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ff? ??^^^M5PIRIT
mwm?- iftfcYe is No Eruption ls
.'??ro-iagn, -The /Caldron
; ) Doesn't ?oil
?M?:?*'i *. ,> ".
?*tHwmitt?bnr*nrrcb 2^.-^?H ?I?H heart
t^l?MH*tal)4>Wlth tho newapaper meri
WAJy . Dight Pr?sident Wilson gave
th*?fbttfrWWg?Statcmcnt .as to, his feel -
Inkijflth reference t?.Jhe Presidency:
.'?T?^yOS Just thinking of my SCUM,, of
?oKtulbn of Identity, sometimes, when
I inRcp articles, about myself. [ nev
t?f 'h&xe rJ'fld an; article about myself
Itt;ICI) KraoiSlrniaed. rufsoir. andi I
bttVe coViie to have tlie Impression that
must' b? -some, kind of fraud, because
I thlhjuagJieat many of these articles
aro -written In abBoIytnly good fpltb.
lureihblo to" think of th" variety and
f?lft?feess In the Imprest.ins I 'make
tm^4*fnaa I am a cold and removed
mHt) who bas a thinking machine ln
?jjr^lch fje^junts to, the, idrcjiln
I iMHWs, Which he do?s not allow to be
fidVed by any wlnda-of uffecifon ox
tiwfoh of any MndUjbut tune*llkuM
<BfOwarehlIghtron^nythmg that'-is
?reHnled to his attention und makes
?AFC*'1' - ' ftra not awnro ?r having
ap? detachablo apparatus inside of m?.
UftHe] con try ry If I were io interpret
rajffil'l would say that my constant
^nHpjC^aajQQOjLJB to restrain tho emo
tnuktaat aa*? tosido of mn
lEITOu may not believe it, but I some.
fBUs feel- like a far from extinct vol
<?fi and If the lava does not seem to
Som; over, lt ts bocauso you are not
iilltti enough to see into the basin and
?bt! the caldron boll. Because truly
MKl?men, In the position which I now
W?kffr, ?.b?ije ls a feering which I do
jgKpuiow ho*w to express than to ::aj'
HflpNd'jpate sense of bcln? connected
Win ?ly fellowmen in a peculiar rola.
tflUfitp' of responsibility. Not mere
ig??tb responsibility of office, but (Jod
WEBS* there are enougn things inthis
woina fhht nsed to be corrected.
?are mixed,' first and last, with
< wttt???ifaM ?condition* of jaen-r-thore
Mighty few" kinds of men that have
described'to me,, and there arc
wS?^i^fi'W ikiads Off experiences that
jUBjfctel^'described to me-and w^en
Ltkwb. of the ftumhe? of'men wlio are
wBfBtBjf r y rf II II rn lim i rr i r ? an ' ii 11 " ri ri
< <'Wil* the nope for ali varieties
wUjMk^yjiim .tba thing?-tney.mr
?ne' midst ot he makes
^:?fattJ>le, ; it wakpame tremble not
?jU?SKm:;^'?^n--^lt?y, own iaadc
Jui? we?k?iessv jfaut'M if I ?tere
;AHjP by the very thia; ? that arc
JHKMO to; and if r ?s?m eircum
borause, I. nra so diligently
':*HR^<*M? iDBk^ a,aV colossal- blup
I ''/?' ?sBft&m^'rB n ffiltp*" CR" make in
ly * f?3f?\Jra' if' ho Is no\ careful, and ir he
Jjli^t, Helen Inore than be talks, von
.^?Sly aqaiefbtng ot me feeling thai
ts ant lined the other day at a re
' l?SBLtbat . : Senator. Newlands made
^3S^ him tho trust message I
H^^^^BtrtdMlver to congress some ten
?HSW-P*'^ delivered it, and I never
. flffil^doct?rlng things bf that kind un
vffi^B^:i?lay-1 have to deliver them
? Jt read to congress lu
?:? ^?nmjr lt Was better than when
HBlKlr^b'me." I said "S?nator
??^?BjfcWfhmg ?Weh I do not think
i constan fi t hot only use all thc
^^K' have but all t can borrow
J|H|n^.?oTr^ww a rot since 1 read
first." That I dare say, it
vea the impression of circum
1 ani listening; I am trylnj
?rr tocV.?c?t sil tba bralps thal
vfttifo;rthat,l .may'. ?ot mak?
?????Pe than'lt ^ Inevitable thai
nate 1, suppose ?, must be' somt
uisTt to conceal it t real,
?emaltoi?s a? If T. wert' mai
>M Wen :X paich a picture a?
ft^HlMs^iF^*^ Vt?tfrJptton. It
in*?, ib** t have to, dp as j
iniHKti o?tUjer ?! never think of myseii
.XlUlUB |?>fi?ni*ri< fir the Unite* States
vee had an sense of being
id&ftSte* With that office. I feel llk<
,rfl?W>oHitba.' -tot ? certali
? MK^'CUlf'tV admlhiaier that of
.e/?ba I feel just as much outside o
?nsciit M- j'diu before I wai
itt ;; I^cei jnst aa mueh^put
^ fe^^^^^S&c^e'wInl^a? mucl
?Tto Xsr*lt ? ?ai> me;' tllat is insldi
?V $^te?M?^:'''4' know iieMeetly well th?1
ki^L.i3B?^?t^i ?>fiL loJl lust mv awi
sltV tjMgl Ililli lliiil li i the" time'beim
H'v '"^ffiif "':'iy':-^':r'r'' r-stw?|li?b%t reiw-i.
