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VOL. 1, NUMBER 74._weekly, EeUMWbe* tt*t DeB* te it, 1114. ANDERSON, S. C., TUESDAY MORNING, APRIL
ISSUE ? ." - _ ' mm. ?
_ ? w?r??*^Apra IS. o
o -Information reached o
TEST TO COME ? ?<*n^tfJ^,o*i1ciab to- o
IN A FEW DAYS: ^m^c?T: ?o
- o special ' meeting of the o
^B.,U..hip. Are H"rryb,g On the * S?SSM te :
Atlantic and On the Pacific ? v:i:tcs States. o
To B? Reedy For Any Z l ?
t ? ' ' ooooooooooooooooo
Emergency -
^fellS^ CI?1T?MEJW SET
nuvy un. ? orders today to proceed
Inimedlat*. to the A.tantlc and Pa- Atlan^^TprnlB^Snscl for
elfie coasts of Mexico the United Lco M Fra?k> tfle y?mg factory 8ap.
States gf^nnaent^yc Provisional crIntendent under sentence of death
President Huerta''final warnte* that # ...? U. , ?
. I . . : . , UB lUBl for the murder of his employe. Mary
unless a ?ilute Were fired to the stars n. ?i %* *' ?. ?? _
, , , . j BUirs Phagan. 14 years old, tonight com
and stripe? within a reasonable time ... , . .u *>.. .
, . r ... ? ???ic niue picttHi pian8 for the fuing of an ex
to atone for repeated offenses traordinary motion for a new trial for
against tho right and dignities of the Frank tomorrow.
United SUtee," serious eventualities Filing of the motion will automa
would remit, tically stay the execution of Frank
i? ... i -" l" . * ... ? n . until Judge Hill, of the superior court.
It was^teamed tonight that General makG? a decision on the new trial
??o?ui mcu appraisea bp Charge application. The convicted man is
O'Shaugjucssy of thc proposed dem- now sentenced to hang Friday,
onatratlii of the Atlantic fleet, argu- No results of the Investigation of
?wi th^rl tho /."lunHo ~-_."" . , the case made by William J. Burns,
cd thadthe episode growing out of tUe dctectlve> are Included in the new
lan arrfst of American bluejackets at. trial motion, according to the convlct
Tampici waa a fit subject for arbl- ed man's counsel tonight. It is under
trattonfx the Hague, and that he ?tood lhet the outcome of Burn's ln
would.fepoint a commission to inves- vaatigaUon . will be announced soon,
tlgatc fte incident. 0? . ? T* .
1 President Emphatic. Oliipg lit 1 ampiCO
: Wwfent Wilson in an emphatic re- Stmdk By Bullets
ply thjrwgh Charge O'Sha?ghnessy, ' " "
? UT(tT0.ODMU>?,h,iVe/0ldi ?T! Tampa, Fla. April l?.-WUh two
Huortfthat tho time for delay and wounded sailors on board, the German
evaside had passed and that thc tank steamer Osage from Tampico put
Aincrlin government would tempo- in quarantine1 here; today. Stray "? bul
rlzo? longer. Administration offj-j let? nVed^h^he Rgh^b^haiw^?n^tto.
questions or national honor aie not ^?hVOsage had 35hupiDeFof h?lfet
-subjects fer rrbitratlon. . holes In Its sUp?ratruct?r?. Capt
All tOTrnintion, bTrtcbal and other- Dores reported that tho fighting had
wise, ihkt roached Washington from ??en heavy ten daysago In. the oil dls
Mexicd tended tb show that General trlct where his ship was docked. One
u. or the sailors was wounded in the head
Huorta waa unconvinced that the an? may dle wbJle ^ other was
United ' States Waa in earnest and . struck by bullets in one shoulder and
thought the 'Washington government In one leg.
was bluffing. Some anti-American The British steamship Trlnldadlan.
