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' -fi??S%r.....
VOL. 1, NUMBER 81.
fr?eklj. ?RUbIb)b*d J8*t DaUr, Ja?. 1?, 1914,
$5.00 PER ANNUM.
VOL. 1, NUMBER 74._weekly, EeUMWbe* tt*t DeB* te it, 1114. ANDERSON, S. C., TUESDAY MORNING, APRIL
Next Step By American Government Will Be Practically a
Declaration of War-Martial Chiefs Confer AU Day
Sunday on Probable Action
(By Associated Press.).
Washington, April 20-Huer has refused to accept President
Wilson's demand for a salute to the American flag.
In a refusal late last night he countered with new conditions.
Officials said these would not be accepted and that the program of
reprisal would be carried out.
Mr. Tumulty announced that the president was preparing to deliver
a special mesage tex congress today and that a joinfr session would be
held at the earliest hour the congressional leaders could arrange for
it, probably at 3 o'clock
Secretary Tumulty announcd, just ^B&^^c?f;^^A^ftB!!?!^.--Wial J*res(&?a?
Wil&on Imd instructed him <v long distance telephone to c??l
a special meeting of the cabinet for 10:30 o'clock this morning.
"The m?tt?r is clo??!;" said Mr, Tumulty.
Huerta, Hit added, had asked for* no continuation of the negotia
tions and refused fl?tly to accede to what he called the demand for
. an "unconditional" salute.
War Chiefs In Conference All Day At U. S. Capital.
(By Associated Press.)
Washington, April i 9--Throughout to day. ihe Mexican crisis oc
cupied the absorbing attention of the officials dispelling the usual
calm of a beautiful mid-snring_ Sunday. President Wilson arrived at
White Sulphur Springs, W. Va-, early in the day, after a nights ride
from Washington, and there "joined Mrs. Wilson.
Secretary Bryan remained up virtually all of last night awaiting
definite word from Mexico City. He was at the State department
after midnight,/ and going home continued telephoning to those
in the cipher room at the State department until 4 o'clock this morn
ing. **
Shortly aftef midnight Mr. Bryan received two messages from
Mexico, both from Mr. O'Shp.ughnessy. The first was - merely
formal, stating that the message of President Wilson, giving Huerta
until six o'clock tonight to yield, had been communicated to Portillo
Y. Rojas, the minister for foreign affairs, and that a reply would fol
The second despatch was in the nature of a reply, although officiate
. quickly perceived that it was nof clearly responsive and definite a;
to the demands made by this government, but raised'.a new issue
as to the United States agreeing in writing to return the Huerta sa
Wilson Kept Informed.
Mr. Bryan summatized the reply in a telegram to the president ai
White Sulphur Springs, and soon thereafter held a lengthy lonj?
distance conference with the president, going over the points Huertt
had raised. While the reply was considered favorable in its general
purpost as to saluting the American flag yet it again parleyed oVei
details and conditions. As a result of thc long distance talk, Mr
Bryan dispatched a further mesage to. Mexico City, making it plair
that President Wilson would listen to no counter"proposals or'sug
gestions, but must have an unequivocal aceptarice of the A/nericar
demand at the time atated 6 o'clock tonight. .
While these exchanges were going on by cable between Washing
ton and Mexico City, thc navy department was cen?eriiig its aiientioi
on further preparations for any eventuality which ?night occur- A
10:30 o'clock-shortly after Huerta's latest dilatory messages hat
been received-orders" were sent to the battleship Mississippi, wit!
an aciojiiiinc curji5 and six hundred marines, and th? torpedo Flotill;
at Pensacola, Fla., to get under way imcdia?ely, joining Admira
Badger's fleet ag it entered the Gulf of Mexico, and procedeing witl
the fleet to Tampico. The torpedo flotilla consists of 22 destroyers
$St the tender Dixie and the scout cruiser Birmingham. Several of th?
S'> destroyers are in reserve and it is probable that only fourteen wil
No Church for Bryan.
