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?Yeenlj, Established 1SC0) Dally, Jault, 1914.
rmy show:
rvelous fighting spirit
' :._ .?.
This is Clearly ^Evident From Reports Issued at
Various War Headquarters?Both French and
' British Pay Tribute to Valor of Belgians? Par
ticularly 0ard Fighting in Region of Lille, But
j Town is Still Held by Germans?Action Taken.
For Relief of the Hundreds of Thousands ofj
Belgians Threatened With Starvation in Theiri
Own ?ouhtry.
. ?
(By Associated Prosa)
Both French and British pay trib
ute to the Valor of the Belgians, who
with the ATHes, are holdingiback the
German advance along the : North sea
coast Ipeessant fighting Jiaa been
lh progress from the coast as far
south as.< La Basso,, a' distance of
about CO.' miles, but this, line Is di
vided Into several fronts f>n which
separate' engagement? are being
fought ? It is this line tho Germans
are endeavoring to break in their at
tempt , to ' reach Dunkirk and other
French; seaports, f
Three British ' monitors-^the Sev
ern, -Humber and IVfereey?<tro shell
log the Germans in the vicinity of Os
tend;;'where it la said toiS-lble oxc
Thero has ; beon particularly ? hard,
fighting In'the Llll?. regionrdwhere the
Brfedh/?rMr?^??. TheSfaa?i?Vtftnt
French town of Lille still Js held by
the Germans and encounters In this
neighborhood have been of a hand to
hand eaaracter.'
'At last real action has been taken i
Sot the- rr.?t.?f of the Bvg?&n?. upon{
*hom his fa??cu the' great' burdon of [
suffering from the war. An, Ameri
can commie3ion * headed by Herbert
C. H over; of California, and compos
ed o! American residents.^ in Londorf
and Brussels, as the result of an
agreement " reached between Belgium
Great Britain and Germany, will take
under its charge the care of hun
dreds or thousands ?f Belgians
threatened ' with starvation in their
own ccusi?Tv ;.-'' ' vi
Already n largo consignment ' of
food has been purchased and will be
shipped : to Bel glum within a fow
days. f.
OntimiBtie r?pert? from <s Eub
' elan vlowpo?nt' . come ifrom Petrograd,
where it la Officially {announced that
the German troops nave been driven
. from tho roads loading to Warsaw
and are in full retreat, leaving their
wounded oh the S?B of battle.
resulted in no definite decision in the
battle raging In west Flandera and
northern France. The contest In. the
eastern war arena in eastern Prus
sia, Poland, and Galicia has been
equally undecisive.
This Is clearly evident from re
ports Issued officially at variouB head
quartcrs, - which content themselves
today with recounting the fact that
violonb attacks, have been made. The
French, however, claim the Allies
have repulsed German Offensive
movements at various points in tho
According to the French commun
lcation Bu? Germane also made. at
tacks against the AiltosMine. at Nieu
port, Dlxmu.^o add La Basse. The
^Sra^fL-gflRexal ntaff ?dprlarea fight
ing continues on the Yscr Canal and,
Similarly the.
the advances or
lea' have been ?
Sasobo, tho Ji
reports that th
stroyod the .m
seised - lartt
. ammunition of
lands in the
ians report that
Austrians in Gal
ese : naval port,
apanese hove do
y. onnipment and
titles of gold and
r on- tho German to
tit seas', recently co
the Germans, taking the,' offen- 3
^iVC west of iilUe, have repulsed the
French at several points.
These reports seem to controvert
optimistic accounts appearing In
English newspapers from correspon
dents who claimed they were lh West
FTaimers and who stated that the
Germans had been driven back.
The Germans,, however, are believ
ed-here to be fighting under a great
disa?vantag, especially along the
coast, as the British ships assisting
the Allies land forcr-s - have long
range gunn capable rf seriously men
acing German troops and mon in the'
trenches as"woll as. the ammunition
trains and supply convoys.
Whllo ib official 'information Is
avuiiabie as to the ships being used,
It Is probable that they arc the three
monitors which were being completed
in England for the Brazilian govern
ment when the war broke* out and
vrh'.ch werfe bought by the admiralty.
