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The Easley messenger. (Easley, S.C.) 1883-1891, September 26, 1884, Image 5

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DiWn Among the Dogs
The firt one to arrive after din
ner was a short. thick man, with a
red race and thick neck. The 'mad'
could be seen while he was yet a
block away. I'e came up, puffing
and sweating, and waved his right
arm around and exclaimed:
'If I V1has aroundt, I kill dot
man who took my dog!'
'Y-e-s,' -replied the dog pound
man-'your dog is gone, ch ?'
'Of course! If my dog vhas
home woul.1 I pe don n here to look
flor um?
'And you think the dog-catcher
got him?'
f'i'fr I doan' think so, wb vhas I
'lExucI ly. Well, we'll look and
They passed in throtigh the hall
way to where a viow could be had
of the imprisonl.ed 'dogs, and in ai
f seconds the visitor cried out:
'O4Qt vos Sliacob-dot vos my
(log! Shake! Shake! Boor fel
low! Der shildrens grv deir eves
oudt unIt der old vhomans vhas
seek abed for vou!
Ie paid the do'.lar after a great
deal of lagg1ilng, and as he went
ofI he called back : .
'EAfery night soma burglar likes
to get in mlouse und eafery day
so5elme pody robs me oil der high way,
uid I like to know vhy I doan' go
pack to Sherinanty.'
The niext visitor was a midlongCed
colored manl. ie Peered aroun(d
the building, looked Up an 1 id (10wi
the street, and final13 he reima rked:
"Rekonl Vou've rot Some dog's
in thar?"
Yes , a few'.
"Reekon you've got q sorter half
wolf dog in thar-L-inder wobhh. s
whein he walks,ani' doan' look y< u
squar in the face?'
,-I believe SO; come il."
Trhe wobbly dog Was il there,
and the owier gvree"e(d him vith:
"6Now, look hyar, you fule, you.
Di :i.'t I tell ye jist what would
happen if ye did'lut (1uit that 'ere,
gaI;di%I' a %1 oVr - town! You've I
gonel an' got yer'self( poundeld up in
the dog pound, an'l hain't got no
(dollr to get ye out!"
"Will you take him out?"'
"Can't do it, boss."
"The~n what did you come for'
"Jist to ease my ind(. I wan
ted to know whether you'dl got
himi or not. Good-by, IHorace!
Youi had a soft thing and let go of
:it! Yer' a doomed dlog, ant' nobody's
to blame but yerself!"'
T1he third caller was a tall, grim
looking woman, who used her umn
brella as. a care. She came walk
ing up as stiftf as a dirum-muajor,
and standling sq uarely before the
(dog-man she spit out:
'Dt'effu'l smairt ain't ye ! Never
saw anybody haltf so cunning !'
'Well, is the dog-stea lini' bizness
purty good these days?'.
'Madanm, are you in search of
your dog?'
'Well, I didn't come here to see
the river!'
* Big 01' little dog?'
Noneo'yerbizness! if he's in
'there, Ican inldeminify lhi!m on
'Idlentify you mean.'
'You shet up. It. I was a dog
stealer I wouldn't gab so much.'
ler dog was there. He was a
great deal like her. He was a long,
slim dog, with a vinegar express
ion of countenance, and he snapp
ed at every canine corning near
'That's him!' snapped the w04
man, 'aud the tnan W,ho put him
in here ought to be horse-whippe( !'
'Do you want him?'
'Want him? D'ye s'pose I came
(own here on a promifenad.'! I
w .int him quicker'n .seat ! The
wonder to me is that he is alive.'
'lie would have been dro vned.
in about an hour.'
'ife would, would he? It's a good
thing for you that be wasn't!
'It. will be $1, madamii.'
'For wAhat?l
'' pay the chnrges.'
'I'll die before I pay it!
'hnyou enu't have hinm!'
She jalbbed her umbrella into the
grolid an'd j:inunwed it noguinist the
bu iLlin01g. She t:lked bet ween her
teeth. and she shoted with hor
mouth open. She declared nd1 "
1 sserted. annd I I rete1e 1, bit, a
last hid Own her dol'ar, an I wIlk
e4l otf with her og. The eur fol
tove(d at her he , head an d tail
dlown), ald the look of1 a sheep
thief in his eyes. and she gave i m
a k , ml en1:pped e .1
'ane u'ip ! If ,o V a iin' t evorv
bit aidl gr.n as. goo I vs a dog
stea l(r1, the(n) I'd Iike to know!
Ilold your e1a (u and we'll see
a lawyer ut this.'
