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VOL. 1, NUMBER 74._weekly, EeUMWbe* tt*t DeB* te it, 1114. ANDERSON, S. C., TUESDAY MORNING, APRIL
DECLARED HE WAS NOT AT?00<">ooooooooooooooo|
ROSENTHAL ? Jacksonville, Fla., April 19.- o '
o Frank Johnson, pltcbthgfor the o
? o Jacksonville South Atlantic o
rpf^g^mr a -inir o league club, today allowed no o
"lVMJIv A rAKl o hits and no runs in i ??me o
IN TI IF PI A MC ? against the Albany, Ga, team of o
\L% 1 aid t Lftno o the same organisation. He also o
t o struck out ten men. Jackson- o
?. ?. _ ?? . / _?. - o ville won the contest, 6 to 0. o
Bet Left the Party Before the o o
Acteal Shooting Occured- t^LZZlZlZZZZ^Zl
Declared That the Others In? blm the,r beBt wlsheB for success.
Campaign Quiet. . ' ?
Wet? Gttiliy The campaign so far has been quiet
Two meetings have been held, pne in
TT!- Waverley and one io'Shandon, both of
(Bv Associated PresiO these suburbs having. been recently
Albany. N. Y.. April lS.-Shortty bc- "J^""1 to.ths Ther,a J8 * t?tfl
_ ?. -, , " Mt JSi , ? . of 3.050 voters eligible to take part tn
foro "Dago Frank" Ciroffcl went to toe ?iwuon-and it is predicted that
' thc death chair in Sing Sing prison the campaign will warm up as election
early; Munday he told Warden Clancy approaches.
that-"'Gyp the Blood" Horowitz, "Lofty The next city administration will
Lewie" Rosenberg and Harry Valloa. have charge of the expenditure of the
an. informer fired the shots which $500,000 recently voted hi bonds by
killed Herman Rosenthal, for which the people for the extension of wa
crime the four gunmen., paid their ter and sewer mains,
lives. 'Under the commission form of gov
"So far as I know, Becker had noth- eminent all ward linea are ellmtna
ing to do with thia case," thc gunman ted and the councilmen and mayor
aiKo declarod. "It waa a gambler s are elected from the city at large. Con
light." Ciroflcl averred he waa five seaueatlv the Independent vote plays
mites away at ute time the clime was the larger part in the result, and the
committed and that "Whitey Lewis" Q\? time "ward boss" is practically a
Seidcnshner, although, pr?sent at the thing of ?he past in Columbia,
scene of the shooting, did not fire any R c> Keenan und F. S. Earle, the
of the shots. Ciroflcl made no at- latter running for mayor and the bold
tempt, however, to deny that he was oVer nimbera of the city council,
included in the original pict to slay tav,ng BtIU two eaP8 of thelr Urc,
even.admitting that two nights before ^ 8?rve
the gambler was nlaln' he went with To ?1?^ jPaUee Chief
other gangsters to looajor their i?^ A<W?d intereat ,B glveD ^ ^ elec.
tended^ victim. They were^ frightened u D re of th fact ttBt ^
away from Rosenthal os that occas-) t admInl8tratl(m win elect the chief
.ton by men they thought Wf.^S' ot poUes and the recorder. W. C,
?h.t T???I"Slht S ??J Cathcart, the present chief, has held
blinni TI*L \l ?m, r?rl&* ?*c* **veral years. J. 6. Ver
.Billing he was in the grey murder j ?._^._?* _ . . _ ~
car? with thc gunmen, but he inaisted %\T*
that he left them before t?ey shot lae?*1. %^^l?^^t^^y
gambler. He did not ^1^ r^lS^
jputT* a. ni. today, waa the insult bf
se insistent pica cs the PW bf Ciro?
^sn^ber and sister fdr the truth.
"I 'don't want to make any state
ment! for the public. I db ant fear for
myself, but I do iear fn* *yo?r^-;tba
gunman told >??? relatives. .
His alaier ?ep'.Ld. "D?a'? hars'acy
fear for us, we will take care of our
selves. God will protect us"
? His mother and Bister continued to
urge bim to tell thp trutft. He said
"I did not do the shooting. The men
who tired the shot? were Oyp, Louis
and Yallon. I waa five miles away
at the tima. So far aa t know Becker
bad nothing to do with this case. It
waa -a. gambler's tight."