Secretary Bryan had planned to go to Church at 11 o'clock, but a
the cable mesages began t come in he changed his plans and went t<
the Slate department, There he was joined by John Lind, and t?i
two wnt together \q the private tlegraph office of the State depart
Monday in thc national capital was a day of in
terest and excitement. President Wilson callee
the cabinet together at 10:30 anti laid before then
the special address he would make to congress ii
Hp the afternoon._ , . j,, gatji
- . :.? x:s\
men, o consul over a dirtkul piece of, deciphering utitne latest mes
sage from Huerta. Later the secretary and Mr. Idnd^Qined Secretary
Tumulty at the White House, and the latest exchanges were furthr
gon over in detail.
Later it became known that the messages showed 5*$ Huerta wa?
not raising objection to the salute itself, but as to i!*e details under
which the salute would be returned.
The main condition was that the United States a^?<^|knttj^g that
the salute be tired, instead of relying on the assunr
mirai Mayo fur ;i rejuni salute. This was^om .
from the American government that 'woufd^^^SBP^^^^n
strued by li 1 nt ?s a recognition of the de facto Mexican government
Officials here tvere not disposed to give any such assurance, nor
to prolong the discussion as to details. They were detennined;
after consulting with President Wilson, to hold to the one concrete
question of Huerta's yielding of the American demand as it had
been submittted. The reply to Huerta made clear to him that a
"yes" or "no" to the American demand is all that remained for
him, and that nothing that was to be ?one would bear the con
struction of a recognition of the Huerta regime.
Congress to Get Busy.
In the meantime tentative plans were being made for the letris
j lative procedure which tomorrow may place the full naval and mMi
. tary establishment in the hands of the president tor decidive measures
'against the defacto government in Mexico, . The scope bf Hie 'author
ity to b conferred on the president, and thc me?risio be placed iii his
hands for exerting that authority, will depend on the president's de
sires. When the president returns to Washington 'earl} tpmorrovk
morning these desires undoubtedly will be submitted to Laders ot the
house and senate, before the two legislative bodies meet at noon.
Then the> president probably will go to the capitol to read a special
mssage.to congress.
Unless the Huerta government accepts the presidentSs terms to
night, Majority Leader Underwood will offer a joint resolution in
the house, when it meet? at noon, providing for a joint scission of
congress within an hour.
The Joint session wil hear what the president has to advise on the
Mexican situation, and probably before the president returns to the
White House a resolution will have been offered in each house in sep
arate session. Thc chairman of the foreign affairs and foreign re
lations committees will offer the resolutions, which immediately will
be referred to the respective committees. Hurried sessions of the
committee will report the resolutions
The form and substance of the resolution to be presented in the
event movement against Huerta, however, will depend largely on
President Wilson's wishes, he is expected at least to ask for power to
a blockade of Mexican ports.
Scenes l??oii? the Stat* and navy departments during the day were
reminiscent of the days immediately preceding the Spanish-American
war. Telegraph rooms were fully manned and over In the naval an
nex building the general board was in secret session a good part oj
the day. Headed br Admiral Dewey, there were gathered around
the Jong table Rear Admirals Southerland and Fiske and Captains
Winterhalter, the aid for. material; Knapp, Hood, Shoemaker and
Olivet ; Director of Naval Intelligence and Commander Campbell,
Secretary cf thc board. The bu?iu went over the latest dispa'Chei
received by wireless from Rear Adimarl Badger, on the Arkansas, nov*
in the Florida straits; Rear Admiral Fletcher, at Vera Cruz and Reai
Admiral Mayo at Tampico.
Never wa's there a more vivid illustration of the march of scientific
invention as applied to warfare than the facility with which these
ranking adthirals and captain, ploting out the strategy of a possible,
war, were able to keep in touch with the developments at cver>
point where an American ship is lying. Some of the men engaged
in this task had fresh in mind the painful experiences of the old naval
strategy board which, in the Spring of ?898, sixteen years ago, were
dispairingly. trying to get in touch with Sampson and Schley, com
_ (Continued on Page Three.)
it was decided by both branches of congres-;
to have a joint session. The president called a
meeting of the cabinet at 8 o'clock Monday night.
Huerta, through his Washington representative
made another proposition which was declined.
Anderson Company Asks Also for)
Chance at the Front
If War Comes.
When it 'became known along to
wards midnight that oriels had been
reached and that Mexico would not as
sent to the i'emnnda made by Presi
dent "Wildon ir backing up the naval
comander at 1 oml>ICO> Capt. L. L.