.,"",,.". .. "? v . with several bullet marks on Its hull,
demonstrations at Vera Crus and a!=G aPrived t^ay. fr.>3 ^^o. -
othor points were reported. , _j_
Developments here today showed ?e<?L-eP,? ?ttorneV
clearly that t determined and force- . ii
ful policy hod been adopted by the Retires From Cage
President, which would be backed up i-?
by congroas and enforced If necessary New . York. April 15.-District At
bv the army and navy. torney Whitman is determined to bring
.ww. "??..nj ?n.e.. hope for ^"^XS; SS
peace, the president unequivocally 0Q th? charge or having Instigated the
told members ot the senate and house murder of Herman Rosenthal, for tbo
committees on foreign affairs that the actual killing of whom the four gun
offense of the da facto government at men paid the death penalty on Monday
Mexico City could no longer be toter. Tg* ? ^ ^ becaoe jj^j
ated. and that unless Huerta complied er.8 attorney after his conviction, and
with tho American demands, seizure who prepared the appeal upon which
of the; customs, houses at Tampico he gained a new trial? yesterday DO -
and Vera cruz, abd even the declara- titled the Becker family of his ro
tten of a Pacific blockade, shutting tlrement from the case. ^
of commercial Intercourse with the ??, .i,^ c^-t^*-.??,
United States, would be fully justified SOJlt?ern SOCI?ty6
by the precedents in international AnnUfti Gathering
Congress Backs wilson. Washington, April 15.-Dixie's eons
It was established that no aggres- d****"*", Preses of her
. . ~* " . " m._ rapid commercial development * and
sive act. such as the landing ol ma- expandlng ,nIlu8ttcc ln na?onal af
rlnea or the shelling of any towns, faJrg ^ ^ third sjnual banquet to
or the seizure of any ports, 'would night of the Southern Society of
bo undertaken without authoritatlbn Washingtoni. .Secretaries Bryan and
"oe, MWe.r .?? Prciden. WU- Vg^f?rn*. %SL^g.
eon had personally delivered a mes- =ot?Kje. ritsere Eluded Maurice
sage on tl^e subject. Egan, minister to Denmark, many of
The nearly unanimous approval the southern' congressional, delegation
that republicans and democrat, alike and southerners tn Washington oft
gaye the administration's initial steps, g^^kry Bryan responding to the
made it apparent, however, that toast VOtandsona of the South" de
should Rear Admiral Badger find lt clared thktwhen history was written
__,""iri tiack UP President Wilson, the latest president
necpssary, congraaa would bacs up ^ -outh had ^n the would
the American hSry without hesitation. >tand QUl M iUttBtraUTI, ^ a courage
After orders had been Issued today not BUrpasaed by any warrior,
for a naval d?monstration on the MAWK. Mn ?mi s sr???
Pacific coast of Mexico aa well as on SAKE OLD CROAKERS
the Atlantic. General Huerta was ad- Wa8nmgton Apr" n _x few dU.
vised that the ?Ost powerful flgntmg cor^^;B0t0a-..1reivi-4-8oundedM In con
force the Atsertcan government ever greM, today. Representative Mondetl,
hak aasembta4 on aoa, carrying thou- 0f Wyoming, charged that the presl
d..t.?/?*? "S^M/U ttnri hluelackets. ls dent sought to use the Atlantic fleet,
Sahd* of inarlht? and b uejac ^ enforce the mandates of his per
headed for th? seaport towns or ino preJudfoe.. mMm?a?x Huerta. Rep
aouthern repdbilc. ready to enforce to pf8enUtlTe Bartholdt, of Missouri, de
tho extreme-the American policy. dared refusal of Huerta to salute the
Hoon annatal Huerta depend the flag with 21 guns shonld not precipl
n^rL^lTLu hebmB about a tate th? sacrlnoe of an American life,
next developments, he oas senator Works of Callfornhr criticised
week to dea|4* tho ques?on. tot UK. ^"tniatra?on's attitude.
warships wilt not reach Mexican
tera for several days. Meanwhile the ^ht, notlilcatton ls in Has with the
United States has. notified all foreign previously announced policy of keep
gcrernmenta ot Ita1 attitude toward |tlg. foreign nations advised of all
the Tampico tncldent, and of the de- ftepo taken hy the American govern
apatch of th? fiesta to Mexican watara.] meet In the Mertcae attuatloa.
