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VOL. 1, NUMBER 81.
fr?eklj. ?RUbIb)b*d J8*t DaUr, Ja?. 1?, 1914,
$5.00 PER ANNUM.
Secretary of War Garrison la In
dined to Mirninize Affair for
ti?. Present
(By Associated Press.)
Vera Crue. May 2.-At ll o'clock
thia morning ? Mexican force esti
mated at from 300 to 500 men ap
peared a milo beyond the waterworks
station. As MkAjor John H. Russell,
of the marinos had received orders
not U> assum? the offensive he and his
men watchod the Mnxicans with much
Mexlean? Demand Surrender.
Suddenly a Mexican lieutenant and
non commissioned officer bearing a
white flag advanced and presented a
d-emand for the Americans to surren
der within ten minutes.
Major Russells reply was:
''Hurry right back and do not waste
any of the time your commanding of
ficer has swpulated."
Major Russell then made prepara
tions to resist any attack, at the same
time sending a message to hdudquart.
ers in Vera Cruz that bis outpost wi? s
Back at headquarters Brigadier
General Funston and his staff had been
mapping put the details of the . nsw i
government : when the wireless mes
sage from El TeJar brought about a
quick change.
Ready for the Field. ,
) Within a few minutes headquarters
hat notified Major Russell that rein
forcements fcrere oa the way to alt
him and.in an hour instead of the 210
the enU^-WtMaWl ?t Ve^Qrvu was
read* <w.say. md7emeht. ,-j *,
Sevee companies or too Fourth lu*
fantry ^Regiment Were sept forward
under..Colonel ??obert C. Van Vliet. as
well.es two battttlUoas apd three com.
pa??es of-marines commanded hy Col.
onel i John Archer Lejune. . .
AH these troops had been' taken from
stations in the outskirts of Vera Cruz,
the men of thc infantry regiment en
training for the snort run to El Tejar
from Los Cocos, the first station on the
Mexican Huh way. The battalions'
were commanded by Major Charles C.
French and Major Wolf.
From Major Russell's line only one
shot w?s $re?!.
'rae water work* station at Ki Tejar
forms the most advanced post in the
American linea and was placed there
because the authorities regarded it as
essential to protect the city'* water
Haas Mot Expected.
Genera! criers had been giren for
.the American troops sot to assume the
offensive'.and. not ,to fire unless at
tacked..');! Is not regarded here ks
at all probable that,General'Gustavo
Maas, former Federal commander at
Vera Cru?f bas any li ea ot attempt
ing to retake the .ott*, but ho la-tight'
enlng his long, internal Unes about the
city, apparently in an effort to pre
vent the eptfance from the country
districts' ot, supplies. .
It la 'generally assumed that the
Mexican' throat today to take El Tejar
was little! more than ? bluff, and It i*
thought the Mexicans pc. naps hoped
the American outpost at that place;
which was otu? HUI? more than half
then* number might surrender or that
they might defeat the Americans be
fore reinforcements could arrive..
The Mexican troops were la uniform
and consisted mostly of infantry, hut
there waa cavalrymen evidently be
longing to the Regular establishment.
Willie army officers here do not fear
th?t the MXlcan troops will make a
serious attack, lt is realised that con
siderable lneori venter-r>e Boon will be
created unless something ls done to
open roads into districts which supply
garden anft dalry products.
Censor Ta^^g^ ?oort Report
Ch lea KO. "SaAV
triumphed Me^hjranpor today wb%
Judge Tuthnl'lssSed sj writ of man
damus perwtttia* i public display of !
prohibited fflSL;,,
The reel w? yuh of/ before the
. last night rad today he declared he
could see no harm tn showing it in
public. The officio* fcMfror. Mador,
FunkhouBer, second deputy chief of
police, had r**U5?d to issue a permit
for the picture.
Au ?sPea! fros* tha judicial order
was prayed.
- ? 1
M.I-t.1.1.-. -M 1 ? - I - _- J_A-..J)
IMO ...ate wmn w .?.lus .4.' inniuni
to a minimum In yonkers. N. Y. Prln
' clpal MoriarltyNa; 4 school announ
cing dinners will be served school
children ai two rout* each.
Detective Agency Head Says)
His Pfcagan Report Had Noth
ing To Do With Fee
(By Associated Press.)
Atlanta, May 2.-.Representatives of |
a national detective agency which re
ticently Investigated the murder of]
Mary Ph aga n were questioned in su
perior court here today at a hearing I
on a D?oUpfi for a new triai ror I^eo
M" Frank, under death sentence for]
the crome.