Llgon of V.o., E. First South Carolina
Nat ional ('narri, sent tho folowlng dis
patch to President Wilson and a copy |
to tn? governor <.f the State;
Headquarters Co., E. 1st Regt., I
A.inVrron. S. C.. April ZO.J
Mon. V.'oodKow wilson. President,
VV'tishUfftton, 1? C v
T have the bom ir tc tender services I
?of (his company to the gvoernment in|
I thc event of ut.y neccsslty.
!.. L. Lipon.
, .Capt. C., E-?
I. -A lont? dJataace. message from the
special correspondent of Tho Dally
Intelligencer at Columbia last night
brought the following copy of a dis
patch that had boen sent by Gov.
Blcase to Washington.
Hon. Woodrow Wilson.
The Come -der in C'atef. brigadier]
Washington, 0. C.
President of tiwi tlnituj ?tata*4,|
G?nerai, Throe Coto?elS, and all of
ficers ai.d enlisted men of The Na
tional Guard of South Carolina, and|
pu PH rd a-.id 'willing tu >hsy any (>x
(Ur I bat you atp Prcsht-i.it i.'.ay Issnbj']
atlJ Will go tl) Alexi:*: ol ClttOV/her* a'
?(JIU-? lt needed; And I wH.i go at thc !
head i i Ibo South ..'.WOIMM Hoops]
Vii-.'jH vcrcall in mad?-.
tSigneil ? v
Colo L. Olease, fjhiy;
j Ttl" constitution of the State !,ayB
that the governor ls ox officio com
mander In chief of all of tbe forces
of the State, but that in case he takes
command of State troops on foreign
soil ho mechanically severa his con
nection with thc office of governor.
AnriiTison Men Beady
Tb? war tall/ of the last few days, |
which has been more or leas specula
tive with the civilian, bas been a very
personal matter to the enlisted man
in the National Qu ard service. The
excellent local company In charge of
Capt. louis Llgon baa talked the mat
tor over and the men are ready to
respond to any call. Capt. Llgon stat
ed Rnnday that be waa ready to of-]
for bia services and the services of
hts company as an organization. This [
company has just recently been re
o?*gns!rcd end the personnel ia very
Ano. The officers aro Capt. Llgon, |
Lieut Bradshaw and Lieut Trow
While the militia ls an arm nf the!
. State troops, yet under the Dick law
I the national guard is an auxiliary io ;
the regular army and \subjeot to
I certain calls for service. Since tho j
cfr.t cst "thorne r.t bet w ?e? lue gov-j
lernor of this state and the war de
I partment. there has been some spec
ulation as to how thin state, would
, fare in case of a cali for trope.
In> 1898 President McKinley issued
la call for volunteer organization and
each State waa allowed Its cuota, the
regimental officers being designated
[ by the governors of the States.
The other militia organizations in
thia county aro the company at Pelter,
the Pirat Regiment band at Williams
ion and tV Second regiment band at
OrrvllL?. Thc Palmetto Riflemen are,
In the First Regimont, which la com
[ r The proposed encarn;
! state has been called off t
account of letters of Gov.
ffr A warm debate folio
blution on war.
(li.. ?
Washington, April 19.-At 7:36
o'clock Mexico City, and Presider
had expired. No word of the dicta
ed here. In the event that Huerta
reach Washington for several hours
(Bv Associa
Washington. April 19.-Al 8:30 p.
m. (Washington time) Secretary Bry
au announcud I hut he lind received no
further word from. Mexico City.
Washington. April 19.-At 8:55
patch from Charge O'Shsughnessy bo
o'clock (Washington time), a long dis
gan to come into the State department
telegraph office. The first portion did
not disclose .Us nature. -
left the ctubaay, as there waa no in
dication that President Huerta had
reached a decision with reference to
the American demand.
The foreign, residents and Mexicans
appeared to pay little attention to the
criais and followed their usual Sun
day pursuits.
Galveston Texas. April IS.-'?fts
r.eivc? $.20 p. m.) Amorlcuu Charge
0'Shaughnas8y at Mexico City and
Foreign Minister Portillo Y. Rojas
? .-eut into conference at 4 o'clock this ?
Mien*con, acor?.ng to ?niormation re- j
calved hy cable here, which had not
tow lud< (1 at S o'clock, Galveston time.
