Horrible Story From Alibama.
.AUItA, ALA., August 28.
Great excitement prevails in this
section over thirty-two cases, more
or less, of violently developed hy
drophobia on the plantation of Mr.
Punch Doughtie, tive or. six miles
from this city. DI.. .E. B. John
stoni, who waw called in to attend
the sufferers, returned this after
noon and reported three cases des
perate, one in deiijum and one.so
low that death is expecte I at any
The history of thQ e se is that I
dog on Doughtie's place vcnt mad
oun July 25, and bit a mule and
several hogs. The first hog died
on August 13 and was given .to the
negroes on the place 1o make soap
grease. Instead of doing so they
ate it. On August 18th two hogs
dlied, one on the 22nd and one on
the 27th. Of these hogs thirty
two people ate. Eleven (days after'
eating of the first hog ten peisns
were~ tken violently sick ith
symptoms of poison, and the oth
eswere seized in rotation jtust nec.
eordingr to the time at which the
subsequient ttogjs wvere eaten unfil
.4he.ntire.. thirty-two..people..w~ere
Trhe munle fli'st Yetennkrudi a fe
rOCiouIs ptt4ek1 on Mr. Doughtie ion
Saturdeay last... A fter biting. dhe
anitnal be .was riding, and- Dough
tie dismnoting, he had, a ra'e-for'
life with the mad beast and( onlly
*escaped by 'the nteirowest chance,
the-mule runlning.' against a fence
post in his wild charge And being
knocked senseless, just as Mr.
D~oughtie. i~as sealing the fenoe.
'ThIe ,riuldittep , t)4ig animal
ha~hisfain/b hal4ophobia
yeto but/rgnfr eyPpy ;,ipynjetion.
of polygn, and the doctor says ( a
the advil~ cannotliv5. 'I'W dy s
ago anothe dogwasattacked1 with
rgbids anid skilled, bate nok before
bitinhg k'einatt dog Oi the'bkt9 which
is how housed and will be-treated
experimnentally for a enre. The
greptest terror exists throughi6
the eutire beat on accounit of tljh
fact-that the first dog is -still a
larga. among the cattle and th
Dr. Johnstont, Who is 211n abh
physician, says that he would' no
be. surprised ifithe injt of th
thidy'people atta-.:ked shouleu18
c~mumth to t:he. disease, .us the prem
onitory svmptoms are of the mos
angrous! chaqracter. ,The mnedi
cal fra tdenity at r gredly interest
ed.over the development of th
cases. The people generally ar
excited and-their families- are ter
r'or stricken. A commiuity hun
has been proposed for the &ptur
of the 1ad dogi noW at large
News and Courier.
ny things hapl)e Ol the teleplhon
hues occasion ally. Severel evning
ago a young fellow relaired to th
dtore wmhere he is eml)loyed, afte
working hourlq-, and u) th
residence of his best girl. Th
conneetion was Iade, a ld th
young blood inquired:
'Is that you, Miranld-?'
'Yes. George, dear, came the Ic
'Are you aloue'
'Yes, darling.
'I wish I was down there'
'I wish so, too.'
'If I were there do you kniov
What I Would do with mxiy darling ?
'No, Georgie.'
'Well, I'd unbuckle the cruppe
and put some dirt in her mouth.
'Oh you brute!' cried Miranda
and they never sp.eaik as ihey pas
by, and the man who was talkini
to a farrier about the best plan fo
starting a balky mare, says h
thinks that anybody that will ad
Vise a man to put arms around th
neCk of' an obsteperons horse, 1uq
and kiss it and hold it on his lai
and whisper words of love in bi
ear, ought to be hung to the near
est lamp-.post, while the telephon
girl, who mixed the conversatioi
on 1urpose, smiles blandly on al
the parties concerned
-Housekeepers who are limite<
in their supply of good wvater, cam
make it do double duty 1?y deCsolv
z alum in hot water, and throv
it ntora tub of~soapsuds. In a mo
went the soap Will eumrdle; and ac
,Comlpatnied1 b~y mudd p~1Vlarticles wilI
smik to the bottoin, leaving it: per
f'ectly: 1ea and devoid of the smnel
'of soap. This water -can lhe .use
i iNashiingra second tim'e if pour
4A 6ff the'sediment. Where wate
is jaredec this fact is in valuablle.
