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Harris non TO "
NEGl^fe OUT:
protecting self
Account* Say That He Had Been
Attacked By Informed Negro
Wth a k?|ife Bcfta^ Firing
<F<om 6unday'a Dally.)
W. R. Harris^ overseer of the Fret
well farm, was brougjit to Anderson
at an early morning Saturday morn
ing and lodged.In jail on the charge of
shooting and .killing Lewis Uoode.
Mr. Harris re*n?ln?u "In Jail nil day
Saturday and Saturday afternoon he
was 'admitted to bail' in the Hum of
92,000. As noon an Judge Prince re
turned to the o,ity yesterday ulternoon
from Walhalla, where lie has been
holding court, , Honham, Wat kins &
Allan, attorney* for tho defendant,
appeared bofojc the Judge and secur
ed the order granting a'release fo the
defendant. i
The story of tho killing, as told to
a reporter for The 'intelligencer yes
terday seems,to show that the homi
cide wbb Jus tillable/. . According tn
this story, Lewis Goode wea employed
as a farm band on the Fret well place
and when the*, negro's wifo appeared
at the commissary Friday afternoon
and asked for additionul grocery sup-'
plies, she yj\? told by A. G. Fretwell
who had gauaral supervision of the
farm, that\s?J4ft^.^r husband must
do better injiigLway.of keoping their
cotton free, of grass,., ~
tuib angered the negro woman and
after, using ygflWretWofth < language to
Mr. Fretwolk she'looked -up her hua
band,. who, was at work In tho field,
anu reported the happening to him.
Iii. VumAna. ttifiirlntC/t oni] ui.t Ont tOT
his house,'saying that he would- "tlx:'
Mr. Fret well niter be got bis gun.
He was Intercepted before ho reached
tqo houso by Harris, who attempt
ed to), reasoh with him. When Mr. Har
ris, stopped] the negro drew bis knife
and attacked the over-seer, striking
him with a knife in the left breast.
Mr. Harris'-'had a largo watch In the
top pocket of hi s jumper and tho blade
Struck-this,-deflecting the blow: and
Srobably #v.lng Harrte' life. The no
to, rtruck':dgaln, 'cutting Mr. Harris'
hand, whereupon the overseer drew
his iriftolAtyd struck the. negro over
|r. Harris then warned
Eu come at me again, I
nd the negro is said- to
"Well,, you had bettor
cause I'm. coming." . The
that the. negro then ad
!rl Harris shot. .Two hul
t In Uju forehead, one'In
at and ono In the Bide,
w.^ice with his right hand
clutching tile knife.
When'word reached Anderson of the
happon'flg, Coroner Hardln, Deputy
Banders 'ud a physician went to the
scene a^d^begon an investigation. A.
coroner's 'jury was empaneled and tbe-i
IbQUost' hold, a verdict being returned*
to the cffqfct that the deceased came*
tb his death .from a gunshot wound
mulcted M W. R^Jiaxris.
Mr. Hanls 1c about ?0 years of ago
nod Ja a wall known farmer. He la.
? candidate.ior county; supervisor antl
enjoys ?' ameudtd reputation.
The,, negro, was t? years of age and
was said to; have been of a vicions dis?,
position. Ho had been. In trouble a
number oC times and the ofllcers say
that he was [a bad man. " . | i
It peerus to. bo the general opinion
at Mr. Harris was justified in kilt
the Wd.
Goode. '"ita
win shoot"
have ??
get read
lag the, .
own life a;
dene oth
had; got
; and-had.I
8 ofeJdcV
Mr.. Hart
manded tc
, of ?jferi?fi
; grovpn;t??
doing..so to sav-i lila
that he could not havo
se. ;
ther Account.
count : Is that .the negro
.debt |150 for supplies
"" to loaf in g. Mr. Harri*
rd that hia ' work was
he. negro waited . until
d. went to the field wli?f?*
was working ". and do
ow why the farm masr
i him h message Instead
person. The negro cur
ls, who rlapped the no
lde.of his head with the
eh the negro rushed Mr.
the knife, exclaiming
d butcher him, Mr. Har
ave bean killed, but.for
rhle^^ecelved the thrust
a bad man and his own,
" athe |s dead. H? heat
M* st-, year ; Goods
Crnttn out of b]s own'
plate), so Coroner Hardln
white man
tweeh Fajr
Play and Townvtlle Sorhe Time
parties'-'' fat;
(Frpm Sat uni ay 'a Dally.).
