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TtjE 31 ntlc i san IntElliQEncef
ESTABLISHED i860 W*klT, Ett*?l?*ei ISM* DmDj, to 11,1911. ANDERSON, S. C.,TUESDAY MORNING, APRIL 28, 1914 PRICE fti.50 THE YEAR?
?~n---~-rn-rrmTm-m-mrrn-- ? i -? - i-? rn? _._ll _^
Carranzaista Threatened HU Life!
As Consular Agent Attempts
To Save Ur,S. Property
(By Associated Presn)
Nogales, Ariz., April 26.-A
band of armed Mexicans started
from Pagonia, Arizona, 27 miles
northeast of here today and while
marching southward toward the
border have been robbing and
firing on Americana.
Consul Is Threatened.
C. L. Mcntsgu*; American!
consular agent nt Canaan, a rich
copper mining town 45 miles south
of Naco, Arizona, telegraphed to
Consul Frederick Simpich that at
5 o'clock this afternoon a mob of
rebels was congregating about
the consulats and speeches threat
ening Americana were being made.
Consul Stays At Post. ,
All of the Americans except
Montague,'however, had reached
the border' safely, Montague had
remained ta pack up the consu
late archives. The dispatch read:
''?ij?^vi?wi office attempting
to pack up archives, a very large
?Ute. Strong speeches being)
made against Amertcans. Sonic
advocate breaklng-l?lo consulate,
others to take down American
flag. 1 have dee'ded not to take
down the flag iritll S:3o, the
usual time, so as not to create ex
citement. Do not know what the
result will be."
Consul Siitip?oh immediately
wired a vigorous note to the rebel
authorities at Cananea advising
that American interests must be
let alone. W
Report Say* That Such a Venture
W01 Be Launched In Near
Future Hero
.Although it has been Impossible to
secure a confirmation of the report, ru.
mor has it that a splendid new shoe
store is soon to be started in Ander
son and that it will bs lobcated In the
building on Main Streit formerly oc
cupied by Crayton's drug store. It
ls said that a well known Charlotte
Arm is behind the proposed store for
Anderson and that lt will be one com
plete shoe store in the State when
the doors arc opened to the public.
That the report ls true seems to be
shown by the statement of a well
known shoes sateamanln the etty yes-,
terday. Ho,said that be had already
sold a large '-bill o ? sh uss to the new
concern fft?ftbt* city sud that they
were aladHMclns: ordsra ?i??wrhere
for a v?ry^o?4pl6tc lins.
. . Fer New Orleans station.
"Washington, April 25.-The senate
has agreed to the resolution reappro
priating an unexpended balance of ap
propriations previously, faade for the
naval station at New Orleans.
ooooooooeooopo 090
o -.0
o (By Associated Press) o
o Washington, April 2S. o
o -Admiral Badgor tonight o
o reported from Vor* Cnn o
o that fee was extending his o
o lines of bluejackets and o
. o nanties further beyond 4
o the ?sty. Tho battalion of o
o marines from the Sooth o
o Carolina ara . well en- o
? trenched two and one half o
c ss3ss vrsA of ihs city. o
o o
WAR lino
If Huerta Turns Down Offer For
Mediation Senate May De
; clare War At Once
(By Associated Press)
Washington, April SS.-Though the
Mexican crisis has been under sop.
pression In congress for seTeral days 1
abjle the president ead his cabinet1
executed plans of reprisais against the '
defiance of General Huerta, there ls '
aa Impeling undercurrent of feeling 1
In both senate and house for a declara. '
tion of nar, which was tempered some
what tonight by the acceptance of of
fers of mediation from Argentine, Bra.
sll and Chile.
fttronr for Wrtr
Leadera in congress for several days
had been discussing informally the
necessity for an unequivocal declara
tion of war, for a sweeping campaign
in necelauauuoyty wtw ftwthed b trw
in Mexico and for the ultimate es
tablishment by force of American arms
of peace and constitutional govern
ment In Mexico.