.These monitors draw less than nine
feet of water and could tako up po
sitions not far from shore from
which their Six . inch guns and 4.7
insh Howitzers could throw shells'
nearly four miles across country, the
range being given them by airmen.
The vessels assisting the Allies
have bot been allowed to carry out
their operations for German subma
rines have followed thorn,-down the
coast and attacked them whllo tW
Were shelling German, positions.
These attacks, however, were': made
f?tllo by tho presence of British de
stroyers. 'One account eays the. sub
marines suffered tosses, but this
ft BP Hill T 1 statement has not - beon: confirmed. It
XWFililTE DECISION "S^gi S??.^i"ifc
. k. ?it,.-' SL-Fierce attacks: ^^^^9l^^^^^^?
and boimter#taeka-deilvored^^
contlnoonBly-Jor a week or more by dJ^gSJ^E^ ??d
tho Allies' 'find tho .iGcrmans "bave v . (Continued or. Pago 8.)
e, Heavy Bombardment
Bwmed Many Building? and Scores of Inhabitants Must
Lost Their Uvea in Cellar* Where They Songht Refuge.
.Associated Pressa.) (thousand reinforcements soon . came
rERt>AM> Cet il. (by TJray, ot U?p and built barricades in th? streets
" 05 fr: n^-~The 'Teioftraphjsijd poated artillery.
~" ^'A German force hastily dianatchod
from Burgos and Ghent ^later. ( swept
down on the town and, supported by
artillery, gained an entrance; Fiferce
street fighting followed, the French be
ing forced to rotrcat Onco again the
Germans decupled the town and burn
ed down many buildings to open a way
for UisIr artUlerx. Many Of the tahabfr
tanta, the correspondent eafctv must
have tost their lives in the cellars:
wh?re they sought^ refuge.
On Tue?day reinforcements for the
Allies arrived with heavy gone, and
after an all night bombardment recap
ture! tho city.
that' the Ailiefl Wer??
il arter a. bb^par^>nt ; of;
a, in w?'s^ Flahder^ that lasted
feout Tuesday hl?ht Itfia re~
town?~ ~
Telegraph ijiorretpondept .aaya.
40,000)0^^ occupied
Ronl?r? and JaW nwred on to r<rfn4
n^ tae'army ir^ Nleupprt and Dixc
; mtide, itwffi?jjir afcout m. mek to
bold >Roulera.>On .Sunday 800 French
dragoons: tit?p TJpres -, routed this
g^rd .andVtook^ Serrecal
Thousands Homeless
and Facing Famine
(By Associated Press.)
WASHINGTON, Oct. 21.?Details
of the storm which interfered with
early Japanese operations against
Kiao Chow were given in. mall ad
vices reaching the state department
today from the American vice con
sul at Chotoo, China. The vice con
sul not only confirmed the large loss
of lifo, but said thousands were
made homeless and left to face fam
ine. ,v>
A Bcrlcs of heavy rain and wind
storms irairuMliately preceded the ty
phoon whicn occurred September 8.
"The most serious aspect of the
matter," eayp the report,^ "1b tho
enormou3( loss ol crops all through
out the peninsula. The Chinese esti
mate from that 00 to 80 per cent
of the crops are a total loss."
With Broken Leg *
Saves* Lives of Wife
and Neighbor's Childl
. (By. Associated Press.)
CHARLOTTE, N. C, Oct. 21?With
a leg broken yesterday, H. J. Holll
man of MarshvlIIe, N. C? sayu a
special from, that place, today , rollend
from his bed and somehow managed
to get to ? well in the yard and
save the lives of his wife and a
neighbor's j child,; after Mrs.. Holllman
had. Jumped Into ?fcght feet of water.,
Tom Gaudlq; aged six, in paying )
*roH??^Ho?Iirasn*8 unfinished "- well,
foil in. ,. MrE. Holllman leaping in;
fiofeted the boy to the surface and by.
leaping from the bottom managed to
get chough air to hold out until her
husband came.