Anderson, county> ofllcers -lost night
received a meteage to the effect that
a white maift?? ^Ulod a negro on
th8>:jri^;.-iM{wSn.?ndr; ploy and
Townvllle. The message gave no de
Ulis and' merely Asked that' th? kro
ner and sheriff/ccane to Townvllle at
once.' -Coroapr Hdrdlu' and ono-of the
> deputies lofts at onte tor Townvllle but
at tho Ume of Tbe'Int?RIEgehccr, going
to^pre*? Ujejr lmd^ho^roturnod. ^
no ^?phone service w^th" Townvllle
otter nl^t; it was Impossible
r-.how .
th kiltas tho negroi
Sister City Proposes To Show An
derson That Successful Fab*
Can Be Held In County
.(From Sunday's Dally.)
Time and tlmo again a county fair!
has been proposed for Anderson]
county and each time the buslne.-a
men would say tliat they favored the
plan and for a duy or two it would
seem that tho hone was about to he
realized, only tu. the promoters to'
finally give up the plan and another !
year would pans by without unything
being done. The attempts to hold.
fairs were a failure because of poor
People living in Belton do not seem j
to believe in failure of thla kind; and i
when they decide they want u tiling '
they go after It. A number of Helton
pcoplo wore In Anderson yesterday
and they told about the organization!
of their fair association and of the]
plans which they hopo to carry out.
They say that the success of the ven
ture is already assured.
The members of the Delton fair as
sociation met last Wednesday morninb
!uul elected ofllcers, appointed com
mittees and fixed the date for the next
annual fair. The following officers
were elected: D. A. Oer, president;
Dr. E. C. Frlorson, vice president; K.
O. Campbell, treasuser, and Claude
A. Gr?fes, secretary. The fair, as lis
ual, will be for one day only, and
Wednesday, October 21, wns named.
Tl Is fair promises to be the best
lover pulled off in Delton, though the
I former were away tho hont Jjj the
state, Thousands attend the annual
fair in Belton. Tbe rule is a little
different from most fairs. No admls
I slon fee 1b charred. The exhibits will
| be large?the, premiums wll be num
I erotiH and the contest will bo very ex
In, the near future tho premium list
will; be ready for distribution. All
committees will meet in tho next day
or so and will get down to work. In
the next week or so a boosting party
] will visit Anderson and other towns
distributing advertising matter. This
I trip will bo made In automobiles.
I Carranxa's : Portes ? j and jj Troops |
Under Villa More Toward
Mexico City
(By Associated Prese.)
, Saltlllo, Mexico, via teredo, Tex.,
?Tuty? 10.?Tho conference in Torroon,
&bjch met to adjust tho differences
between Carranza and Villa havo
completed Its labors to the satisfaction
of tho first chief of the Constitution- I
allsts, according o the announcement j
here tonight of Gustav Espin osa More
tos, .General Cnrranza's private bcc- I
rotary. Details of the conference j
.woj o not made publia.
K ?t was-announced however, that all
generals of the division of the North,
commanded by Villa had reaffirmed
their recognition of Carranza'a au
thority and again expressed their ad-1
Iterance to the plan of Guadeloupe
provid'- * for Carranza exerclBlng ex- |
ocutlvo authority in case the Consti
tutionalists succeeding, until elections |
can be held.
It was etated that troops under j
I General Villa and those under General
! Pablo Gonsales would move south
ward tomorrow In a combined cam-1
polgn with Mexico City as their goal,
r. Tbe expressions from Villa's g.m- !
Wala came In lengthy telegrams iif |
a congratulatory nature to which Car
ranza replied similarly.
jo o
|b o
. Lonis Smith
We wore grieved when we hoard of
tho death of our neighbor, Mr. Lewis
Smith., which occured on tho 20th of
June. Tho funeral was attended by
a targe number of friends and; an im
prerslve ' discourse was delivered ,,by.
Rov.- Henry Martin.
r Mi,'. Smith, was. twice married.* His
first" wife" was Miss Amanda Wardlew
and by this union were four children,.
Mrs. James Campbell, Mrs. Cater Ere
klne, Mre. Newton .Shirley and onr
son who was killed when quite young,
many years ago at. Mr. Frank Ham-,
mond'a gin house..
