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' -fi??S%r.....
VOL. 1, NUMBER 81.
fr?eklj. ?RUbIb)b*d J8*t DaUr, Ja?. 1?, 1914,
$5.00 PER ANNUM.
w*% --
Says That Ha ls Author of Party J
Rule!* ariel Constitution and He
Knows Weak Places
Special to The Intelligencer.
Washington, May 16- Senator Till
man handed the newspaper corres
pondents the following interview to
The rlear approach of the State'
Convention and the importance of its
expected action emboldens me to give;
expression to some opinions on the]
subject ot safeguarding the primary.
11 deem this mero necessary because
J know I shall not be able to attend
the Convention in person, abd I harp
received many letters asking my ad
view io this criuis. Almost ' every
something to say about tills all-im
portant subject. Sud there are scores
Of se?emos, or propositions, as to how
lt ought to bo,done-some good, som0
?iad. som? indifferent, and many en
lrely impracticable and unjust.
It will be remembered that just af
I ter ttie last primary two years, ago,
B?TV?Jfe? ot fraud' iw?t up all over the
?*r;?n??\?IDa the Steeetlve Ccmmlttss"
.im*- ?r VW?BClare'.? he result promptly.
M.A TL* i? ?sik intense anger on the part
?KB Zl&t?* of Governor BJeasc..
thf hks'there was an efrort
ner's investigation 1?^. ^ t ra|ged
_-' , . . ftain way urging
in August, and titM?ns B
ands of men In the Sta...
avow the purpose never to -
in the primary ngaiu unless thereUhe?
oem? niitmiTm*ia lihimn ?j^ltw?t..M*tj?v_
' p?event fraud and eorrupt?oih- 4 hore
gtvetc, ?tis subject much thooght and
?setaria to mat.*: the ?????wf?g sttg
aestrofes- *.
* See? ft?ng*r Ta ina Party.
It ls a pity inti ??ta Legislature
did not deal with this question and
settle once for all by law the regula
tions that are to govern the primary;
but Governor Blessa by threats of
the vet*' end with the powerful in
fluence be wields prevented any ac
_ tlon.
BJI^^jrherofore, the party must set, if
BHMfcfag is to be done; and the white
??the State had just as well .
Mit unless something ls done
^^^?^pHHHW?e our last democratic pn
mnryor white men only.
Tb? . probabilities are, the ' almost
inevitable consequences lanced will
be, a light to a finish in the November
election, with the negroes holding the
?halanco of power and thus controlling.
I lay down as a general principle,
which no honest man can dispute safe
ly, or object to. that every white Dem
,. K" i- J.,iiuj *~ vote under
the rules.and regulations or the party
should be allowed to vote once, and
once only, and that that vot? should
be counted honestly and the result de?,
dared promptly. No decent or honest
1%jlAjgye.wants to cheat another white
. rni:^>^>rt>1,J1|)B^ht participation in
mtJi out ot niM'rfT TPr w^jnt Me
tre government*, sod no patt7T*cf 4 '
?ir** anything but fair play ?5u equal
ity of rights. i -
Lei every w?<te ^aa have the same
chases as any sth?r waite mae, rfd
er poor, nigh or ww. gad let the ma
jority raie.
- That is Democracy, or Tlllmanlsm
OH I have taught ?, and he who would
not be content to abide by .such an
election is no patriot and no Demo
crat either. Ott* t^ub?e heretofore,
and our trouble this yeaT, If,we have
iron iii?, wiii be ?ishonwsi voa padded
club rolls and ?tufted ball?t -boxes.
Tbs club r?tis we havs now are old
and have not bee? revised or correct
ed In a long while.
. Our -politic* have been running
along ta a Jog-trot, peaceful, way, end
dead men's names sre on the . club
lists, absentees1 who have moved away
ate on the club Uste^ and the names
of men whom' nobody ever knew or
. ? saw and. cannot tined ?re on tbs club
lists. This ts a fruitful source of
K '. fraud, and'our first effort shonid be
1 to get an absolutely new enrollment of
the Democrats wno are entitled to
vote under the rules of the party,
?g Por relisons that are apparen t to an y
j*" maa who thinks about lt, after the
& new rolls are mada np. end this should
BT h? done by a given dsto-they should
BL b* flied tn some con renient placo
* where they can ba. examined to d?