Appeal for Protection
of Catholic Clergy
. ??:?~? I \S
(By Associated PreBs.)
WASHINGTON, Oct. 21.?An appeal
io the American government to pro
tect the Catholic clergy and church
in Mexico, and demand reparation for
past ??tragos was filed with ? he sttae
department today by a committee of
the American Federation' ef Catholic
_. . ??.
Numerous Instances of alleged
atrocities by rew^]utJojnary( leaders
wore set forth In a statement pre
pared "' by :a committee appointed at
the BAltimnT'e conference of tho fed
eration.' - '
Advise Germant
To Leave Capital
(By Associated Press.)
LONDON, Oct. 2L- (6:45 p. m.)?
TUS Bs change Telegraph company
ha3 slven out a, dispatch from Am
sterdam which says that an arrival'
in that city from Brussels is author
ity for the statement that tho Ger
man hitlitary commander; in the Bel
gian capital has placarded the city
advising ill German civilians to
leave within,48 hours. This news has
not been coiiSriiiml.
Vt ' ?? \
French War Office Reports Vio
^-/v^?I 'Bai?e on tbo Left
1 . ' . :iBy Associated Press.)
>>.pjS?8>Oct. 21.(11 p. m.)?The ofr
fldal .statement Issued by the Fronch
war office tonight reports a violent
battlo on tho left wing with the Al
lied forces holding their ground
The test follows;
"Our left wing from the North sea
M' far??S'La Basse..on tho several
fronts ;?rpm JYleaport' to Dixmude,
from Ypres to Menin and from Warn
sts^ t?'l?'Sa?is, a "^u?oiit battle has
been fought during the whole day..
JAflcor.ding to the latest advices
the Allied forces were holding their
gTound everywhere.
*<T^sre-\ is nothing to report re
garding .the een?ir or th? right, wing.
' fRtsflmar^Tfce German army Walch
h*d advanced' pa Warsaw., was fore-.
64 yssttr4*jr to beat a predpUate re
treat the enemy : abandoning the po
sition* which ho had established for
defense; The Russians are In pursuit
and fctave captnred ? h umber of prts
to change
$35,000,0^) IN BONDS I
Hope for
Cotton inj
on Rocks by
it 21.?Hope for
in South Carolina
on the rocks this
house. Advocates
gained hope by the
ito on the measure
835,000,000 to aid
ton farmers of the
Iment after amend
rdlng a desperate
it, tbe senate this
ig joint resolution !
jeoplo the question
DO five year five
ida for the purpose]
up tho cotton !
ras overwhelming
to .a pair being
voting for tho
] AcJferman, Appelt,
Lonsen, * Dennis,
In, G rose, Hardin,
in s tone. Ketch In,
Ide. McCown, Nich
&iChardson, Sharpe, ]
jVcrner, Young, to
voted against, the
' irlisle, Buck, and
/miams anneuhc?,]
" with Senator
Special to The
eliminating cot
in 1915 was
afternoon by
of the bond iss
action of the
which would
th? distressed!
Rejecting ai
meut and die
eleventh-' hoar
afternoon passed
to submit to tho
of voting 936;
per-cent cotton',
of the State .bu;
crop. The voi
25 to 4, in a?.av
announced. :.Tt
bond issue "
Earle, Ginn,
Hough. John8'
Laney, LaWson
oison, Patte'
St?ckey, Sull
toi 25. Thi
bill were:'
ed th at he M
Clifton : who
Tho measure n^w goes to the house.
Ail eSprts > to - change the me?snro j
/fere, rejected .by- *heavy maJoritle?i.
An amendment by Senate" Christen
aen to eliminate the. buying feature, j
and retain only the loaning feature, |
was rejected 8 to 24. Under the bill
the State w??r either, buy th? cotton
outright from the'producer on a basts
of ten cents per.,pound, or the pro
ducer can give his note to the State !
together with warehouse receipt and
obtain a loan of 9. cents per pound.
