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M*?Ft?i|Upa (iad Sow
sels ^>'??iB? , forbore
Mr. W. R. ^Hlps,tJr.. 139 More
land Ave.. Atlanta, Georgia, writes:
"1 had the catarrh and stomach
trouble, tor more than five years, and
1 faithfully tried all tho medicines I
saw advertised, and found they'all
lolled to our? me. 1 then heard of
Perund. I purchased six bottles, and
after their use I soon discovered. that
X was well, safe and sound- I now
weigh two hundred'and ton -pounds,
and baye, noyer been sick, since I took
JPerijrih, It Kurely hi the best medicine
tor colds, nton-inch trouble and catarrh
ttiqt l over Heard, of," .
All' the H?uataea of Flat Rock Bap
tist and Presbyterian Church will
please;meet Saturday morning at 9
o'clock at tho church to transact
business regarding cemetery
? : W. 0. WEBB,
J.- _Chairman.
w^th. patlafaotion guaranteed- . Films I
developed/ ?0c, prints'-2c,'3c mid 4c
eflfth. All work finished within twon-I
ty-four houre. ' All helpers profos-'
alonnl men- Mail ua ope film for
Spartanburs, S, C.
? Because the Jens is the
? most important part of
your glasses. Our lenses
afe selected with th?
make su?? of their per
fection before we offer
them to you, Our con
stant aim is Jo provide
lenses and Mountings
that you may wear
th?m with becoming ef
fect and unintermpted
Ill The '
-wit Optical o.|
? 31?S. St. .
Ground Floor.
Thrae Doors Below
press's'Ten Cent Store;
Make 4 mail 4*
by adding a lilt
prised at the ras
f you can accumwl
wow," < The eas
poings p?
Bleckfey &m\?hn
) O O O O o o o ( ) < j O o O O O o O O O
0 / o
I? Hi:Fl (HO 1TKMM. ?
9 O
REFUGIO, Nov. ttO.?We are having
rionie cold eastern rain, and wind,
which is very inconvenient to the
Canning people who are bo unfortun
ate an to not oe through "hulling
crack bolls," Some of uh are destined
not to be through by Christmas or for
several months after Christmas, and
for all we will get out of it, wo had
Just as well leave it in the field for
fertilizer and not buy any next spring.
Mr. Frank Pelzer. of Charleston is
spending several days at Asthabula
Farm, on busiuess this week.
Master John Lenderman Is rapidly
improvlug fro mtho effects of ty
phoid fever, which ho bus had. Yes
terday was John's 63rd day in bed. It
is hoped that he will soon be up agaiu.
Miss Alms Newton of the Bishops
Brauch Beclion, and the Missus Hud
don of Donalds, B. C, and Mr. Hubert
Seawrlght, Mr. Crayton Crenshaw and
Mr. Dowitt Hoggs of Fetidletun wero
out driving Thanksgiving day.
Messrs. Burt and Majvir Olllesple
and Fred Phillips wont to Anderson
Mr. A. II. Mitchell went to Pondle
ton Friday afternoon on business.
Mr.' D. C. Evatt went to Anderson
last Wednesday for an operation. He
had his tonsils removed by Dr. Har
ris. His many friends will be glad to
learn that he is getting along nicely
and hope that he will never again ho
troubled with .tonsllitls.
Mr. Willie Smith and sister. Miss
Irene, went to Pemlieton one evening
last week.
Mrs. J. C. Gillespic went to Central
last Friday afternoon.
. The many friends of Mrs. Gussle
Norri? will be sorry to learn that she
in seriously ill at her home near this
place. It is hoped by one and all that
she will soon be well again.
Mrs. Matt le Graham, who has been
on the alck list for some time, is some
what improved at this wilting. The
doctor thinks that Bhe will be abf?
to be removed to the hospital, where
Bhe will undergo an operation, within
a few more weeks.
Mra. Saille Martin nnd Miss Cath
erine Martin, gavo a delightful dinner
Thanksgiving day, which was enjoyed
by all present
Mr. P. C. Gllespio and Mr. D. C.
