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Bleckley Building, Anderson, S. C.
(Letter From Reserve
Officer To His Mother
(Correspondence of Associated Press.) senses, further mea-1.res of thnt sort
ROTTERDAM, Oct 23.-Tho follow- have been prohibited.
lng letter of a reserve officer.to his "In tho village of-I saw an old!
mother, published in the Colo'gno Ga- man ult in u house wltich had been do
tetter, on September 16, thrown an il- stroyod. In front of bim Blood a ven
luminatlng light on subsistence con- erablo gray, old man-tho priest-who
dltions in the German forces now in surveyed tho r?manent of his congro-l
France. It is Instructive also In a nura- gatton.with sorrow. I entered tho vii-'
ber ot other respects. Iago nt the head of two battalions, and
"It is a hot morning, the men are wnen tho old priest saw mo he looked
busy digging trenches, and now the at mo.In a way that cut into my vory
vC craBh Of artillery ' which kept up all soul. Thonwith the sudden motton of I
i,:;, morning ls no longer heard. I am sit- fear ho took off his hat and held lt in
ting,under a tree, reading again and his band, until tho last man had paBS
: af?fttn jowr dear lotter and the re- ed him. I think ho feared that a re
mainder of my mail. Indeed, dear fusai^to greet us would be taken asl
rabib?^i? wiMBoniS b?a*dbire<* would . au vii uti sie. What Went on in thy mind'
tolegtaph youl ey?ry,day., Rut that is ot tho old priest would be Interesting
//impotfsll^^ I have tho to know. But thia ts.war, and we did1
time, I Will write you as long a lotter hot want tho indescribable misery
. as possible,' Ono never khoWB what which It has brought on.
..'??.tho tature will bring/ Last night at voil call wo heard the
'"This is ?'very idyllic spot ? ara nows pf the German victory over Ute!
disturbed now and then in a moBt ! English, French and Belgians. We ea
' iigreeable manner. Ripe plums fail peolally appreciated the bews -con-,
from.the tree-most conscientiously I corning the English. Our hate for those j
eat them.'I have breakfast well, and porfldiqus fellows ?B universal and
the company barber gnvo mo a shave much greater than our feeling against!
f???r-wMeh wah heeded badly. In addition tho French. Everybody wants a chance]
f?c.tihavo-managed to got soma washing to got at them, and-God have mercy1
dono, and now I feel again like a gen- on them should they get before our
tlemah;' rifles-from us they need expoct none;,
"Aa'-j-already Cold you the commis- . "At seven'in tho evening we heard
rosary officer bf car battalion.?' and I the news of the Russian defeat. I hope
went to tho saine college. I have been that the good tidings will bo confirm
obilged to pay-'for - this happy coln- ed. We-are advancing everywhere,
cidonce with many a bite I needed my- "It ls a beautiful evening, and I will
self. But yesterday ho told mo that have to db field duty tonight. Tho en
he had managed to get two honost-to- tire village had prepared ltsolf for de
goodness, real und other wiso bonaf ido fenso, but In the last moment they
hams. I lost no timo accepting my lost heart Ju3t now they brought in
^shireV^iti-^ftS^'Bs^'iStd-JWiU: last until a Frenoh soldier who hos been in htu
^ tonight Td-tho great surprise of tho lng five days In a chicken house. . lv
captain i managed ? to get 1-8 pound "At my side the captain is cutting up
of butter from a farm. Bi t there is a cucumber-oil and vinegar havo been
nothing to smoke. Kindly a. o nd mo a secured after a long search."
few olgarottes and some pipe tobacco. "While the officor is on outpost
$f? "The owner ot the farm where ,! duty he continues the letter.
got the tobacco's a-.woman; thirty- "Well, I am out in the field, in
two years old and .rather wealthy. She front of us tho territory occupied hy
loft tho place, not because she feared the onemy. War ts a. terrible thing,
the Gormans, hut tho French, as her This noon while I was Inspecting tho
manager told mo. I wish theao people outposts, five French chasseurs oh i
had sense ehOUgh ta .remain on their patrol work advanced, to wards our pc
farma. Wo do them no injury and pay sition. Wo were In tho woods. Fire
rv for everything we tyko, white tho prop- was opened on Utera at 200 meters. I'
; erty of those who tun away ,ls natu- regretted having to give the comaiand.