In either, case the produce^ must put
Up. 10 per cent for interest and cost
Under the bill benefits are to be
for tho producer of cotton, or for the
land owner on which tho cotton. is
grown, and holders of cotton for ben
efit of producers or land owners. Ah
amendment was adopted at the sug
gestion of Senator Nicholson ex tend
ing the benefits of th? bond issue Io
thv^e cof uorniionB, or persons who 1
purchased cotton outright or ionic it j
In on accounts at 10 cents per pound'
prior to October 20r provided that
such cotton was grown in this State |
and that such, persons or corpora
tions are citizens of this ?Ute.
< Senator Carlisle sought to put lu]
ah amendment permitting tho sink
ing fund commission to loan as much
as twenty per cent. of the : issue, If
practicable, on real estate mortgages,
but iMb was snowed under/, Th?
measure Was handled alinirably by
Senator Lidc. and just., after 2 o'oloc
President. Smith ordered the roll ra.
which resulted in th? bill boing pass- j
ed 25 to 4 and ordered asm to the !
Tho house today decided that it did
not, want the .cotton .crop totally
eliminated in 1915. This dnr.isloi was
arrived at after over thrcs hours; o'f-j
th? most fervid oratory the house
has. heard this RcsBlojn, Despite the I
the cratcry. "Tqe No .Cotton" bill was
killed by a vote of to :*G. The
measure contained aproviso that- it
should not become cffoctlvo unless
adopted by the other Jcotton State?.
The question - of total elimination of
the cotton crop in UOi5 has been
strongly urged alnco* the beginning bf
the ' present' session by representa
tives of the Sputh Carolina branch
of the Southern Cotton Congres?. .
Th? appropriation bill,'to .meet the
expenses of the special session - of
tho general assembly, and certain de
partments of State government was'
passed by. the house and sent to the
senate . without. debate this morning.
The Stale - treasurer is empowered7
to borrotr $100;00? 0= the credit or
the Stale to meet. the appropriations,
lf,\So much l?f necessary.
Granted Rehearing.
NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 2l.?Tbe su
la-court,, of Louisiana today
the Stete a rehearing in tho
_ _ M-. .W< OV Walters who escaped
a sentence? of life Imprisonment for
Wdnapjng ?whenvthe - statute under,
which h? was convicted was held
constitutional. Walters was fo
gii?ttr^?r'kidnaping Robert Dun!
five years old.' of .Opolousas. La., in J
uns. ;
Austria and Hungary
Face Meat Shortage
(By Associated Proas.)
(1:50 a. m.)?Austria and Hungary
faco a^ serious meat shortugo, accord
lug to* information received here. The
siatuation la aggravated .further by
the necessity of providing for troops
in the field.
Tho fact that higher prices have
failed- to attract larger supplies to
the markets/is taken to indicate that
the total stock of cattle within the
dual monarchy is inadequate. There
Ib no immediate likelihood of an in
crease in imports.
Wants Youths Trained
For Military Service
BORDEAUX, Oct 21.?(llk.45 a.
Im.)?The French government,
I through the minister of public in
struction 'has directed Damn Pierre
I do Coubertin, president Of the French
Olympic games committee, to or
ganize the physical and military
training of the young men of France,
and especially of those youths who.
would come normally Into the army
in 1916. Those, young men are now
18 years old and they number be
tween. 275,000'.and 300,000.
Estimates Losses
lfc? At 750,000 Men
(By Associated Press.)
3ERL1N, Oct. - 21.?-(By wireless) ?
.The military expert of the Kreutz
Zeitung estimates tho Iobbcs of the
French, the British, the Russians and
Belgians', In killed, wounded and
prisoners at least' three ausri? ?? ci
a million men.
. A -;
Steamer Cormorant
Sunk in North Sea
(By Associated Press.)
LONDON, Oct 21.?A despatch to
Lloyd's from Harwich says the steam
er Brussels reports that she saw the
steamer Cormorant e? Cork s'nk ta
the North sea. It la supposed she
struck a mine. Hnr crow probably
was saved "by ? torpedo boat which
was seen to leave her:
The Cormorant was a steamer of
1595 tons. She was built In 1900 at
New Castle and wua owned by the
Cork Steamship company.