The wltnesBen wero summoned at |
thc instance of Solicitor Hugh M.
Dorsey, who questioned them in re- {
gard to their connection with the case.
Tiie head of tho agency, who re
cently submitted a report exonerating]
Frank, waa first called to the stand.
In reply to the solicitor's questions]
he said he had been employed to In
vestigate the murder by two attorneys!
who have been connected with the
Frank defense since his arrest more j
than a year ago.
The witness said his remuneration |
for such services would not be, un
der his contract, in any way affected j
by the nature of his report.
I Colonel Formally Thanks Brazil j
Government for Courtesy
Shown Him
(By Associated Press.)
Rio de Janeiro, May 2.-Theodore
Roosevelt lias sent a dispatch from
Manaos to Dr. Lauro Muller, the Bra
zilian minister of foreign affairs,
thanking him and the Brazilian gov
ernment for Its solicitation during his
stay in South America. Mr. Roose
velt reached Manaos April 30 at the
end of an extended trip through the
unexplored interior of Brazil and he
I?t}. Manaos yesterday on the steamer
very successful. *For.thirty five days
we struggled with the rapids of the
river; for forty eight days we ?were
out of night of human habitations.
We followed .the course of the river
for over 900 miles." '
Mr. Roosevelt will go down to Para,
at tiie mouth of the Amazon, od the
Dunstan, at Para he will transfer to
the s teamer Pane rans for Barbardoea.
He will go directly from there to tho
United States.
?Speaker In Strike Talk Says Oil]
Magnate Lives Solely To
Make Money
(By Associated Press.)' "*."
Scaramon, Kansan May. "Our
boya In blue have gan? tb Mexico to
compel the Mexicans to salute the
'stars and stripes, .while out' in ..Colo
rado they are. tearing the ag flout of
our bands and scooting men for dar
ing to proclaim what, Ur stands for/*
John P. White, president of the United
. Mine Worker? of Amer)can, .today de
clared in an address bife. ! \ . ? . 1
..' ,"$$qrje mea- have baen killed In
Colorado in the last two weeks than'
th Mexico," President White continued.
"As to John D. Rockefeller, Jr., be
iias lost interest In the human value.
His life, in spite of hiB riches,* Is emp
ty. Ho has devoted his great brain
to money making."
T?\ &?r?*U?*t a rvr Tr?r
Sj U M7 k\?*m> a a ?na I/WIMU
? ;. 'J
I Deputies Member Demands Form-1
er Political Foe To Meet Him
6n Flel?'?'Honor
(By Associated Press)
'Paris, May 2.-Joseph Caillaux, who
was re-elected to the chamber o?'depu
ties :h' ttfe, general election held fast
week has challenged Fernand D'AilWerJ
en\ th?/ Libera* osad?a-to the cham
ber 'against htm in the Manien? Dis
trict, to fig** a duel.
M, Calila** renigned the ministry
cf ftnahce after, the killing of ?fest?n
Calme tte. 'editor of .the Figaro; by td*
Wife last March. The challenge wa?
seht; it is explained here, ??causo M*
D'Aitieres Insulted the Mainer* vaters
by posting bills saying clean electors!
would refuse to fte "accomplices In]
JFIrgh?s San's Salter,
?i -?W?:i *aay -virginia =uur
gettea held their first big dernoastra
i!c- ~ this city tcd?y ?w io.1
Wimen gathered ia the capitol ?quare
and listened to a votce-ior-women
dress by Congressman 1/ W. Bryan,
of Wa?hi&?ion.
Each Power Is Asked to Send]
To Conf?re With Envoys At
Washington Meeting
(By Associated Press.)
I Washington, May 2.-The three
South American envoys who have
undertaken the task of pacifying
Mexico by diplomacy today made an
other decisive move in their plan, by]
requesting the United States govern-1
ment. General Huerta and General I
Carranza to appoint representatives j
to confer, with them in Washington.
Ask For Representative*.
Ambassador Da Gama of Brazil and I
Ministers Najon and Suarze of Ar-?
gentlne and Chile, respectively, call
\ ed cn Secretary Drjan, ??ktus u?m to i
designate the American representa
tives. At the same time they tele
graphed their requests to the head of
the government in Mexico City, as
well as the constitutionalist chief.