Washington. April 16.- (Thursday afternoon)). V Huerta has
promised Charge O'Shaughnessy to salute the Am|rfcan flag in ap
ology for the arrest of American blue Jackets at Tampico.
Only one point remains to be settled and that B tjh e number of
guns to be tired, lt was said this will be speedily s?ttjed. The only
condition is that the American ships lire an acknowledgement of the
Officials close Tte the president said this was in accordance with the
practice of nations, according tc? precedent.
The president told callers there was no known tirecedent against
returning the salute and said such action would not|nvolve recogni
tion of the Huerta government, and that when it is tired the incident
would be closed. J
Repeated Occurr*
Caused the '^houiW&wn"
(By Associated Press)
Washington, April 15.-The position
of the administration ?? the president
explained it to members of the senate
and house committees on foreign af
fairs, and as it was substantially re
viewed In the not?s sent to all foreign
governments, is described In a state
ment given out during the day, wir.-li
waa prepared by high administration
officials. The ?tatemen; fol low H':
"In considering the present ticrae
wb?t delicate, situation In Mexico, the
unpleasant incident at Tampico must
not be- though of atone. For some
time past the de facto government of
Mexico has seemed to think, mere apol
ogies sufficient when the rights of
American citizens or the dignity of the
government of the United StateB were
InvoJ von, and. has apparently racle
no attempt -ut either reparation
effective ^rr*cUon<of-the serious de
lierjonB ot its civil and military l"
of the United Stuten was picked out
from the many persofa ?SonstaPtly go
ing ashore on varl/SW :?u?raj\<ia f?.?.
the various ships m Re"harbor.
"Most serious of aflgcthe officials in
charge o? the \e.lcgraK office rt Mex
ico City presumed to fltthold an official
dispatch of the gpveffUhent of t
United States to it8,c??basHy at'Mexico
City; until it should.]havc been sent
to the'censor and hm ."permission re
ceived to deliver iL and gave, thc dis
patch into the haedfr. of the charge
d* affairs of the United States only up
on hie vcrsional and emphatic demand
he having, in the meantime, learned
through other Channel? that a dispatch
had been sent him'Which lie bad not
"It cannot but strike anyone who
has watched the co ..vents in
Mexico as . slgaln*?t that untoward
incidento nu?a^nh if.
lives of other govetnmeuta- were con
cerned, but only- in dealings with rep
resentatives of the United States, and
that .there has been no occasion for
other governments to call attention to
such-nnTW?Ta^'?to'aak-for apologies.
"Tliese repeated offenses-against thc
rights and dignity of the United States,
offenses dot duplicated with regard to
the representatives bf other govern
ments, have necessarily made the im
pression that the government of the
Uaitcu States was sing??d out for
manifestations of ill will and con
? "Tl^medbtWly after the Incident at
T?raplco. an orderly from one of tho
ships bf the United Sutes in the har
bor ot Vera Cruz, who had been sent
ashore to the postoffice for the ship's
mall, and-who won In uniform, and
who had the official mail bag on his
back, was arrested and put into jail
by the loeal authorities. He was sub
sequently released and a nominal pun
fshawit inflicted upon the off cs? *
had arrested him, but lt was signi
ficant that an orderly from the Soet
(By Associated Press)
Washington. April 15.-Congress
stands behind the administration al
most to a man in the aggressive pol
icy to demand reparation for thc in
dignities th? Huerta government has
offered. In the senate and house to
day the opinion was general that the
president would be backed up even
to actual warfare.
Both administration and republican
leaders expressed emphatic views
that the United States ls not sending
the fleet to Tampico as a "bluff;" that
It is sending lt there to signalize the
fact that at last American patience
bas been exhausted and reparation
must be made, or the already war
scarred southern republic must inf
fer the consequence.
