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The Easley messenger. (Easley, S.C.) 1883-1891, September 19, 1884, Image 7

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For President, I
For V ice-Presid(ent, .
Tiuos. A. HENDRICKS, of Indiana. 1
F~r Goverfnor,
* luon S.: Tro'ieso.
For Lieutenant Governor, C
JOHN C. SiPiij:RDa.
For Secretary of State,
Jo-1-N. Lirgeois.
J. P. RICnAuDsoN.
For Adjt. and Insp.-General.
A. M. Mi AcurL. *
Forv Com1ptrVoller-G oner1l,
F'or Attorney-Geneira I,t
C. IZ. M) 1,s.
1 'or Superintendent Edtieattion I
For Solicitor 8th Circujt.
Ciou. .1AS. L. OIuu.
For Congress. 81rd Di-strict.
Co LI. 1). W VY-rl AHKEm.
For I. ouse Reprectenltatives,3
J.H E . mONE.
For01 Clerk (if Court.
J1. d. Ln'.wis. i
For Sheli IF.
.1. I. themv.
J. H. NIMw-ro.D..
Lf For School 'omil] )n io ne: C
IA\lu \Ix IM - I, .
A. . ThA LI-:EY
;yhjc J. J. ra Ibum VeL(~. 1 .11
Fo r C0r*1er
J. A. L [I..
A BId M' RFASe;IN I'~ S,' Wi 1 it Cmli~
()f those EVn(lish sparrosU that ,W
are learning to dete-st !:o muchli
iueror abt feit the~M othe day,~it
hie b t e ttin mIi e o!rIti. lieV
ckd i u~i i I, S1-vk hi 0:l
had found in the ra a long.1g
o heAtion cloth, theic.h his te
idnesemd tis te hm was ex
tzillCntl adaedicl thpurpoesfoe
nst hribing toonf hidetoyathdn
hie seene uted oi iin i gk.
eeratedinlb the. '~ mlongei styn..
merc appaoutyisdwings, ad. rosh i
hni tumblinga intlio th dt ; il
(picke himsveltup sook h)1isl.
an seizoped bheskly by t the olth
enfdt m a a cnd attoedmpt. wh.i
rste as disrnatrousl asthen fiet h
mdde, bhis kitoie hwas en- I
had onse 0to twie height of ayard.
Hef then sqtem d~ dCIown, pann, n
rieg a ding teaig hialevol ntly bo
ye appet tly eerm ined. Prasies- 1
tl hissrw appearande hlage; ano
deab hat teiey ldtrck~ ahUi.
andwith clawound bill rolledit up
Too SMIART-A young married
ian of rhis city dfscogred a fresh
r -opefled box of Wfa6d powdets on
is wife's toilet table. "To this
omplexion have we come at last,'
e said, and. flung it out of the open
It alighted safely on the head of
gentleman Iho was going to
hurch in his Sunday best, and en
eloped him from head to foot like
spring snow storm.
"Come down and be murdered,"
c yelled )up to the man in the win.
[ow, shaking his fist an(l describ
n~g a war dance.
"Come Ill) and I'll fight von,''
hrieked the powider rmagazinef
The wife appeared a a pacifica-!
or; armed with a whisk-broom
he descended to the sidewalk and
e r husband I)a the satistactiol
f seeing.her carefully dust off the
trange iani,while she made sooth-I
nig aljologics in invisible tones.
And the husbanId has conchuded
ot to inierfcre with) hiwif,') toi
t relations inl the f'ture.
..v.u. Cooil .- o't be
Ver1 <On f"Iden t, y olung 11mn. Don't;
a'rr your pt h.obby too' far. TakV
ote of t he 1o)IIders n11(d legs of a
ian befor1 e you a is h, ,m. 0 ut
(1 011 Wes-t. Ill there is a goat
bzit for three long yea rs; has buitt
d er ing andi ev th
roadii mpire of1.~ BurlingtonI coul
Hnd aist him.. II Cte the ciir
1s poGsters Leftore the paiste was:
ry, and w'henI the advnc(1 V agen w ,t
eiiiontir 'a t he goa tmat ske
1) anid crvolvded t he rash 1 me1 n clearl
biiraou gh th hil s'aind. Ie ontwe
l)eet a hay wvag?on; jammedI~.o is
cid 's : t broiugh th enld of a
p wnda rik oue. A nd.
1" day he wandhred down into
iw Iu1 anld butie'1 the fly wheel.
)Ily ( t e. \\'h n he eme lown
s nCk w 1s 1) t. e cotld ti't
41a dent iiin uck ofl m1el 110W.
n0111, 10An, ho. contenflt with r
nale~ vi :t('Iifs. Sonis (!b'.y you.