St!Uw tW" rf?? ife>nS
Viv&* btust ?tve vrny to bim," ' Th?]
ImiiHt not H? down IT hr IH standing up.
?lt I? a very uncomfortable Hiing to
[have to think qf ail the ol ?IT people
Lev?tytinje Ljgat-?p auT^U.down. .. .So
it'iat when I!pogues ts tra :n> house ami
the public ia snut OUt) 1 adjourn being
President and take leave to li > a gen
thinan If they draw back and insist
upon my doing something first, I firm,
ly decline. ""TJCSSB Sro" blessed Inter.
.Y'?l? .wh.eaJ.rprjc.'t hy ojie.ineqns ot au*
oilier that lani President of thc I 'II ii .?d
states One means by which I for
get is to get u'ruttllng good detective
jPorvf S4'1 ."U?''R A?MO ?1upiKtJia|ry Of
gcmiir.miifi (ias^J?lni Jllj>?YC/T-,-|>r<|j
erabTy any erfhtincirt brr? this .because
the various parts of this continent are
,b"CU/h.i ;, painfully, suggestive to nie.
.The pestofnee ond .many oilier thing-*
which stir rerrilnbu-ejiicos have s'iik
lied''them o'er, wllk.r .? pale east o:
thought.' Therqisrf%lo^o8U!flioeH i tu
which I woQldn't ttittfk or mailing a
letter, which I can't think of without
tiembling with tho knowledge of all
the heartburnings of thestniggle there
waa in conn ca iOiiri with getting some
body installed us puHtnrhster.
"Now. if I were free, I would noni*!
not Infrequently 'TTp-'fo these rooms
Von know 1 was-te'Washington but a
few times and f<jr,t?ift?ry few hours Un.
til I came last year, and I never ex
pect to see the inside of the public
buildings In Washington until my tenn
is^ over. ,The inimit? I turn up any
where, I am personally conducted to
beat the band. 'The curator, and l:ie
.assistant curators and every other
blooming official turns up, and they
show rn" sn much ; attention thut I
don't see the building. I would have
to suy 'stand aside and let me t>v
[ivhaCiyrty ?r?''Hhx>w#?g i?^ V; Soinp darj
'afton' I->n ii?-through,, with i^a^flfec. I
am coming back to- Washington and
se?- lt. In the meantime. I am m th?
SUMi? category as the aXttonnl Mu
?eumt/the monument, the Smithsonian
Justiiuft, or th'ii\pnngresslonal libra
ry. Ilefag uifg(^'(;d as*, a .Hiitfnnal ex
hibit would be mucj) simpler thin be
ing shaken hands with by the whole
.rolled states.
. >"And yet that ls interesting to mo,
simply because I like minan beings.
lt ls a pretty poor crowd that does not
interest you. I think thoy would have
to be all members of tnat-cHiss mai ne.
votes itself to 'expense regardless of
pleasure' In order U> bev entirely yi\\n*
tereuting. Tlwse, look so much alike
-spend tlrolr<tlinV treing to look so
much alike, and so relieve themselves
of all responsibility of thought,' t'u'ut
they are very monotonous indeed to
look at; whereas, a crowd picked up
off the street is just a jolly lot, a job
lot cf real human beings, pulsating
with life, with ul! kinds of passions
and desires. It would be a great
pleasure If, unoyiscTved and unat
tended, I could be knocked uround as
I have.been accustomed., to ..being
knocked around all my life; ir I could
'resort ;to any delight nil quarter, to
any place . In Washington? . that I
Choose, I have sometimes thought of
going to some, .costumer's,, some thea
trical cost miler's, and buying an as
sortment of beards, rouge, aqd.eolpr
ing and aU. the known meam} of^ dls
gblslng 'myself, lr it, ' were,, pp t, ,flga%t
the lsw. . You see ^ha.vq a. scruple as
President against breaking the law,
and disguising m y ??o? f and not g^t
fealightT I wbhfd gb dut," be a'' free
American cltisen once" moro, and'
heve a jolly time. ? might then mo?t
some of "you gentlemen and' actually
tell yb'u what 1 really thought,"
'*' '?'.'.'.' *
- ? . i m>--'.- j'? ? . -v . , ,
Newberry Observer.
Thia in poiiticai year, and every-:
body ;a making prognostications-ex-]
cept The Observer. The 'Observer ls
no prophet. And it la not particu
larly interested, except in a general
way, wanting only to see good and
capable men elected.