Evatt spent Thanksgiving day hunt
ing with Mr. W. H. Lenderman.
Mr. Lawrence Craig of Central vis
ited Mr. Lude White Friday and Sat
Mrs. Ethel McAllister and little
daughter, Lillian, were visiting Mrs.
Mattlo Graham one evening laat week.
Mr. W. M. Crenshaw of Pendletoc
is attending conference this week.
Master B. F. Sears went to Ander
son Wednesday for ad operation, xir.
Harris r removed his tonsils, and also
removed the adenoid growths from
his nose. He; is progressing nicely
now,- and it Is thought that he will be
a stronger boy than be has previously
The moon will be right tor bog,kil
ling again December 2. for those who
kill by the moon, one of our neighbors
says. He doesn't kill in the moon but
In the pen.
<o '
ered a violation. * "
During the Russo-Japanese war,
however, an ' American firm built the
parts of several submarines, consign
ed them to its own agency In Rus
sin, and then sold them to the Rus
sian government. Although the trans
action- was kept secret until the ship
ment was concluded, it was generally
held at that time that no law bad been
Mr. Schwab recently returned from
Germany and England and it was
said he brought contracta for many
million dollars worth of war supplies
with tho British government, s
< Quite So
Same-men barl? at everybody in
spite of the'fact that they keep a dog.
sposit each week
Stronghold, *n<l
le each week to
irct you'll be sur
rjimiy wjtii which
late a snug turn?
m little Adorns
one applies to our
(|? r>^ce4wi
: {.?; ...... :'
v if.-;, -j,1 ^ ?i\ ' :. ..?-,.'.,..
^tes Bank i
at once
Apply at
B. Fleishman
& Bros.
Men's and
I Must Be
, Promptly at9:00Q'cIock--STARTS
m Mi
10 DAY
Entire Stock Involved?All Staple Merchandise Priced Down To The Lowest Level
Circumstances have so shaped themselves that we are forced to offer our large and
magnificient stock at a price far below present worth.
Heroic sacrifices are sometimes necessary?and this is one of the times?We meet the
situation promptly and emphatically?We are Hot going to fool or mince Matters?
We are going to sell without ceremony.
e j|
SATURDAY Den. 5th,
From 9 to 10 A. M.
We will sell best yard
wide. 12 l-2c Bleaching
5yds.for2 5c
raaad of the Yoser regton' and, Hfco
the French, have been atrongly rein
forced. It is believed that on the first
sign of a Gorman movement to the
eaat in considerable force, the Allies
will take the offensive In the* west.
Pojucaro .neetfl George.
PARIS, pee. ^--President Polncaro,
accompanied by Premier vlvlanl and
General Joffre,met King George yes
terday morning at the British' head
quarters. After a long .'conversation,
the king and tho president made an
automobil o tour behind the British
lines, .They received a great ova
tion troxn thp trob?s and tho Inhabi
tants of; the villages through which
they passed.
; The day was passed With the Brit
ish troops. In the evening King
George gave a dinner at the head
quarters to tho president, the prem
ier. General French, the Prince of
Waies. General Rupargo and Colonels
Mucret and' Peneinn. nen^ra? ' Joffre
was compelled to return to his own
headquarters before tho dinner.
President r An care and Tremler
Vlvlanl left for Paris during;,>"thp
night, arriving hero this morning..
club wa^S?S "~~ ' '
in a nearby room, holding herself
ready to testify if called upon. When
she l^t?r returned b^Yiio she suffered
another nervous breakdown.