rally without owner and Bum not pro- The officor, W years old and married
?fct?cted. two days before tho mi b'.Ufcatkm, as l
"TheroJs,no evidence.hereat Vvollts- learned afterwards, was allied. The
thring (war carried on by the popula- others were wounded and taken prls-t
?on, as in Belgium.) Tho people are oners. Wo did not aim ab tho horses-^,
rather afraid and do everything to get they and tho saddles are first class,
along with uri. Everything ia upside and now fivo of UB will ride. To have
I: down nowadays;-dear motbor. Master lo do that sort of thing'ls distressing;,
alon?is tho soldier, Tight and wrong but what is to bo done. O' cst la
. aro.matters.rwhlch ho rules on; all guerre! ? . , ? iv'
power; and responsibility has been "I havo received mail twice so far,
. placed ,0n his shoulders, A thank, God and every time the post arrives I 1m
that ?xff- hands are clean and that out; agino there must bo something 'for
offlcera' conduct is beyond , criticism, mo. What has become of the letters!'
In x-r- I. asked a woinan whethor We are here far from human aid-have
aha had a' complaint to make against no ten'js and are not permitted to make
'.i-"^.?^''^????^^^.-saw:.:MNo, the a fir/.. M'y, meals BO far havo consisted
'iUtn^^?^^-i^-'ls?y??'' . *.? iirj* bye?dand I feared that my eup
>. "Bftt; with .this tho buming of VU- per.Svould ho again dry bread, hut, oh,
Silages' has nothing td do. -Moat of them ene of my men arrives with h tre
?re S?iVaBr? by artilloty fire sholls, mendous slab of bacon which he hos
%,Cnnd when they are'burned down pur- found somewhore. My orderly has
. , posely,. U m:done because the inhab- managed to get a few, onions, and we
liants havo fired. Upon, our soldiers, have succeeded in gathoring six cig>
Ianthe -Villages ?r^?m k-fr':' ? Btono arottes^whal a glorious supper,
raraal?e? lu. place. Somo of our hus- "Tho field kitchens aro a tine tasu
r sors, entered - them abd wera trench-* tuUon. We officers get our food from
-.s crously shot dowt?, Th? example has them, together with :the men, and I
? ?BuaJlyvit ia quite tasty
< thatwo and always well cooked. You would
^::-v'i^iW^v*.\|i?^i-'?tou8ht ? to their j appreciate tho neid Kitchen ir xor xnroo
i .' ; :- - ' " ' - weeks you had been obliged to oat the
?, r/vj'^?yS*Pl^^^ st?ft oooked on a Held fire. -
. ?bBSaQmtm*M1 THF TPW^ WW*M*a "Tonight there wilt be no sleeping.
riW ??RA'TWIW and I wish morning ryero hore. All's
^Jl^#5*ra?fr^ "--'S "S*??IM welt Thousand kissea-Otttf."
XpM% rhone JV(t .< *'none ?7 H There is a note on the following day.
i; '"W.-^?w-r-ji^*'? ## ?'-^-?'tf.?? Wn.-tfajs- terribly- cold last night in
'^1 l^oW ? flTdM "fl th?. uttch along tb0 highway.
-IT - Wivl^rWrtW^fVTO?? 1 A t',OUB?nd "THv't/iYAI. SON."
