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NEW SERIES, VOL. 1; NO. 21. Weakly, Established 1860} Dally, Jfta.it, ?14.
NEW SERIES, VOL. 1; NO. 21. Weakly, Established 1860} Dally, Jfta.it, ?14.
Many Rumors Could Not Be Confirmed?Financial
Crisis Met By President Wilson?War
Preparations on Pacific Coast
Are Going on Feverishly
The Intelligencer this morning presents to its
readers a summary of the bulletins and of the news
service of the Associated Press, gathered from the
four corners of the globe.
The regular operator of the Associated Press in
The Intelligencer office came on duty at 6 o'clock
last night, but up to that time there had been re
ceived over the Western Union wires a number of
bulletins which had been posted in the windows of
this, .office and had'attracted a great'many readers
throughout Sunday.
? summary of the news shows that Germany
has invaded >Hrance, by crossing the neutral Hjjnj^
doms of Luxembourg, arift Belgium. .These Httle
frtt<3"^ll'?^i^?rjr;German troops crossed!
Russian troops crpss??l directly into Germany.
There were wifeless* rumors ?f great naval ?n-,
gagemenf?, but none of these could be run down,
one was that a German naval squadron had been
defeated in: the North Sea with the loss of five bat
tle ships and 5,000 men.
The.gf??t marvel of the day is the conservative
attitude of ; Ehglandi This .nation, so deeply obli
gated to France, 15 in a^assive mood, it appears, al
though Charles Baresford and others are urging
Britain to gd to the h^fp of France, especially as
Germany Is trying to take Belgium which is iust
about 6?-qr 70 miles from England, across the Eng
lish channel.
; Italy, which has beert politically5 friendly to
Austria i^nd Germany, in th? triple alliance, is now
on the fence and is regarded as being eager to join
with France ?nd Russia. - ,
Ai^hi^s are mentioned in some Of the dispatch
es, and 6hc'is reported to have been cut down by
Read the dispatch^ as pu^^
g?ricer and refer to the war map in this paper arid
watch the trend of events.
The financial Situation of the world has alarm
ed the pedple of the UnitedStates and Presid?nt
Wilson an4 cabinet were in conference all day Sun
day. Secretary M?M??tyeht to New York to con
. fer with financiers there. Foreign countries had
begun to d^w i^ New
York and the ?riite? States treasury has corhe to
the help of the banks in New York.
Ti^Q^1^ meeting of the banker^ of New
^ ^3^r;^?fti^i: is :pri)babl?^ that a system of
clearing hp?^
k?t. Mr M?A finance the cotton crop.
Piesidl^nt Wilson has been apprised : by Attor
ney C^n?r?l McR?ynpld[s that the new currency
bQ*?(c^^hpt organize until all members h?ve
been ap^uited, ?rid the confirmation of Warburg .
.. .is.:expe?ted:4tph;ce*-;,|' ;
- ; yFo^
, each offii^, although all of therh have hot declared ;
^v-ar: : ^
side be'ar/^ for starting a war thai:
sterns ^ its
'. confi?* .4,\' Ij&'i?i.?i^M^:'*<M- ;X
Photo, by .American Press Association. ; * .
Russian Cossacks Are Formidable Foes
TocHuBsInn navy bos never been considered a ver> ta porto nt rnetor In
the nation'* defense because so little of theJ<Muntpy ffle^ib? see; However,
E?wla bonista of one of 'the best armies In the .worJd- Tue Uusalon Coasuefcs
are kh?Vn everywhere aud ore formidable fighters. '
Vr"-'.' . '< '
... .... , .... : ? '
'^'i' r*' ' (By Associated Press.)
London,!-.August 3.?German cavalry today .raided. the French
frontier near the Fortress of Belfort, and attempted to c?inmandeer
horses, . according to. Paris dispatches, German patrols also twice at
tached JoncherSy near Belfort.
Brussels, August 3.^?According to a local newspaper, German
troops have reached Vise, on the river Meuse, twelve >m1les from
Liege :B?lgium; . ;
London, August 3.;?Telegrams from the chief of the German
staff to the German embass?y here today assert.ttiat a French doctor
with two assistants tried to poison the wells near Metz with cholera
microbes. The.: doctor was courtmartialled and shot. ,The came
source of. information said another French party endeavored to blow
up a strategic tunnel near Kochern oft the Moselle and all were shot.
Rome, Augst 3.?Italy formally declared her neutrality .today.
"iLondon, -August 3;~It was officially announced today that the
British-9i^^^ould--begiri .mobilizing tomorrow. '
London, August 3. Sir Edward Grey. -British foreign secrtetary
today stated in the house of commons that the house-was free to
decidewhat the British attitude should be in'the presentACrisis. Sir
Edward; added that England had not committed ^herself to anything
but diplomatic support. .
London, August 3.?Sir Edward Grey told the house of com
mons that he had assured France that,if the German fleet came into
the English Channel or through the North sea to undertake hostile
operations against the French coast or shipping, that England's fleet
would;Sl^e all the protection in its power.