fi-- tect If there has been any fraud prac
K-? - tied tn plasms mmM ita them. Twed
- dS.*?. t'""'1-'i Krtwr>?o tbs
hiing of the volts and'th's prlmsiTy^and
T-' entry of no name be allowa?* after fhn
flt period flxed. No neme should be pot
g> .. on the roll unless the voter .applies
gt ta person or seada written authority
Ss asking that b?* thine bo barollecM
There snoct? <?? ifcfc* club rolls, ono
HH^PP' be sent to the county ch Ai rman.
jSl another copy to the clerk of court, and
Bra the third copy remain with tho sacre
tary of the club aa a registry list to
govern on tbe day Of the primary elec
tion. No man should be allowed to
vote whose name has not been enroll
ed tn accordance with the above reg
if tin money can be had, it would be
he Wet! to have the club rolls publish
ed in- some one county paper twenty
days before the primary; but as I fear
this may be considered too expensive,
the- filing of one of them with thc
clerks of court end the county chair
mad is sufficient in my judgment.
-Tire,-voters, when they enroll, should
State the place of residence giving the
street and number of the house, if
they live In a town, or the township
when7 residing in the country.
The club.roll should be made up of
men from two townships or two wards
bu t each 'aub-dlvlslon. of-a county or
city should have one club and no more.
The residents of teat .political sub
division could then d-;*e.-mine whether
any. fraud has been ??ractic ed in tbe
enrollment or not.
This regulation will compel me to
go six miles to vole in tbe primary,
although there is at pussent a voting
precinct'within half a mite of my
home. But no inconvenience can be
tCC ts prevent our ?wk?ur. ev rrj
precaution possible to prevent fraud,
or the charge of lt.
.Too Free and E**y.
The promiscuous enrollment such ss
we have always had, the free and easy
way in which we have conducted our
political affairs, will not do now that
white men have grown so suspicious
and unsuspicious. The honors and
emoluments of office are so great that
inevitably human selfishness and
greed will cause men to act the rascal.
,'. On .the day of tbe election, no man
not enrolled according to these rules
should be stamped and the' voter's
name-checked off 'the club list, show
ing, that be has voted once at that pre.
clnct. Rubber stamps' for this purpose
shobtd be provided by the County Exe
LiHye Committee. The stamping of
IT \ifi}ot prevent voting several
V Wlafe^pice s? folded together that
Y LXW?iim^Xn^
"".\fp> to count
tho ^negrceW*'as~mecy,%i j Ported _ in
citisena remember well. '**'rnshire
: indeed. I . say without hesitation 1
that the lessons w? learned In *76, '73,
and '80, until thc "Eight Box Law" waa
enacted; are returning to pester UB
now. Dire necessity forced us tb use
bur brains' to circumvent Ignorant ne
groes. We felt the ' vital necessity
then co our civilization to prevent ig
norant semi-barbarous negroes from
controlling our affairs. It ls of equal
importance now to prevent unscrupu
lous while ?ien from cheating their
fellow citizen? and robbing them of
their rtglis.
Wants fq Improve His Work.
I perhaps more than any other one
mac am responsible for onr present
primary system. \ l wrote the constitu
tion .-ot the Democratic Pan v. and 1
wrote most cf the rules aud regula
tions; governing the primar}*. I there
fore am an old hand at this business,
and having' been charged with being
responsible for present conditions, my
advice eboptd-hsve weight in pointing
cfUC. v?rjy VCTTICVJ ?t? * ii Ci TT nOc it,
' I always felt that V bite men would
be above cheating tboir own brothers
and that South Carolinians were too
honorable and-clean to attempt such
a thing;- bin unhappy experience has
shown the falsity of my confidence,
and I am trying .to make reparation
as best I can. -
JX***}, the State Convention meeta I
.. . .l'?S^sPrlde of authorship and
a??l??? nr?S* ? vepy Pretracted
egotism will M^Hhp has ? ach?me.
debate. Every man ^WSChla a?bem?
knd who has not. will w^H^M!
to ba adopted. 1 do not ClansPr"
suggestions I make aro pert
they are the best I. have been able
think of at thtsNttjme>and I feel sure ?j
that If adoptedv^*,?a?ried. out, tb'<?y
will Improve conditions iii the Stato SO
natch 'so that lC*%ill be a .very long
tlm.?, if ever, before we have further
trouble with our primary;
It is all-important that we should
not attempt too much, or make the
refutations so strict or laborious and
costly'that lt will tend to keep men
from compoylng^WBi.tlie conditions.
