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This County To Furnish Part of
Money to Build Trans-Montane
Highway to Highlands, N. C.
Col. R. N. Jaynes, of Walhalla,
chairman of the Trans-Montane
Highway commission, under whose di
rection the highway is being put
through this section to North Caroli
na, has written a.letter to J. S. Fow
ler, chairman of the Good Roads com
mittee for Anderson couuty. in which
Col. Jaynes says that work on the
highway is progressing nicely, but
that more money Is needed for the
purpose of completing the short
stretch of road which runs through
Rabun county, Georgia, Highlands,
N. a, Walhalla, 8. C, and other inter
mediate points have given financial
assistance to this undertaking, and
almost all the money necessary has
already been turned over to the com
mission but the ono bad point in Ra
bun county has been a perplexing fea
ture of the highway. Anderson was
assessed $500 by the commission and
when notice to this effect was receiv
ed here Pat Major was made chair
man of the commission to raise the
money and when the call came from
the commission to come across with
the funds, Mr. Major wae interview
ed. He says that he has secured over
three-fourths of the amount in sub
scriptions and that he will at once
collect It and forward same to Col.
Janes. He hopes to send the check in
during the latter part oC the week.
The Trades Excursion has been
planned by the chamber of commerce
to go from Anderson to Highlands, N.
C, but has been postponed, on ac
count of the work that is to be done in
Rabun county and when the Georgia
stretch is completed tho trip will be
made. It is also understood that
Commissioner Watson will have the
posts marking the mountain highway
placed in position by the time all
of this read is ready for use and that
win be a help to the Anderson boost
Ladies of Anderson to Take Part
|n Event Which Has Been Ar
ranged Night of August 6
With the exception of -the opening
ball, which was held during the State
Convention, the beautiful new home
of Anderson lodge Mo. 1206, Benevo
lent and Protect Ivo Order of Elks, has
never been opened to the ladies of the
city and tho "Hello Bills" have there
fore decided that it is high time such
a state of affairs is remedied. Acorn
r?nge' for ah opening reception1" and
this committee announced last night
that the arrangements for the event
had all' been completed and that the
formal reception, opening the place to
the ladles or the city, would he held
- at the Elks home on the. nirtit of
August 6. The reception will begin
. at 9 o'clock.
In planning the new home the An
derson Elks wont to some expense to
have the place fitted up so that the
ladles would feel at home and among
the other parts of the building a hand
some reception room, built solely for
use of the ladles, and a cozy little
card and committee room on the top
floor. .Th? Anderson Elks arc an
xious that the ladies make use of
The eomittg reception bids fair to be
one of the events of the month in
Anderson. Mothers, wives. Bisters
and sweethearts of Elks, will all be
there and the evening will be one of
pure Jollity from start to finish.
The Anderson Elka Home, located
on the corner of Sharps and McDufflo
streets, is ono of the handsomest in
this part of the country and easily the
. prettiest in South Carolina. It has
Just been completed at a coat1 of
slightly over $10,000.
' t frj'''?
Those Who Attended Mountain
: School Are To Gather Again
.7 i On August 12 ' '
It is understood that plans are now
underway for, holding the reulon of
the <qld students of . the mountain
j springs school.' This reul?n was by
- far and away the roost successful hold
- in. Anderson county -last year and so
. much interest was manifested at that
time', It Wdf decided to make the event
an tvnnual affair.
1 With that end In view a committee
was appointed to have charge of the
; plans for this year add the following
' gentlemen compose that.- committee:
1 Ai W. PiCRoW J. Mi Long, J. T: Wig
. ginton and C. B. Smith. They hav? an
nounced that August 12 has been
chosen for the' r?uion this year.
' "This ?eh?ol- was taught ?? iu? ; ra
' gone-by, 'by Joshua Smith, Btrauther
Reeves and Walces C.. Smith and their
mehiory. Ik dear to every one or their
; pupil*. . . ,
v Buzzard's Bay, Maac, July 29.- The
? Capo Cod canal, connecting Buzzard's
Bay .and ?aef^Cbd. Pi/ and shorten
ing by 70 m'des the war route between
Boston and .New York, was formaljy
onened to commer?a today. -.
The citiseas of?'rValkir-McEImQyle
invit? the. ^andld^tes for: county ofd
ces to speak there on Monday, Aug.
11th, M a. in All voters urged to
attend end bring well JUlod bask<<tg..:
7-Sl dAw -8il.8t p.. '
~?'- WM?;
B. O. ?lans
& Co/s August Reductions
Saturday, August First, marks the beginning of
Our usual Semi-Annual Reduction Sale
i ill',
111" H
>: .C
1 m vMr.