A direct telegraph wire 'rom Galves
ton to Washington ii bc6h arranged
for tin? Immediate- dispatch of any
cable m osages rclutiug to th* Tampico
situation. I
Passed Ke> West.
Ki y West, Flu.. April Ii?.--Thc main
division of ti"* Atlantic tient of the
United States navy; hound tor Tauipl
io, in connection with the American
demand of a salute from the Mexican
demand of a salute from the Mexl
lcan Federal forceB to the United
States flag, paabed here at nix o'clock
this morning.
Washington, April 19.-At 9:40 p. m.
those officials who had seen as much
of the dispatch as had been received,
said that its tenor did not neem to bo
favorable, ^ _ _
mended by a splendid soldier, Col,
W. W. Lewis of Yorkville, a man who
would take the best of care of his
regiment in the camp or In the field.
The distempers a poorly ordered
camp are worse than warfare in the
field. Tlie commander of the Second
regiment is A. E. Legare of Colum
bia, recently elected. All of the com
panies making up that regiment are
in the central part of the State. The
First regiment is th? piedmont regi
o -1
o In getting out an extra th
o gencer seeks to give the war ne
ft wire. In case, of a prolonged
o paper will keep its readers poste
o can be secured by the corns of c
o territory by the Associated Pn
o mauds, w? will give our reade
o cost to regular subscribers,
o o o o o o ? n r?
pment of troops in this
>y the war department on
. Blease.
Wed a congressional res
p. m. Washington time, it was 6
it Wilson's ultimation of Huerta
tor's intention had been announc
has acceded, news of it may not
ted Pres?.)
Washington. April 19. - Charge
O'Shaughneasy reported that he had
detailed the last message from Secr
etary Bryan to Foreign Minister Ra
jas at 4 p. m. Senor Rojas told the
charge he would confer with General
Huerta later.-9:40 P. M.
Washington. April 1ft.-At 8:46 p. ra.
(Washington lime) or 7:09 p. m., in
M<xtco city, Washington waa still
walting for a mc
nigh nessy
M-etury Hryaii said that
rd nothing at 8: Sd. o'clock ind lt
may bc naar midnight before the fi
nal word came.
(Bulletin munda.-A. P.)
Mexico City, April 19.-The Amer
ican Charge d'Affaire, Nelson
O'Shaunessy and the Mexican foreign
mlnifct-er. Ssscv r?*?t???u ?. rojas, ware
in conference thia afternoon at 4
Washington. April 19.-At 6 o'clock
tonight Washington time (4:24 Maxl
rain City) Huerta had not communl
cnted any Intention of complying
with President Wilson's demands.
During tho day ho asked for written
assurances that thc United States
wot,ld rei urn his salute.
rbi;; van promptly refused and the
wc rd went to Mexico t'lty that a de
ridive answer to the last word of the
Washington go" rnnient moat come
before Mexico City time.
Mississippi te South.
Washington, April 19.-7:80 p. m.
The. battleship Misisslpp ; equipped
with au aeroplano corps and with
r>i)U marines aboard, was ordered late
today to sail at once from Pensaco
la, Fla., to Tampico, with Ute prairie,
the Dixie and the destroyer Flotilla.
Will Re Celebrated In Filling Manner
This Summer,
Atlanta, April 19.-Plans gare aa?
Bumed definite form here (or the cel
ebration of the Fiftieth anniversary
nf th? Hattie cf. Atlanta, fctiSm? ?n the
War Between the States on July 22.
It la planned to Invite the govern
ors of the 31 states represented in the
battle to attend, together with their
Eighteen states were represented in
(he Federal army tn the-.battle.
- x-?yxx^ogg^: t^ccccecccx? >j ?JJ? tjaeL-j.- ???.- Jar?
o o o o o o o
- o
is morning The Daily Inte?i- o
:ws and the other news of the o
struggle in 4he South, this o
d on all the developments that o
orrespondents rushed into that o
??S. ' Whenever occasion de- o
rs an extra, at no additional o
. o
?, C i C C ii ?i
-.-- ,
Mr. Venn Ulfen'? Condition.
A long distance 'phone message to
The Intelligencer from Coluaibia lsst
night stated that Mr. Forman Vermil
ion bad rested very well through 8un
lay and the crisis in hie case might
sot be reached for 24 hours,

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