VLond?ri, Aug. 2.?-Later in th? day came information that the
French embassy here had learned that Germany couldn't answer the
British request for information whether she will observe Belgian neu
trality.^; Tht? ^ guaranteed by England for. Great; Britain is
bound#0 protect Belgium.
:\ Under German rule, Belgium.would be an increasing menace to
London, August 2.-?:The naval forces of the empir? are'prepared
for ahy^ntirutencv. the ships had just concluded their rrjanceuvcrs
"TfSlcj^flBre virtually mobilized'wK^h the war cloud appear
W$m?- -, - ' ' > i
fritorial forc?s of England also are equally prepared with
^?biligation order. The annual training of the territdr
began today and masses of m?n are gathering at the
ips, . ' - < ,
/vv<v .. 'Rumor.off' Naval Engagement. '.
' *svof the World says it has received, ? wjreless comrhuni
ivy. firing is proceeding in the North Sea.. Th? news
i'that Gertnar? and French fleets are engaged. No con
n's report was received today.
fc&? a disnatch from Gonenhaeen the German Baltic
fraWhg its way from Kiel to the North Sea.
^ itch to the Central r^ews says the Germans h ?V? taken
fth?lEnglish steamer Castro in th? Kiel canal and ordered
itjg . .
'?bortet tha? the British steamer Saxon which left Kings
^;Ehglandt last Thursday with a cargo of coal fpr^runs
Prussla, has been overtaken, by the German navy and diverted
t?X?ujcHftyeh:: -, : n . " ...
|?'cablegram today from Gibraltar,says a^French fleet consisting
oft Settels passed through' the strait of Gibraltar today bound east.
London; August i-^London maintained her calm; t? ibfi ;last
mj??^^?it^:-; A' great crowd assembled around the government
offices at Whitehall awaiting the decision of the cabinet as to whether
'Great Britain would take part in the war. When it was found no
statement was to be made, the crowd melted away.
. Premier Asquith will announce Great Britain's position in the
house of commons tomorrow. Prior ot this announcement another
cabinet meeting will be held.;
The general impression is that the war party in the cabinet is in
the ascendency, but not a word leaked out of the cabinet chamber to
day. It was said thai Viscount Morley, lord president of the council,
and Viscount Haldane, lord hieh chancellor, led the peace party, and
that Winston Spencer Churchill, first lord of the admiralty, threatened
lo resign if the government did not stand by its unwritten agreement to
suport France against German attack.
It is known that the Lanchise liberals are putting pressure on the
government to keep out of the conflict and it Is said Premier Asquith
is Influenced by this. But the average Englishman is saying tonight
that the government has no alternative after the neutrality of Luxem
burg's been disregarded by Germany and after Germany's refusal
. _mi r\ _ i
London, August 2.?According to a dispatch to the Central News
from Kings Lynn* * seaport in Norfolk, England, the British steamer
Saxon, which left Kings Lynn last Thursday with a cargo of coal for
Brunsbuttel, Prussia, has been seized by the German navy and taken
to Cuxhaven. - ' '
Erlon, Belgium, Aug. 2.-^Accordtng to advices here, 100,000
German troops are crossing Luxembourg and concentrating on the
French frontier near Lieges. Frontier engagements are reported in
which Germans are said to have lost. More than 25,000 men are
engaged digging trenches in" .front of Getman and French positions.
. ; St. Petersburg, A?gu?:'5^Th?rtjip^ure'-of. diplomatic''.relations
between Russia and Germany, was dramatic
when Count von Pourtales, fermait-ambassador to Russia, formally
asked Foreign Minister Sazanpf? thai Russia, cease her mobilization in
12 hours. The alloted period passed' witpotit'an answer..
. At 7 o'clock Saturday evening fcount von Pourates again asked
?? Russia would cease mobilizing her forces. This the Russian states
man replied : '
"Insomuch as the Russian government has not answered within
the time you specified it follows that Russia has declined to agree with
your demand."
Three times Count von Pourtales repeated the German ultimatum
ana each time the Russian foreign minister gave thfe same firm nega
tive. Finally Count von Pourtales.bowed and left the room. He and
members of his staff at once departed from St. Petersburg by way of
Finland. -
Paris, August 2.?President Poincare today said his only regret
was that his high office would prevent him from leading his company
of Alpine riflemen in case France became engaged in war.
Andre Magin?, a deputy, has taken his place as a private in a
tegiment in his constituency. M. Maginb was formerly under secre
tary of state for war and as such had a seat in the cabinet
The organization already has begun in Paris of battalions of for
eign volunteers, notably Belgians, Slavs' and Syrians. -. Several hun
dred. Italians last night paraded through the down town, section.
The mobilization order, of fateful brevity, read as follows:
"Ministry of War. Order of geneYal mobilization. Extreme
urgency, Sunday, August 2."
London.?-From Portsmouth, Gibralta, came news Sunday morn
ing of increasing British precautions. All steamship communication
through Portsmouth harbor has been forbidden. At Gibralta there
has been issued a proclamation regarding a preliminary precautions
foi* the defense of the bay.