:''::'' 7^^^l^r^',: r 1 ioho C.;pruitt of starr "was among
.'--I . li? $? jnW SV i :c?tyT,Slt0rS ^ flP?nd ,^rd?y iti ?h0
? J1 ?1 ? S? ?* ??. i ; j 0 McCowh ?fihlMountain Creek
4 $ : raene m section sppht yesterday in the city on
^~;ffa%8g^^ busin?ps, -. ;
London Paper I
Plight of (
LONDON, Oct. rt.- (Correspondence
of The Associated Press.)-Discussing
tJn? plight of American coll?n grow
er?, thu (lotion Factory Times, a prom
inent Kn KI e.-h trude paper, naya: "lt
in to ho hoped that, for their sakes as
well as oura, tho plantera will get
through without serious lose. The cull
for cotton will come in due time, and
it is essential in the general interest
that lt should then hu forthcoming In
sufficient quantities, which could
hardly be tho case if tho growera were
ruined or very 8everely hit at tho prea
ent timo." ft
Tho World Ilocord has prepared .a
table, based un figurea of thu Interna
tional Cotton Federation, which show
that about o nc-ha ll' of thu cotton pro
duced In America foi- thu year ended
September 1, 1913. waa used by the
countries now at war. Great Drltaln,
Germany, France, Austria, Russia,
itclgium and Japan aro represented
aa consuming 7,0:14,934 bales out of a !
total of 14.G03.7G7 hale?. Italy, Spain,
Portugal, Holland, Sweden, Denmark
and Norway, which took 1,193,887
halea of cotton lu 1913, are alBO more
or leas seriously affected by tho war.
Cotton spinners Jit Mancheater wcro |
much disgruntled by tho action of tho
Federation of Master ('elton Splnnera'
Associations in running abort time.
For a timo serious labor troubles were
threatened. Hut conditions in tho cot
ton murket have now become so bad
that completo suspension of cotton
manufacturing plants seem Immi
nent unlcsa thu government find some
way to offer relief.
Spinners are indignant over tho con
tinued closure of the Llvorpool cotton
market and have inspired efforts to
effect direct business relations be
tween tho growers and consumers of j
cottoii, thus eliminating the Liverpool
cotton dealers. The Mancheater Guar
dian and other prominent papers lo
cated in cotton manufacturing centers,
while admitting that such a plan might
bo desirable, say it would require a
long time to handlo cotton direct -bc
First Meeting of South Carolina'
Body WiU Be Held in Colum
bia Next Monday Morning.
Anderson members of tho South
Carolina Federation of labor are
much interested in tho meeting which
ls to bo held; nest week in Columbia,
and it ts probable that several.people
will go from thia city for tho first
session' ever held in this State.
Arrangements havo been completed
for tho opening of tho drat conven
tion of tho South .Carolina F?deration
of Labor, which will bo called to or
der at 10 . o'clock Monday morning
In tho . council .chamber at the oliy
hall by tho temporary chairman, S.
D. Kirby, president of the City Fed
eration cf TfadeB of Columbia. .
There will be delegates preaentl
from Charleston, Florence, Green
ville, Spartanburg, Anderson, George
town, and Columbia. . R. W. Schlsch
ku, committee secretary, said that
thoro will bo a large delegation from
the different cities In the State, .rep
resenting all linea of organized la
bor. . ..
Following tho opening of the. con
vention tho. Rev. K. G. Finlay, roctor
of.Trinity church, will deliver an ad
dress ot welcome on behalf or th?
Stato and Mayor Griffith will wel
comes tho delegates to Columbia. Rob
ert Fochner, secretary of tho Geor
gia State- Federation or Labor, will
also' speak. After these addresses O.
A. Cone, organlsor of tho American
Federation of Labor, will tako charge
of tho convention and inatall tempo
rary officers. The regular order of
business will follow.
Delegates to tho convention Sro
.requested to present their creden
tials to tho committee as" early os
possible. Particular Interest Ia at
tached to. this movement tn South
Carolina as thia is the only State lb
tho Soiith without a State federation
of labor.
. James Robinson Nelson, of Pied
mont, S.-C, ut the family residence,
October ll, 1014. Aged 70 years.
(Columbia papera please copy.)
Rev. J. Powell Tells How He Found
New Strength to Giro to His
Rev. .-J. Powell of Statesboro, Ga,
suffered rom stomach troubles so
seriously that thoy affected his work.
< -He i : struggled o? under Ibo hand
icap Us b?ffc ho could-harly realie
: lng,, perhaps, just how much eIck->
ness was hurting him.