'?m?titd'the -modest, Mrs. Carhant,
W\fe are not going- to take i
now being offered on sale. Yo
the cause of it ailJ.' ',
You'll admit you kept from
far above in excesls. of. the price
have priced- our merchandise noi
saying Calloway. was not n member of
th?lr party at the club last night "Ho
Jtist dropped around to our table eusu- |
ally and bad a few drinks, then left;
she! said. ' Mrs. Carhart - went on to
Buy that after they reached homo she
left her huBbaud'a room to go to the
hath room and as she pased along the
hall -she aaw? through/; >;tho: opend
door "of her son's room, o. man fumb
ling .lp a bureau drawer. '
"I pcreamcd and Mr .Carh?rt came
to the door," she declared. '.'Get your
pistol/ I cried. Mr. Carhart then en
tered my Bon'B room with his royol
vor and ? soon heard two shot a. Then
he came back. Tvo kiled whoever it
IV he said." ,.'(': ' ' .1
Calloway was about 38 years bid
and a bachelor. He was-a friend'-of
the Carhart family rind had been in
the latter's home many, timeo ns the
KU oat of Louis Carhart, He was a
brother of Frank Calloway, president
of the Atlanta Southera Association
Hose7-nil club, and prominent in var
ious business affairs.
Carhart l? sbou t50 years old, while
bis wife is younger.
- : . u. ?. c. in/session]
(COWlN?Ep r'^OM : PAGE QNB.).
j Mountain chapter of tho American
I Biovolution. .
The aifternoon session, consisted of
reports of various o?lcerff.
"H^torlcaVNifcht" was observed to
night and'tb'pt pwved?to bo one: of
the mo>i lntetesUng features of the
coovenfton. "A;;Pisa:lor the Prices
less." an address delivered by . Rev.
Dr toward Lee JpnealjSf #?
"Our ?lrthri^t^owair-ihe lirabj?et'df
Jan address delivere4 ^Wfa. WJ Itlam J
AJ ?
^--|i|ps. Hoi
up your time explaining in detail
? know, we'know, everybody kn<
buying the" actual necessities beca
of cotton. You can come now
v on equality with the price of co
; TO Be The Attract
V^jjbtC- <??. "vj'^l.. ' '4.-..
mt Store.
^ii .ni'...,.. ..? - , > i .n. . ,i
IL Overman of Anderson, formerly
Stato president of the North (Caro]in?
U. D. C. The mualcul selections and
readings were bw?? enjoyable features
of tonight's program. ~ ' r&
reactionary results of the recent elec
tion. Both the Republican and the
Democratic" parties havo passed tariffs
by the old method of log rolling and
the peoplo h?vo successively repudi
ated them both. ?
"So long na the tariff is. made in
politics apd log rolling "here < cap he
ho stability o! industrial ' conditions
and business can have ho peace. The
way to provide stablaindustrial.'cj6hi
dltious and business peace is to'ac
cept tho principle of protection an a
fixcdV national policy and to tako the
tariff ont pf politics.
^*We call attention to-tho necessity
of: prompt action on the Mura j^k tar
iff commission bill, introduced in/lftt.
i&ia: ; .'
, ' P.rogresslvo principles are perman
ent, nml if now la more than over evi
dent that the Progressive' Pn?f?jlfi-;
day is the necessary organ for their
Bt?lion Dismissed*
;S, p,;?Mt li-'The Ohle
supreme court today dismissed (ho pe
tition of the Aua-Ba}o6n/ ???giae toi
writs of riiandanin* to compela-.re
count of the votes cast in Cincinnati
Cleveland. Cotymbus end Toledo or.
November 3 last' ... .?.y..-.-.*
! Roprescrit atives o2 th?-, toagnV - a*
sorted that n recount In the ctUes
; wouljl. prove * thatVgrosat tr?n^a^n
I perpetrated which resulted In the de>
V ... i. . . ,
Goes to
,w?y Fleishman's large stock is EXTRA SPECIAL!
dws that present conditions are | SATURDAY, Dec. 5th,
I We will put on sale
use the price demanded was I 5,000 yards of good qual
ahd buy ail you want for we 1 ity Checked Homespun, as
tton. S long as lot iasts ;
110 yds. for 33c I
ion at This SsSe.
Anderson, SI C.
With ns, and thejil;^will;> lend you : mqn?^ " wlj?n- you nee4 it
The Farmers and Merchants Bank
Comb?a?4 Resoiircfis ? Ut?k jbV> R?se of <|no BfflUw Dollars
.. .;-:>. ; -V ;:. .?:,; ;?r. ?tnft.^lrja^imns;
?eo, "yT. Krau?, {
& E. Yan?f/&::* v

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