His last wife was Miss Rosa Long
who'survives htm with three young
children, Lewis. Vinnte and Joe. He
also leaves four sisters, Mrs. Gran
vlllo . Kay, Mrs. Brown Wdrdlaw and
Mir? Amanda Smith. In their be
reavement wo tender our sympathy.
At the opening, of the civil war,
rMr. Smith was among the first to
I volunteer his services and a" -.\ **' \?1
himself, to the .gallant commatil T <<
Second Regiment of Rifles, Col. Juhh.
V. Moore, Company 'L, commanded by
Dr. Blip Brawn. He was wounded at
Spot, y Ivan i a, having been shot In.
. the' brenrt. A Testament in his pock
let he always thought saved bis life.
"He was at the surrender and made a
, brave and trua sqlaler.
J Peaceful be his last. rest for i i'hej
isleeps hie last sleep, he has fought I
thl?to^t battle.''
J.^^sorrow,shell awak'o htm to glory
j A Friend.
Specimens Sent To This City Yes
terday Showed That Stalks
Were Ripped Into Shreds
The second disastrous storm of the
season vieited Anderson county
Thursday afternoon, reuniting in
great damage. The Intelligencer re
ported yesterday morning that the
storm hud been particularly severe in
some sections but it was impossible to
get any definite Information Thurs
day night as to the extent of the
crop damage.
Farmers coming into the city yes
terday reported that crops in some
scellons were pructically ruined and
Unit tin: cotton stalle; had been shred
ded into fibres. It Ib believed
that little of the cotton in the storm
stricken district can make anything
tills year.
C. D. Hawkins of Anderson, R. P.
P. No a, came to the city yesterday
and brought some of his cotton along.
It was cut almost to pieces and Mr.
Hawkins says that he cannot bring
himself to hope that he will mako any
sort of crop at all. He said that the
storm practically devastated Iff ncres
of cotton for him In the Long Branch
Lection, He, said tbut from what he
could ascertain as to the route taken
by the hail storm, it was about six
miles In length and extended about
three and one-half miles in width.
In the Flat Kock section, visited
only a few days ago by a very severe
haii storm, lightning struck a barn
owned by Walter Dean and burned it
to the gerund. Ho lost a auanttty of
iuuii Biuir at the same time. It is
said that the hall storm along the
Williamston highway was particularly
severe and that crops there are ruined.
Plantations belonging to Dr. J. O.
Sanders and to L. W. Harris were
about the worst sufferers in that sec
It is feared that still later reports
will coma in from other suctions of
the county telling of great damage
Henry McFall, who was in the city
yesterday, confirmed the report that
his crop was ruined, as was that of
J. S. McCarley. On his lower farm,
where he has seven plows, Swillin Mc
Fall had the best crop prospects he
had ever seen. But the hail has ruin
ed ids chances.
Continued From Page One.)
fraud of two years ago was on the
other side and charged that a local
Baptist preacher had enrolled two
years ago the day before the lection
and voted against the governor.
Ho also made the accusation- that
men from the Southern Power Com
pany, working hero, but from North
Carolina, wore voted against him.
Mr. Jennings made it clear 'to the
Greenwood audience today just why
the Governor Bhoutd't explain his
record. At no time since the cam
paign opened has this fearless candi
date hsndled in such a rough-shod
manner the governor's record. Today
particular coses were cited, such as
the Gus Rtchey case at Abbeville
where a little orphan girl, taken from
n mill village vas assaulted by its
adopted father who was convicted, but
soon got the bo ue (It of the governor's
mercy. -There were other cases and
after, each the mayor of Sumter would
ask the rhetorical question, "Is there
any wonder ihui the g??cfnof uOva
not attempt o explain his record?"
No uttOTOnr of the campaign has so
seised upon the thoughtful attention
of the voters.
(Continued From First Page)
save .the masses in the federal, terri
tory fron an invasion by the large
constitutionalist army la generally
bollpved.here. A peaceful occupation
of Mexffo City by a small part of the
constitutionalist army, it is. pointed
out, would.accomplish the same object
for Carranza?the assumption of
power and prevent looting and sack-,
lng. ?; '
Th? Washington administration la
not inclined to take any active part
in the situation at present, beina con
tent to; let the constitutionalists add
Huerta factions -work out a solution
of the problem in their own way.
o o o o o o o o o o o o o
O ' ~ , ? o
o New Orleans, July 11.?"Any 0
o person finding a - plague ta- o
o focted rat will be given a boun- o
o . ty of 15, provided the rat Js ?