A leasonable tefbrm insuring purity
/ ls all that cab be accOm
id ic ts all that should be
Hens, of Wttlkaawa Greensboro Pata*
Hies Los* M? CH m Kl fer. : J
Greensboro. May .6.-Edward Wck*l
len. 12.years old. and Brodie Kiel
ll veais old, sonk of' well known, fa
liles.in Greeuville, N. fVwnrn-ilii
cd tn the Tar river at that pj
today. The boya in company wftp.fi
others wore attempting to cross
river In a boat when lt sprang a 1
arvA *3p?Jfce*. ? TWO ro*T?fc*rS? Of *r?0 -
fct?*fcfe nim^. n??5* **?*?r ll"**.'
?n a??ntfprtlfri?va ftodtaw.ntng boy?, j
Beaerre Banks M*?t?tsg.
> Washington. May i? -ttepTeseaU
tlvceof tbs me mghsber banks In each
of the twelve ia??si ^raawft? han't i
dirTjtiC^,: wS^TS?ri^^^&ir irspcctiTc |.
rosene cities next Mbhday'to prenavij
certificates ot organisation ?ff the rc-1
serve backs, -"^^V f?''i'
Mexican Cabinet Officer Tells !
Bryan Effort Will Be Made To j
Find Parks
(Br Associated Press)
Washington. May 16.-The arrival
here lsi? today of the three H aorta ]
representatives to the - mediation con- ?
terence to be hold at Niagara Palls. i
Canada, gave the most tangible ev!- ]
dence thus far presented of' efforts !
under way .to rompo?? the Mexican ?
con fi let.
Demand Accompanying. j t
Meanwhile, urgent representations, <
made to the Huerta finvommont .
through the Brazilian minister at Mex- i
leo City, as to the reported^execution 1
Df Private Samuel Parks, an Amer!- <
can soldier who strayed through the i
Mexican lines, was partly relieved by j
a message from Mexican Foreign Min. t
later Ruiz, to Spanish Ambassador t
Riano, stating that the disappearance
Df Parks would be investigated Imme- t
dlately. Beyond thlB Secretary Bryan ?
hail un information on Parke 'Jisap
O/hclal reports today showed the!
constitutionalists were rapidly extend.;
lng their field of occupation. Consul i
Canada, at Vera Cruz, reported thain ?
>n possession of Tuxpam, and the state *
department also received word that f
copstltutionalists had occupied tito;
town cf Mnnclova. Admiral Howard t
reporten the federals were likely to 1
evacoate ihn port of Guaymas. ,><?
Puerto Mexico has become the cen
tfrtngJatereAt with the arrival or tl
hoseM?r^?jn% nOWls about .the only 1
oj freqjt|t4?ast?ra port controlled bj
"^tbat-benL "'i ?
Ldu?wience f?pnC^bu* considerable
confusion "^j rfy? the arrival in.
Washington ot-ne nhf?e Mexican dele- .
sates- Prior tu^g arrival t?tere
was mupb sp?cul?t, ^s tb whether
they would accept tho oVPhaltty af
the American t?e>'sm?ea\ c. M. ?
f^ook. social secretary of thi state de* ;
psrtmcrit, was it thc ^statics; to es
tend tho atsfe. d^nartnimt'a Monita- .
Hon. ' ?
Spanish ambassador Kiano, and J
Counsellor.Walls, of the Spanish em- 1
bnssy; repr?sentatives of the m?diat- *
ng South Americans, and the remain
ing officials of the abandoned embaa- J
iy, wore in the official group that >'
greeted the delegates. j
Delegate Rodriguez, bowed unjder f
lia 72 years, was assisted from the 0
train by> an attache. The third dole- *
rate, Luis Elguero. with bia brother, [
FlafaeVjElguero, another attache fol- ;
uwBB. roar ?&ug?iers ot mr. nabasa,
i daughter abd son of Mr. Rodrigue* '?