With the line-up of candidates for
governor, ' so far announced, there
does not seem to be anything for the
average voter . worry about. He
could scarcely fail out of that bunch
of a dozen or more to find ona roan
to his I lu lng. sod If one does not elect
his candidate out of that-hunch he
can hardly he much hurt, for lt is a!
pretty good aggregation ot men from
none of whom uothlng is to be feared.
If The .Ohs?rver had any advice
to ofter abour the campaign, lt would
be' something .Uko,this;, ' t
1. Don't be too quick to mako up
your nilhd.. An old Revolutionary
leader used to urge his men to "hold
.YQuV . powder (ill von can see the
whites, of their eyes." That waa
good advice in (np old days. when,
guns did not si mot ?ery far; and lt
is pretty good advlco at. all times not !
to shoot too quick and waste your am-'
munltlc.i. Besides, lt ls best to wait
and see who wil be in the race, and
haw tho candidates conduct them
a. DonV promise your Voto to any
man. ' Thai makes one . serf politi
cally and - tool. Be independent.
Let no r ate be able to say that
your vot. .ongs to bim.' v'
8 pont get excited for your man.
if you havo a favorite In the race
There ta not going to be anybody In
the running that ls as goad a friand
to you and your family as-you are
yourself, and it is not likely that there!
w?ll> not be any candidate for whom )
lt will be worth your while to spend
Mtner much tim? or much money on.1
j'4. There are many things worth
atom to - the/ordinary ellison than ls
polities. l.)on\ neglect them, te run
about: the country to hoar.men abuse
each other and' proc'isim how much '
limy love -the.'pennie. . y J
: *. Beriefoher that the re^rtWW
who only Jkiven those who \e<< t .
hi p loprcs them . not as felton ?41
.ena ot fellow-beings, but for wast
lie ot, > make out ot t?em aa a tpolUi
tician. I
?,. Choose your favorite, noa 1 from
prejudice, but from your Judgment) of
their character and ' capacity, and
then stick to them with a quiet de
termination that neither threats aor
:ajplery can move.
7. Vote Tor the men that wilt be.
af the great^t honeflt to the sin:a
it largo ? ? ' i
v8. Vote Wr ?ier^eat mea. |
?JV >A .'. . t ' t \ ?
Cone Johnson, Brilliant Texas j
Lawyer Will Succeed
Jos. W. Folk
(l!y Associated Press.)
Washington, .Varch 20.-The presi
dent today? announced thc nomina
tion ?if Hohen Lansing of New York,
for conn t-cl lor of iho State Department
to .Succeed .ioho Bassett Moor', and
( one Johnson of T >xus, solicitor of the
dopa, ri moil '<> succeed Joseph Folk.
Mr. Lansing is nu associate editor
ot' tile. American tournai of Int rnu
tu.n.i] iaw und the author of several
wori< ? on international subjects.
Ik> ls fifty years obi,, wars associate
conn: e| for the ' I .?Ked Slates
State-. li) t?K> hering Ffc?a arbl
tr*'hm; \$fji-&i)?: counsel*'for the'
raited Stales in the Hering, Sea claims I
c?imrr/TsHioirof''tK!)6i-!lt solicitor for the ?
l'njted 'States on th? Alaskan bound- J
arv tribuna) ind".;. cpuuael. In 'tho ar- I
bit rat fon at The Hagpc. io 1909 of the
.^'ortii Atlantic coast fisheries eise
His home is in Watertown. N. Y
M .. Johnson, who will succeed Jo
scph IV. Polk, as solicitor, is about
lil years old, and according to the
n-i.tcn-.iul issued from tho Wh IV?
Hom . today is one o? the most bril
liant lawyers in Texas Ile was a can
didate for the t'nlted States senate
w.iv.:, retired from thc cpstft
because of ill health.
.Th? White Mouse describ?.l him a.<
oho of the leading factors in progres
sive democracy.
Secretary Bryan said that he knew
b,oth men personally and he consider
ed them eminently fitted for their po
sitions. Both are democrats. T?r.
Secretary John W. Faster of lite s'ate
department, a warm personal friend
Johnson lins not been active In pol
itics. He ls a son tn law of former
of long standing of John Bassett
Moore, whom he succeeds, and now
is the agent for the United States on
the British-Ameridan pecuniary claims
commission in session hore.
i's- .
'? * ** * * '
".."Rbw John T. Mann preached at Eu
reka Sunday afternoon .at 3 o'clock.
He and his wife sang a beautiful du
Mrs. Dora Breazeale and'Mrs. Joe
[Kay of Belton;. MTS. LOU Young.and,
Mrs. Mary Qrr .of GrecnviUe spent tho
.?reek end at the home of, W". L. An
derson. A .finer, quartette of women
i seldom gcttsn tog^t^c-r.
Mr. Harper Ballentine returned to
?GrG&nvBln' ^tarday^ after spending
awhile w?-.j his honi?-i'olks convales
cing l' om a recent illness.
Our offlclen? mall carrier. Mr. Lu
I thar Major, is going to sive us still
?better service. He has purchased a
nice auto so as to make the rounds
more rapidly.