'No swell from, the undercurrent
reached the surface today, however,
but members in both house and sen
ate predicted a storm would break
Monday or Boon after ' ncr lean troops
reached Vera Cruz to support the nav
al forces there. Member* who were
most restive over the situation to
night after learning o fthe mediation
proposals, stated that no further ag
gressive acUon toward Mexico should
be forced until it becomes apparent,
that-, the- jgeod- .offices of ?Lhe South j
American nations fall. -
iaco,*to * discussion ot Mexico, lead
ers, were ld conference, and sentiment
developed waa strongly in favor of
In tho conferences inore, than a
dozen of thf most prominent men on
the democratic participated. Speak
er Clark, Majority Leader Underwood
Chairman Flood, of the foreign rela
tions committee; Chairman Fitzgerald,
of the appropriation committee, and
Chairman Hay, of the military com
mittee, figured In all of them.
The dLscuhsion waa ~c outspokon
that there was talk fdr a time of the
appointment of a committee, to con
sist of Speaker Clark and Mr. Un
derwood, which should call upon Pres
ident Wilson eui inform bia that
the sentiment of the house waa for
war. Developments of the day. how
ever inter fer red with this plan and
the conferences, ended without defi
nite conclusion.
House is Warlike.
Although the news of proffered med
iation put a new aspect on the sit
uation, it was the general understand
ing that house leaders expect to make
their representations to the president
as - soon as the army has been con
centrated at Vera Crux.
In the senate there was not auch
concerted action as was evident in the
house, but there was evidence that the
silence which many - senators: have
observed will be broken Monday y
Race Track Gambling Is Con
demned By Clubs In Ocooee
County On Saturday
Special to The Intelligencer.
Whlhalle. April 25.-So far aa
known the meeting of the various
democratic clubs throughout the coun
ty was without special significance.
The West Ulnon club pased various
resolutions on the primary qualifica
tions, Former bills, and the Charleston
race track law violation which la as
Resolved-That lt is the sense of
the Weat Union Democratic club that
race track gambling be abolished
within the State ot South Carolina and
that the executive officers, of the State
be required to institute auch actions
civil, or criminal, aa may be deemed
requisite or necessary to enforce the
statute-law of the State prohibiting
the salve. The laws or our State al
ready provide fully this remedy but
we ' are sorry to know that South
Carolina ls almost alone among forty
efght States of the Union, which baa
not banished this nefarious business
from Its borders.
OPH.fWaahJai PUL
Austin, April 25.-Governor O. B.
Colqultt today telegraphed President
Wilson portcstlng against the' volun
teer army bill, which yesterday pass
ed hot* hn/Mtt^t 0f congress sad-a?ki?g
that the president wlthold Ons sig
nature to the .measure. The measure ls
an "Invasion et the rights'of sutes.
Consul Canada Appesb co Mercy
Of Tyrant and Little Hope
Is They Will Escape '
(By Associated Press)
New Orkans, April 25.
Wireless advices tonight from
Vera Cruz state that .General
Maas of the Mexican forces has
found seven American prisoners
guilty of certain charges and that
he proposes to execute them.
Consul Calida Confirms.
Consul Canada at Vera Cruz,
the wireless says has notified the
state department at Washington
of the reported intention of Gen
eral Maas to execute certain
American prisoners.
lt was further stated that Gen
Maas has about thirty three pris
oners, ? including fourteen women
and seven or eight children. The
consul sent a messenger to the
general appealing to him in the
name of humanity to release the
women and children.
The nature of the charges
brought against the seven Ameri
cans was -not indicated by ,wirt>
Mexican Crisis and Heavy Foreign
Selling Factors On the Satur
day Market
(By Associated Press)
New York, April 26.-There was fur.
?her ?e?*tti?tn?iii| trutoy nf >ii. stock
market The ??ovenient was irregular
and at tlmtt Confused. While the
downward movement was extended,
net losses were considerably smaller
than on the preceding day.
The irregularity ot the movement
waa accounted for by the play of con
flicting force? ?n the market. The two
main factors in the weeks decline were
the Mexican crisis and heavy foreign
Today these influences pulled
against each other. Foreign pleasure
was relieved, and American stocks in
terested, for the first time In several
days, held fairly steady. On the other
hand, the Mexican situation was as
t?nch of a disturbing force as before.