-An exa mintion h:as been
m)ale by Dr. Darin l'otter of
K:Ite Sumfley, vho is a'ged -I.
lIve enten 1thl'ng since Marc
[). r. P otter's conlusion is that
he girl is sufferin iig from in St. Vit us'
lance, 'pur ie, s' mle andt~ lum om
liented.' As to the stoiry of the
p)rolonged fast. he says: 'I hnvi
Io disl)osition to imp'ugn the moA, 0
lives of the faindy or to imU pench
thei r honesty or ver ncitv, for the
Ire pIople of charact er ar d re
.p~biiy but 0s1-eicla
above~r statemen't on unm~l~itienate(
hi ul mg. a fraudi anmd a p hy iolo
conlvinrced that the lady take'
someC fcod and Oll om11drik (faily.
Too) McIi~i d'TE.--'I doll't tal~e
much('i stock in tile widow's mifte',
mused nu 0( ol achelor.
'Whjy noti-' asked au neutnaint
'Beenus tile onlyV womanl I eveI
askecd to marry me) Faid that she
might if 1 wer'e only good-looki ig
and haid money. Sh e after'ward&
marr'ied anot0[her fel low, wvhomn she
p)ounded to death1; annd I imaugine'
hie found her1 might altoget her t. 0
-- AIlmphis claims a more equa
ble temripera tureI' the year roulm
than that enijoyedl 1 y an Iy o) heci
A merican city'.
-It is the feeblest mulstaiche, a.'
well as the sickliest chlil d, that gets
the mno-t fond ling&.
---Pole learn wisch m 1-y ex
peritee. 'A manm niever' wa kes up
his sceond baby to sCY'it 'l ugh.
Mar ble and Granite, A
-.-m OL.A&3m,
Greenville, S. C.
May 231 1ly . 3
H AV I NG been recentIy overhauled,
areT nIOW ill Mrtteor<1er. 'Per
um)s conlilng from a distance w1i11 get
heir grinldinig done at night. They will
imti a house to stay in aid t,alls for a
heir horses. Give us a t-rial.
All persoms ivis'hig I heir C INS filed S
fA CHINE, cai have It <lone at a
4Sley, by Mr, Marion Day. or if you(
Xill notifv me at Briggs Postoflice, S. 1
., - ill eni a la to yourl Gill :ndi
lo the work. It is better than all oth.
,I- Machir.es. Try it. aml i hi cloinvinlced.
july25 tf 1- . BOWEN. t:
'N -r-r'(1 foi'
A1 GE N. T h So" f
ill the Preit.Adentsof the I.S.ThIelar - h
st~mnisomstbest book ever sold filr
ess t I lit w ief our price. Thl.- fastes; 1
elling hook in Am l:en Iunnen-e pro.
its- to agns.A intelligenvit pwople u
v:mt it. Any onevali t eollnme a succYSS
iil ageoit .Tl'erm,- flee. IHAL) ".EiTB OnN N
o., orthiold. Miline. uimv 23 Iv
On after Aug. 3d, 188-1. Pas-enger &
rainI serI'vice on di A & C. Air-Liin
ivisionl will be as, fllows:
N. 51 N o.53.
'are At Iillii . . . . -1 4.) 1' .ini, *S - a m1.
0. Ganinesville., G 57 p) mi 10 35 a t n
I~ hi .. .. .. 7 2 p Oli0 a n.
Ij:ih.(hnp JtowB S 12 ) In II :1n0 im
'' '.4 ()d . . . ( 8 !--4 1) in Is 04 1) I
'' Ihe I ( v . . ) 9.9pi J
St'' wc C ('t 1. It) 1.2 p I 1 00 p m I
.10 53 m 2 13 p n:
.I I 10 p um 2 2' jp m
(-Chuef-nivili. ' 11 42 p m 2 17 p wt
F: 1 01 a Im 3 711; m
"b (G:a sI on~i: ia ( 3 29 a in 5 54 ia i
" ' (ng 1i1'~. i II 10 a m-.O0pi m
S(U TIl 11 Hli Ri).
No.50t No. 59 I
*e: ( 'h;arltte I .45a i 1 ()0jti
\. Gastonmia . . . ,2 80 : i 4 pm
"Sp'artianLourg' 4 . 8 :1 im 345 pmn I
'' rea1evill. . (5 17 a m; 4( 55 u
"e uEa 'it. . 7 a .n52 pn
"1 Iiet y.8 3) a mi 534 pmO
"lCentral .. .ic . I) 5 84 mi S 3;0p )I i
"Luila. ......11) (9 in: 8 59i mi
" (Jainesville . .. 19 36 a m'; 9 25 p min
" Atlanta......... 100) m 14 300 mn n
L.eave' A tlhuta................. 6 1 p II:
A rrive Gainiesville......... 25 4) n
\econunhoda;t Boln T rain, (.\ir-1.ine. Helh~ )
(01 N 01 otIr.