Mrs. Long has been sick for?'eev
eral days. We trust that she will soon
bo well. "* ' -v ?
The W. M. S. met Tuesday afternaon'
with Mrs. A. M Campbell. .?*? j
Mrs. O. W. Kay gave a quilting beet
Thursday. The following lollies quilted
four quilts, Mesdames B. B. Brezeale,;
I* E. Campbell, M. M. Cambpell. J. W
[Shirley, W. L. Anderson, Lena Gara
brelh Robert Erskine, John Griffin.
Butler Griffin. Culbert Shaw. Luther
Campbell aud Miases Shaw. Campbell..
Smith, Ersklna and Kay.
Br. H. F. Smith of Kesley var State
I Xml Senate .
Piekens. Marchi. 19.-The Picken*
Sentinel of this week says that con
siderable pressure bab been brought
to bear to have Dr. R, P. Smith ot
Easlty, make the race for th? Stativ
Se?ale from - Piekens county to suc
ceed ' 1 lon. Thomas j. Mnuldin, elected
Taben Issac With Teacher ea Certain'
i Propositions
Editor The Intelligencer: i ;
In your issue oL.the 14th inst., nn i
article appeared addressed to the pa- ?
rente of Anderson, but signed, "An
derson county teacher.", lt thia writer^ i
is a county teacher, why. address the.' ]
parents or Anderson? We would love; .
to think that the' teacher was inls-* .
.quot dd in that open '.etter. . i
The letter IQ part-Says; ",Tti?,>a?hoil ,
book? of today ere prepared with u*-'
most oax*r and. th* explanations-ftlveu j
have proved adequate to the avera?? ,
mind apd that lack , of application ?a <
thp cur^btH?^'n'?r-the lacfc'plJtfM I,
are th^ttwo,^We^rewppf..M&
chUd not underaXand5ng*;th?, >ftspna j
assigned. Solanum ia, the wjsest nar
e?nt that wo hav? any account, or.and *
i? .. are taught that 2* had a thousand I
r.vos, but one sort, a a i*har he wes a i
fool. The purent? s?uvehlldren today <
ave many generations from Solomon? i
New, .viii iii? teacher consider this
fact and let up on the parents with
their children. * - I
Again, "Teacher" says: "lt is the 1
worst possible injury for the parent j
to do.the work for the boy." And yet. i
how. often tba boya are sent homo i
with instructions from "teacher* to ?
let your mother or'your papa help I
you, or learn 'you your lesson, not- <
withstanding the fact that the county <
ami state has employed "teacher.; and
Ihn pHy ls sure, to Instruct thc child-!
ren without much bruin, and if it l's!
all the Kaine with the teacher, just re
verse the order, of things, teach th*? I
children their leeson si school and
lol them recite to their parente.
names, March |9, IOU.
_?_LL.: : i . .
little h nunn V.*v*\*V Tl.$l l|U|<h\]
ilmly Was Kouiid.
N'owbcrp, Mtr?h Ji?. Manly Hatch.*]
keeper of, thy Obld<boro jirimbi r Co. j
commissary willoh isTIecsted in' 'the
limber woods near cutup, was found'
thia afternoon with his throat cut
from oar to < ar' -Tb?*, budy i^as'Oon?
healed lu a clump of bushes and the'
iniirederd man imd probably 'been :
dead several hours, as lils body was'
Hatch Ara's l.-.st seen about K o'clock j
this morning. At that time So was In'l
tin commissary building attending to
his duties and seemed tj be in the
bi M ol spirits. About noon one ot the I
lumbermen went to thc commissary toi
BOC ti rc some articles needed by bim j
and lound the place unoccupied. A
search was instituted for Mr. Hutch
ami liiis resulted In ?.lie finding of his
The murd.-r had been committed in
t'.',<. road and at the point where the
man was attacked there was a great
pool of blood and from this point was
a trail made through thc bushes where
the body had bean dragged through
Robbery was evidently the object ?if
th<. murder, bm the managers of the.
company and the. police have no?_; the
slightest clu-> as to the perpetrator of
the deed. Au alarm has been sent out
to the police in all nearby towns to!
be on tre lookout for suspicious char
acters and a walch is being kept on all
trains coming from that place.
Hatch wa? a residen ol'. Richlands |
nnd js survived by his.wife.
?iiisgggftjb*?! T^arTu*?!* Who Has i
Many Pupils In This
Among the prominent educators ofi
tba state who atf.cneC'i the State
teacher's convention and ?ame by An
derson to visit relatives is Jus. P.
Kinard, Ph. I)., professor ot English
at (pc South. .?urolina Military Col-'
lege. Mr. Kinard held the same po-,
sitlofi'tit Winthrop College fdr a nnm-'
ber of,''i'ear8,l'mid acted at times as'
President'ot'thai institution, in the oe-!
ca sionai nbsejuce ? of Professor John
son "on business. 1 tir, . kinard .1ms I
to4pS' fdrm?r'!lt?upil8 In Anderson, as
this .'county, has always furnished ' a
large' jVrojttorYlp/p of the pupils at Win
throp! tHe also has a number oi rel
atives^ Ifere."
