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NEW SERIES, VOL. 1, NO. ?. W??kly. l?tobU??e* 18?; Dal?* Jan. 18, !'./.<.
_'_ ?_._ _
MORNING, MA\32, 1914.
Several OH Plants Air. Jy Bru?
ed; Other Properties Valued
at Millions in Danger
(By Associated Press.
Washington. Afrit d.-OflielaJJ^W
tonight were gravely anxious for Ute
safety of foreign property1 inj tafe
Tanjpleo District, where valuable oil
plants already have been destroyed,
and other properties, valued at mil*
lions, are threatened by Msxicail ?ot?
^HOttUonalist and Federal shells.
?.Dispatches today told of the burn
ing of warehouses belonging lo a'Ger- I
company, with a loas of half. a j
?ion douars ana ot imminent dang- ?
cr to tb? immensely valuable plant of
the Waters-Pierce Oil RcRneT?J$$pte
plant, the navy department learned
today, has baea occupied by attack
ing force the past few days, and as
a consequence, shell after shall has
been poured into it from Fedora] gun
boats In tho harbor.
P???r-Admiral Mayo's suggestion that
an army transport be sent to Tampico
to horbor refugees probably will not
cause officiai action hero. The hospital
ship Solace, with accomodation* for
several hundred, was due to leave
New Orleapa for Tampico tonight, and
at tb* navy department, lt waa said
that tho niarJue? on the transport
Prairie at Vera Cruz easily could be
distributed among the other ship? In.
Mex lesa' watsrt).' leaving that crait,
with accommodation? for at teas! SOP,
h Agree t Carothers at Si Paso
-ito o of tneir rights, bod redress
their grievances against the Con
lUotir.siat Government.
, ion war av
in. doubt''.har.
e outcome of
t oity. Ko de
itcome of the
Ithout ndvant
RU80 of heavy
xi told callers that Ibis
is dolug all lt could for
of all Spanish subjectti
e indicated that if thc
BtS ste?rWlstMrt tn their at.
less dispatch received here tonighC.t
It caught tire from the Khella of the^
Zaracoga. The . loan ' is intimated at!
. J??.Ob?.
Tampico ls reported to he envelop
ed in smoke from the buming oil
tanka General Ma^fts''W??ra! cooa
mander at Vexa Cruz has received an
urgent call for the gunboats Brayo
and Annunclo.
Milwaukee Election ~;&taruH.
Milwaukee. Wis., April lo.-Cern,
p?ete returns from yesterday'E mun lei
pa! elections give la?jleVlB; ?. Beding,
non-partisan 07,761 ?t? Emil Seidel,
so^ialist-dempcral, ?8?47 votes.
The soels?lst-dettf?#rttys. captured
one of the chief efSeeaV.?nat of city at
torney, Daniel W. J-foen^tne incumbent
having received ^'?M2 against 31.936
for William HT^i?lI?... Jr.'? nou-partl
sau. ;:~"*fi.-' -. .'-vsSSf?
Friends Aro ?h0?^n To " "Al
low m Name To Bo Used
This Time
Some days ago thate was soma talk
or bringing out Tv Prank Watkins for
the State senate from this county.
Hr. Watkins bas since received matty
tlrely unexpected, and he ia almost
persuaded to believe that he^a|p?I
get the nomination,'hut his business tn
the siren of the cstfipaign. He .likes
that kind ot tbtng'and: Would ilka to
make the race, butTTeald'that he can
not in justice tb his business.
In th? last few days there has been
pome talk ot asking J.'f;SV .Fowler to
ai low bis name to be used^te connec
tion with the race for the senate. It ia
stated that be could win easily, and
the matter bas be?n ^ur .to him by
?orne of his friends''but he *has turned
a deaf ear ao far. "Mr/ PowtaW^liy
many depending upon him for oupnort
and for help during' the crop years,
and his closo. business associated say
teat it would bc ittce to 2ttr.
Fowler to ask : .un, for he
would do it If Si a call from,
his county, a? he or failed to
make any SKerlflOff^l^fetd?raon. It
tne statement that Dr. R. F. Smith
pf Kesley, who bas been mentioned for
thO SittiS fitrtS?C . .
to auoceed" Tom Joe Maui dla, elected
judge, has about'decided to enter the
race for congress against Mr. Aiken.