German shipping ther, and other ports nearby, is proceeding
to Spanish ports. News of the German invasion of Luxemburg, is
disregarded of the neutrality regulations, was the first information to
day that disillusioned those who still hoped general war might be
averted. The cabinet met Sunday morning. London preserved
Sunday calm. Everybody is anxious. ' There's no cheering here.
Wucli enthusiasm in Paris and Berlin.
London, August 2.?At ..a pig socialist meeting in Trafalgar
square tonight,*James Keir-Hardie, member of parliament, declared
that Italy, although bound by treaty, remained neutral and there was
rio reason why Great Britain should hot. He announced his intention
of calling a national strike against the war. ;
The railway stations are crowded with German, French and
other reservists, returning home. ' . ' . . t
The board of agriculture States there is sufficient wheat in the
country to supply the whole population for four months irrespective
of imports. '
?9 ". '
Berlin, August 2.?An official statement today says:
"In cons?quence,of a Russian attack on German territory, Ger
mny is in a state of war with Hussi?. The French reply to the Ger
nan representation is of no unsatisfactory character.. jg,
V "Moreover, France has mobilized and an attack of war with
^rarfce therefore, must be reckoned with *t any mofnent."
' An?th?r statement declares Russia has invaded. Germany during *
t time of peace, "in flagrant contradiction of Russia's peaceful assuri g
inces." .... iB
Latest News
Of The War
(By Associated Press.)
o o o o ooooooooooooOoo
o o
o Washington, Aug? 2.?I.'nder o
o orders from Berne,the Swiss o
o legation here todtjy notified all o
o SwIkh la the United States Ii?, o
o ble to military service to join o
o their eolorH at once. c
o 'o
London, Aug. xV-One Ooraian -force
?Hnday crossed i? miuikr near loa
Tillage of Clrcey, between Nancy and
Strassburg and another German de
tachment probably the 29th Infantry,
last night Inraded the Grand Darby of
tween Belgium and Turkey, and con
tinued itr. march cn the French for.
titled town of Longwy. .A despatch
from Brussels taid there, was good
reason to bellete that llitu force later
In the day entered France. *
The German force which earne. Into
France near ( Ircey, which Is 40 miles
from Nacy Is reported to hate"; been
repulsed with heavy losses,, but. this
has not jet been ccnflr&ed. . V 1
Apparent 11 y the German n am? l?
duplicating the flr*t movement of the
ft^eo-Prtisstan, w*. U^M ?b'A?.
a French\*n??*t*
oeir?d .his- ^ ???r:w ._
It would ppepar today
ny Is taking the f?llet advaatage of vi
ter supposed se^yf?rtts' tezAffimv' rji
blltcstion over Frone
The plan of tlie German emperor, *U
leeordlng to military observers, here > '
Is to vanquish or attempt to vanquish ,
franco.In the Interval before Russia I
ran cr??t verlodH trouble on her nor
ihern frontier. .
It Ik supposed that Bussin's mohiU
tation will take abbot three weeks.
All telegraphic and telephonic com
?ttnlesgen between SfE?fois.. tad
[iuxemberg was declared neutral tcr
-Itory. Its Integrity and Independence
it?re guaranteed.
Lnngwv Is a fortified French town
in I he Belgium frontier forty miles
lort liwost of Mets In Germany. - j
A train full of German soldiers
eked th? ?lotion at Luxemburg <Jur- .
ng the night. Thoy idid took.ike
irldpe on the Tr?ve? and Trios Vier
?s ?se !:: order i? ir.ssrs t?e jf?d^uM'
mseuge of military trains across the
irand Bueby.
Berlin, Aug. ar-T^?^y'|ii?ieporort
fho arrived tody from Potsdam was
allowed by other automobiles of s the
'rown Prince, Prince Henry if jRava
la, his brother, and other princes.
Later 5b the afternoon I?. ton Be
rhman-Hollweg,t lie Imperial cban
ellor, drove to the imperial palace.
Ie was heartily cheered by the popu
ace. iA?
The receipt of war news gave occa
lon for enthusiasm and patriotic dam. .
nst ration?,
Washington, Aug. fc^eww. ??-v
Ldoo and Comptroller Williams left
or New York today to be In closer
ouch with the situation there tomor
ow. Mr. MeAdoo declared he hau
o fears for the situation bnt thought
t weU to be near the bankers. He left
fter a conference with President WI1
.San Francisco, Aug.2^Anuounee
?ent was made by the French consul
ere today that he bad been lnstrnct
d by his government to call to the
olors all French reservists on the Fa
rn* <.? ?*- The m?n will b* ouiod, i
? nssemble in San Francisco.
London, Aug. fc?Tke,.
ave been ummoned bacls
raining camps to hesdouartera, The
Tutorials are similar hi organisa
Ion to the national guard of the UnE
3d States. . _
Berlin, Aug. 2.?Importal order Is.
Qed tonight summons the R4r*k?tag
? meet. August 4. . . v '
Hull, England? A?
ave been sent out to
?biner fle*l keae f

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