, TOTMMI a brother of Jphn M.
Kinara of Newberry, ^?4- many years,
president of the. Commercial Bank of,
that city,-artd recently president ot
the alumni of the State university and
president of the state Hunkers' oon
vehtfori.'' DT.,0klnard'? grandfather'.
Qed.'''U: KlhAW, was for years tne
sheriff'of Newberry county, a eont?m-|
porary'of'John* Belton O'Neal!. Hi?'
father waa Lieut. Col.' John M. Krnaril
of* $?<i' Suth, South Carolina, killed , at
the head' pf' tris regiment in the Shen
andoah Valley near Winchester.
This distinguished educator was
h'raseif trained at the Citadel, and af
t-uichlng for some years took his de
gree at Jbhh Hopkins. He was sup
erintendent of the schools at New
berry and later wo,s elected head of
the English department of Winthrop
where ho remained from the day the
college opened until last year wheni
lie. was called, to thc chair ne now oe-1
cupl?s with such distinction ac thot
successor of the graceful James Cum
mings. Or. Kinard combines what Is
so rare, the executive knack with the
literary and scholarly ability. He ls
an,,author of note; his text books be
ing used.in many schools of tho coun
try. .His wife waa M??s "Lee Wicker
bf^Virginia, one ot the members of the
original faculty of Winthrop. She ls
a Jwonan of intellectual and social
gifts that have made her the socall
center of a large circle.
^h*: Kinard IB ? Baptist.
Bi ?tish Ministers
fri Discuss Situation
London, March 20.-Four cabinet
m.alster? spoke of thc Ulster situa
Lion ht different' meetings on Friday
lohn Hums, president of the local
government board, m an address said:
Home rule is a question mainly for
Irclnnd Jt&tlf. Three-fourths of the
people there have .demanded it for i
rears, and we have no right to listen ;
o tho demand fer more concessions <
ir yield.to clamor.
Wo have no more desire to yield to
he lawjess lawyers than to lawless
laborers,' Thomas McKinnon Wood,
jeqretary of state of Scotland said:
'W)B wl|l carry home rulo, by agree- i
nefat if wa possibly, can. Hut without
t if we must.''
Augustine Blrrell, cn:er secretary ot
Ireland., declared the government s
proposai to give CIsto,- freedom from
coercion fer sU years anu that he
?chemo of Andrew" nonar L?"w meant
immediate coercion if a. referendum '
iga In st Ulster. i
.jSir John Allsebrook Simon, attorney i
meerai, said the governm nt proceed I
o g? stoadi?v oii. adding:. ''Wha?c\vi- |
lappehs. we will see.'* that t'a vt 'and i
>rder/and unflinchlngly'observed tn Cl- t
Uer." .
---- y
Seeks Oalj AUsaeay. i
Atlanta, March, 20.-Beean so her ,?
msband ls subieVf to frequent Ats of 1
jealousy, ?ad s\*.*s, Mrs. Ida BS. Elli--j
ion bas appealed to the court for sec* I
.ration anti alimony, but does not %fSk i
llvorce. She bia had pno exeat writ I
saned against ber husband, to pre- .1
rent him from leaving jSc state be-"
'ore the alimony h ear hi g. I1
1 ? '? ? I ' '. 1 1 ....
Unbosomed Himself to The
Newspaper Men at the
White House
iPy Associated Press?
. Washington, Murch '?(> -?Woodrow
Wilson uniHisoiiK'il hlUMolf to mem
bers o? Hie .Naumai I'n-ss ('lui, today,
telling them in a fra.ik, conversation- |
ul way hmv he felt as President of the-j
(Jplied SUH-S, how difficult lt was iori
l:in) to imagine himself as thf chief]
executive wWh '.ii;- ;.'rnial am?nit?s of'
tin- position and how he had strug
gled to be as free as the ordinary In
dividual, without the restraints . f IIIBJ
office. It wss an intimate oicture of !
Woodrow Wilson, the man, drawn by
himself, on the oeeasslon of the]
"house warming" at the press club's
nev quarters. Tho pr<*aldenb ;djd not
intend ;o have his remarks reported,
but later at tho rocnest of tho club,
the unusual speech was made'public.
The president talked entirely for
mally. He wore n sack stilt and stood'
with his hands In his pockets as ho!
spoke. He was in a happy mood and
his remarks were constantly pundit-j
at. d with laughter and applause. Mr.
Wilson ls a member of the press club,
having been elected ?is an author long;
before he became president- ? Mem-1
hors ol' the cubinet, Speaker Clark and'
manv ollicials were also guests of Hie
newspaper men.
An Anderson fuse.
lEditorial in the Manning Times.)