Cr. Smith was ? member of the last
this district, and la * j?opular man.
Says That He la Re^dvibg En.
conragement la Hts Race for
Lieut. Gov. ChaB. A. Smith of Tint
monaville, a Candidate -for governor,
ia in *be city in tho Interest or his
candidacy. Gov, Smith Is no strauber
herc and bis friends were glad to ase
him. For four years -hs has he'd the
ofnes of lieutenant governor and dig
atty. . . * ... .
He started In Ufe as a ?ebeol teacher
charged the duties thsre?f .with ability,
and today is tbr haul'of ? large mer
cantile intarprlee and a bank of eooso
?jienee.' He has av?rai"1 l?mes been
B>JDB,k>t? 'VTC^<Sfsr't?07^ a -ur
o ol
o Regular ?ailjr ftobbcry. , ? ,
o . - - ,o
O ": Hot SpringB, Ark.. April 9.- . .p
o Officials ot th? United States o
o Express Company here stated o
o that between 92.000 and $3,000 o
o , in money and valuables was esr- o
o ried la the express esr of the o
o -Hock Island train reported o
o robbed near Haskell. Ark., to- o
p night. M
o o
tl 9 loooooeooooooa o .
VllbtB iiiiuiiwusm
Boats of the Greifen* Wera Stink
And Only Calm Sea? Pre~
vented i>ts??ter
*ByAssociated Prcas?
Newport News, Va.," April 9.-Bring?
lng the dead body of the captain and'
eleven''survivors of the crew of the
Norwegian bark Oreliana which she
rammed and sunk off Barnegat, N.
last night at. ten o'clock the American
aieamer Peter H. Crowell arrived to
night; from Boston. .The eleven survi
vors which include one woman, wife o?
the 'Itrst mate, were picked ?t?m the
water by the Oroweil's boam attar
their own boats, two in number had
been swamped. The captain was dead
when picked up. Two men went down
With the Orellaaa.
Captaln Vail o? the Crowcll roirsSted
to Consul Richardson that the col
lision occurred during misty weather
a&d was dbe to tue poor lights dis
played by fb.e OreUaaH. The ero weil
s*3jr??k,-the. barfc while steaming, al
- ? : ? : .:, Captain Vail said that,
great confusion prevailed aboard thc
bark following., the crash. Captain
Johabnseu loiltig control of bia men
entirely. The . sailors, after Captain
jonannsen ana me mate had succeed- j
od in gettieg the lattcr'B wife into one
of the boats, piled into them, (there
were but two launched) so wildly that
both were swamped, in tbe meantime,
th J -Trowel? ?as standing by and Cap
tain Vail immediately ordered bis life
boat, aptaJa Jahaanw:,
the wom'/a and J ten men were picked
up. The sea ca?m and rescue
work was comparatively easy.
Captain Johanbsen, who waa 65
years ot agre, waa dead when tal.cn in
one of th?s retune boats and his death
ts tho.igbt to have boen due to heart
disease aggravated by the excitement
of the .wreck.. . Two members ot the
crew failed tb leave tn the. boats and
wept down with vino Ship. Whether
Ussy misjudged the time the vessel
would ?tay afloat or wished to die
aboard the Ship could not be learned
tonight ?''?'.?
\OTEoijm?h ON
For Separate Sealion Over Unto?
?rr*-?g??nent Won By Vote of
?3?to0X I
; ' : '- ' .
vn? w. Bttesey. < m-, ap- ,
pointed, from the Anderson chamber
bf coinmer??;. m?t yesterday und can -
> ?*.* % A*7 Vw??^? .ca? * ntthn?*u ??kP??
the CbarleetOo & Western. Carolina
railwy . railroad officials. ?fljj j
agreed to do whatever the subite ?rf
anderson d?sifl^d in this matter, either (
te. build aseoarafe station AP U union j
stlktion -, ' ?
> vew jua?ed eat from the
otttrfihvl ?ff. amerce some days a*r, j
.and 2s 0 repli?s, wore recavad. fkWUea }
?^^f%^S^? ysd*^5a* v*s
WllRon left hers" et 11:30 o'clock to-j
(Hy Asi ?ted Press)
?1 Paso,- Tas S? kl S.-News or an I
important rebol Bf eat at San Pedro. I
about forty mll< iHortbwest pf Toreen I
was brought h? ?today by newspaper I
men who wah fit allowed to send I
the news from h?; rebel vamp. Before I
the correspond lt? left Torre?n the I
defeated rebel ofiumn ret urned to I
Torreon. j?