Being Constantly
Hit Shells
>' . (By Associated Press.)
LONDON, Oct 21.-^8 p. no.)?A
Cettinje despatch to the Exchange
Telegraph company says tho nine
'iris about ' Cattaro, Dalmatla, 're
being constantly - bit by shells from
the French guns on Mount Lovcen
and are gradually being destroyed.
Only one fort attempted to reply.
. The Anglo-French fleet continues
a successful bombardment of the
?uter fortification s.
Call Out Students (
of Universities
(By Associated Press.) ,V V
22.?(2:12 a. ni.?Under Instructions
front Emperor Nicholas the war of
fice *oday called out students of uni
vers! i03 and high schools, who or
dinarily are exempt from military
service. ,
Tho order calling out the students,
who uaually are revolutionary;- is
considered bore as evidence cf Rus
sia's present solidarity.
Isaue ? i5,???,??0 Six
Months Treasury Notes
(By Associated Press.)
LONDON, Oct 2i.-3:B0 p. ,m.)
An Issue of 16,000.000 V pband six
months treasury note? watiwadr '
day. The price was 98 pounds'1.
Uag 6 pence. Bidders 1 received al
average of about 30 per beut V* In
amount of their applications. This 1
tK? fifth similar lasue of - treasur
bills. .
Thousands of Enthusiastic Spectators Gather Yes
terday in Our Sister City and Help Make the
Fifth Annual Belton Fair a Crowning. Event.
Agricultural Display Demonstrates That An
derson County Products Are Second to .None
In the Palmetto State?Live Stock Exhibit
One of the Most Interesting Features of the
(From Thursday's Dally. .
\ Tho filth annual Belton fair held at
Belton yesterday, is now a matter of
history. It is good history - at that,
{and a pago will be read and ponder
for many a day and from which
many good lessons may' be learned.
Not the least of the things taught
i yesterday by this largo and enthus
iastic gathoring of pooplo from all
orer tho Piedmont, 1b that Anderson
county products are second to none
anywhere in tho Palmetto State. Tho
! variety of tilings grown in thiB coun
ty is large; the quality is good, and
the people who grow them know how
to grow thorn and whan grown to
display them to advantage <
Then another fact brought! out
|f!Ss(sVday ' by the* exhibits -made, " is
' that this is not such a r?ar for
'the farmer after all. There were
[ many mqro exhibits in every class
this yoar than last In the farm ex
hibits there were 201 exhibitors,
Belton Coca-Cola company. Follow
ing these were the pupils of the Bel*
ton school, over 500 being in line, un
der Prof. J. B. Wathlns,. superinten
dent Aftor these came a splendidly
equipped farm wagon, ladtin with
tho products of the farm of Mr. Jas.
G. Harris, tastily arranged. Then
camo many of the horses, routes And
pony outfits having been entered as
exhibits. The parade circled the
square and was suon dismissed to
allow the participants to mingle with
the crowd and enjoy the day.
The Form ;ExMMfS?' '.."
Much Interest was shown in the
agricultural exhibits; arid those'-'were
considered by ^kv'pi?Mn|j^i-l being
very fine;. In variety, ^and number
they- were above the averageat.coun
ty /alra^sd ^^^^?&??^g^-.
"This beats anything I have.seen at
the State fair." Tho large warehouse
of Mr. A Geer, -kindly- loaned the
whose, entries got in, and many morei**1- association for the pabaston. The
received too Ist* for entry sad' elaa-j departments for the dmerent classes
slflcatlon. Tho poultry exhibit .was;"
almost twice as largo as that of a
year ago, there being 103 exhibits,
and in quality there was the same
improvement noted. The live stock
exhibit was also very good, and
while there were not as many as
there should have been, there: were
twice as many of these as wore en
tered a year ago. Over one-third of
the hogs could not be put into tho
pens, and while . the cattle~"d!d not
cover a thousand hills they did cover
one, and every tree and hitching
place had Its cow. The hogs wore
fine, and the man who did not covet
some of the beautiful milk cows, was
so! familiar with what a good cow
is worth.