Tho Supreme Court.pf the stute has
lately rendered a dec.?-:i,;i in Ute case
of the city of Andersen against Fant,
which will be a matter, of much impor
tun?e to towns and cities in the en-1
forcement of their ordinances with'
regard to tho sale of Honor by blind j
tigers, hut holds that a mere "go-be
lies the law as affecting actual blind
tigcrB, hut holds that a, moro "go-bne
iween m not a nutter ot liquor unuer
the general policy of the law against
the sale of alcoholic liquors. The
city or Anderson had an ordinance
similar to that or most of the towns of
thc state, against the sale.of alcoholic
liquors within Its limits, under the
power conferred in the state law, com
monly known as the Carey-Cothran
law. Two white men wanted some
liquor and called a negro and gave him
some money to go and hunt it for
them, but when he returned with the
liquor Jic was nabbed by the city a,ur
thorities and charged with violation oit|
the city ordinances., : 'JJ ?
It was not proved that ene^negre ran1
a hilad*tiTr,,oV thatflie^-wap? h\ ML*!
habit of? selling whiskey, although the 1
testimony showed that he did buy the
liquenjrrom fM>N#(LA?gSP fpn#*} white.
-men. The blind tiger was indicted,
.but the negro waa.iound auUiy before
the city court, and the .verdict of con
viction was sustarnWby-Uhe circuit
court, whereupon the case was carried
by appeal to the highest tribunal. The
decision of the ?upr.eraeMcourt; holds'
that city ordinances. In , Brich cases
must be construed in naririony with the
policy' of law not, to punish'the'buyer,
but trie seller of 'lifluor and'that since
1t .'was not proven that the party in
dicted rah.any'blind tige? 6~ ""hat ac
was iii ihe habit or selling or trans*
porting iltpaOr, but inere?y' act?d ao a
?eel or go-between to purchase the
liquor from a blind tiger r?r rae witltc
men, an indictment against him, under
tlje state of facn aa prev?n,' could not
be sustained. . .
* "'.
? The Six and Twenty ?
* correspondent of The
* Hailv Intelligencer sends
* this * bit of information:
* Mr. B. F. Whitaker
* sold one of IrisVyearlings
* tjiejojlier day"f it was 4'
*' years' old" and Weighed
* ene ..thousand two .hun
fc dred and' sixty" pounds, *
*- bringi?g -Vim ihe sum- of *
*' $65. Hurry .un? Uncle, *
* Ben and sclbanotner calf.,, *
.? * '
? ?> ? ? * f "? *
Tft.O KEW R. E. ? ROrTES
(Vite from Siilkehiitchle and Aiifiinrj
.', BY From- Lodge ; t. J
Walterboro. March 20.-We have re
cently received notice, frorn Hon. R.
S. Whaley, congressman from , this]
district that he has succeeded in get'
ting petitions for th# establishment
of two new rural routes in Colieton
county approved, and the service will
be commenced on those as soon as
possible. One of these will lead out
from Salkehathie and the other, out
from Lodge. "Roth of those routes
wilj save n large numb**, yjf people, all
of whom will-be delighted to know
that Mr. Wbalr has succeeded in get
ing'thTeir'rMittoh* -app?rrV?tt?
(Newberry Herald and News.)
Dr. Strait has qualified as superin
tendent of, the state-hospital for .tho
Insane, and ba? taken charge pf -tho
institution. - Ho ls, a gentleman .who
isa heen signally honored-by hie peo
ple, and against whose character . aa
\ man and whose reputation aa a phy
irteiaa nobody bas been,able- to say
my thing, cv?n is MI? ii i il lu* uircum
I tan ces in which Ms appointment was
nade. Aa matter of fact without ref
srenee to anything that baa gone bo
tore, Dr. Strait h} a*.?**sV.?ne gentle
man and a physician- of recoghlied
?billty. and, above all, he I? a ?en pf
good, hard, common sense,, and we
Wist that under his administration of
the affairs ot tho state hospital, peace
alli rabin supremo, aaa waboyeva u
if? ********** *
. -4-:. . *
Ii is rfj^l .an easy *
'. matter to separate *
: the names of the *
subscribers to The *
; Daily Intel?i??'nc?r *!
1 fromKi { s?fpi^e?ki^ ^
[? ly subscribers, the *
* continued illness of
* the lousiness rriana- "*
i: ger of this paper be- *
* ing emite a draw- *
!: back to us, and we *
* therefore assure *
* any of our readers *
* who subscribed for *
!: the semi-weekly *
* and happen to get *
* the daily , that they *
* will not have to pay *
* for the daily. Take *
* it and read it with *
* our compliments *j
* until we can get ttiei *
{* m a ri i n ?? " lists *:
* straightened " out, *
* which wil be -in ? *
* few days. .?>?,.- *
??: Ik? i* * ' * JH . *"#.* * '*
.1 (M'S**'
AndcrKOB School In thc BigRInfi.