1 ul' tha~ t i tey a re good theyv
re uwful I beilie the L(y ::re no10
wre' toj be diis:'llowed tim: anuy
ther'1 part of li tture. TLiev ('nn
ii made to ser1've thie veryV be~sin
C eonomy, (if vir'tute :11in i orajj.
~u a. nmn3 who feed (1 n nothbI!ii .ig;
uit these, how mni serma ble~ en
reotc'hed he is ! Tlhm'o ar'e ihe:
h.ow To WtXaa SPANI51 ufA('<.--.
saw a feich whieb a fri end( clean
di which looked almost as well as
ew. She put ammonia into the
ro ter'gu fi lint to ma8k(e it feel l ip..
er'y,:nd imlsoaked the I uce in it o ver'
out. r'iused am pr'esed it sligvht
~. A trifle (of a t~'ar' added to the
stwater' is bet ter thani starmch.
-A--~ happiness *fhat is quiteon
i sturbed})O( becomeo tiresome ; w
1ust hiave ups) andI dowvns ; thme
iffiult le whichl ar'e mingledl with
>~ve aw'aken passion andj inerene~. S
Stradley .& Barr,
20 yards IBleaching for - $1 00
20 yards ShIrtiig for - - 1 00
13 yards Sheeting for - .- I 00
10. yards Cottolundes for - 1 00
16 yards Jeais for - 1 00
12 yards best Drilling for - 1 00
20 yards ,goo.d( Calico for - 1 01)
20 yards Phi d Dress Goods for 1.00
9 yards Worsted dress goods for 1 00
7 yards black Casimere for- 1 00
7 yards Brocaded Wonrifed for 1 00
12 yards White Lawn for - 1 00
16 yards White PiquIe for - 1 00
20 yards Checked Nainsook for 1 0)
10 Linen II lltkerchief s for - 1 00
21 Cit tcn fir - 1 00
12 pair lalf Hose for - - 1 00
12 pair l.:alies$ llos for - - 100
4 y:nda Ilome-inale Jeans for 1 00
8 yards i-hes Linnel for - 1 00
12 y:u dk best Checks for - 1 00
T II E I I-:ST ~ G ca.:.'S
",I A DE.
W (" mae a )cilly (if
Black Cashmes,
and can show the iwe.t value frml I
(ents to 8!.2. to be f111 in ()0;'n
P'rompt Infl pt- li. at teti ion to all.
I I 'A 1E 7 & I1 .1
May N 23 6Gm1.
J. A. 0COK,
P.\LER~ ~1)
GO0ELS, &Ce &I2,
Caill on me m7fid e'xamline~ the
bdfOV( you Irny efsewhel..
77nny'are ((nd J/OMse' F'r
Wosa~c, 'henper iha the
Nov 3;0-1 v
] 1 ito e(rii Ify that~ I havegie
Jjt h LIVE10 PJiL J, (.lniufne.
Gireeuiville, S. L..) a faIir I rial . and em n
.lor to any\ pil I have (ver ulsed(.
Ea;ley, S. ('.. July 22, 1ISSI.
'i'he above pills are sohl by all Drug
can also b'e found at the Plio.tofice at
Easle y, H. ('.. wvhere yout c'an be sup
1lied byV A. \1 . Folger, 1'. \1.
~iIle 23 :hn
Sure to Give Sat isfaction,
General Ofice, Ilion, N. Y.
Now York Office, 283 Broadway
Buying Agents Wanted,
S-iept 12 tf
17E VJ L,. S. (.
C \FlS to the publie. one of Ihe
/hes4 selected. piu rest and fresho
ock of iha-.7, M[dicine Paits,Oil.
!Dye St us, Toilet aricles, Prata
mledliineS, t Lhie et branLld-r of Segaxr.:
fountd in thte State. Also, full ltieo
I arden. Flow'er andl tieldl
Gunrnted feshandg'enuine'' andl in
faict t'eve ry thing usually kept in a Iir- t
(lass Drumg Store. II is
is in full blast, antd well suipplied w ith
everyV conci('v IIibe 11( kinof Ilavorin g
Sy iujs, Cl-ca iil, t'le. , and seryed in thle
bes.t style inl thle Cityv.
Polite :mni attentive (lerks, with a
full 1and ( selet st ock of: Goods i ouri
Ieain I'lg [Indueen~ts for pa 011ns.
Wheni you coine to) Greenivill~e dIont
faiil 1o call On mel, anid I guatrantee salt
isfctin.My stock is too lirge to en
(Iertake to( (elnmernte alI the articles.
F. A . W AUL''EJR.
Maxy 23 tf
(one M11OL ain and( Broad Streets.
[ ENULIN E Wm. Ro~ger's ('utlery,
t..7 et of Knives and Forks $.0.
Genieral us.'sortmeci: t of good Jewel ry
enrefully selected. Best family'
a specialty, and at close ilgures.
Repair'ing wVatces nd :1U1jetwelry1
InromntlA v tu . fe ->4.

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