One of the most interesting exhib
its, or rather, features of the fair,
wnsUhe show ring for the live stock.
Great crowds intently watched every
entry in this department, and there
were many good ones. Tho colts and
horses ware all good, as well as were
the mules..
The fifth annual Belton fair was
formally ononed at 10 o'clock Wed
nesday morning. The first event on
tho day's program Was the parade,
led by the Belton. band and tho fut uro
men and women of tho city; the
school boys and girls, ' accompanied
by Mayor Ross Mitchell; and Secre
tary Claude A. Grave?. Tho first
grade of tho Belton school, in charge
of Miss Frances Burn's, teacher, wore
In tho lead1 In the large truck of tho
of exhibits wero railed off and the
products of the farms skillfully ar
The Poultry ?kainlt,
It is seldom that oho finds so many
"classy" fowls as were gathered to
gether la the bunding ;;?er. apart for .
the use of the poultry fanciers. It is
a sure sign that tho exhibition soon,
to be hold in Andcreori will not lack'
exhibitors of fine poultry. Last year
there were only about 6u exhibitors,
while this year there Were 103.
Lire Stock Exhibit
It was noticeable that great crowds
of thoso at the fair yesterday, went
to the department sot aside for tha
live Btock exhibit. The hogs, cows
and horses wore admired, oxamlnod,
and pronounced gond, a class, tho
hogs shown wore perhaps hotter than
any other 11 vo etook. . There wore
several pens of very fine swine, and.
the Judges had a hard'<task in de
ciding tho winners. > '
The Wouan^ Building.
Possibly tho most, attractive build*
ing at the fair, and certainly the one -
that apn?-ied mest ??'i&? ?^ico was
the woman's building and "well it de
served its popularity, for. neyer was
there a display of ; h'MdSother of
more beautiful selection, of woman's
Mrs. G. C. Cuthbect, Mra. W. C.
Bo wen, Mrs. R. A LeWtti' ?ra, *V-|sV
Cox and Mrs. W. J. Moorehqad. were
the committee in charge of this build
(Continued on page slit)
Starving Belgians To
By American Commission
:?:-,? ' v..r'(ji :
j Estimated That 700,000 Are on Verge of Starvation in Tneir Own
Country?Food Situation in Belgian is Critical.
(By Associated Press.)
LONDON, Oct 22, (12:35 a. m.)?Af
ter diplomatic negotiations' lasting
several weeks, in which " American
Ambassador Page acted as intermedi
ary between Belgium. England and
Germany, an agreement has been
reached by whleh the starving ' Bel
gians Will be fed by a commission of
Americans in London and Brussels,
headed by Herbert C. Hoover of Cali
fornia, who has acted as chairman of
the American relief commute in Lon
don. It Is estimated that 700.000 Bel
gians who are still in tbelr own coun
try are oa the verge of starvation.
Early in the negotiations regarding
means to relieve these people, Ger
many declared her willingness to as
sist but declined to give, guarantees
requested by the British until England
lifted the embargo on foodstuffs. The
situation was becoming despentto
when Ambassador Page proposed that
Mr. Hoover undertake the Work. Ger
many immediately acceded " to this
plan and England promptly1 removed,
restrictions on food exports.
?. Formal organisation ofc tho com
mission, will bo completed, today. Mr.
Hoover already has purchased? with
?he funds supplied br ihs SsSgU* io
llef committee f160.000 worth of food,
which will be sent to Belgium Satur
day on a speciallyAjaa4W#?^W?p by.
way of Rotterdam.'
The food .situation '; i
critical.. Already ' more
persons are being asaifl
bread Unes. According to
tee's report there are mot
000 of these persons 1? Bin
The snpply of vfood tor. the?.
stations, it Is estimated, will not last
more than ? week 10nger. It is ex
pected the number of persons requir
ing relief will iacresee 'to a tolllron
within a mouth.

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