Pr?parations for war? and the re
ported assassination of Americans in
Mexico seemed to increase the prob
ability of a serious and protracted
struggle, and there was corresponding
depression of sentiment at the opening,
owing largely to .tho change of front
on the part of tho Oreat Northern
holders ot American-securities.
Southern Pacific convertible fives
when Issued were sold heavily and
went as lOW SS 89 1-2. inmnarwl with
the subscription price of one hun
dred. Total ssles of bonds (per value)
i>. 5. Templeton Brought to An
derson, it Also Wanted On
Charge In Georgia
(From Sunday'* Dally.) 1
J. Olin Sanders, edpnty sheriff for
jApdereon county returned ito tho I
city last night .from Abbeville where
he went for the p?rpooo of securing
one, D. l?. Templeton, wanted In Co
lumbia on a charge of beating his
board bill. Templeton ls also wanted
by the State of Georgia on a charge
ssid to he more serious than the one
he will face here.
The prisoner wa* captured at Ab
beville yesterday, by Charles Bruce,
rural poiicemau for Abbeville coun
ty and waa held by the Abbeville of
fld?'? until the Anderson officer
could arrive ?jad take him in charge.
President Confers With Foreign
Relations Committee* From
Coe grose -on
(By Associated Pres?)
Washington, April tij-rPresident
Wilson aunuooned . senators Shlveley
Stone, and Lodge, of the'senate fore
ign relations committee,1 and Chair
man Flood and Representative Cooper
of the .bouse committeeman foreign af-]]
fairs to discuss the new,turn in events,
the first ray hope in a.day of worry
'and anxiety over the scores of Araerl
? cans held up .in their flight from the
Mexican capital.
- -- " r ... -|-~?
From those at tonlgnjt White HoUBe
conference lt was learned that while
the president was not sanguine of the
success of the intermediation plan, he
I felt it to be the duty oe tba. American
government to avail Itself ot tho offer
of the tbvee great Sou^h American
countries, lt was suggested that the
' Interim of negotiations, Vv?n though
they might be urraucceeainl, might
Berve to" repress anttjcmm?an out
bursts or afforded an opportunity for
Americans to dopart from Mexico.
The president had tho subject under
consid?ration most of tth<S day with
Secretary - Bryan andv?lior', njombcrs
'of the cabinet. Thc matter bad boen
informally discussed by, the three di
plomata among- tliemoeives and the
joint note wes present** lg pfliraon to
conferred ?bout tiie^Wfcma it was
transmitted to the diplomats at the
state department Just- aa tin.' president
began his conf?rence at the White
House with tbs leading democratic
ar.?d republican members of the con
gre8sional committee in charge of
foreign affaire.
Decline ta Be Quoted.
The senators and representatives
.declined to be quoted but tboae who
discussed lt believe it was right for
the United States to accept good of
flees, though not agreeing in advance
to any cessation of its preparations
for emergencies.
I The feature of the plan which some
of the president's visitors lauded was
tu? ??Ci th&t tbs u?.i?? ?MfeMn? ?ras
joining bands with three big nations
of this hemisphere, emphasizing Pan
American solidarity and a principle or
the Monroe Doctrine, and at the same
. time showing to Central and South
: America aa a whole the peaceful in
tentions of the American government.
! The fact that Argentine, Brazil and
Chile have stood with the United States
in refusing to recognize the Huerta
government ls an element in the sit
uation which rose conspicuously to the
. front.
Story Told In Private Letter Of
One Of the VfctVas To His
(By Associated Press)
St. Louis, April ii ?.-A story of the
'arrest of the United States marines at
. Tampico, Mox leo, which precipitated
[the present Mexican crisis, ls contain
ed in a letter received here today by
Mrs. John H. Hayden from her broth
1 er. Jasare-1 Cole? - sailor cn the R??
. boat Dolphin.
The lette*-was. written at Tampico.
! April 14, and describes the arrest of
the marines of the gunboat Dolphin
as follows;
. "The other day we wont ashore, ten
of us. and the paymaster, to get sup
plies 'ia dwe got Soo far down the
river. As soon aa ve hit the bank
iii? f?d?rai army capta nat us and we
were flying the Americas fla?- too.