Ope day he learned- .ot t Msyr'a
Wonderful. Stomach Remedy. He
took tho flr?t dose--then decl?ed \?
take tho full treatment : He wrote;
'fSlnce using th^ eli; bottles o your
wohf erul stomach remedy I. feel Uko
\ anoVfcsr maa.- lt has ? \ boen quite a
W?|a)??F"tO;,=X to. Vnow how Otto
?0T,td have.*' stomach disease Uko
nj'Ao and live and db the ..work I
Cid. I Just escaped the operating ta
ble.; ..?,'-.:. /. - .
.. "Now Tcan eat what I please and
it doesn't hurt mo night or day.^ :.;
.'The first deso was proof to Rev,
Cotton Growers
causo of tho great amount of machin-*
cry required to take caro of lt prop-'
erly and the necessity for tho careful
graded which Liverpool dealers I
have afforded.
Speaking of thc proposed elimina-<
tion of Liverpool interests from tho
cotton trade, tho Cotton Factory Times
says: "Cotton planters lu America
have ni read y considered the necessity
for the careful grading which Liver
pool dealers have afforded.
Speaking of the proposed elimina
tion of Liverpool interests from the
cotton trade, the Cotton Factory Times
says: "Cotton planters in America
have already considered tho necessity
of protecting themselves against tho
Liverpool interests, and it is reported
that they have decided that no cotton
shall- ho planted next year. This is of
course meant an a warnlug that if
their stocks of materials are not taken
off their hands now a greatly enhanc
ed price will bo charged for It later
"Opinions may differ as to whether
Bomo of the present dislocation of
trade could not be avoided, but it is
dally becoming more clear that there
are too many conflicting interests at
work In the business, which makes lt
vrry difficult for trade to move, and
thoso interests seem bent on blaming
each other for some portion of the
present unsatisfactory situation."
Thomas Tem per ly, of Holton, In a
letter on thc plight of the cotton trade,
charges that "Liverpool cotton lords"
are supported by English banks in
keeping the Liverpool cotton market
closed and preventing mills from get
ting the supply of raw cotton they
need. This is much the same position
taken by Gordon Harvey, a member of 1
Parliament, who charged that Liver
pool interests maintain an artificial
cotton market and even when the Liv
erpool market is open-do not permit
trading unless prices ..arc in their
?Direct importation . of cotton to
Manchester by the manufacturera who
requiro it is urged by Mr. Temperly.
Left Out
Belton Demands That Her Name ,
Be Inserted in Act Relative to
Improvement of Streets. "
Determined that Belton shall get
all that ls coming to her, Mayor ROBB !
Michell como to Anderson yesterday |
?OiiV(tt conforc-nco with^J. Mdek- King,
county .supervisor, over tho question
of why Bolton's name does not appear
In thc list? ot towns mentioned. in> thc
advertisements relative to tho gener
al election to be held in November.
In this ?tivertisv-meni fi- number of
towns aro named in orde? that the
veter? may have a right to say wheth
er : or not theso towns shall : assess
abutting property to bear part of the
cost of street improvement. -
The Belton mayor says that this
act passed through the'- general as
sembly at the January, ?19?3. session
and that Bolton should h'fvb been in
cluded when other towns , were nam
ed. Ho and the''Andersen county of
ficials as well, aro at UJOSB to un
derstand why Belton waa omitted
when tho list was compiled and tele
grama and letters of protesta were
sent to Columbia yesterday.
It ls believed that the;.matter,can
be adjusted and that Belton will be
given the right-tb go ahead with her
work, but Mayor Mitchell says that
lt nothing can be dono about the for
mer act, ho will endeavor to ge-? an
other act through.
-:-; ' T ', ? "MM
Experimental Woik
In Study of Pellagre I
(By Associated .Press.) ,
Sp?cial exp?rimental w?rk in. the
study of pellagra will be conducted
nt tho Georgia Stale sanitarium here
by tho United States government,
according to an announcement today
by tho sanUnriam' o facials. Selec
tion of tho local Institution was made
by the government att^V'ah exten
sivo Investigation.