-Everp Cild1Iould1 be taugh
to pay all his debts,.and to fugihl
all his- contra~ts, exactly in* man
ner, comnpletely in vfalne,l~ntutal
ly at the time. Every thing he ha:
borrowed he should be' obliged t<
retprn g nipj ared at~ theftime spec
ifled, and every thing belonging t<
others,whic~h he has lost~ he slhouh4
bei required' to replace.
-Dresses of light woolen noe
lin; XNoegded with chenmillfrlottj ani
othev tihy tgures are ver~f popu
le * Theyr ares generally- ad<
wah the full platted or gatherea
bodiee and dnnbie skirt.
Mar ble andranite,
GrYeene ' le, S. C.
May 23 ly
J AVING beendecetly overbaided1,
arenow in first rate order. ' Per- I
tsons coming from a distance will get
their grinding done at night. 'They will
t hld a 1o1.4e to .stay in-and stalls for I
- their horses. Give us a. trial.
AlI persons wi.shing their GINS filed .
M.ACHINE, cam have it done at.
- E;ley, by Mr. Marion Da., or if von t
will notify me at Brigirs P.ostofflee', S.
s C., 1 will sen1 a man to your Gii 1
(10 the work., It k ii ie er tit.-I all oth
er Machir. Try it, a I n he convi ed.
July 25 tf R. E. BOWE'. t
A GE N rII1~S Wit-d for
AGENT S. "el
all tie Presidentsof the U.S.The oarg.
stibainldomest bst 1)ook ever )l( fr
less than twice our price. Ihe Xastest
selling book inl Ame0;:ica.Immense io
fits to agents. All intelligeit people
wn lit it. Aliy onee:l bloe a secess
fuil ageit .'Term free. IIEM.r13 0oK
Co., Port land. Mauine. may 2:3 1 N
........ I . ............... ........ .. .. .
On after Aug. 3d, 1884, Passenger
Tnriln SCvic on th- A. & C. Air-i1ne
Diviion vill he as follows :
AY) / 7 1 W11/ 1D.
.xpr U.'.-, Mail,
No. 51 No.53.
Daily. DaiIy.
Ij-a eAtIdahL . .j 4 4(0 1) Ill 8 -10a I it
- Ar. Gaineville . ., 6 57 1 m 10 35 a in
Ila, .. ...I 72 5 ) i 11 01 a it
,Rab. J JIIe1 8.42 1) lim11 30 a i
"Toccoa..... .. C 854) m 1204 1) im
Seneca City. .1) 95 9 p m 1001) I
Central........ 1032 p In 152 ) it
.Liberty.. . .... .0 53 p i 2 13 ) in
" asley's...... L110 p m 2 7-pm I
1 "(reenville. . . . l.l 42 pn 2 47 p m ]
SpartanbAgi. .F 1-01 a1 m 3 56 pin
"(Gastoniia.(A . 3 20 a ml 5 54 p mI
"1' Chrot . b 0a m' 6 40 pim
__S0 UTH W./ARD.
E xpress, 'Mail,
No. 50 No.52.
Le eCintlotte ...'1 .45 a mn 1 00 p m
A . Gastponia. . . .1 2 3Q01 am 1 45 p mn
" partanbourg . . . 4 28;a mn 3 45 p mn
G (reenville .. ...5 43a m 5
..berty.......... .634ami 5 42 pm
Centra1. ..... ...55 a.m~ 6 00pmn
S~ enecaCity.. .. 7 32am 67pn
"Toccoj.,.......840am 7n 73opm
"Rlab.Gap.June. 19 34a mn 830 pm
"Lula..... .....009amn 859pmi
"Ganinesville .. . .1036 a~ m' 925 p) m
" Atlanta... . . . .1p r11 30p9nm
iAccornitodaition T1'.a4d, (AIr-TAne.Belle
Leave AtlaNta;'..,.. ....615' p mn
- A rr ive Gatinesyile1.:.........,.8 25 p m
i AccommIiod3atIemp '1'rafi, (Air-Line Belle)
-L've Gainesville........,.. 7,004 m ,n
y A rrive Atpt.,.... ...9 20 a in
j GNo. 18-Loenil *FreI.ght, Golo~g South.
*!eave Chaiotte.............. 6 00 a m
Arrive Gafe'a.j:........10 1)0 a rn
A rrive Spartanbvrg-...~... 12 53p m
Arrive Grleenvillen....p.-4 15 p .m
Airrlye. -( atEsey'!..ME2 03 p p
*Airie at'Liberty ........ 6 45p m
a Arrive Central ............. 7 30 p in,
No. 1*/.-t'nal Freight, G~oing North.