Th? time alone is responsible for the sale. The same splendid character of merchandise
is offered you today at genuine reductions. We're omitting the usual hurricane of ad
Y ?. ?: ;. . ' 1 -'i .il ?io.'l
jeetives and giyipg you real facts. Your saving is according to the following schedules:
kb'UA *il hoA
'I A >(. )HM|
, n slni<: b?tf't
><effi Irl'
rib' v.'li > < M
i-'iii>ir -
Men's and Young Me?-'s Suits; ;
You have your choice of hundreds of Stein-Bloch finest SuitjS^ and
superb suits of our own makers. Grays, blues, browns, tans, mix
tures. Sizes for every figure?big men, tall men, stout men. ^^nV'
.' it JiUlt 1
$25.00 Suits now.-. .$19.75 " %v
$22.50 Suits now.$17.25 ?
$20.00 Suits now.$14.75> ;mi.? dot
$18.00 Suits now..$13.75 ,van?i>\,
;iv/la vorti ,.
$15.00 Suits now. .$11.50
$12.50 Suits now..$9.75''.;
$10.00 Suits now.-$7.50; .
Olli IV
h. Met
Boys' Knee Pants Suits
ill n-..tv.
. il =;vi ' j
Suits with distinction of fit and fabric/the same individuality of
men's clothes. ;J Siylisji shades of gray and^an^mUtures ?nd^uMie
serges. Ages 4 to 18."' A handsome gift knife free with each suit.i,;
vMilT ipi'ii!.'-.
$3.50 and $3.00 Suits now. . ........... I $2;5Q
$4.50 and $4.00 Siiits now. ............ .$3.25 .Mi 0ft
$5.00 Suits r>ow. .yj^^^jj^,
$6.50 and $6.00 Suits now. . $4.50
$8.00 and $7.50 Suits now. .$5.00 no .
$9.00 and $8.50 Suits now. ............ .$6.00 r imn '.
$10.00 Suits now.. ..$7.50 >*?n.n ,?.? -
$12.50 Suits now. .......,-:. .> ,.$9.75
t ft.
':f|l';[ H?ft
Ill .I") C(| (I:
tiiuii'.ib ><:!
:ini>>-> ?v
:o i uiii ),< :
Men's Oxfords
The price advantage in*~ j^,3^f ance of ox
fords is entirely yours-?^;y#b^iminated ev
Men's Odd Trousers
Special makes and Cohen, Goldman & Co.'s
superior qualities. All patterns in stripes,
mixtures, flannels and serges. Sizes 28 to 50
Manhattan Shirts %
ivffafiq Uiiii
Not a pair of oxfords %j^^irom the re
duction. Here's your size, your
price and this clearance is^ySuf"opportunity.
$6.00 Oxfords now,-. .$4.75
; $5.50 Oxfords now'...... $4.25
$^|?0 Oxfords now;$? . $3.75
$4.00 Oxfords now. ... $3.25
$3.50 Oxfords r\?wM?? $2.75
;waist r?fc?Sure.
?. ; . , ,\: '.,1
;' v fit frsi?l -: : ifV .
All $5.50 and $3.00 Odd Trousers.
All $4.50 and #4-00 Odd Trousers.
All $5.00 Odd Trousers. ...-.
All$6.50 and $6.00 Odd Trousers.
All $g;0O and $7.50 Odd Trousers
. $ l. / 5
The fabrics consists of a splendid range of
white and figured madras and percale, ~s well
as exclusive Manhattan Silks. Superior mak
ing, superior fit and superior laundering
qualities. All sizes, 14 to 18.
I .;:I1
$l.t5 il 61 11
alia Kv .
$1.50 Manhattan Shirts .
$1.50 Eclipse Shirts.. ... .$1.15,,
$1.50 Adjusto Shirts. . .
$2.00 Manhattan Shirts;
.x?Sij mi's
t$iA5 > >
All $0.00 afid $8.50 Odd Trousers. . .$6.00
.IP l . JjO r; I,: ;
$3.50 Manhattan Silks. . . .$2.65
; . . ff^y.)it>!
' ' -v ;-*vA:-'i "
.. ( ^;- '
: , - ' -tin-* ?
i< ? a.:
Order by Parcel
Post: we Prepay
i !TAe Store, wi?h a Conscience
, noaayi
* V.Mil)
Jo )n .
' !.! '!
.i'.-.'-IOS Ml
rO? 51? )
i.i.lf1l?U fr !:
'.". j an / !
"l.v* til ..
;'"<*'? yi .IT :
* ! w)d.yb .
U ill'll"
,.ii B?
.. ?.il .VI fui.. J UV :>? <-l' - '.i *.UlN- , . t'*''*'

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