AU' pellagra patients wilt be segre
gated ana kept under special treat
ment and diet. "Two experta ol tfi?
United Stales public; ,i}?a\th service
vf 111 be li? charge ot the; wbHc.
Mr. Powell. It.^biia1.^n1<:pro6t .-td.
thousands of. pe6plo\tn'|'?li(?lc''p'?J^; bf
the nation who aro today grateful.
Mayr's Wonderful Stomach Reigen
dy clears the di^estlveVtract??f;.'B^
cold: accretions, removes*spoisonoua
chatter and - brines swift reljof to
sufferers from stomach- fifuu cuts, liv
er inteAUnsi ditfct?ewi Many
declare it has' saved them from, op
erations and many are euro lt has
saved tholr. lives,
' Wo .wnniyaffi people wbo'; have
chronic atojaren trouble ,or, consti
pation, no-mattef-.-or-fe^.V|o^:](tta^l^
ing.. tb ' try one dose-bfV]M^'.?,^Wond?
erftrt Stomach .B^edy%b/,j., ?o?o
will convince you. TtOnJla tho Jse^i
cine.' so many vi 'uw^^^^^^xjs
been taking with surprising r?siilta.
Th? most thorough; system .cjicaaaelr.
we ever sold. MyrJ^ Wond?*nl
Stomach v Remedy. 1?. t?ow.' sold bore
by "Evans Pharmacy (3 "stores) and
' druggists everywhere^
GOWili?? fi fOR
-i '.
One-Day Fair to Be Held on No
vember 13 Will Attract Many
Visitors to Mountain Creek
Tho enterprising people of tho
Mountain Creek section of tho coun
ty have determined that thoy will
advertise lo thc world tho fact that
their section of tho county is ono of
tho best to be found tn South Caro
lina and with that end In view have
arranged to stage a magnificent one
day fair in their community. This
ovent will tako place on November
13 and in addition to all the neople
of Mountain Creek, dozens of visi
tors from other sections of thc coun
ty will bc present.
Miss Maggie M. Garllngton, super
visor of rural schools for Anderson
county? went to. Mountain Creek
Thursday afternoon and was present
at n rousing meeting hold there. Miss
Garlington says that every ono con
cerned in tho fair project is enthus
iastic' and she expects this to be one
of the beBt "get togoth?r"-meetings
the people of Mountain Creek have
ever held.
All the plans for holding tho fair
are now under way and the promot
ers say that they are making splen
did progress. '
Thc following committees were ap
ponited to canvass thc school district
and engage exhibits from each home
for the articles below:
I3cst gallon corn with six ears
Dent, best gallon prolific corn with
six stalks of same, best gallon pop
corn with six ears of same, best
stalk cotton, any variety, best peck
pf oats, beat peck of wheat; comm itt?
tee, Frank Skelton, Walter Chamblco,
Amos Masters.
Best. peck any variety sweet po
tatoes, best peck Irish potatoes, best
peck turnips; committees, John Mas
ters, Rufus Chamblce.
Beat bunch six beets, best bunch
on lon B, two largest pumpkins; com
mittee. Charlie Findley, Mrs. Hall. '
Best pecans, best peck peas, best
gallon peanuts: committee, Frank
Tilley. Bill McCown.
Best chickens, all variety, best tur
keys, all variety; committee, Joe
McGill. Mrs. Oscar McCown, Mrs.
Joo McGill.
Best county raised horse or- mare
under two years old, beat mule tiplt;
under two years'old, beat ' county
raised mare, horse, or mule br any
ago, best mulo, horse! or mare of any
raising, .best milch cow, best beef
.sow, VsBi boga ami pigs; committee,
E. J. McC?wn, Purman . Chamblce,
I Mr. ' Jones.
> Woman's Department.
Ix>af bread, salt rising, loaf br?*ad,
yeast,' rolls in an? shape, plain bis
cuit--on., half i.ddion; committee, - Mrs:'
A. Masters. 'Mra. F. Skelton.
Chocolate cake-layer, pound cake,
apongo cake, fruit cake, angel cake,
tea cakes, best iced cakes commit
tee, Mrs. Sparks, Mira. J. Masters.