They held ns .prisoner* about fifteen
hours. Our captain came over and
got us. They took the American flag
off our boat and threw lt overboard.
They thought the paymaster was a rel.
atlve of Kx-PrtfskJeot Madero.
I "TIK admiral eerSalnly? did rave.
I He gent word to thc Mexicans to of
1 fer au ,apsjwa> and fire a salute of
twenty .^ae^guns to the American flag
or ho would blow the etty of Tampico
up. Twa Mexican officers came aboard
and apologized, but they wootdat fire
tbe salut?. The-admiral told them to
fire it within 24 boura; but nothing
?tirrlngw,H? gens them ia twenty four
I hour extensi?n, word waa seat here
from Washington that if be didn't' rr
'celvo aeWsssV'artyn Vashingtcn by ?. T
: M. last hight, we were to take the etty
I "We were all ready for actkm. We
had 4,000 sailors ready to lund from
the ships."
Mexico May Upset Plans, But U.
S Government Is Willing,
Says the President
(By Associated Pres?)
Washington, April 25.-President j
Wi I eon tonight announced he had ac
cepted an offer .fr-?m Brazil, Argentina
md Chile to use their gooa ?nices In i
ia attempt to briny about a peareful
md friendly settlement of the dilli- j
:ulty between the United States and
The offer was formally submitted by
tho th ron South ft.m*:ricun envojs to
Secretary Bryan and laid before the
The Pren Iden CK Acceptance.
Reply of the president, made through
thA ??*pr?>tnrv nf Rfnto nf tho riliiln
matie repu I mitatives, [waa aa* fol
'?The government of the United
States ia deeply confident of the
friendliness, the good feeling, i nd the
^oticus concern fot the pea*-; and
welfare of American manifested In
the Joint note just received, tendering
the good offices of your governments
Lo effect If .possible a settlement ot the
present difficulty-between the govern,
tnent of the United States and those
who now claim to represent our sis
ter republic of Mexico.
Proffer Appreciated.
"Conscious ?>f the ptirpoo with
which the proffer is made, thu* gov
ernment does not feel st liberty to
leoline it. Ita chief Interest ls la the
peace of America, the cordial inter
course of lier republics and our.
t?io happiness and pt-psjs?rtt
(lng of the friendo ,
which" is created by common purpose,
rhe gehemus offer of your govern
inents ls therefore accepted. .
"This govcrivrneut hopes roost ear
nestly that y du jmay'.find those who
speak for the Soberer elements of the
Mexican people willing and ready to
discuss terms of . satisfactory and,
therefore permanent settlement. If
you should find them.willing this gov
ernment will be glad to take up with
rou for discussion In the frankest and
most conciliatory spirit any proposals
that u.ay be authoritatively forma
It'td and wi.l .-.op* that they may
prove feasible and prophetic of a new
[lay of mutual cooperation and con
adf?r>f*o in America.
17??1 I'??ii-v't Itself.
"This government feels bound in
sander to say Us diplomatic relations
with Mexico, being for the. present
severed, lt ls not possible for lt to
make sure of an uninterrupted op
portunity to carry out the plan of In
termediation which you propose. Tt. is
Df course possible that some act ol ag.
Eversion on tho part i?f thoa" who con.
trol military forces of Mexico might
oblige the.United States to act to the
upsetting of the hopes ot peace, but
this does not Justify us in hesitating
to accept your geer.rous suggestion."
Race Was One MBe and Victors Had
Harrow Xargin.
Philadelphia. April 25.-Oxford Uni.
ker si ty of England today won by one
Toot the four mlle International col
lege relay championship on Franklin
Rield. It wa? the most sensational fin
ish ever seen here In that great event.
The race was ever until the last
mile when Maderla of Pennsylvania
save McCurdy of Pennsylvania a short
lead. Jackson of Orford, the Olympic
15000 metre champion, caught him and
lt was a neck and neck race all the
?ey. MeCurdy sprinted tn the last.