\nd the wlfa of Mr. Dclcampo. and 8
ittacite, joined the party. "Rafael Rod- 0
.lguez, another eon of the peace dele- 0
<ati3. had come from New York, to 0
greet bis father. The wife and moth- '_
;r-in-law of Military Attache Avalos, |
jf the abandoned Mexican legation.'
mrs on hand to meet the women of]
he Mexican party.
|$nfa?ef Says Deaonimations Will
Catholics. Baptists ?ad
(By Associated
Mash ville. Mty 16.-After aV?? d**? e
itebate advocates of cenlrallzfafo.
three important boards of the Soutfcv^p
.rp Baptist Convention won what ls ?
considered a victory when the delegate v
?s today voted to refer for reconsiders- "
tton the por*.k>n of the efficiency ?om- >
mission's rt-tort recommending that c
fssrds be maintained as at present As r
lbw constituted they are foreign mts-1
?ina board at richmond, the berne r
blaetO? boerd al Atlanta, and" the I
Bundey school board at Nashville. j *
When the discussion of the efficiency, *
Bommisilon's report was resumed tp-.,<
Say Dr. K. C. Dargan of Ma*.<pr, chair- ?
man o? the commission, arone to a}
point of.^rsonal prlvllekQ und ox-j
plaine* tie acttba of tljblloinmtaston j
tn makins ttm r??mmmendatini)? : >
CW* flo not want reveluttonarv.'* a
P. C. McConnell, of Deco Texas stated, 1
"but we believe there should be prog- t
ross. -The day i* pear at hand when ?
there will be''only three great Chris- 1
tlan .bodloV the Baptists, tive Catho- *
lirji un* th?. We*i*r?!!?ts. And ?be;:t i
z ?fifc ci cur Hapntlsts will be amen? t
UiM Federalists. Wc are on the verge 1
of a greet upheaval, a christian cata- c
elyam." .
T^'-^| -
Mayor Discharge Police and
Railroad and Tefcgrai>h Wires
li torn la, Masai
By wireless to
6). M.izat Ian's
? by b?sieging
?V 1- lu'.,..^..
? .- ir? i.. ^
v Ag outbreak
(By AssocL
On Board lv8tfH
lan. Tex., May 15
3an Diego. Cal.,
water supply ia
-ebc??.and tbs dcatl;
.villi alarming rapk
)f pestilence is f?ar
The governor o' ?ffltfttmn dlsiHiied
:hg police today, (flSba'.plea of lack
>r 'ammunition fotPjjc defense of the
vas fear of* Int^fi?SRtevolt.
General Obreg^f-eomrpander of the
:onstfeMitionallBt&? ts apparently work,
ag southward ?ir the suppose of cut
itsSd the railroad front' Manzanillo
o Guadalajara, and Mexico City before
it tempting /Other operations.
Obregon . has. given full assurance
hat American abd-other'foreign own
?d proparrty in the terrftpry'of Teplc
viii he protected.
v.- Jf\ ?-?
Mexican Gunboat Moak.
.^fashingtob. May. 16.-Admiral Mayo
ewbrted today thatfthe ?iexican Ped
ni gunboat Verai 0?dft previously
?Sported-<o have been, abandoned, was
.unk In th?'Panino river at Tamos.
Trio5 American* admiral added that
nisiness of the ; t?pico 1B be
ug ' rcs'unied ?\- o oil sbipa
|taTn-ed{)^ferda.' ^iks are open
ian money is' e.\ti;atj|{||fscsjfce,
Begins otk ftSfty 31 u?i 'Last*
Throng Jnne 2
The Commencement exercises of
erskine 'College will embrace May 31
o June Sud.
The sermon to the -graduating class,
nd also to the graduation class of the
Voman's College, will be preached by
)r. David J. Burrel.of NuW York City.
The literary. Societies will have their
Dint annual celebration Monday night,
une 1st One feature will be the con
est In debating for the winning of the
Arlington trophy cup.
On Tuesday, the 2nd. In addition to
leliverlng of diplomas to the grsduat
ng class, it Is planned to celebrate
he seventy fifth anniversary of the
oundlng of the college. Brief mes
ages will be heard from representa
Ives.of the colleges of the state. Class
eunions wiU be bald, and the cele
.ration will close with an alumnae
SS^ifrSt ? ?.c???y ii ig ii t. jSDBk
This promises to ce one of Mh?#
reates* commencement in-the history
f alumni, former studecta and vlett
f Erskine College. A large crowd
rs are expected.
Ha Cannot
Not Rota
(Prom Sunday's Daily.) .