Villa sent oi?j&a,' brigade under I
Oe ncr? ? Crtcg. .??Katust oat* Pedro. I
The defeated t lippui returned Tuen-1
day,, it ia said. !? federal rapid fire I
guns, sweeping the level plain, work-1
ed havoc arnon $|em. Night attacks I
failed to'dllodj *-.the enemy and Or-1
tega*returned , -*|tli the explanation!
that ho fouud ?he federals In unex-l
peeled force. $t
Brownsville, ftff,, April 9.-Rein
forcemcntp ent ejk to the aid of the
Tampico feder ^garrison were de
feated yestorda willi the IOBB of forty
men, accord in; to constHutionalistH
reported today .9 Jdatambras head
quarters.. So ilr aK known, Matamo
res bas had ni- recent reports from
thc con8tituttor iklit aeige ot Tam
j,. "I;-^-^- ? -
Were J
league is r
Federale over
Louis America
Jumped to the
today, accoril
American lens
Atc.erieea less
If >t take?.eve
ury," ^ald Joh
wtil be. left urti
Head It?. Another V.
9.-Thc American|
go to war with thc
1 Hamilton, the St.
B'ague- pitcher, whe
naas City. Federals
to Ban Johnson,
president. "Thc
will stop Hamiltor
loUar in the treas
Q tonight. "Nothing
>T the Next
?des Day To Be
. nllension Committee of
in^jer of ronfifcrce Thursday after
?noon anaounc??.vth?' following Pro
[gram for Tradi||Day, Tuesday April
i 21st, next. Thnday will be known
; as Flower Day;Kd the chief exercises
?rill be h?rid at Ks Palmetto Theatre,
j beginning atj llj|0 A. M., promptly,
^oijrum dHLnnounced lg as fol
IS:30 Opening? Pi'jietto Theatre.
; 10:35 AonouttijBtents-by Chairman,
10:45 InvocalSB-P/ev. D. W. Dodge,
Pastor, fc?ntral Presbyterian
Church;'wa .'
10:55 Illuslratfil' Address with Slides,
o;>. v hiclftvelopment in Coun
try, by F|M; Bucnett, Secty. Y.
M. C. A.|of Anderson.
11:30 Addressl-Hortlculture- W. J.
HlfltiHg^B. Agr. Agt., Soutb
* tty.t'Washington, D. C.
12 Moving;Mclure Reel, compll
I ; mentary'fH Palmetto Theatre.
subject; porai Parade. Flo Kera
I-'-', galore. IJ
$?BCT. GOT. c.?i
i the Logical Csu
JW Up" Fight
Federal* In Forre.
El Paso, Tex., April 9.-r-It was re
ported at Torre?n that General Ve
lavco, who evacuated that city five
days ago hud Joined federal General
Hidalgo at Saltillo. Hidalgo, with
7.000 men. had ?tarted to reinforce
Velasco at Torreon, but waH delayed.
Tim combined farces at Saltillo there
for number about 12.000, ii the Hi
dalgo report proves correct.
Kl Paso. Tex., April 9.- H. S. Cu
nard-? 'uminiuH. ucting Uri tish vice
consul at Gomez Palacio,-waa used by
General Villa during the battle of
Torre?n to carry a demand to Gen
eral' Velasco on March 27 that the
latter surrender. According to news
paper carreapondenta who reached
here from that front tonight. Mr. Cu
nard-Cumins performed thc . mission
under protest and was subjected to
rifle fire on lils return toward be reb
el linea. G? orge C. Curoth?rs. special
agent of tile state department at the
battle, in t^e report of the incident
j he has made to Washington denies |
Sew Vehicles Bought By Prosperous
1!?-Utcnts of the Zion Section.
Thursday was a good day for trade
In farm o aimais and farm vehicles.