100 yards, but the Englishman held
ilm an djust nosed him out at the tin
ah. Many spectators thought Pccnsyl.
irania gave McCurdy ofeon nan u nu
rania had won. The last mile was run |
In a heavy rain storm.
National Association Of Cotton
Mill Mon Now in Session In
New York City
(From, Sunday's Daily.)
B. B. Oossett, one of Anderson's
'oremost cotton mill men, left yes*
erday afternoon for New York city
where be goes to sttend the annual
Meeting of the National Association
if Cotton Milla Mr. Oossett la much
nterested In the questions to be con
rldered at this meeting. The oon
lectlon will hear an address delivered
>y James P. Oossett of Williamston
>n i??rpufiaut cotton miii questions.
James D. Hammett, another promt
lent cotton mill man of Anderson, was
mee president of this association of
sutton mill men.
Secretary of Navy Says News
papers Owe It to Public Not
to Spread the Error
(By Associa tn! 1'ross) i
Washington, April 2*.-Secretary of
State Bryan today emphatically denied
wldespread and persistent reports that
he would resign from the cabinet.
When informed of published reports
I hat be wnnld relinquish his post
should war be declared against Maxi,
cn Mr. Bryan said:
..The subject of my resignation hus
never been illsrussed with anybody nor
thoaght of by ase."
Whit? lfou??t IMML
White house officials pointed to the
general denial issued a few days ago
of the story that Secretary Bryan
would resign, saying that statement
was sufficient to cover all rumors of
cabinet dissension. They said they
did ont regard it as necessary to re
peat tho denial with each published
Outside of the white house there has
been considerable discussion of the'
individual views known to.be held by
members of the cabinet on the present
situation. None ot these ls said to bo
serious or approaching any breach In
thje president's official family, but
there have natural differences of op
inion as to what aggressive measures
should be pursued.
^l^^'^ol ^?^^^^^^^^f m^ '
steered > middle course between those
who.fwvor ? quickly aggressive policy
abd those who believe war can be best
avoided by patient observation and
carefully deliberated action.
Persons close to the administration
described the divergence of views as
the product of natural differences
ar.ong these charged with responsi
bility for executive action. Officials
point out, for Instance, that the war
department ls naturally anxious to
take every reasonable precaution with
its military torosa and the navy is
bending its energies ?ihevige to per
fecting its preparations for actual
They say also that the state depart
iucai, which is directly responsible
for relations with other foreign gov
ernments, and which is trying through
diplomacy to prevent aggressive move
ments which might aggravate action
by the Constitutionalists, and the Mex.
lean people as a whole, ls busily oc
cupied In friendly repression of the
spirit of its allied departments. AU
the cabinet secretaries themselves de
nied that there is any serious division
and point to their close and frequent
conferences as evidence of their co
The rumors of Mr. Bryan's intention
to retire from the cabinet in various
contingencies are ascribed by his
friends to sentiments uttered hy the
secretary early in his' Incumbency.
Among other things, in speaking on
the subject of universal peace, he has
said lhere would be no war while he
was secretary of state. The secre
tary's purpose, lt ls explained, was to
emphasize his general conviction that
the growing feeling of disapproval of
warfare could be relied upou to pre
vent tho country from drifting into
Secretary Daniels, In discussing
newspaper reports of cabinet friction
"There ls not now, and never has
/been the slightest dissension in the
cabinet. At a lime like this my private
judgment as a newspaper man is that
the press owes it as a patriotic duty
not to spread such reports."
Will Probably Be the Line ap of the
State D?mocratie Convention,
Columbia, April 25.-Reports from
over the state, willie Incomplete, In
dicate that the State Democratic con
vention will be composed largely
of men who do not stand with the
present "administration" at the State
capital. There were no features of
note except that ip some counties clubs
! passed resolutions requesting the
State convention to do something to
protect the primary from any charges
or suspicions of fraud.
rink Dogwood.
There ls a lot of pink dogwood in
bloom this spring In some parts of
the country this ls never heard of, and
some folks,might not believe lt, but
there Is a tree of it In fun bloom
ob River street, within the corporate
A Port Worth (Tex.) husband was
killed for resenting a joke that hts
wife went for beer.