o , properly tagged?where caught o
o if alivo and where found if b
o dead." o
o This reward was,;offered.,to a
o day by Dr. William C. H?cker, o
o assistant surcgon general .of the o
.> '. Unltod States - Public Health ', o
> S?rvico, In charge of the rat -o
? destruction campaign to pre- o
o vent, j? spread of .the bubonic o
o plague in New.Orleans. o
o Of the 2,300 rats examined o
O not one has been found to be : o
O fofectcd. it was announced. o
o . No. new, cases, of, tho plague o
o \ * re . reported to day, the toT o
0 tai sjdc*4he outbreak on June o
o a? rcmain)ng. at four. Three, o
o deaths have v occurred.. a
o, ' ' . ' . v I: ?
oq o . o o o oo o o o o o
The Matter Might Be Arranged
In a Few Minutes By
Grocn vaille, July 11,?There was no
developments in the labor troubles at
Moriagltan today. Tho mill munage
ment hud no announcement to make
and tho laborers took no active steps
toward a settlement of the trouble.
Tonight about 400 members of the
I. W. W. met In their hall and con
ducted un orderly meeting. It is this
organization whose rules prohibit
"overtime," and' which caused the
friction, when tho company ordered
certain lost time to be made up. The
Monughnn mill has been closed since
early Thursduy morning when tho I.
W. W. members, who were employes
in the weave room declined to abide
by the rules of the company and make
up time lout during a storm Wednes
No excitement prevails here. and
there has boon' no disorder from the
first. Sheriff Ashley was here and
was among those who made speeches
to the I. W. W.
The statement as to the cause of
tbes trike is that the mill was shut
down twice Wednesday for Just a lit
tle over an hour and when the super
intendents informed the "help that tho
mill would run overtime, they rofused
and as the help Is working by the
nieen nrwl nnf h? I ho ?-Y. thorns i" ?O
matter of pay involved.
A. F. Huunicutt, one of the leaders
of the I. W. W. and-'an operative in a
local mill said yesterday that the or
ganization stood for certain working
hours as follows: The mill to start at
six and run until noon, when a recess
of one hour shall be given for dinner;
then resume work and continue un
til ?lx o'clock. Tho organization is
opposed to overtime.
Call for Honses
Tho management Of the Monaghan
mill gave notice Thursday that the
houses at the village must be vacated
by Saturday th? 18th If the operatives
decline to resume Work. The occu
pants of the houses-pay rent by the
week, and so a week's notice, in com
pliance with law, was given. - !
No formal statement was made by
the I. W. W. It laf'teenerally under
stood that they object'to overtime, and
that it is- this point which has caused
tho whole trouble. 0 < ' /?"
Alleged to Have Seen Murder of
Mrs. Bailey Jn Dr. Carroack's
M?neloa, N. Y., July.iL?An eye
witness to the murder of Mrs. Louise
Bailey, shot down in j tho private of
fice of Dr. Edwin.Carman at Freeport,
has been found , by .District Attorney
Lewis I. Smith, it was reported tq
county jail charged with the crime.
The one other Important devel
opment in the case today" was the de
claration by George Levy, counsel tor
Mrs. Carman, that Oecolia Coloman,
the Carman.negro maid, who has play
ed an important pars aa a will??? for
the defense, had been, spirited away.
Mr. Levy charged that the maid has
been kidnapped by private detectives.
District Attorney Smith denied any
knowledge of the affair.
Washington, July 11.?Virglna had
a more unfavorable; typhoid fever re
port than any other state in: 1013, ac
cording to a statement today by the
public health service, giving statis
tics L*vorted to that! Service by, the
State healh tomcers.*-. ? ' < ~\ > ; ?
In Virginia the>-o wero 6.9G& cases
of typhoid reported^ . which is 2,803
cases to every 1.00Q population, the
highest rating -shown. South Dakota
Showed the best record With only 143
cases, or .222 caso to every 1,000 in
habitants. '
To Malady Now Prevalent In North
Carolina Mountnlns ,
Washington, Julyll.?Itesulta.of an
Investigation of the- mountain districts'
9f North and South Carolina to de
termine how. prevalent trachoma is,
were made public by the public health
service today: The survey was un
der the direction of Passed Assistant
Sur peon A. D, Foster nud shows that
the* disease , exista only , in isolated lo
calities. Condition)? were found to
he better than In t);o mountain sec
lions of Kentucky," west Virginia and
Virginia, where tljo .disease alto ex
ists. Ir'-'"-' "-' ' .