The Fret well boys sold hair a dozen
buggies and several mules and Fow
ler's stables sold nine buggies to as
many farmers from the .Mt. Tabor
and Zion neighborhood, the land made
famous hy thc Zion school band. The
good farmers from that section who
bought buggies ?'ere: H. C. Graham,
P. D. Bowl and, W. D. Ballard.Norman
Given By The Anderson Chamber
The Chp'uber of Commerce will give
away a special prize of one 920. solid
prass Egyptian Vase to the lady, any
age, W;JC places on exhibit at tho
rooina of the Chamber of Commerce,
on or bet?re 12 o'clock the best Bou
quet of Flowers, of any kind I This
contest ls open to any women la An
derson County, outside bf the incorpo
rated limits of the City of Anderson, or
to any young lady or mis?. The prise
1B perhaps the handsomest vase,of Ita
kind ever aeon in Anderdon, and Is of
solid brass.
Judges.-The. Judges o? thc Flowers
will be Mesdames Rufus F???.i. Mr J. W.
W. Chiholm, G. M. Tolly a ad Mr. Ar
chie Todd.
Tb* exerclsco gJro opan to men as
well ag women, and all wili occur ai
thc Palmetto Theatre, exce.it thu ;?u-Jo
in.; cf tho flowers, which will bo held
at 2: ?0 P. M. at the othoe of the
Chumbar of Commerce.
al?ate f?r Geveranr.
O'Neal. M. H. and D. M Mann. Vandl
ver Sharpe and John sharpe These
gentleman clubbed together and got
a club rate.
Til KHK IS NO non:
The New York Gunmen Munt Die Next
Alban?. N. Y., April 9.-Governor
Glynn today refused to nee four wom
en, relatives of the condemned gun
men, who are to be electrocuted next
Monday for the murder ot Herman
"I have rendered my final decision."
he said. "To have seen these women
would have meant only another dra
matic scene and no good would huve
come of it.''
There was another feature in the
case today when a slip of paper con
taining eleven words was found. This
purported to be a warning that the
four men bad been convicted on false
testimony of Kuban and Margolls.
Farm Demonstration Workers
Must Keep Out of Partisan
Lines This Summer
Special to The Intelligencer:
i 'tenison Coiiuje, April ?.-1 mi i m -
j Hons for their guidance during tho
I approaching political campaign are
contained in a letter that has been
[sent to every demonstration agent in
South Carolina by W. W. Long, state
agent of demonstration and superin
tendent of the extension division of
Clemson college. South Carolina ag
ents are to play no patt In the cam
paign other than to vote. They are
to refrain from discussing politics,
and from doing anything which might
b? construed as pernicious political
Mr. Long's letter, which clearly
defines his petition in this matter, ls
as follows:
"There is a matter of special im
portance to which I desire to direct
your attention. I am sure you will
appreciate my motive in so doing.
By your splendid record of valuable
and patriotic service you justly occu
py a high place in the respect and
tmOdence of the peupla jr ou. are uer
my ambition, and 1 feel
-atim M. JJ tiewinriaT?''^
can be accompitshed only by faith
ful nug Unselfish service and a strict
attention to public duties.
"There will be In South Carolina
this Bummer a political campaign.
The only part we should play is that
expected of every good citizen, to
rsi*. My suggestion Is that we re
frain from diecuasing politics, ca
pee lal I y In public places.
"I shall feel lt my painful duty to
recommend the removal of any ag
ent who becomes an. offensive parti
san. This great organization will be
of value to thefistate only so long ss
our people are qfnvinced that lt ls en
tirely removed from politics, and that
avery agent receives his appointment
solely because of merit, and without
! regard to political Influences or af
M?. Murdock Died Yesterday
Morning From Bullet Fired
Into Her Bram
Mrs. Anna Murdock, wife of James I.,
Murdock, died at her home about seven
miles from Monea Path yesterday
morning at 5 o'clock. Mrs. Murdock
shot herself through the right temple
Tuesday aod.lt waa seen front, the first
that there was no chance fer her re
covery. It 'is understood . that she j
never regained consciousness before j
she died.
Mrs. Murdock waa a daughter of I
Johr Thomas Ashley and wag well
known in that immediate section of I
the county. She was 33 years of]
age. It is presumed that Mrs. Mur
dock took her own life because of |
ill health and despondent spirits.
The Interment took place yester
day afternoon at Mt. Bethel Church.