W. L.' Brlsscy. has been mention
don ?very, add? ?nd among all class
s as a candidate cor Mayor of Ander,
on, announced Wedtsrdsy that he
'OfM^ribt'O&ke the race. Mr. Bris
ey'f baB 'had tue matter under CQO
ideratUon for some time, snd while
veryone realized'fhalv-Mt would re
utre a great Intalne*? sacrifice on his
art for him to make the race, almost
Uv the voters believed ' that he woub.t
(O ^g'^he running. Mr. Brissey baa
nany frVSI411 an<1 bis announcement
-aaterday tlMhe .nald.not run oe
asloned a go*** ?e*1 ?t dlaappolnt
only . Politik: announcement
In .the city dyr>^^? <J?y ??"
ty Keys Gllmer gillie e4i?e?,.that be
>M>U H/..A qaualdate to succecdl"""- (
Mt'from f/ard four. %r?-p
nimcp,^i?sfiayed at the last meeting |,
Town ville. May 15^-Mr. Reed ?us
cll. a farmer of the Aabury commun
ty died vesterday at ? p. m. at hts
tome. Mr. Russell hsd been sick for
ame time, being partially paralysed.
I* fUlavea^Mst'U-ife and six children,
MSliae many. Meada to mourn hla
natl Him . Iii'' '.?*aVt'S? ?5
?<*"a?taify t~**n*.-i>*< ilia outer. Uis
lev. W. B. Myers with the W. O. W.
dUclsted. Mr. Rusel! wsa 38-years of
ige. .
Rev. Dr. Borrows Declares New
York Reek? With Christies.
Men and Women
(By Associated Press)
Nashville. May IC.-Responding io
the presentation of the new Sunday
school board building to the conven
tion, Dr| lansing Rurrqws of Ameri
cium, Ga., president of the Southern
Baptist Convention, today criticized
sharpty the literature of the age.
Raker, ihr NovrlUlK.
After recounting Cbs great achlev
ments of the Sunday school board, he
enid :
"And now we "?and before the door
of opportunity. The indomitable in
dustry of the destroyer of human
souls adapts his energies of shifting
conditions, i I IR most audacltious at
tack is now upon the literature ot the
age. The three past generations have
cultivated the reading habit. Men
have grown story mad and dramati
cally insane. The novelists and thc
dramatist have the strongo?! Influence
upon the present generation. They
bring no glad tidings for its Inspira
tion to nobler things. They are men
with microscopes fastened upon so
cial bacteria and never upon the
glinting stars.
Flays the tirent ( iff.
"When with the incisiveness of
their practiced pen they have destroy
ed a microbe they have destroyed the
li utlthv tissue upon which it bsd feast-,
ed. They are like a foolish man who
burns down his stable to be rid o
^hey defend their atrocities
that, they arc dei
_ rotten cancers of life. They
the great city the .theater'-or
They present to us tho vast metropo
or New York, with its great white
ways, blatant with its vulgar extrava-1
g?neles, reeking with Ute odious4'
smells of its senuality. aroar with the
shouts of its chorus girls and Its sod?
den spendthhrifta, a homeless. Christ
less, narrow-browed and shrlvelled
IteaTted worshippers of mammon and
of lust, and they tell us this fa life.
Calls Sew York Provincial.
"There ls no more provincial place
on the continent, Eaysone who knows,
than New York; no place to see life
but life shrivelled in the heat of pas
alon, with men bereft of noble man
hood and lc'ty purpose and women
pictured as ox-eyed- and tinted with
peroxide, who dread fat more than sin
and who regard pimples as their di
rest enemy. Of their books, the best
seller is the worst smeller. Of their
dramas they revolve about the sev
enth commandment. L?t them picture
the scarlet woman and th? married
i*aka ant) they lack for neither readers
p-.or DpcCc?tors.
Former Charlotte Man Slays Vic
tim, Witnesses Say Without
Stating Why He Did It
(By Associated Press) t
Danville. May 16.-Alford Billows,
12. painter by profession and unmar
ried was shpt twice thia evening and \
tilled by Duke McCall, a mill opera- ^
Ive at School Meld. !
Witnesses at the coroner's Inquest I
vho were beside Billows when the k'.:l- <
ng occurred said that McCall walked <
jp to him and without a word ?hot I
tim in the stomach at close range and
hen, after abusing him as he lay on 4
he ground turned and fled.