Though both bouses proceeded in
the regular course or legislative
business today, it was apparent every
where that tho departure of the Beet
had arouaeri n.\irintle fawr.-1 anA tho
Mexican 'situation was the absorbing
to Pieces
o o ooo o oooooooooooo
o Juarez? April 14.-Hu
o erte, at the battle of Bel
o Uno two years ago, com
o pellet! Vaia, thea serving
o under him, to get on Ins
o knees and apologize " for
o some offense. Later Hu*
o erta threw Viii* mto pris?
o on in Mexico City, wfvere
o Vaia 5 earned to read and1
o wTfte. Vaia finally e?
o caped On tba assassina
o lion of Modero and the
o elevation of Huerta to the
o presidency, he ' ?tarted a
(By Associaied Press)
Chihuahua, Mex.. April 16.-Fed
erals defeated at San Pedro De La*
Colonias are being pounded to pieces
between two forces of rebels, accord
ing to a telegram received' by Gen
eral Carran ta today, from, General
The defeated federals, loaded on
tra?na and said to have numbered
8,000, found the track torn up twenty
ni i I es east of San Pedro, according to
FederaL prisoners who brought word
alsp that they had been attacked by
a fprce that came from the east.
As Villa himself bad not molested
thc track, he attributed this piece of
work to * mysterious reinforcements,
probably General Gonzales.
Learning mat nts new ally was lu
position to retard if not cut off fur
ther retreat to the past. General Vil
la took personal command of his own
troops, intending to administer the
final blow which wpuld eliminate the
enemy In the.north.
ooooooooo o o o o o o o o o
Mrs. 8. F. Whittaker has returned to
her borne In Kesley after spending a
few, day?; ti lia etty with friend?.
oooooooootto o o o o o o
Juarez, Mex., April 15.
-The rebel wounded
Mmt th- si* deys? bat
tle at San Pedra* De Las
Colonige, aast of Torre?n
is placed at 5,000 in an
official report of General
Villa ? to General Carran
za, fer which the combined
forcos of tba federals, said
to have numbered 12,000
to 15,000 wefa defeated
by ten or twelve thousand
rebels. -
O *
O O o o o o o oooooooooo
t ?.e*w
Head, bf the Jockey?-j
Horse* To Be Shoe Next
(By Associated Press.)
Tulsa Okla.. April 15.-Disregard
ing a restraining order issued by
Judge M. A. Brackenridge, o? the Su
perior Court, State troops today took
possession of the Tulsa Fair (?rounds,
proclaimed under mart ?al law by Gov
ernor Lee Cruce, and when an at
tempt was made to run the races card
ed for the afternoon, a squad of
militiamen .'red a volley over the
heads of thc Jockeys.
It was announced that if another
race was started the militiamen Would
tire to kill the horses.
Today's action brought to culmina
tion a contest as to the right of
"bookmakers" to operate ?t t?.* ?rick.
Monday open betting was permitted,
und Monday night application was
filed- by county officials before Dis
trict Judge L- M. Poe, asking that an
Injunction be issued prohibiting the
placing' of wagers. Tuesday, despite
a restraining order issued by Judge
Poe, report was made to the governor
that violations of the atato anti gamb
ling laws continued, and the last pro
clam at iou declaring the track nuder
martial law was issued.
The" order issued by Judge Brecken
ridge was secured by officials ol the
Jockey club and directed the adjutant
general not to interfere with the run
ning of the races.
Cruee Is Determined..
under martiali^aw until lio U^aasCre^ ,
that tho race meting, which began]
Monday, has been discontinued.
"We are Ready"
Says Badger]
(By .\szzdated Pr?sE)
Norfolk, Va.. April 15.-Bear Ad
miral Badger declined to discuss thc |
Mexican situation. He said the At
lantic floet was in good condition andi
that lt would bc ready to carry out j
any. service required of it.
"We do not know what we will bel
called upon to do," he said " hut we |
are ready," ,
Oscar Strauss Upholds the Action
. Of the President on Panama
Canal Tolls Repeal
(By Associated Press.)
'Washington, April l5.-^-Oscar S.