Peaches-yellow (canned), peae-hr
3E-r-whIte, peare, apples; commltteo,
Mrs. Charlie McCown, . Mrs. Holland.
Peach .preserve/, pear pr?serves,
cherry preserves, damson' preserves;
committee, Mrs. Tilley, Mrs. Ed. Mc
Apple Jolley, blackberry Jelly, grape
lelley, Bcuppornong Jolley; commit
tee, Mrs. Bill McCown, Mrs. Furm?n
Beach pickle, .cherry pickle, cucum
ber pickle, mixed, chow-chow; c^m
mlttpo, Mrs. J. Finley, Mrs. A. F. Mc
Curry. .., .,.
Buttor-fancyi prints; committee,
Mrs. Sullivan, Mrs. Rufus ?aiariblee.o:
BeBt embroidery, best tatting, fc>ftt
, crochet? beat drawn. work; commit
tee, Miss Bay Masters, Miss I* Sfov
Beat baby sack, best baby, cap, bc?t
towels, best pillow cases; commut?e,
M)rs. Morrison, - Mrs.. Bess Chamblco.
BeBt pld. quU.ts, bpat; old counter
pan?s, best bid arUcles;' committee,
Mrs. Elia Montgomery, Mrs;' 'Susan
Burress. V . .
Beat ferns, best cut.flowers; com
mittee, Mrs, Will Stevenson, Mrs.
Holland. .
-rChildren's department; committee/
Mis?} Bertha Burrbsi .
"', COniraUtce school h??io ?rork,
T. Morrison, W. k/McCown, ?ym,
'Want ''Burress," Wa&t&-?<$m$ffl
wn?n.h,.Skelton, J. 0; McCown," -?. F.
Continue All Night
?j.-i .
?P?B?S, octLas;-ul.-4? ?1.)^
Violent attacks and counter attacks
continued throughout last, night ??'?
4oaay along .tho .battle front from tho
North ARA* to . Swltzorland, accord tn* ?
noticeable chango in the, positions I
was effected, they said, although - tho
Allies were , complied to.gjve. way
little St La Basso, -13 miles southeast j
OfXdllO. - Q-.!
At ?rmehUerea tho ; figh^hg was ;
T}^ ?v sliuobora and Ute AUlss ?tal?e?
j>ohio inoro ?round. . ;.w 'v "> - ?
' The. AlUed co?manders -. tregardcd !
the issalis of .today?, flgnxing ?a
?jf?^- to ?atti. troops since it has !
proved theif ?UKtyto>wi%-itand fro* i
quent and torpddabie; !, shocks from
(he ^powerfully reinforced norman
ar my. 'X: - ?.;
Worry less and work more. ?
Frown less and Laugh more?
Preach less and Practice more.
Buy your Groceries from Power's Store,
And When you die, on wings you'll soar,
And live in Heaven forever, MOORE.
We sell the best flour on Earth for the money.
7 pounds Parched Rio Coffee for.. . . .'.$1.00
10 pounds Flake White Lard for.$1.00
100 pounds White Sacks Salt for.65c
* Try our Votan Coffee $1.00 per can.
We have everything good to eat for man and beast and it will
pay you to see us before buying.
212 S. Main St.
Sam. D. Harper, Mgr.
Steps Are Being Taken to
Round Up German Cruisers
These Cruisers Include the Eniden, which Has Sunk or Captured
Twenty British Vessels, and Karlsruhe, Which Has Taken
Thirteen British Ships in the Atlantic.
(Dy Associated Press.)