Officers and mill operatives took up i
he chase and ran McCall into a i
twamp on the edge of the Virginia* t
karolina line. He was brought back I
o the etty where be refused to make
my statement.
Miss Essie Cook and Miss Clsrs I
'ook of Iva were shopping in the city I
resterdsy._?..>..- _M
Anderson Money
'v N Cracked I
' "v . -
Special to The ItrtxJHgencer.
Henees. 8. C.. Msy5^;- According t? r
reports from seml-offlc%Laources, sb- f
?oluutr no trace of the ytggmen whir J
crackled the sere in the oHes .of thc >
Southern Express company tost*last i
sight bis been found. Attaches ot
MuftpAny wit| gtve cut nothing for pu?, t
Mention, bul it la rumored that a large rt
amount of booty was secured by the J i
daring erac kamen. I
Cambridge Events Are Full of
Surprises for Both the Big
University Athletics
(By Associated Press)
Cambridge. Mass. May 1?.-Yale was
twice as strong as Harvard in their
twenty third dual truck and fi?-ld meet
today. The Blue team scored 66?
points to :!" 1-2 for the crimson.
Three meet records established last
yicar in tho half mile, mile and two
i uns were broken, whiie high hurdle
time of K> 4-5 seconds made in 1899,
was equalled for the sixth year.
? . mar ty y a. I ri in n,
Poucher, of Ya'.e, in the mile run,
was the (irst to make new figures, ?ci
ting a record of four minutes and
twienty three seconds. Then Captain
Clark of the Yale team ran the 880
yards in one minute and fifty four
??condB -in the two mile event last
Potter of Yale, who ran the hurdles,
equalled the old time in the trial bent
of the high event.
Captain Karron of Harvard captured
both the sprints iu fine atyle. Wilkie
of Yale surprised the benches by run
ning Birmingham off his feet in the
440, winning by nearly four yards. In
the two mlle. Clark and Wilbur of
Yate made the running until the laat
quarter when Byrd of Harvard sprint,
ed into first place, with Southworth of
Harvard coming in a strong third.
Camel Beat Penn I\
(Ujtsce, N. Y.. May JU.-Cornell der
Teated Pennsylvania decisively in th A
annual dual track meet herc tod?? 71
to 4t>. Among the features wen. the
L-rioajjf E?elsr. abd Van Winkle, in
i "sprints, tuc url li ian t triumph cr
elden over Madeira tn-nie mil?,.in
ich winner set up a View track rec
ord. Meredith's* rbnntng in tb ?80 yards
tb? psetting of the Red and White pole
vault stars, and the high jump of
Cady of Cornell.
Tom Odom seriously hurt, over a UN
eusMloa ef Politics.
Passengers on tho last train from
Sparenburg la-it night stated Cult
ii had bee,. * serious row of scmo
l.tnd at Tilca vu, the fir .t important
atop JUKI ?out of Spartanburg. Mr. Alf
Moore, well known In this city ts the
president of ?the mill.
A Jong distance 'phone message
(atJ0r?fepartanburg stated that Tom
Odom had been severely beaten at a
baseball game at first his life was de
spaired of but there are hopes for his
recovery. The row was over polices.
W, H. Canfield of Honsa Path while
i Xx thc City yCstcf UB7 tiniu that he "KU
decided not to offer for county com
missioner but is seriously thinking cf
running for the legislature unless
others come out on the platform which
rte likes. He wishes ?to see candidates
committed to the Fortner bill, as* lt
ls known, and siso he is opposed to the
bill for medical inspections in schools
.A<.?? pt upon the request of parents or
rotors of tba? ITalvrrsitj Float to Vic
tory Twice.
Philadelphia, May 16.-The triumph
jf Harvard I'nlverslty second varsity
sight in the junior collegiate race,
md another victory by the same crew
!n thc first eight oared shell event
'eatured the twelfth annual reg-etta
>1l the American Rowing Association
yver the Henley Course on the Schuyl.
till river today. f
In tlie first race Harvard crossed
he line half a length ahead or Yale.
The race was a battle between Yale
ind Pennsylvania for second place and
ifter the Blue gained the position
Annapolis was fourth and Princeton
An hour and forty minutes later the
tknie Harvard eight beat out the di
on Boat Club or Boston by about four
eet. Annapolis* varsity was third and
'yracuse University was nosed out by
rale tor fourth place "",..^._ .........