Straps, secretary of commerce and
labor in the roosevelt Cabinet, ad
vocated repealing the Panams to'
exemption today before the? seuate
canals committee. The committee
then adjourned because tbere was no
other witnesses to be heard.
"Are we now to cast aside all f?
high purposes for two million dol
lars annually?" he asked. "Are we
to sacrifice our self respect for tho
opinion or mankind 'for a miserable
mess of pottage?"
aJj|tllckensPmmxa(SJeca-p perl w to
Readjustment of
Passenger Fares
(By Associated Press)
Washington. April 15.-Readjust
ment ot passenger rates on all inter
state railroads in the United States. In
conformity with the long, and short
haul provisions of the law, under or
ders of the interstate commerce com
mission, will become effective Mar I.
The dew tariffs died hy the roads with
the communion indicate ? material
fare reduction, particular ty from im
portant terminals, . and .rate , basing
points to intermediate points.
ooo ooo oooooooooooooo
o -j
o Cfejeago, April io.-A gift of
a $1,000,000 from James Deering
o to Wesley Hopsital, announced
o here today will be used ia .es
0 tabliahlng clinics to furnish
o medical aid to the poor.
O? *M$&k
o o
o -- o
o Washington, April IS. o
o -A naval demonstration o!
o on the Pacific coast has o
o been ordered. The navy o
o department so announced o
o late Wednesday. o
o o
Washington-General Huerta han
submitted to the demands of the
1'lilted Ntates on the consideration of
the Mexican senate in executive ses.
Norfolk, Yu* Mur American bat
tleships steamed out nf Hampton
Hoads at noon, and are non below
Cape Henry in a dense fog, with a
storm approaching.
Norfolk, Va.-There were many!
touching scenes enacted on the gov*
eminent pier, recalling the beginning]
of the S pa II i sh-A me rican war.
Washington - Culled States court
bas issued aa In innot foti rest ruining
the revealing of the Mb ?.Lav Itt tor
pedo to other nations. This torpedo
has developed Into the most danger
ous weapon In the world.
Norfolk-A wireless Irem the fleet
?ny? thai lt IK making lt and L?
knots per hour and niU reach the
Mexlcau port next Wednesday.
Key West? Vta?-Several mc<t?a?e*
have been received from the battle
ship' kew off Taptpt?a, Their pur
pori ?-< ui?kJt^we? Forwarded t<*
Wttle tteea. Ark,-Official count
imifii Senator 5, P. Clarita re-elected
? over J?flkeKirby by 2tfi Vetes.
New York.-Steel tog boat was
I drawn under barge she waa towing
j and two persons drowned. Seven were
rescued by aa oyster dredge.
V?u!?!:?ng?on-Jos. W. Kelk an
nounces that he will use criminal
precess tri wliae^sca ?a the Sew
Haven railroad investigation to testt
Portsmouth,-Thirty-five striking
slice workers were sent to Jail today
for congregating threateningly.
Seattle, Wash.-Cruisers Albany
[and Pittsburgh hare been ordered to
leave for the south.
Kl Paso, Tex.*- Carruata will not
comment o a situ?t lou but Kays situ
ation ls one of the greatest gravity to
Mexico as a whole.
El Pas?, Vex*-Sehet leaders are
convinced that Huerta will not bes.
1 tate to plunge the whole country Into
a foreign . war, thinklug to aalte
against an aUea enemy.
Washington-As showing what the
canal can do, figures show that two
MU al I Isthmuln railway? tn 1913 car
ried ?13,0tMMWO worth of merchandise.
This is double the amount In 1908.
Washington-"The army ls pre
pared," said Secretary Bryan, "but
has not been given any orders to
move toward the border."
Cadets Were Victorious In Green
ville Yesterday, Defeating
Furman 9 To 5
Following their victory over the
Presbyterian College of South Caroli
na at Clinton Tuesday, the Citadel
baseball team won from Furman Uni
versity at Greenville yesterday by a
score of 9 to'5. Tbe Citadel team made
a splendid showing against Furman
yesterday and played fast and snappy
ball throughout.