Clroflci mentioned several raids on
gambling houses and ?aid that the
story Shapiro tojd to Commissioner
Dougherty waa true, ltd geld: "I told
some Hes on the stand to prcre ar
alibi tor tbe rest ot tba boys."
Added Intereat in Race Because
Next Administration Elects Po
lice Chief and Reorder
?. ;; -.-. ?.
Columbia, April 13.~^Dolumbla0? are
taning a good deal Of l&terest In the
municipal election at which s mayor
juu tw? uic?ab?rs of tu? cHyC???vn
are to be elected. Mayor "Wade Hamp
ton Giebas is aaking lor; re-election
Ho is opposed by Councilman F. 8.
Earle, who was the unsuccessful candi
date again?* Mayor Gibbes four years
ago,- when the commission' form ot
govcrnmeut waa then first established.
Dr. L. A. Griffith ls the third candidate
for mayor and each ?? keeping up a
vigorous canvass.
"v Tho-first primary tafees place on
May G. and there ls tittle ?oubt but
that n second will be necessary to de
cide between tb? leading candidates
lor mayor and commissioner. For the
two commissioner/, to be elected thara
are several ottering, among them be
ing: C. M. Ashil'., John ?. Slack. R. J.
BtsioCk, E. J. Brennen, B M DuPre.
Thomas B Graham, D. tt. innis, P. H.
Loses ne. John W. LU lard, D. B. Sloan,
W. F. snigllta, E. T. tntnaersett
Mecsrs Blalock and ?bWgHtx are
running for re-election, while several
of the other candidates' flit ved in the
city council under tba old fcld?rmanic
for?? \jl government.. MT. ' suui>u<.i
sett is the presiden , of tod'old Colum
bia baseball elah s*-. ujUfil im ramil
flfe of tb* linton National Bank ?lid
sec ra ta ry of the sut? x> P. A.,
tnterast ts being manifested lb thia
r?Mt> outside of Columbia -feta many
friends among t\i traveling ?en giv
*ovem?t*t. i
All of the candrdates will probably ,
address the voters of the city in tho j
thc&trij aoine night before the drat pri- j
mary. While ?rach candidate in conti - ?
dent it is generally conceded' that tba |
outcome is veiy .doubtful,-and aspee- j
lally la the -ea^e of the mayor'? race. '
race. V * i
A. R. P.'3 TO MEE? . I
Presbytery Will Come To Ander-.
ac? For the Fall Session asid
Dedicate Church
Andersen members of the A Rv P.
Church and the public In general will
be interested In the news that the Tall
'?term of Second Presbytery ls to come
to Anderson, che last Presbytery hav
ing voted Unanimously to accept the :
invitation tendered by Rcvj J. M. Gar
rison . cn behalf - of the Audereon
There la also good now? bi the state
ment that the church building will !
be dedicated, which indicate? that It
Will be financially unencumbered. j
President Wilson
To Associated Pres?
Washington. April IS.-Announc r
ment was made at the white house that '
President Wilson/bad accepted an In
vitation to apeak April 21 at m lunch
eon at the annual Tsee?n- of the As
sociated Press hi New York City. Sec
retary Tumulty said the president bad
not yet decided what subject jae would
d IBO us.-, but that he would make an Un
norfant apeect
Ul. fha **. "? .!?_..I- *u - -?--!
IB UIQ M w IIM.IMI .WA? V**f -
dent has accepted for a speech outside
of Washington since be went to Mo
ble laet October to attend the South
ern Commercial Congres?. '
Mammoth Crowd Saw
Opening of Season
(By Asaoclated Press)
Baltimore, Md.. April IS.-Not since
the Baiiirnore Orioles captured three
National league peonante baa such
a crowd witnessed a game o* basebali
in inls city as today saw tb? Balti
more dub of tba Federal league de
feat Buffalo * to *- your boura be
fore the sams besan, there ware 5.060
jpereoaa waiting and ft le estimated
that more than eo,ww wera wkhia ibm
Mr. Nelson ?oves ?a CeatraL
Hon. T. P. Wliosi^WeeuUy of 1'el
?iter, S. C., desires Inform bis frienda
j that kif ad?rese ta now Central, B.
j n.ute L
Daughter of Prc*?d?nt Who
Will Wed Wiliiam tl. McAdoo
@ lfU. by American Press Association.
Washington, April 13.-Although
there hag been no formal announce
ment from the White House of the
date for the*wedding of Secretary Mc
Adoo and Miss Eleanor Wilson, young
est daughter of President and Mus.