Ko announcement of the subjects to
be considered by representatives of
the three parties to the mediation, or
of the powers or functions of the new
envoys was made except for the fol
lowing brief statement issued through]
the stat6 department on the-authority i
of the three diplomats:
"The mediators have delivered to I
this government and are sending out]
to General Huerta and General'Car
ranza {requests that representatives !
be appointed to confer with the me
Eeltils, Huerta and JJ? 8.
ail. day session of J
envoys. The s un
made to them from
v?rlouS.Mjuartors that - much time
would be saved and the problem of
exchanging views simplified by such
a process. /
While U is realized that represen
tation of ail parties probably'will not
be given authority to pass on points
brought up In the discussion with
the mediators they could sound out
their superiors so that before formal
proposals are actually made, the me
diators Would have an Idea of their
probate reception.
?avers Confident.
The envoys felt confident tonight I
the steti they had taken would meet I
titers could be no objection to a move
calculated to facilitate the - progress
of the work.
Thus fdr responses from Generali
I Huerta and General Carranza have ]
I not bean olear aa to whether the dif
ferences between the United Rtates
?and Mexico arising, out of ?he Tampico
incident alone would be considered by
them or Whether they Would consent
to a g?n?ral discussion ot the Mexi
can problem. By sending represen
tatives here. It Ia pointed'out, such
docilities Would be bridged over for
in aa Informal conference with the
mediators everything ''pertaining to
Mexico could be discussed and even
Informally submitted before the stage
of fprimal proposals waa reached. , '
"rfonld Pacify Mexlee.
Incidentally lt Is known that the
mediator? Intend to concentrate their
attention on the broad subject of paci
fying Moxico, hoping that differences]
between the Huerta government and |
Ute United States might become secon
dary in view ot the solution of the
entire Mexican problem. Names of
persone who might be acceptable to
a!! fsciichs is Mexico ter the position
cf provisional president, pending a
rehabilitating ot the national govern
ment, in case the negotiations reach
that stag?? are being suggested to the
Should General Huerta and General
Car ran sa decide to send special en
voys, it may take at least ten days ]
tor them to get here andria the inter]
rim, lt Is not believed :
spirit in this
e mediators spend the day
the proposals to bring
[I'jWiigntlyea of all factions togeth
er, official 'Washington am? diplomatic
circles are interested in the resigna
tion of Senor Lopes Portillo Y. Rojea,
minister of foreign affairs in the Hu
erta cabinet. It waa variously inter
preted, sofiia seeing In lt an indica
t?on cf ?^rts/r Intention to brook no
iVlg?WWea s?r his own retirement, as
Sacor Partiiie vrss teUre in the me
jtlitlnJ. i%**iim\lnm*tmm, u?*. Alhnn
g es ting that lt might be the means of
.electing, the Mexican cabinet officer
as a special representative of Huerta
(Cohttny?4 en Page1 Bight.)
New Storeroom? fend New Houses j
Are Seen In Alt Parts of the
Bo*^ City
While Anderson JMoertaioly not.io
the midst of a boonor anything aD
proaching that, th*, etty, ls making
more rapid, progrese.now than lt hos
ever done before accord Inc to .those
Anderson people wno nave ILved here
for years. Never.{before has there
h?*m PO much actiYjUv In tbe sale of
.'?al citato; Oev?rAbefore baa there
Lo?n such-a demand for houses. Store
rooms In any part ? the city are at a
premium and it is sad that nouses for
rent are bard to mtfL The city is
[bustling and business conditions hero
are vastly improvodjyyfer a year ago.
I Contractors of tbigcity say that they
have more work tbsStbsy can do and
that they cannot fffd ibo carpenters
the brick masot?CHfc other artisans
I for the'work. Wjjg nave dy tens of
contracts under w?y ??- vario?? por
ttone of the etty and more work ls
wanted each day. y:?
At present there are 15 store rooms
in Anderson, either in course of con
struction or to be begun within the
next fortnight and lt would be impos- '
sible for any mau ft> last?mate tbe num
ber of dwelling bajuBS going up.
A moa came mSHa?on .yesterday
on a visit tor the Ant time since he
?eft here six yearVftgo and he could
lardly believe lliSMps .u tbe town
that he once knew. ? According to his
Etory, College Vi?nteos fine bunUng
[ground when he Sen left and North
1 Andcr8on'''wjqs'- e?Vg^Jttttt-.- In tbe
country. When he saw the beautiful
derfui progress but ho was not procur
ed for ?ny ?yob eight as greeted him
s*l-n ?a iirat ?Mw lhv city yesterday.
Many comments ere heard on the
splendid work .being done by tbe cttv.