Was in Safe
by The Yeggmen
lt ls said that a package containing
nore than $500 was shipped from An
lerson during the day and waa left
n the office over night ?nd this money
a part, of the amonnt misstny
Iren ot five ra?rosd dete ives are
tere Investigating. They t.e making
tn extensive Investigation and, it is
awl. by some that tbe amount missing
may run Into tbe thousands*.
Govern.nent Cornel Say? That
IProgram I? of Mott Impor
tance At This Stag?
(By Associated Press)
Washington, May 16.-"Just who
got the vanished millions belonging
to. the stock holders or the No?v Haven
Railroad and how the deal were car
ried out by which these mllKu.n wore
liveried from th? road's treasury to
tl) 3 pockets of favored financiers are
questions which the Interstate com?
nercn commission expects to answer
through the pending investigation In
to the New hf."<jn b financial affairs."
Folk Tips Program.
This was stated authoritatively to
lay the purpose of the commislon In
'orcing the examination of Charlas S.
Mellen, former President or the New
Haven, and nf other witnesses, who
nave been, or will, be called upon
to testify.
Examination ot papers and docu
nents now in possession of the eoru
nisslon indicate clearly, Chief Cuim
iel Joseph ty. Folk pointed out.lod?y,
that, it became really a practice of
certain financial interests to. buy. up
properties, which they had been led
o believe the New Haven wanta?; and
then unload them on to the New Hav
jn at from two-to four times what
;hey paid for them.
In the view of thc- commission and
if Mr. ?"olk, suit against these later
an* would force them tb restore
?onay so obtained to the Now Haven
itoekholders. ?
Irasanally aol Impartant.
Ciile? CounBnl.Folk ?aid ?hM neither .
ie nor '^?3 commission ba?" re*?lv*6>?
'urther communlcktlob fron:
funrtment or justly ccfl^iili^fro,1
ss timon y of Mr. Mellen,, already ?4
luced or about to be given. Ii
-eiterated that the position of Mr. Fb?k
md the commission ls that lt ls more
mportant to prevent tn future auch
ibuses ?8 have been shown and in-*
Heated that lt is to put anybody ia
Mr. Folk said:
"The question o? Immunity ls of lit
io 'consequence as coin bared j
icnoflts to the public which will' grow
nit o' Mr. MeHes's testimony."
J " ' - 1 1,1
Statua of Commodore John Bar
ry Is Unveiled at Washington
Wilson Taking Part
(By Associated Presa.)
washington. May 16.-In the pres
nee of several thousand persons. In
luding members of the cabinet, senst
i H, repr?sent?tIves.V army and navy
fliers of high rank and members of
rish-Amertcan organizations from all
arts or the nation, and with Presidedt
hilson the principal speaker and Sec -
etary or the Navy Josephus Daniels
residing, a bronze statute of Com
modore John Barry, "father of tho
imerlcan navy," was unveiled in
Tanklln Park hare today. Miss Billa ?
I. Hepburn of PhUadelphSa, great
reat-grand neice of Commondore
larry, performed the unveiling cere
After an Invocation by Bishop Alfred
larding. Secretary Daniels introduced
resident Wilson who, drawing inter
nees from the lire or Barry, gave his
ie wa on what constitutes patriotism.
Patriotism," he said, ''is a principle,
ot a mere sentiment. No man-can
e a true patriot who does not feel
I'rfimi'ir she*, th rou dh and through
ith a deep ardor for what bis country
tanda ror, what Its existence means,
'hat its purpose ls declared to be in
s history and in Its policy.
"John Barry fought like every oth
r man in the revolution, that America
light be free' to make' her own life
ftftout Interruption or disturbance
rom any ether quarter. You oan sum
ie whole thing up in that;- teat
merica had a right to her own self
etermlned life."
-. ? ?. ?
Denmark Royalty tn Parts.
Parla. Hay 16.-King Christian an?
ueen Alexanderine. of Denmark, ar
I ved here today to pay. a two days
rhclal visit of courtesy to Fpjpi?1
urlng which they are tc be thc
f the French government. -
Colorado Mast Act Qafct.
Washington. May 16.-President Wil.
m baa sent Governor Amnione of
olorado. a telegram informing bim
tat thc Federal troops will , not be
ept in the troubled mia? district Ind
efinitely and urging that the legists*
ire, now la sesi?n, uk? step? tb'settle)
ie state*? difficulties. . ' A

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