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rt&tily' everyone jWulges t heir
a^JWs ?;i;? tho j?c,>'Uvt> organs*
tlon'ot l'oiBouc?,wa.Kl< "'
err hnd di?tt/
The ?uo<?, " rc'm,"'-v u
correct thf '"T ? ,"' ,?? *
with pa^,. j
i'Wwi. Si.
^tiriK rem?u ;j
tivo In uni. '/""J
? v-j
I j ~--~
_ j
No nvipoftant Operations Alone
h t Vf jibttern and Western
i-ii* Fronts
I? t!
l)t v Yiv.vt 'h .?. L'inJi
li of t'iic b?t?le (dips i:
<l>: . Irresistible, the Alii
in ?rltli If attempt
T PurR
fjil. til l(
in . crait
t: , All hps'
Tb-: JCrot I
t; I HrjtiSb
placable .?
n-pktte tin
liriil t i 'j: t*
woj < uii lei'
tub' Elccj; '
nVor. while,
siiuadrnnj Is
Kx?opl in.
?l!iii"!i.' . rout
. ho?vi;v<
ttie fort:
will bo
I battl
r. exprei
i 1111(1 the
abh tu k
ep (in'
w t!Oi
Of 'I
stru t .
ra voi a I
the-<! tv
ship; :.
repuh In
-.Tin- ti
bemg ti
but ya
leu;: a
. f re,.
rushes; t.
will be
lin;:, m
the a tea
lin: Sil Ii
Ii ?.i-t{0
furie or
know-ni. tb
sizu is t
for cas rah
hip Henri iV a;ul
"nie: hips CJtieen antl lia
u:: t m ir way, ? IISI tu
ilpi; . n!; liy 'h" mines
uhkh were ilnmager |
i ; ri , a;rs on t he pot . j
< \ ilar.s _j|i ih? latest,
he 'ax formidable as
. Mlsui?ii Illach Sei'i
.'d*t? he ready to
. i.f the ltdh vet. of
i?y iH were saved.
in the bomhurdment
. i -ahl to hf- li^z'.it. Tiio
utv tonight publ! ill d
: : '. i;<- .bllleers oil i i'--'
: ll'ougll the Ship war. I
.* bud In he trans- j
fire, the li t iron-,
nai in' only four qllieera
'. <u. .-vi-rely wounded. .
otSttb- Ho<*l Centered the
Bt?l '. bat owing: to un
wea i- i lie bombardment of
?for us'unl repented,; ai d
ie i \ i bjt'ct of the wnr
s% it !?: Terka from
-already done,
tali s ibat steps are
'ii ?villi the usine -,
i he publie that s i
have mines to aei
(?PK tiurroht which
:-i ' ni raits, "the ships,
* i thai danger." The
itrreuts. of cour! e.
; , hi:: fleet .op* 1 'S
mtiBt enter
i e.w
il) V
i a:
e. it
<> l
\ t
<* w
e T
? :
rp?g .
?f t:
Is I
. an
,dy ,
g t
the admir; ? ai
has arrivV-Ij
AU hou,
the castcri
ft .
.fi tf.
have bi t
in tin- last
The . Ge
cesses' agii
Kloi and :
Dapie de i
.lb bav? r<
Xacke in f'b Jjipy
cat and t, 'Yo
hot'niuy of ?ici
poit has kaapeni
In North Fob:
several afl .rs m
.neither :ui / at
"rinx any 1?? |c i
ground rev. ilus ;
sian mov^fti nt t
ImportanJ : an-r
to be. name. , u (
The ??i?it* ans*,
rein.orc?il i ni
port tliey.. ! ?'* i
tue K s ifiere and
/although /lu lue
gencr.illy';u; le.-s:
AuslJ iaTjs'a.' 1 (Je
lug: pn the v .Vu,.-,'.
Non ira l'n: at.:c
t broadsides '
tloating explosives. '
s io the landing of a
,-uarili.d. but it Is 3
niij? oi* consid?rable . t?