I- . uff-*;
"That's tho one. qjd hoy? keep', em!
ciieRRiner- "shoot 'nm >ncrMR' ton hnrt 1
old scout: make 'em hit; now you're
pitching like the old fellows, you're |
there with the speed; s'obm 'em over.",
Who is going to bear these words
thrown at them th i.s. sp rani or when tho'
base ball season ?penn In Anderson,)
with lae Andergbn^Iiluing school lead-]
inj; in the Prep, League? Why all of
tho staunch supporters of th-i school,
willbethe ones that . will do the talk-')
lng, talking to the, ?Wist pitcher in the
Prep. Association. O, yes, the other,
nlayers will be there pulling off plays'
that will make the veterans takei no
tice. iU'iftger .Sullivan stated yesterr'
bVfy ?*f.c<-.-toon .that there would be 24'
Kains scheduled for the sca.flpn, and if.,
t Ho baseball fans of. Anderson want-to1
see some reaj ball playing, fwjiy here,,
in, your chance, . Tho baseball .-asBo-1
biatlon ls in Uebtjrom last season and',
if the boys band you. a ?Jtlat to- sub
scribe your small, mite, do nov turn. it.?
down, go to*???s??m ?oap?, andvebo*,,
your . r.pprecl?ttoa for ta* ( marven ta?i
is on foot. If,the fans.af .A4de/s0p can'
not.stWPort(a <ftea?/ln; |?>e>k??gne,-,tbf n
help support one thai will be a credit,
to town and,.-.w, Ul -.jot cost quite .SO
much money.'
, (iTj.:^t? oijT :
Hart?,''ll, (ia? *J8um Service ?Iren by j
, Company.
t Hartwell, Ga., Sun.)
\ motor has Just be?&i. installed at
?ne court house 'tfl"pumpr the waler for
the system .?|J^*atGr works. .
A RaHolirielxmgine has. been,u,sed for
several y ea ?J, tuit the authorities sf
the city thought best to discontinue
its use, as Hartwell has 24-hour el
electric ??rviec and it will be much
more satisfactory tb use this means ot
raising the ? waters tb the tank.
Thc Franklin Light 'and-Power Co.,
with its main office and plant In Hart-1
well, which supplies the:town of Roy
ston, Bowersvtll? and Levon ia with |
power.gnd light Installed a number of.
niotors in Hartwell. The Buri ls on*|
of the users. * Tire service, is excel
lent and wo feel' -sure?? Hartwell did
the right- thing in disposing of tho
'ilant to thia company. The system
ils a whole hae bedn'greatly improved
aince. they took ?Imrge. '. : y
Protracted Meeting ls Regan. ...
Beginning 'Wlttt- next Moindav night
i s?ri?s Of sermono will- be >preaobed
in the Christ i atr church oy Charles C.
Ware, of Greenwood, Mn - Ware is
thoroughly : prepared, -to deliver > able
ind tnterestingiiSdrmons. The song
lervice begins promptly, at 'o'clock
avery night. Mr?. Ware will assist
In personal work ond special solos,
the public is cordially Invited tb at
tend these, meetings.
* * * * * * * * * * *
* Atlanta Letter f
* # * Jft flji^S-flft. * * #
Atlanta. March 20:-Un^^r" the Hie
'The . Next Go verupr. anti it'he nest
Senator," Mr. Hearst's newspaper, the
Atlante Georgian.,.puts itself on rec
ord todav in ? leading editorial aa
'avering tho unoiid\pged return of Sens
or Hoke Smith to,WaaMagftn, and
'io election of John Marshall, Slatqn .
?ither as governor or Junior senator, 1
ivhle-i*vcr Mr. Slaton decides to offer
" The paper
*m actively support Governor Slaton :
'(thetti&r g^erfco* ?r tor?;th*ten&a?? I
al'Office left vacant by Bacon's death
. ??Thc Ge^p^sl^lleV?a- that Beh?br 1
Hoke Smith by the national influence 1
jp him won, na? bombnswatcd that
Georgia's national posltloa and pow?r
a best scrvdd by holding.** his place
ia long as he maintain* bis present
itandard of capacity and leadership, <
Mid that he clearly ?nit unquestiori- 1
nb|y deserves as unopposed rc-e)ec? :
lon to his place Jj? the?aenatc." ?1
Of Governor Slaton, the editorial 1
lays. '?ith?fr Georgia nor tho sout> 1
iss sn> public .roan of whom If has ;
treater reason to be proud. He bas (
dou?' gr??t Service ft? mi open way ?.o
the commonwealth. This newspa
per Is for Oov?rnor Slatoifs unop
posed re-election a?, governor, if he
asks for a settond tofm. "Or if Gover
nor Slaton Should aspire to fill the
senatorial chair left-vaoant hy Smator
Becca's death, the Georgian will cheer
fully and beartlly give him its support
for that position, without deprecating
J in any way the merits and character
of t!ii able and useful Georgiana who
? play he hp? cor$p<!U<vT?. ? ' : j
I Atlanta. March 20. Tor the death
:of John 'L . Bleckley, fourteen
Vears.^old.) ; -erna! newsboy who
was killed . ?reet ear. Mrs. Julia
I Bleckley his . asked $25,000
I damages from . > Georgia Railway
and Power company in the city court
[Thursday morning.