: CT the. 18,805 persons examined iq
the two states 'onlyU, wore''found th.
nave tho disease. Most of thes? coses
wero on the Cherokee, Indian reserva
tion in swain coant, N.jC., twenty
oases being located in that county,
practically all of fhem trhceabls tq
the reservation Bchool.
; The aurvby disclosed that : negroes
are singularly free form the dis
ease. Foreign.immigration does not
seem to be mponslblstpr th? hipiady
as Immlgrantr. are free;from It arid
practically all the suffer ?ro are native
"No, I didn't want to, I
to do it." That's wha
says, and that's so. Min
more room. His busir
grown till it's hide bourn
too big or house too litl
the crowd! Must ha\
room, more lights ?gjr?
be on Main street, sp Mi)
to move. Hcw/tpceoi.
question, but Miiffcjg f?fjS
Did not want any groc
had to have the store
South fVTuin and Church
N. 220; J. T. McCownV
store you know. The yc
did not want to sell out t
Richards i
Cortlancl. Ohio
Patent, Blue Ri
nearly 300 barr
Special Prices?
481b Sack $1.40,
. The most wonderful aso
known brand, in barrels, in
Do you chew? Or do yo
class chewing and s m ok in:
Nobody knows how to <
Anderson Will Take Care Of Her
Many Guests Tor Big Event .
In Hand3ome Styl?
(From Sunday's Daily.) i^ff ?)
Practically all the plans have been
completed _ by the Anderson County
iranners' union for ine meeiihg of tue
Stato Farmers*.. Union,, which will be
hold here, beginning ' next Wednesday.
This is the eighth annual meeting and
It Is said that this meeting will, prove
to be one of the most successful , of
any yet held. The meet'.n g will be
called to order by the president'Wed?
nesday night at 8;30 o'clock.
The opening session will be taken
np with the enrollment of delegates,
tb? president's address anc} the re
ports of officers. The. leading sub
jects for discussion will -be "What has
the union accomplished since it was
organized " and "What . is. being ,don$r
to enlarge its usefulness and laqrqas'o
Its. membershipiP-' The reports and
discussions under these heads will oc
cupy a large amount of the time of
the meeting.
It is the purpose of the ogcera of
_i? stats fanqsr?' uatefi to matefrlhtg
meeting a conference on thogfou^fhat
the farmers' union '. has done, ir this
state and to formulate plans (f
Increased usefulness. W}th'
in view they ' request and '?rg<rH\
every local union to bo in good sta
in g and to have one or more mem
bers attend the state union meeting,
as well as the regular delegates tq
which the "county unions are entitled.
A leading feature: of the slate hnlon
meeting .will be the- visit to.Clemson
College in a body on Thursday,. July
23rd. The state unlpn will 6ol enter
tained as guests of the college and
will return to Anderson;, bfre, p. nu
-. Anderson la th? county.'where the
first local upton weo orga#Ue4r Jn
SO?th Carolina,- .'Here is .wn^ih?i
movement started " In the Palmetto j
state,. Five Forks local??fbtri^jl is
?tltl living and wlirno doubt be rep
resented, at tho slate meeting,
All members of the order in good
Standing will bo admitted to themeet
ing and it la requested thai as many
themselves of thl? pr^fflegl^f,i>-iott,r
. - " o*; .':<>
. Elocution.
tut I had shook tht
t Minor till they f
or wants Now w
tess has modeled,
1. Stock store, the
tie. Uh! ever saw,
re more do it, and
pn;.-Must in the wa
nor plans how and
?P ??- the Minor sa:
8%a;way.. money fr.
enes but . .
hut thes
i streets; enough I
s grocery teeth. I
>ung men is making
tut Minor this stock
? Evans Co's
, Full Roller
bbon Flour,
load and a half,
Full Barr?!! $5.50
srtment of syrup and molasses, c
? kegs, in cans, large and small. S
u smoke? In either case we can f
g, the price trimmed to the queen'
io it but Minor.
he 10 Cent Store Men
Anderson -Patrol -of -Boy -Scouts
Enjoyed a Big Outing For
One Week In Mountains
(From Sunday's Daily.)
The Anderson patrol of Boy Scouts
returned to the city -on the G o'clock
train last night after spending a week
in the mountains of North Carolina.
The trip was one that the boys will
never forget and not a boy went who
will net profit by tho experience.