Th? walie way venture- has Droved to
be one of the moat popular Ideas An
der BOP .ha?, known fax a long while and
the people of all the city are more
than anxious.to sea. the lights turned
on for tha frist, time, .i rrctiopoUtan
air will, theo be lent the city which
she hos never possessed before and
Anderson win be even prettier bv
3?S?ht ?ten ah? !s hr day, if such a
thing oe possible.
The new paved streets in various
parta of the city come in for universal
admiration on '.he part of tho oronertv
earners ana the ciiy nmcisis ?re hs?htr
praised for what tbev are doing in this
The improvements being mad o bv
the railroads coming Into the cltv ex
cite the comment of every visitor stoo
ping In Anderson and this will be one
of Anderson's best advertisements. The
r.tranger naturally understands that
thp railroads would not spend their
mopey here if tbey did not believe that
tho city bas a great future before it.
Of especial value to tbs entire cltv is
the work being done by tbe Blue
Ridge railway aereas Main street,
pven the popple of the city cannot ap
preciate What this means until all thc
d?bris is removed ?men the street and
then they will be astonished by the
remarkable change.
!.. Ander cop 4fl enjoying more prosper
ity how thoo, sse bas, ever known bet
fore, and her people are blessed as
they have never been before. With
Ideal health, delightful climate, and
business conditions such as to make
living easy. Anderson Li rapidly reach
ing the point where it will be recog
nised, as the best of all the smaller
cities In the State.
Denver, May 2.-Two men, Robert
Deggett and Jack Snr/w, were burned
to death early today in a Ore that
destroyed a rooming house, a waloo:,
and three other building at Oak Greek
mining camp in Ra uti county.
Representative In Congress Says]
Magnate Is To Blame For
Bloodshed In West
(By Associated I'reas)
Washington, May 2.-Messages tell
ing of futile efforts thus far at Wash
ington to bring about a settlement of |
the Colorado coal mine strike, in
cluding a telegram from John D. Rock,
efeller, Jr., saying mining company
officials in Colorado "were the only
ones competent to deal with the ques
tion," were made public tonight.
-Representative Foster, chairman of
the house mines committee, who gave
eut the telegraphic correspondence,
bad been attempting to get Mr. Rock
efeller, operators and officials ot the
minna whlrh tho Pnr.kofallaM nnrtly
control, and the striking operatives to.
gether, following a White House con
Rockefeller Is Flayed.
"In my conference with Mr. Rocke- j
feller at his New York office," Mr.
Foster announced, "I urged on him
the importance of submitting the
strike difficulties to a neutral board
of arbitration, believing the trouble
could be peacefully settled."
"I spent February in Colorad? asl
chairman ot the committee on' mines |
and miring, investigating conditions.
Mr. Rockefeller had not -been the;o in
ten - years. I have (been over the
property- and have examined men on
both sides of the controversy. There
ls nothing in the differences
?iront the
en, secretary-treasurer
the International; Mine Workers Union,
tho demand that the union be recog
nized .is not the Issue. The grest ques^
Uon now confronting the strikers and
owners is, will you agree to submit
the metter to adjustment by arbitra
tion? Mr, Rockefeller cannot evade
his responsibility/'
Mr. Foster telegraphed Mr..Rooke*
feller, last Wednesday, saying William
Oreen, secretary-treasurer of the In
ternational Mino Workers Union? had
made public a statement that mine
workers would waive any recognition
of ihe union or unionizing camps. He
asked Mr. Rockefeller if he was will
ing to enter negotiations for settle
ment of the strike on that basis;
Mr. Rockefeller replied that ito
forwarding tba telesr??* -to lita of-1
fleers of the Colorado Fuel and from|
Company in Denver, who with the of
ficials of the other mining companies!
in Colorado, he said, were the only
ones competent to deal with that|
i Sharp Report to John D.
Mr. Foster replied to ibis Thursday
with a sharp message to A|r. rockefel
ler, which tho latter UP to tonight h?s
not acknowledged! Mr. Foster tele
uYoor telegram somewhat a disap
pointment, we were in hopes that yon
Would deem the situation so grave
and serious that you would give your
?ersonal efforts to prevent tho funner
Il Hog ot men, women and.,children
and ve renew the hope that you will
reconsider and. resolve to use'your
personal, influence and authority to
this humano end."