A number of Anderson people wilt go
to Clemson college this afternoon to
aee the Chadd play tba Farm orri.
The beta are about'even on the con
tent this afternoon and the game be
longs to either side, according to the
fana?- clemson and the Citadel will
also play tomorrow afteriioo?.
For a Third Term.
Nashville Tenn., April 16.-Gover
nor B. W. Hooper waa unanimously
renominated for a third term as gov
ernor of Tennessee by tho State repub
lican convention today.
The Standard Sty? That Mr. Wil
.o>i Mas At Last Taken Hold
of the "Big Stick" of Mr.
I(By Associated Presa)
London. April 15.-Most of tin Lou
don morning papera commenting on
thc Mexican situation sympathise
with President Wilson in the Mexican
tangie while at the same time'con
tending that UK?ic.tlttes were largely
brought about by Ms Idealistic policy.
Much curiosity |s expressed . over
the intentions ot the United States,
because, although lt generally Is1 be
lieved Huerta will yield, lt ls pointed
out that should ho remain obdurate
the mer? ?^enj^ti^- c? Ti?i^Jw,
would not have much practical effect?
and that the blockade of Vera Crus
would be the only measure that would
deal a serious blow to the Huerta re
The Baily Telegraph cannot believe
President Wilson intends to put in
effect the resolute military interven
tion, snd sees no hope ot putting an
end to " the anarchy which has. re
sulted from the Wilson policy of mo
ral intervention."
! The pally Graphic consider? that
President Wilson's high moral pur
poses have landed tho United States
and the president himself "In a-situs.
Hrt? o?iibii t??il?SKr- ?" '
"Mexico must be conquerad or left.
alone, the idea thifc ?m?rVeation
be limited to the occupation of Tani
pico and Vera Cru? Is a fresh de
lusion which would be speedily shat
tered." '
The Standard says:
The big stick which Roosevelt
would have used long ago has at last
ween grasped. . The door,of peace ls
?till open but lt rests with Huerta
to avail himself of the chance."
Butt Memorial
Was Dedicated
(T?y Associated Press)
Augusta, Ga.. April 16.-Simple, but
impressive was the .dedication hers
today of the Butt Memorial bridge
erected as a tributo to the memory
of the lute Major Archibald Willing
ham, Butt, aide to former Preetdeata ,
Taft and Roosevelt, who perished in
top Titanic disaster on April 14. 1912.
Former Presndent Tatt, a delegation
of Masons from the Temple Noyes
Lodge or Washington, of which Ma
jor But: was a member, local Masons
and members of the Butt Memorial
Association, participated in the ser
vices, which were held on the hand
some new bridge spanning the canal
st Fifteenth and Greene streets.
Speaking of Major Butt. Mr. Taft
said: .
"He was a southerner through and
through. He bad tho traditions ot
the south deep-seated in hie nature.
"Archie went to his. death in a great
disaster that attracted the attention
of the world. We do not know tho
jciai'5, but we know that women ?nd
children were rescued. abd he wept
down with the ship.
"He would have selected no other
death had be been given a choice. He
is preserved to us ninia manly beau
ty, in his soldierly form, In bis kindly
attlude of help. In the discharge pf
hlf? highest duty. Thu* he fa in the
memory of us all, sad as his end
"'' Carter Keene, representative of the
Temple Noyes Lodge ot Washington,
spoke of Major Butt aa "A splendid
contribution Georgia has made to
The memorial bridge was presented
to the eity by fter.Dr. Ashby Jones, of
Augusta, and accepted by Mayor L.
(J. .Hayne. At the conclusion ; ot tho
exercises the crowd ot several .thous
and persons Joined in the singing,
"Nearer My God to Thoa," the ?train
which the band ot the Titanic played
as the ship was sinking. The sound
ing of taps by a bugler ended the
ceremonies. . ..
Members of thc Washington dejec
tion left the city this afternoon For
mer President Taft, who has been a
visitor here for several.day*, will re
turn to his home tomorrow.
Western railroads ara preparing tor
extensive retrem?mente. ?_

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