Wilson, friends who are In a position
to know say'May S has been tenta
tively selected. The affair ls expected
to be private, Mr. McAdoo's colleagues
in the cabinet being practically the j
only guests outside of the two families
Miss Wilson's trouasy u, it i8 said,'
.practically, ht completed.
Planned to Have SO Automobiles j
FffletJ W?A Anderson People
For Three-Day Tour
While no statement has been given
oat as yet in regard to .plans for the
trip, it is understood that prepara*
tiona are now underway for a booster j
excursion to be conducted by Ander
son people advertising the coming of j
Andersons splendid chautauqua. April
28 to May A., It ls understood that
the event will ba staged for some three i
days next week.'' :
\ Anderson people saw how effective
waa tho display made by Greenwood
people here last Friday and. all of
those approached ?p tho subject have
been well pleased Ibns far. The same
' thing, 8taged by Anderson peopl ? last.
i year, waa a great success and so far
aa is now evident, thero ls no reason
why lt should fail to be successful this
It is planned if poeftlble to have 80
automcbllits In tn* party witfi -an
average of four people to the machine.
Thia will er.abje Anderson to send
AH? a. il.V~IU? >I Mn ?M.U AM
- - --~- ?'-~*f "~F v? .
one boosting for the chautauqua weak
/hare. It is planned to visit Townvllhv
Clemson college, Walhalla, Seeley,
JLJberty and all those towns lying in
between and it is estimated teat at j
least two days abd possibly three -will
be nevtsHsnrjr ??r lue u?f?if;
There will be quite a little pleas
ure in the jaunt tor those Anderson
people deciding to go and there should
he hut ?itt?e trouble In getting the 200, j
provided the f>0 oars can b* ?e>.?red.
With the return of tho Secretary of
the chamber of commerce today th?
plans wiil probably be rapidly com
pleted and all arrangements perfected.
~-. -
A Ha aal Easter
dren of
Wilson retu
from White
and wai;
the capitol at
egg roigas ip
Hundreds of
eggs were on
lng for the wi
be. thrdjsrn JIMMS
ennoren rrora
Hunt ef Ute Chit?
ll . 18.-President
early today
Springs, W. Va.,
. to th? children of
JaUQpuai frolic and
tb* white house
Uren laden with
early ^ay~wait^
grounds to
them rrcrs
cf the ad
era's Wm
Secretary Interpret* Pre?&mt?s
' Reason* for Advocating tfce
Measure , <jg?_J'''
(By Associated Press) 7
1 Wastilngtop, April far. juSiajy nrf
Bryan in. a statement iengthily*?r4?
vleWs tba Panama tolla qpeat losband
in the course ot the.statement obelares
that the repeal of the tolla exeunt lon
in the Panama' canal Act "cannot be
constnido to be a construction ' ?the
H?y-Pauccefote treaty" but la "ahnp
ly a r?fusal on the part ot. tho United
States to raise that question tarbat
Mr. Bryan discusses various features
of the subject-tat, limiting ??.debate
in tiie House of Representatives, -thc
Baltimore platform, and the eff?oUof |
repesi ou tue treaty.
Claiming that the opponents of the
repeal bad seized upon the charge ?bat
thc President was "surrende{tt|H^o
England," Mr. Bryan declared ihatdhe
opposition to the repeal nad'd9HMff*d
to appeal "to prejudice rafngr wan
to reason." -W?JL'
"What has Great Britain done? ho
asked, "to Justify the accusation ?at
she is trying to dictate to this Cwnn- ;
try, She has simply called extention j
?to the tarma of the'treaty, and asked :
?for arbitration of t' > queatio* of jeon
strucllon, In case thu goverosD*at%?l'
?fera from the British guVawatejifrv to \
the construction to bo plaaed^upna-'the
, language. The ver
Insistent upon construing tl;
?tpontha the ratiflcattft ofrt
jwitb Great : Britain
international court to express an opin
ion on the subject. If, as a matter of
fact, the treaty grants the rights which
Great m .tain claims, k is ? surrend
er to Gr?at Britain for cur nation to
repeal the law that raised the ques
tion. The repeal of the law cannot be
construed to be, a construction of th?
treaty. It Is simply a rsfuaal on the
part of the-United States io r?Iso vas
question In that way. In the contro
versy ever the Welland canal, Cana
da withdrew a discrimination which she
had made In favor of Canadian ships,
in order that, no cause for friction
with the United SUtes authorities in
regard to the matter should exist." '
"WJhy cannot the United Staten
withdraw a discrimination for the
same reason?. When the /treaty Invol
ved was before the senate for ratifi
cation an attempt was made, to so
amend it as to permit a discrimina
tion In favor of the coastwise vessels,
but lt wss voted down by a decided
majority. With this record to sup
port them, la lt ?trange that foreign
nations question our right to make an
exception in favor of American ves
sels?" ;
Has Inside Information.