LONDON. Oct. 23. (7 p. m.)-The ad
miralty tonight Issued a statement
outlining steps that aro being tuleen
to round up the eight or nine German
cruisers at largo ia the. Atlantic, Pa
cific and Indian oce?ns. These crui
sers include tho Emden, which has
sunk or captured twenty British ves
sels to dato in thc Indian ocean, the
Kar Urta ruc, which has taken thirteen
British ships in the Atlantic. The
statement says:
. "Searching for these vessels . and
working in concert under various
commanders in chief aro upwards of
seventy British, Austrian, Japanese,
French and Russian Cruisers. Among
these are a number of fastest British
"The vast expanse of seas and oce
ans and thousands pf islands offer
almost ., infinito choice of movement
.to the enemy s ships. Despite ovcry ef
fort to cut "off their coal supply it
has been maintained. In the face of in
creasing difficulty, tho discovery and
destruction of these cruisers large
ly is ? matter of time, patience and
good luck.
"Our commanders so far have been
occupied in a serious and important
convoy duty but this work has lessen
ed and the' numberoaf 'Beaching cruis
ers ia being augmented, . Meanwhile
j merchant ships must observe- the ad
miraity lnsturctlona- which it lo obvi
ously impossible to Bpeclfy. and use
all precautions. which havo been sug
gested. On routes where these instruc
tiouB/bave been followed they have so
far proved very effective. On the oth
er hand, where they, have been dis
regarded, captures have been. made.
The samo vastness Df the sea which
h?s so far enabled the German cruis
ers to avoid capture will protect trade.
"The only other alternative to the
methods now adopted would be tho
i marshaling of merchantmen In regu
lar convoys at^tatcd.intervals. So far
it has hot been .thought necessary to
hamper trade by enforcing ?uch a
cy c tc Tn.
"Tho percentage of loss is much less
than vms reckoned on before the war.
Of our 4,000 British ships engaged In
[foreign trade, only 30 have. been, sunk
by tho ncmy or less than one per cent
in all. lie aides seven vessels are now
Overdue in Atlantic waters,
v."The. rate of. J*?5?i?*nce for <m*gnnp
which at the wutbreak of war was~fix
cd at five per cent,'has been reduced
['to.-two g?incas per.cent. .
I "Between 8,000 and 9,000 foreign
voyages! have, been undertaken to and
? from ..United Kingdom ports, less than
rflv? per thousand; bf which have been
, caused by merchant .vessels taking
[everything for granted and proceed
ing without precautions, as if there,
[wore no war.
'On-the" other-hand.. German over^
[s&'ftttder virtually has ceased to en
list. Nearly all their faBt ?hips, which
' could .hove been used : tv . auxiliary
cruiaero Wore /penned ?: i neutral
harbors or took refuge in their own.
Among the comparatively few German
ships which have put to 133 havo been
captured or. nearly four times the
number of (hose lost by the very large
British mercantile marine.
"In these ci remus tances there is no
occasion for anxiety and no excuso for
complaint. Tho more fully tho facts
concerning our over-sea trade and its
protection by the royal navy can be
disclosed and the more attentively
they are studied the greater will bo
the coUfidcnco and satisfaction with
which (the situation can bo viewed."
Confines Activities.
NEW YORK, Oct. 23.-A cable to
tho United States and Brazil Steam
ship Company today confirmed in part
recent activities of the German crui
ser Karlsruhe, said to have destroyed
thirteen British merchantmen In-At
lantic waters. The cable was from
Captain Pilcher, of tbe British steam
ship Indrani, which left New York
September 1, calling at Norfolk, where
she took on 7,000. tons of coal for Rio
Captain Piloherl informed the Unit
ed StateB and Brazil line, to which
thc vessel was under charter, that
tho Indrani waa sunk by tho Karls
ruhe off the Barbadoca.
; The captain's messago sahl tho Ger
man cruiser,.transferred several hithT
drcd tons of tu'el to its own buuKera,
took off tho Britishers crew, then sent
tho Gteamer to tho bottom with a few
well directed .-ahots.
- The Indrani was of 3,456 gross ton -
nage, ballt in Glasgow in 1S8 and was
owned by Donaldson Bros., of ' Glas
gow! .
Largest Life Insurance
Policy Ever Written
(By Associated Press.)
What insurance men say ia the larg
est single Ufo insurance, policy byer
written has been issued by a local
company for $8,000.000, it was learn
ed tonight- It insures tho entire
Philadelphia police department
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