Leave Central .................... 4 4.5 a ml
kri-ive at Liei'ty ........... . 5 ,r.
Urrive at Easles ..... . 5 50 a n
IV r cv Gre Iivilea.. 0..3.7 -a' Ty,
kirrive Spartanbiurg ............10 20 a m
krrive Gaotneyis...........<., 1 93 p mn
kriv Charlotte.. ............. 0 15 y m
All freight tralilnS oil s r,1,1 ioa(1 carry
>asse,ngers. 'Al pass6niger. trains rti
nrough to Ditiville & RiI~ iiond with
mt change Noinectin at 1a:1vyll with
[a. Midlell, to" all astern cities, stn
.t Atlanta with all lines diverging. No.
O lcaves Richiforid ut 130 p. m. and
qo. 51 arrives there: at:3 50 p m.. 52
eaves Richnond 1 28 a m. 53 arrives
here 7 00 i m. 'Tle local freights stop
It above-stat inlis 20 to 30 minutes.
On trains Nos. 50 and 51, N'etw York
and Atlanta, via Washigton and Dan
rille, and also Gol1dsboro and Wairmn
Oin trains Nos, 52 and 53, Rituihmnond
Limd Danville, VashIngton and Augus..
a, Washington and New Ornleans.
Itetiwning, on No. 52- sleeyei G-eens
)oo to Richmond.'
rlI*oul1 Tick'iets on ale aIt,
..harlot te, Greenville, Seneca, Spar
anbuilrg ald oaiuesvil-le to all points
sonth, Sout iwest, North anid East.
A, with N E 1I It to alid froim At lens.
13, with N B' It R to anid ron Tai'u
-ih Fills.
C, wvith El. Air-Line, to and t rom
4ibllevrtoni and Bow<,rsville.
), with Blue Ridgeu- i to and from
E, vith c and a i it to aud fr4-6m
\'ewvberry, Alston and Columbia.
F, With A and B and s U and o it t
o anul from i Hendersonville, Alston &c.
G, with Chester and Lenoir Rt R to
miUd from chester, Yorkville and Daihis
11, with N c Division and C Cand A
,t it to al(d froin (reensboro, naleigh,
te. EDWIN B.lnKIumiY. Supt.
M. SLAUoirTER, Gen. Pass. Agt.
A. L. lIvEs, 2i V P& Gen. Man'r
iouth Carolina Railway Coaimpany.
('lonuneneing Sunday, May 11,
U 1884, at 4 1) iml. Passenger Trains
will uui as follows uiintil furthr not ice,
'Eastern time :''-"
rDeNart Columbia at 7 50 a In 5 25 p)
Diue Charleston at 1220 a m1 9 55
D)epart Charleston 8 18 a In 4 30 p Im
Due at Columbia at .12 38 4 9 22 "
East (Daily 9.xcept Sunday.).
Depart Columbia at 7 50 ianm 5 25 y mi
Duea at Camden: at 2 25 p'm .8 25;"
West (Daily except' Sundlay.)
Depart Camden it- 900 amen 400 p) m
Due ait Columbia -1238. " 9 22"
East (D)aily.)
Depart.Columnlda at 70a mn 5 25 y
Due at Augusta at 1 2Opm 8 16o m
West (Daily.).
Depart Auigusta at i7 i a in
D)ue at Co1lpm)bia at '12 38 pm
nade at CiolittnbIa with (otimbia and
3r4eetkville' RailIn'ad by trkain- amrriving
( 1.2 88 p mi, and~ (departlng atr5 50p.
ni. At CTolumnbia Junctiorn vith Char~
>y $Oame1 tra I) to aIl(d feni all polits 0on
.At Charleston .~ .th Stea~idra to
few York on Saturday; and 61 Tues-.
lay, and Satunrday .with SReamte for
fagksonville .and poInts dam St, 'Joh's
Eiver; a1so, wltb~I. Charteston 9(1 Ba-.
iannah RailroadI to and1 from S ayan.
iath and all .poliftln, Florid1a'
*At A tignsta with Georg~Ia ad:(Jo..
rail RailroAds tind from gtil toints
e'.t and South. A t lackllis'to'and
rain1 points'-on BlanwelI 3Railroad,
l'hronghm tIckitsetnIje purebase~dto al
oints~ South and Weh by 'applyIn~ to

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