Discussing the President's right to
expect th? support of Congress, when
he deals with International questions.
Secretary Bryan adds:
"Tb? chief executive speaks for. th?
nation in international affairs, and it
is only fair to assume that he speaks
advisedly when he declares that in
tercourse with other nations -is se
riously embarrassed by the frae-to)ls
law which he seeks td repeal.
"We occupy, today a proud position
among tbs nations ; we are the fore
moat advocate of peace ead arbitra
tion; we are becoming moro and more
a moral factor throughout the world.
Can we afford to surrender this posi
tion? Can we afford to belittle the
great enterprise that has reached ita
consummation at the Isthmus? If
o?r nstlop desires to be measured' by
intellectual ?nd ethical standards, now
unworthy to brag of our strength and
lo threaten to use that strsng'h. 'We
are ready to fight' does not arouse the
enthusiasm now that lt did a few cen
turies ago. Brute force ts not tbs lovel
upon which this nation settles ita
controversies today. The question ls
not what we can do,, but what we
ought to do. The path of history is
strewn with the wreck of nation* that
boasted that they were all powerful.
This question must be decided oh mor
al pneciptes and not by the coant'ng
of our regiments and battleships What
shall lt profit a nation If it conquers
the ?bole world and loses Ita -/aith
in the doctrine that righteousness .-.re
al teth a nation?"
Mr. Bryan was a member of the fle
;ST/ls?vG? C??iS??Ua? O? the B?tu?l?ire
Convention and his observations on
jibe p!"tr_'r~ siHi???tEie hf* n>?* ut
terance on the subject Mr. Bryan ?r
guea that there are two planks tn the
Sa?timor? platform* pertinent to. the:
'discussion, one which declares tee be
(Continued*on Page 6.) j
Federal Commander In Msxtoo
Who Went to Aid of Torre?n.
Photo by AsnoUcan l?r*as Association,
*Vebk Crus,'April 13.-General O?f
tavo Maas, the Federal comniandpr at
Vera Crus, speaking today with ref
erence io ine arrest ot an American
detachment "from the Dolphin at Tam
pico and the demand by the American
admiral for satisfaction, tor the Insult
to the American flag,'said that the
Mexican Government had ordered!
General Morelos Zaragoza not to ac
cedo to Adtglral Mayo's devland
which wasfctna* tua American flag!
ld be fluted within 24 hours, con
ing that such a step wjppld he
highly derogatory to national dignity;
and was alee uncalled for, as abso
lutely no inBult had been offered to the
American flag.
jMfc, the unfortunate mistake in ar
Miierlcan?, Ueneral Maas
I, General Morelos Zaragoza had,
r pis apology, made ample compettjsa
Managers Chosen and Place of i
Election Selected-Elmore ls
Mayor Pro Tem
Council convened in. special session
j Monday night, an alderman from ward
I 4 to succeed L. P. Foucbe, who resign
ed several days ago to move to Atlan
ta, G. Cullen Sullivan,., oliy attorney,
explained to the members of council
that it was necessary^?p give 20 days
notice before the election could bel
held , The election was ordered to
take pikce og. May 8.
The 'ordinance prescribes the reg
istration books for tbs voters of ward j
4 shall bo open in the office of the
Supervisor of Registration front
Thursday, April 16 until Saturday, j
April 25, between the hours ot 10 A.
M. and 1 P. M. of each day. The vot
ipg place for thia election shall he at
Evans Pharmacy, No. '3 and the fol
lowing gentlemen' were named aa
managers: N. C. Bu rr las. Joe J. Trow
bridge and O. G. Burrlss.
Alderman Elmore wa? Unanimously
Chosen Mayor pro tem on raation
of A ilerei an Mc Clare.
\ Mr. Sullivan,presented for connells
co??i?craiiuu "A copy o? the state law j
governing the sale of liquor which he
desired council ;o adopt in order that
the court officiais of the city might he I
aided in their fight on the blmd-Ugors
.and the proposed ordinance was unan
imously adopted.