Brae Ridge Train Was Delayed
Yesterday When Car Got
Off The Track
" ' v
The shifting engine ut me Blue
Ridge railroad rea a caa! car off ino
track in the Blue Ridge- yards yester
day, holding up paesaager train No.
ll. coming into this etty, for about
80 minutes. The car was loaded with
coal snd getting lt back on the track
was quite an undertaking. Tho dam
age done was small and easily rspalr .
Masses Mildred Branyon and Corrie
Pan non, of the Shady Grove secnVm
were in town today shopping.
I -.
! Lodge Center of Senate Attrac
tion-Logically Advocated
Repeal of Tolls
(By Associated Press)
Washington, April 9.-Hearings on
the Panama tolls exemption >'<>pcal bill
opened today before thc senate canals,
committee, but interul ia lia repeal
?fight was focused on the senate Itself,
where Senator Lodge, veteran repub
lican member of the foreign relations
committee held the attention. Qi vir
tually the entire membership and of
crowded galleries for more than two
hours, defending the position of Presi
dent Wilson in Insisting upon the pae
tsage of the repeal bill.
The senator Bpoko without a single
Interruption. He declared that, tn his
opinion, the right of the, United States
to exempt any of Its shipping from
tolls was unquestioned under strict
interpretation ot the treaty; but be
cause of the delicate position ip which
the country Ands Itself tn Its foreign*
relation?, urged noi-partisan support
of the president. At the conclusion of
Senator Lodge's address the galleries
broke Into applause and the vlce-presl
dent's gavel pounded several minutes
before order, was restored and the
warning given that Senate filles'-pro
hibited any display of approval or dis
approval from the gallery.
Senator Lodge was given the strict?
est attention by hts colleague.? on both
sides of tile chamber, and without re
aspect to their announced view? on the
I repeal struggll
. elga, policy is quite another thlu?> ;
I to be undertaken except for tl
gravest reason. In one case w-.
. throw a party leader within th?
, where tbs American people alone sit
in'Judgment; in tue oiher we break
?down and dtecredit the representative
of the whole country in the great fo
jrum of the nations of the. earth, sud
.paralyse his future power and itse
lf ulness in that field where he alono.
I can declare and represent the policy,
the honor and the dignity of the United
Delay Appears Probable..
Before the canals committee, Sena
tors Norris and Thomas appeared 'to
discus their propositions, the session
msrklng the beginning of the fifteen
day public dlscusuton, decided upon
earlier in the week. It was, doubtful
ttonight Just what the program ot the
hearings would be for the nest few
days. Representatives Of tho commer
cial organisations in Pacific Costs cit
ies, and New Orleans, at whose request
the hearings were ordered have not
arrived, and several senators who
have submitted "substitutes for the
Sims repeal bill intimated tods/ they
had no .desire to defend their pro
posals before the committee. Conse
quently a delay to thwart the arrival
of the commercial.representatives ap
peared probable. '"
Senator Norris urged upon the Com
mittee his suggestion that while the
exemption clause be "repealed,.tbs tight
of the United sutes to make such
exemptions be asserted in the repeal
measure, and the president empowered
to arrange-for arbitration to the dis
pute on this point
Senator Thomas outlined big pisa to
throw open the canal to the free pas
sage of all commerce. He elaborated
this later tn the day lu the senate.
Debate on the repeal fight, which
bas occupied the senate virtually tae
entire week, although senators havo'
not been speaking directly to any bill,
promises to continue at intervals at
least until the committee reports' Ito
Senator J\e?yon announced during
the day that ha approved the sugges
IUoa of Former President Roosevelt
that i tho toi Jh question be arbitrated?
Senator Williams of Mississippi*
agreed that the question might well bo
arbitrated, and that arbitration would
satisfy the "nearer consequoncea"
spoken Of by President Wilson in bis
repeal message. He said, however,
that a canvas ot the senate a year ago
showed that two thirds of the renata
were not in favor of arbitration, ah4
so far art he had heard, only two;
aerators opposed to repeal sssscrtc?
Preldent Wilson todcj* said ho was)
more confident than ever ot the pane?
ag? of the repeal b-U ?a-* i?is.% witt
day bis confidence waa increased. Mr.
Wilson said the animus behind some
of the attacks on the MI! was obvious
but he did not go Into AeUlU. Such
antmus, bs said, often proved a boo uv*
arang. . _^

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