- All. told there were 12 boys in the
party-and they were under the direc
tion of Fred M. Burnett, secretary of
the Anderson Y. M. C. A. and Scout
Saster, while they were. away. Mr.
urnett said last night that every one
of .the hoys acted beautifully oh the
trip and be was. proud, of the manly
way in which they conducted them
selves in the : presence. of strangers.
Re Bald that the boys made a fine im
pression upon the people they came
in -contact with.
'. he party chose* a .route via. Wal
halla when leaving hero and there the
hike began. After going to the town
on the tralu, they trekked to Toxa
way, then to various points of inter
est In North Carolina, including Lake
Toxaway and .then they came back to
Greenville, from - which town. they,
took the train yesterday for the re
turn trip to Anderson. '
Tho scouts making the trip said.last
night tba* they had never had a better
tune In their lives.";
\ ! ^<-r'- SI. ~j( i"i " "v
W. & Harris of Fair play An?
Iv nounces \ Himself and States .
(From Saturday's Daily.V
A now candidate for supervisor ap
peared In the field yesterday. This
la; Mr. W.jtt. Wurrte; of Fair PIay; His
announcement* appears in- The Dally
Intelligencer today. ?
i In announcing his platform Mr.
Harris sayB bra prpose la to build the
thoroughfares of Anderson, county In
to first ;c](sS8, permanent ; djrt roads,
grade and drain and fill In all needed !
places. v} ' ;} .. r.. J
Also, as long Bs.the coppty has 35]
to 40 convicts on tho chalngapg, his
platfoTm la to operate four gangs, to
take 10 convicts and dig banks for the
four scrapes, and thus to work the
four sections of Anderson county at
once, so that everybody will get son?,
good out of thh reads; He says that
ovary man shojuld bave a way by
which to do ?|!wfl of work and he
?dvises tho pebplfe to keep in mind tho
man who comes before .them with his
platform of work.
? money in their faces
rave up and took it.
hat? The store to be re
made into a 10-cent
up-to-datest thing you
I takes three moons to
here are these groceries
y. But minor knows
Minor is going to do it.
ft prices will draw the
Dm any. man's pocket
e figures are strong
o draw a man's eye
Jo wonder everybody
a bee-line to help move
The Best
Flour In
The World
:omprising nearly every
ee the goods, get the prices.
urnish you 62 brands, high
s taste.
I Anderson County People Can Du
plicate Achievements of Neigh
bors and Start New Industry
(Prom Saturday's Daily.)
Among the visitors in Anderson yes
terday was Parka M. Went worth, of
Highlands, who called at the chamber
of commerce in connection with busi
ness matters incident to the opening
of the" new highway to. Lake Tbxaway
from Walhalla. He stated that al
ready a very large business Was being
worked up because of the completion
of the. road. He was ah interesting
talker with regard to the building up
of the. potato and' apple industries in
and around Walhalla, Highlands' and
in that-section. He Stated that the
hew automobile'scheduled'car would
do a big business in bringing mountain
producta to Anderson* anfl Wulltalln.
Ho also stated that his 'people- were
rapidly going intq the orchard and.-.
potato \buslheks, with . vejy profitable.
results, since potatoes grown there ;
were Belling in competition, .with Kew
York arid . Vermont potatoes already 1
in Virginia and North Carolina, and "> -
more . than . h/udlng "their own.
''}'.According to Mr. Wentworth, tbov
Highlands people arfe? very ' anxious to
get in closer touch with the business
men of Anderson, for whoin they have '
a high regard, and from whom they
would d?sir? to do a larger jobbing '
business, and also selling their*: owh
products. , He stetes that thlB trade
can ;be greatly extended to the'profit ;
of air parties, and especially to'Aja- .'
derson, which Is the nearest Import
ant city to the Highlands and Bap
phlre country. *
Mr. Wentworth' left for . Colum
bia last night and expects ic return "
here noxt ,week in time to attend the
business men's trade gratification eel
ebratlon at Walhalla.
Of One Mind.
F??t Uncle (after leaving the
shop, showing bis nephew the v
buy curlbs)?"There yob are. ;
^an you are dealing, with ...
like that Just hargue (ha point a
and down comes the price tap Ailh
IMlY Curio Dealer (to bis neph?wi?
**** ** hey. maAis
dealing with a man like Mmi and y*u
see as 'ow v. r?olng to hargne the
point a .Mi, ?ff yptfve got ft do l?

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