.Tolloving the last council meeting
in the report of the proceedings The
ntcRigencer said that the treasurer
reported all notes paid except one for
#?5.000. This was a typographical er
ror and should have read $1,500. Tho
Intelligencer takes pleasure In makins
the correction.
I Mr. Underwood I?*
Given Great Ovation
' (By Associated Press)
Washington, April 18-Peaaocratic
Leader Underwood's entry Into the
bouse. Monday was the signal for one
of the most enthusiastic ovations of
the cession. There waa loud applause
from members of all parties and busi
ness o" the house "wik? suspended
while members congratulated him ny*
itu hi* ?wwjfjMiiSil ?amrtairn it? Air'
bama. ..
J. M. KuT?^r?aoa .of tho Fork sec
ftton spent yesterday rn the etty oa
business. ., .
Piedmont Presbytery Meets;
Interesting Session Expected
Dr. Sheldon of Liberty is Moderator, ?ad Will Designate Some Min
ister to Preach the Opening Sermon; Missions Main Theme
The presbytery of Piedmont will
convene In the First 'Presbyterisn
church tonight at 8 o'clock. The open
ing sermon will be preached by some
minister of the body designated, by
the moderator. Dr.- sheldon of Lib
erty. Dr. Sheldon is an elder and
therefore will delegate tkls function
to some ordained minister. After the
sermon there will be the election of
officers and then the body will proceed
to the business that la to come be
fore lt. The Spring meeting of Pres
bytery is the important one inasmuch
as the reports from the permanent
committees are read at thia time, and
caen church within the bounds makes
its annual report. Th? minutes of all
of the church sessions are carefully
reviewed and any error is corrected.
The commissioners to the General As
sembly, which meets this year' In Kan
sas City/Mb., will be elected.at thia
On Wednesday night there will be a
popular meeting In the interest of
Foreign Missions held under the aus
pices of the permanent committee.
The following ls the program for the
Theme: "The Success and Failure in
Foreign Missions."
I. Success in Foreign Missions: i.
In Africa, Rev. D. W. Dodge, 2. Ip,
Latin America, Rev. J. E. Wallace; 3.
In the Orient: Rev. C. D. Waller.
II. Failure in Foreign Missions: 1.
In'the Foreign Field; 2. In Volunteers
to Man the Work; 3. In Financing the
Work, Rev. W. H. Mills.
All speakers except the last wilt bo
limited to ten minutes..
Other popular meetings will bs held
and sermons will bo preached, from
time to time. A very cordial Invitation
JB extended to all who will attend any
and all of the meetings.
I Bill Passed the House Giving
Widow? of ii. S. Deputies
$1,000 Each
It was learned in Anderaon yester- (By Associated Pres*.}
day that the House of 'Repr?sent?t! ves Washington, April 13.-That a par
hud passed Congressman ; Wyatt Atk- s ls tent and widespread campaign waa
en's bill appropriating the sum ot feeing conducted to arouse public syin
$1,000 each to Mrs. W. B. F. Corbin thy tor the request for an increase bf
and Mj?a. c. D. Corbin, wives'of United freight rates on ^eastern railroads,
States*r>eputleB who were killed hy waa the declaration of Senator Cupa- .
the Palmer clag neat. Walhalla on mins. republican, of Iowa. In the sen
March 8.1909 It was-cot thought that ote today. He expressed confidence
this bill would ever get,through,nfc- ?bat the interstate commerce cbnuntsV
cause or the fact that there has be?nT**"00- would d?cide the.questlons on Ha
no precedent for it. nut since lt ha?Vfa^Wa?i>?^f*8erted lhe ?ubilc waa
passed the lower houso of Congress lt I mislead by Incorrect ?tal '
ls reasonable to believe tkat, lt wljl } .^fenavtor Tbomak.?^
also get through the S?nat?. Ko ut?*i??90' declared in ta? tenate that C
yiaJen hasrever bean maxtor taJn^inK10 ne*?" for an advance ia f reta Itt
carter m.widow? 5%to? fl^i ^t?!? The railroad*. *>* cwrteafle*
gr Mit ^^tWL^?^^t^^^S^^^?^^SM^J^ ' ""'
went to the Palma* hon*, abo?t; 8 er lM? ^L^na?^^
? ?'?loek In the >v*tthi-/tb^y
greeted by a *torm of bufleta s?d both ^r.ome^owlreA
of them were killed in the front yard snd 'ome l0WWe*
of the Palmer bouse, n #.*?. n/V W\i A
Several of the Palmers are now 1 "WO iVlen spillen
serving time, some being in the State I ?nr1?*v 2? nil in cr Wall
penitentiary at Columbia while others vnaw railing er ?Mt
are In the Federal prison at Atlanta. ?