The Personnel, of the County
Conventions Will Be About
As It Was 2 Years Ago
' (From Sunday'H Daily.>
In accordance with thu orders of the
Stat.- democratic executive committee
and lu compliance with the constitu
tion of the party, the machinery of the
party was taken out of Rt or.-ige and
put to pieces and in led up yesterday,
and everything started on Its way for
the coming county state and congres
sional elections. The step.taken yes
terday was to reorganice the local
clubs. Every democrat has a right
to haw his name enrolled and. to take
part In the deliberations pf a club? '
There was somewhat ' of apathy
eheT.'" yesterday In ?o?ue sectwnp, es- v
peclally ln the city, and no linea of
factions were drawn. Two years age
every delegate from the city, with one;,.
or two possible exceptions, was "lined
up," in anticipation. Yesterday there
was nothing of the kind in this city,
and the Indications are that'the same
spirit prevailed generally throughout
the county.
As well as could be learncd'over the
'phono last night the list' of delegates
from about a score of the 52 borea in ,
tbe County was as follows:
Met Saturday Afternoon gad
. Ised and Sleeted Bal
Belton D?mocratie Ciuk
afternoon at 3 o'clock l
lui: commit tee ne folk
K C. Bowen, pres.: D. A
vice president; O. G. Harris, necohd
vice president; Walter E. Greer, sec
retary and treasurer.
Executive committeeman, t. Clyde
Delegates to County Convention-J.
Clyde Oreen, W. K. Stringer, A. 8.
Fant, J. G. Harris, W. J. Moorhead
J. Mack King, W. C. Bowen, B. F. Car
penter, J. T. Cox, W. H. Cobb, Jr.; O.
K. Poore, T. C. Poore. T. J. Cox; 8. W.
Harris, E. T. Breazeale. A. Sc. ???mp
bell, Ross Mitchell. J Polk Co:, Jahn
A. Horton, J. R. Harris.
Registration committee-J. G. Hur
ris, J. K: Clement. W. P. fimltb, J T.
Cox, W. P. Shirloy.
Club Executive Committee-J. O.
Harris. E. B. Rice. F. Cllnkscalea, W.
H. Cobb. Jr., J. K. Polk Co*.
Belton Clnb No. 8.
E. T. Toll ison, president; R. W. Au
stin, secretary and treasurer.
Executive commltteeman-r-J.' W.
Delegates to the county convention
-J. W. Campbell. E. T. Tolllson, L.
D. Blake, J. H. Williams, Walter Todd,
R. W. Austin, J. S. Adams, W. A;
Clement. J. D. Rodgers, C, H. Strick
land. J. C. King and J. B. Mitchell.
Ward ?.
J. A. Hall, president; C, B. Barle,
vice president; J. S. Acker, secretary
and treasurer; B. F. Wilson, member
of exocutive committee; delegates
C. W. Beaty, B. F. Wilson, T. W. Nor
M. Scott. J. L>. Hembree, C. 8. Spear
rls, E. W. Browen. J. A. Brook, E.
man, H. H. Acker.
Ward 4.
The officers were elected as follows:
J. H. Godfrey, president; ?. 8. Sulli
van, vice president, and D. O. Browne,
G. I'. Browne, county and city ex
ectulve committeeman.
C. S. Sullivan. J. J. Trowbridge, C.
E. Tolly. Joe M. H. Ashley, L. N.
Geer, James B. Farmer. C. F. Fln*n; TV
O. Brown. G. P. Browne, J. H. Tate,
J. H. Godfrey and J. E. Breaseale,
delegates to tho county convention.
The members of the delegation were
(Continued on fourth page.)
(By Associated Proa*.) o
Vera Crux, April 25,- o
A demand has been made o
on the German legation in
Mexico City to surrender ?
the erma imported fids* the o
protection of the German ?
residents there, according e
to information teaching ?
here. ?
Admiral Voss Mathe- ?
the German minuter, re? c
plied: <
"If yoes get the sgsssT c
you w?l have to fight fer ?
>ooooooooooO OO OOI

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