J? P. Morgan's Sen to Marry*
Boston} May 2.-Announcement of
the engagement of Juni us Spencer Mor. j
gan, son of J. Pierpont Morgan of
New York, to Miss Louise Converse, |
daughter of Frederick Shepperd Con
veno, o? this city, waa made today by
the young woman's parents. . The an
nouncement waa not unexpected, al
though a few days ago Mrs. Converse
said that e report of the engagement
was unauthorised. Mr. Morgan is a
senior at Harvard.
1 SSS 1315
The ?hantauqna ls assured for 1915V Mid for ?2.50. , Any one wishing to
Tha? wa? definitely settled last night, sign a card will please see Mgr. Lin
Pledgee for the 1915 event were taken coln O. Dickey, at the Chautauqua
riurW the intermission and something headquarters or At tho Chamber cf
over 800 tickets were signed for. Commerce, where pledge cards bare
It waa stated that only 1.000 tickets been placed,
would be sold next year at 12. so to Chairman Fast of th? civic, cotn
ds^vT?? 800 are sold. The manage- mlttee of the^?nbsr of ?osas?^r^
.^S?rf~TVf i ii Air agr???n?nt with the stated I-t ?:???L i?-f.t th? "r=? ?,C-~~
local Chamber of Commerce will sell tlokete would bc sold by Metier
.AA ticlrol," fer 1015 at ?2 b-t sc cosily, ssd tc Touli cdr?rc any c??;
moroT" if say one"wants to get a tick- who has not signed a card to do ?a- j
et for 19iVat $2 he should sign for by Monday. Telephone calls fbf ]
same within the must day or two. aa pledges may bs left at the Chamber ci
ali eibjer tickets above 1.000 will be Commerce.
Chances Are That Docket Cannot
Be Cleared In the Usual
Two Weeks
Heretofore there has boen only ono
week of criminal court at the May
term of the court of general sessions
for ?n?orson county, and this has
nover been sufficient, but since thc
old circuit has been divided lt is prob
able that three weoks of court will
take place this month instead of one
as heretofore. The clork of court has
already drawn two juries for the first
and second week respectively and lt
ls commonly believed that still a third
week will bo necessary. All told there
are between 125 and 150 cases on the
docket for this term, 10 or more of
these cases being murder trials. So
licitor Smith said yesterday, however,
that many of these are continued
cases and that in some instances lt
will be necessary to nol proa the
cases. *
Mr. Smith is of the opinion that not
only the two weeks but all of the
three weeks will be necessary for
court at this time if the docket ls to
be cleared up.
Story Says That Negro Dropped
Dead Over Coat of Repairs
To An Automobile
(From Sunday's Daily.)
Much amusement and no lUtle in
terest was created In Anderson yester
day by a Story going the rounds con
cerning a negro dropping dead. The
tale went that the negro recently pur
chased an automobile from a local
dealer, a second hand machine, and
that' he ran the engine tor two days
without any ol}. Finally the engine
could stand the strain no longer and
the, repaira wovld^cos*. The,|
.thought over tho sltuatloh for *
a few minutes and Iben told the negro
that he could manage to tlx lt up for
.$250. That was more money than th?
darkey had ever heard ot and the min
ute the dealer, pronounced the figure
he keeled over," scared to death" as
a result of such a figure
The original story said that the
negro actually died of fright but lt
waa later related that ho merely
fainted and now it ts seid that he has
recovered. At that the negro is said
to be excusable, because he had paid
all the money he had for the purchase
price, of thc machine and possessed
only ll cents when be had such a nar
row escape.
Well Known Citizen of Green
wood and Native of Anderson
Being Urged to Run
Greenwood. May ?.-Friends here',
and in other sections ot the Third
Congressional district have been urg
ing C.; C. Featherstone, the last few
days to make the race for Congress
thia Summer. Mr Featherstone is one
of the ablest men in public Ute in this
part of the State, eminent as a law
yer anda cit ken of the highest qual
ity. He haa enjoyed a splendid prac
tice at the bar since moving to Green
wood and baa thoroughly Identified
bia self with the town and country.
Mr. Featherstone is a native of An
derson county and baa friends and ad
mirers In every section of district.
E. E. Elmore Has Made Formal
Declaration Of His Candidacy
For City's Head
i '
The second candidate to announce for
Mayor of Anderson ia the columns ot
The Intelligencer Is E. E. Elmore, at
present a member of the city'council
and mayor pro tem of th? city. Dr.
Frank Ashmore and C. BJ. ToWy are
being prominently mentioned for the
office, although neither has made any
declaration or his intentions! W. H.
Freirson has also' been considering
the. matter but he issued a statement
to the effect that he ts not in the race.