TJi* Corbrnz '-?tv?.???? fc-rave raen m? Associated Pr**s i
?h!S^HTrD?L;n, m,OUnt/in8 Culpepper. Va.. April 13.-CW ulan
tU0CltaulnBJ_age of about $50.000 was done by a
n . , ? ?~h? . * f,t * thBt destroyed four of Culpepper's
Becker S Second Trial h.rgest commercial bulldtnga today.
?*? g-% wu A Carter Parr, 19 years old, nephew, ot
1 O Commence May 4 L. B. Nelson, local merchant, waa
_ killed by falling walls and Robert
Boston, 20 years old, was perhaps fa
(Ry Associated Press) tally hurt. Five other volunteer Wa?
New York. Aprill 3.--The second men were hurt The fise was caused
trial of Charles S. Becker, former po- by an explosion under the coffee atti
lice lieutenant, found guilty of mur- in Bell's bakery.
der with the four gunmen executed ?
today, will begin on May 4, If the dis- GMMA QIIMIMISI
trlct attorney haa his way. It was ^O?"? OUrprilOl
said at the district attorney's office Rajlfinall ScOV??
today that Mr. Whitman will appear ?-w?^ .
before a supreme court Justice Wed- ~ "
nesday and move to set the trial for / Some of the moat Interesting ot< tito
that date. baseball game? in the country M?MAy, .
~-V. P. I. 14; V. M. I. tv
Little Bit Haatjr To 8 A and M of * c U; w*ke
G?t Into Rino* Virginia 8: Yale 5. Second successive
**e? T? *Un^ victory for -Vir?tes
--- Guilford College 9; Univ, of M. ?^
Washington, A?vii 13.--That ,the *'_. , ni f- ni-.?t. i '
work of the orgamxaUon committee In Georgia 2; UQ?,of "Ih n
setting up the new Federal reserve ^re?r 8 Georgia Te?b J.
banking system will not be delayed by Vbvl?tU>i S?i^???? V/mi?*
the banks, was Indicated today by an Bldge 2; aeventeen Inning?. Wttaer
announcement that already, many starreo._ _ . -'
banks have forwarded checks or cash ","".. vimriuwa ka Lt*
In payment of the first part of their HARB* JsATTWtn? awain
subscription to the stock of r?servai " nmm?lt wrns KffldJ
banks in their districts. jBepeterd that Noted Basan was ame*
The subscriptions are premature. . " ?* *
however, and the money offered will _ Ifmmou, S. D., April 13^ W
be returned, pending formal notifica- believed to be Harry Matthews, the
Hon BelUaglngham, Whahn, train bandit
'_ was shot and rnetanUy killed bete by
Mrs. Catherine Harria of Williams- officials wno were attempting to ar
ten was sbopplng in the city yesterday, rest htei._..._LL.. .....r_
Accused of Trying Unjustly To
Secure Increase In' Freight
Witt Bully Huerta
Into Firing a Salute
Washington, April 13.-Upon wheth
er the commander of the Huerta forces
st Tampico salutes thc American flag
In apology for the arrest of American
marines last Thursday, depend Imme
diate developments ht the Mexican sit
President Wilson declared unofficial
ly today that he expected'the Federal
commander at Tuntoleo fb fire a salute
to the Stare and Stripes, aa demanded
by Rear Admiral Mayo, and be spoke
with a confidence that implied insist
araasp.ee to Washington of John
Lind. Presiden' Wilson'? perscomi rep
resentative In Mexico for the last eight
months, gave the Washington Ooraro -
ment an adviser with, special knowl
edge ot the military situation ai tatt?
pico. , >
Tuesday he will ase Pr?sidant Wit?
son, accompanied, by Secretary Bryan,
fdr aa hour Just before cabinet meat
Direct communication between Tau*
pico and the cable and at Vera Crus,
which ia the only maana whereby
news of what la going on In Tampico
caa reach Washington, eanoiy be ,aa>
by wireless; and owing to the preval
ence of atoms hurricane proportions,
ibis vommuaicB?ott an? \vvu wSvwiv
and slow. ?_ ..

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