[L've (hainesv ille'............7 00o .t
\rrive A4 o................ 9 20 a 1n
No. 18- L~ocal Freihit , (h~oing Souti
Leavye I ha riott e...............(; 00 a mn
\rrv ITaifne;t~v's............10 50 a; i
\rrive~h 4Ni part hrg -.............12 53 p I;:
-\rive'Y Greenvill............. 4 15 p
A rui ve a t Ea;sley' .......... 684)11 p I
A rrijye at ibrtyi.................~ .7 J)m
K!o. 17.-L o'al 1n 1right , (Ching N'ot' .
I a v A ei.1 ra l............ .4 45. a m
,rrive at Iret. , 5 15 a t.
'rrive at Easlev ............... 5 50 a I
lirive G reenvile..... ... 7 03 a in
Lrrive Spartanbitrg.......10 20 a nr.
rrive Gaffney's ................ 1 03 p n
Lrrive Charlotte...........*...... 6 1op n
All freight. trains on this road carry
asseigers. All passeiger trains 'ut
brough to Danville .& Richmond with
ut change connecting at Danville wit I
r-. Midlaind, to all Easteri cities, amul
t Atlanta with all linc diverghig. No.
0 leives Richmondi at 1 30 p. m. and
To. 51 arrives theie at3 50 p m. 52
- Richmond 1 28 a in. 53 arrives
here 7 00 a m. ''he local freights stor
t above stations 20 to 30 minute .
On train No,;. 50 atl(151, New York
i At bita. via Washigtioton and Du
lilt, and also Gohlsboro and War'm1
prin g:.
Oi trains Nos, 52 atul 53, Richmonti
d Datnville, Waashington an(d Aiiguis
i. WaVshinigt on and New )rleans,'
vtnnting, on No. o2i-lleeper O reens
oro to Richionld.
'Ilrougl 'Ticket'. oil slalo at
litriotte, Greenville. Seniee:a Sp:u1
inihrgy :Mid eaninesville to aill points
int h, Sot.hwest, North all East..
A, wit-b N h R It toatifl from Ahni.
1. with N E it it to :Ild from iali
(' wit h El. Air-Liin-, to :1( rom
hrto a n 1 Bow iersville.
1), withk Blue R'idge it it to ainl fromi
E, with C :ild i it to :1t11 from
ewberr-ly, Alston amtl Columbiat.
1F, with A Ill S ani S U Mttd C R It
14anl fromi Ilendersonville, A lst on &e.
G, with C laester :n1d I.enoir It .I to
id froin Hluster. Yorkville :nl Da1laa
IL. with N c Divi'sion :nul e ('.11 and
it to ind from ( reeisboro, maleigl
M. SLA'OlITER. G II. Pass. AI.
A. L. RIv'S, .d V 11 Gen. Man r.
othI 011Colial NimdAvy Counany.
'IolonIunenIeing Smu11lay, May 11,
J 18841, at 4 i m. Plswinger Train
-iII 1num :s follow s tutil furithelr notice.
Eastern im ''
Ovlmart Cidilimbia :m 7 50n m l 5 5 ,Ill
ine ('h!rlt on 12 20 a 10 9 il "
)epa rt (:h:u-le't.on 8 18 a m n i : p m1
>uae :It I olhininhia at 12 38 ) "
To A ND1) FI) 1 CA N1 DEN.
)epart. ( 'idlmba at '7 Mn a mi 5 25 p m
)mne at ( ';iankle al 2 25 p tm 8 2.
West (D~aily except Salaybi.)
)i'jars ( CanatleutU d ) 10 :1m 4 O00 p in
:1 il1tl bIba .12 US " 9 22"
)epat rt Cohnnhauia :at i 50 a in 5 25 p .ai
bepIart A ngitsta at i a a mii
)mne at (~ h(bia 1) at 12 US j i
1;12 .8 p) i., :1101 dep'artinogn'55p
m. At (Gohnnhia .Ianeuion wvith Ch(ar
>tte, (olmmunhia aiinl Au~gui.ta IHai r< a I,
y~ 'same train tol adfrom :all poits onI.~
:t h rom ;lso. i1I( arelm :to:'
At.' ( ni s onh itht I eninero t ain
'ha :nI1 sa i4 orday w:Iit h t(nn1u~ r f :lr
oiver; a~lo.i withl b (-harleston at
Vest and (Sou'h.J At t .h- lle ui ii(
~JoHfN B. P.:ixi. Genieral Manager.

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