Mrs. Bleckley states In her petition
I that the hoy was earning $25 per
month or more, and that ite supported
her. -She- says he was riding on his
bicycle to deliver a load of Journals,
about two months ano. having just
left sub-station No 1. ut 495 Edge
wood avenue.
She ?tatos lie tried to turn at Ran
dolph street, when two Edgewood
avenue downtown ears both going
over 25 miles an hour, passed. The
second ono, which lie did not see.
struck bini, mnngling him so thut ho
deid within a few hours. Negligence
on the part of the motorman is al
leged Atkinson & Brown attorneys,
filed the suit.
"The ( ali of the Heath.?
Atlanta, Morell 20.--So Illuminating
and instructive WUB the mass Qf data
and Information relative to Hie possi
bilities of Georgia, the Empire State
of Hie South, contnmf-d' In the recent
'.Special edition of "The Call of the
South," th?t acores of request? have
I benn Bent In to the editors to send
the issue broadcast over the country,
j The magazine, which is published in
I the interests of belter literature, in the
'south and the development of'south's
immense material? advantages, ' will
therefore make Its appearance short
ly in every section of Hie United
States from which Georglu might
ulan |jiun|itiuir nrmcitl MIIU llllllie
Thc special edition was gotten up
with the assistance of the Georgia
Chamber of Commerce, whoso
officers and many of Us members con
tributed heavily to its columns. The
campaign foi' good roads, the war on
the boll Weevil, the movement to ex
tend the sale and purchase of Georgia
made and Georgia grown products;
the diversification and marketing of
crops and other planks in the state
wide constructive platform of the
State Cliambor: receive expert treat
ment in the hands of such promin
ent ceotrtbutoMi'as .flavB'rfi?r; johpj-VC,
Slaton, 1X~KT Ofr, Br. AnoTOw
So?le. Mrs. Z. I. Fitzpatrick, presi
dent or the Georgia ..federation of
.Women's clubsf E. H.i-Hyman of the
Macon Chamber.'of Commer??t Erwin
P. Ansley? Miss Mildred Rutherford
Telam?n smith Gayler,. Hon. Jesse E.
Mercer? and a score of others equally
\vc?l< known.
Stamp of Approval fer Tai:??;
Atlanta.. March 20.-r-.The tango-and'
ot ker niodoca dances; in conservative
form, wilt -receive, the -stamp 'of "ap
proval bf the executive mansion and
the first lady ot Georgia this after
noon wbcn~Mffl7Johh Marshall Stan
ton, wife of th? governor, will glte % '
cabaret tea. fer the. local CJrarober fm
the Daughters*' of the \Amorfcan ftevo-^
lut lon. ,
Charming . Misa, Charlotta Meador.
dougthter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Frank
Meador, and Percy Ansley, son of Mr.
and Mrs. ?dwiriP. Ansley, will- give
a series of exhib?ton dances, and oth
er weil hr"*" society people will
take part
In addition to the exhibition danc
ing, there will be music*? selections
and readings. While the turkey
trot" an denimel dances, aa they
were called, whenever popular with
tho best elem?dt lp Atlanta society,
tho more graceLu tango and the hesi
tation waltz, tala fhey will be danced
at .tho executive mansion, have been
r?c?lved abd given the stamp or ap
nro^val already m the highest social
'. Monkey Suririigctte.
Atlanta, Mhrcb '2a-^0?li?/s?ffrhgetto
moy omen t baa struck tlio monkey
c?gq^gt lhe*%ant Park?xoo^accord
ing ja9 ZbOineeier? BoA, Ad Kbc
?III.V Be^tafea^rpa/wno 'Va boen
monarch bf f^t? minksyi House for
many moons has behi deposed and an
. 3? ?#,,9JmsuoM .When. BUL the JWav
gest. ape tn the cage, stepped on one
ot lucy's sore toes. It angered har
so that he had. the advantage of her
in sise and weight. Seeing*thelr for
mer leader beaten to earth th* other
monkeys; flocked to the new standard?
nnd.now King .Bill, is In disgrace, <
He doesn't, dare ,to steal a peanut
from the smallest she-monkey in the
jpafe, and when, somebody hands Bill
* al leo of orator banana. Queen
Lucy now takes it awhy from him
abd throwB hlm.;the ?klp.
Unknown Schooner Suak.
thr?e^asted\*hiobn?r ' we* ' Yautn?
and^aunj^y f^^^f^^^^^'k.
his ship and a three hour?' search
made, bot tm survivors could be found*.*
The accident was caused by a fog.
;--t-?.-. .
um ^fea^veai.
^riaoalpbi?, iifarch 20~-Mia*
Gladys Ravenscrolt of England- wo
?nen-r gp? t^??Dl<m ?f the; United
states, denied thc reports seat (dBW
from. -Rouibnrf.'Hak- Z?Z
Night not.,?fmt?^. ?hij co?ltry. next
ral)- tp defend thc title abe capture?]
?t .GM WUmlukjfpn ..cpu.ity club hv?fc

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