Mr. V?'. B. McOruder, who made the
race and ag cod run two years age,
may ?ftere again.
With Lee <?= Hol!*3ean, the pretest
jss.?&rt alrssdy delsmilseu thtt ht
Trill net enter thc field, then, is much
fice for the second term.
Mr. Jas. M. Payne, one of the life
long cltiseoe bf Anderson, waa the
first to announce for mayor.
Company daims That It Has a
Valid Contract W?h City and
Not S?Wl District
Tbe Southern Public l HU I ties com
pany Saturday cut off the water from
'he city schools, and naless there ts
Borne arrangement ! made tbs schools
will probably be c'.osed Monday, fiupt.
C. IfcCants stated yesterday that
this was no reason why tho children
hhould not report for school, ss some
adjustment of the situation may be
reached by that time, and every child
should be on hand.
This unfortunate situation is dus
to the failure of the trustees of tbs
school to pay the water billa for the
last three months.. The amount is not
lara*, but the tra rt AM. nnntAnd thst
they are entitled to receive water free
for the schools until the expiration of
the old contract between the city and
the water company. The water com
pany claims to be an innocent by*
stander and that the trustees should
pay the blil and go back to the city
for a refund for lt lt the trustees real
ly feel that the city Should pay lt
and not the trustees.
Some time ago tho bill for water
was held up by the trustees? pending
inquiry. 80 far as is known the trus
t?e* hare never received a legal opin
ion on the matter, but on. succeeding
months have declined to pay the hills.
On account of a certain glaring pnfc
president ;
?wrote to the'trajees a eourteott. _
Iraak" letter warning him that vastly
moro wah involved than the idere sell
Ug bf water to the schools and that
while he wished to take tia radical ac.
tlott yet he wculd be compelled to or
der the water cut off on the 1st of
May, unless tho bill was paid.
The Beard's Pesftgsn.
The matter was held, up pending a
meeting of the board, and as the board
took no action except to say that lt
believed that the schools were en- .
titled to water under the old contract
which would not have expired until
ern Public Utilities company has or
dered the water cut off unless the pill
ls paid by Monday.
At a meeting of tho board nf tfUS
?--..! ai which i hy sasiiur T-U? discuss-''
od somewhat Informally, it v.-as said
that the attorneys for tbs city and the
trustees and the company might be
ebie to untangle the knot Proceeding
on this. Capt. H. H. Watkins, attor
ney for the Southern Public Utilities,
company, talked. th? matter over with .
som? of iso. gentlemen and la order
to rprin .a fbssis upon Which the mat
ter might bc reviewed hy the courts,
?u^gestiid certain things Upon Which.
tb act? This, wast not an overture, aa
ha? beea stated -erroaeousiyj % *thb
sense that fha company was seeking
to 'compromise the matter, hat ? ls
stated that tho Company theists noon
protection of its right abd Was Willing
to submit tho, entire tnattfr to the
fudges ot,.this circuit, Judge Ooo. E.
Prince, the father of tho graded schools
in this city.
The suggesilt/ua offered by Capt.
Waihi ns were not acted upon definitely
at the mooting of tbe trustees Friday
and the following resolution was pass,
ed: x
"That In the event thst the water
ls cut off from the city schools (hat
Messrs. J. A. Brock, J. M. Paget and
J. L. Susr&rd be ci**po wo?Sh? to t?ko
such steps as may, scent necessary
to protect the IntPk ?its of
Capt. Wattle's St
The plan ofljered by
to get the matter settled by the court
la as follows:
lt ls suggested thar fa order to
settle, tho question at Issus between
the Southern Public Utilities Company
and tba Anderson School ttatrfr* as
to charges for water sfoeO th? new
franchise was granted, thai lae issue
be submitted to the presidias judge
st th? next .term of the court* upon aa
agreed statement of tacts; aa follows:'
1. Set out all franchise? and con
tracts tbetWeen the city of Anderson
and, Anderson Water, Light dad Paw*
er Company.
?. SUte the date of conveybttce and
sst out a copy of convoyan* w from
Anderson Water, Light sad Power
Company to Southern Puhl lo Utilities
3. Set oat franchise from City ot
Anderson to Southern Publie Utilities
Company abd contract catered Into
pursuer* tscrcto.
f. om Oat Aw iii I merril gt SJ tr ?car*
lng original Andemon O?fe?ed Bch^o!
Set out Act of Legislature creat
ing present Anderson Sonnet tMg*??<*?.
6. Set out statement of water fur
(Continued on Page Bight.)

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