'uttuck the Turkish , r>
parilunclles when i >
. e that the moment : u,
( -h*
of mure or loss -,\
i in progress along vv
esterii fronts, there [a
. portant operation^
;. ?1 Ibi
hum small SUC"
.British . near St.
he French at Notre j
lorth of Arras, and j
severul Prench at-l'y
te. t!ie.Argo.*ne for- C
s. Itpl the French {ei
sued today sayfllai
it iiup?rtniite to r?
I there have been
the ou'posls, but
irently is tif,tenipt-f
rations while the
ft', unless The Ituii"
IIS out to be more
i |ireicni^S3?pcars
airy raid;
Is said, have been
-. inis, and they r< -
ihilSe'l .Itusshwi at.
U the Carpathians,
ater region it has
Od that. it. was tin
:ans who were aet
i:i European ?va
ter.:- are:.b: t^ug .rnO.er M) uncom
fortable tim ri> itrhish luve sei :
cd iiiul are I ?h in. several Ineutding
the' acas. ftt il i are su.spected of
havMi^'eohtr t.-at. Tor Germany.. The
GeriiiH?is ,;-be hl< i . Ixlne' two' Scan
ti ii:*-.*; -n oil : .'eaii: -'in Baltii hav
jtist tH'feoa 11 e l): cl steamer Kaan- |
sltfe'ftrn? load; \ v,-i: i ogg| fur England.f "5
.tr.-y-ehru^ge.' '2K
Ifollfuid. lm:; foi mlly proli\*,-ed to j'v
ire.-ft Rritaip ai d 'ranc'C atculost 1:^1
rder t>rv>hHbUU:%- ; in> nio?-euiei;t (iff ..
oods to end iron. Herman ports',
'.\ Germain l?flat' pjissed over IVal j |
od.iy but was ilri -n. oJT after'drop-; ? -
iliifi i-oiul^s. \Vpnl (ell Into the ciea 1R
Ifrlronslv closX* u> iho American bark !
Inngu fioi'a. . ' . '
Turkish Voie- Ih-luforreil.
' t:il
. tin
. kbu
ATHENS., i?srcl? :o tvia . tphilon;^
larch SI;- U: t<\<u u.) -Turkish"for.-? u
s'.pii the ce.ish'of't' e (-un- of Siuyrnal 5."8
" '- ' ?Vu ^ri-ltjfp^? tf ^iv Hifi>num'?ff:
?V.U|. n':U io(i#rted TO,
Third an el;
EXCEED $2?,00C,00l>
Chixifman Simmons of Finance:
Committee Takes Issus With
Prophets to Contrary
aid (lure hud
estimates Hi
i . lr'-h as
I tu us
(!!, \ .. i.ilr.l I'm- O
WASHINGTON. March 20. Chair
man Simmon: . of the senate linaiiee
.ouiiuiltrc, look It-sue today with
prophets ?il a large treasury deficit
lu a stateinchi paying Iiis invoi;tigu
lions et the treasury have convinced
him the deficit will not exeede ?20,-'
Senator Simmons
'been so many con I! id in g
the prohahh ileiii it. soiiu
$1 ilO'OUO.OUO; that he il?yl
certain Ii!'? Teal facta. V
To?t I optimal ml receipts i>: Septem
her, i!M". wen- i~.'.i>.non.000. Senator
Simmuu:^ said, ami rsiimaleil expen
diture.; $71#.000.00il showing $1S,000.
000 exevrfs id reci ip?s.
' 'Piiu receipts from
tvery Knurce." lie added
below the estimate, due
business co .diiious on a
war m Europe. Ailhough the reve
nu* derived "from .internal i-iivenae
l:r< probably ".ill he increased by the
raergoucy revenue act nvo,r the esii
mates by about $20,01)0.000 there wa.t
. n Mardi 1". an exces-s of ordinary
expenditure* over receipt;; of approx
finitely S'y.000.000 against a deiicil of
Ji"1.00,0.000 in ihe name dale last year.
"Th? estimated receipts for (he re
mainder of p.e liseal year total $220.
a.m.One. while the ordinary disburso
iiH nis will amount to 4207,000.000, an
excess of receipts over expedituros
! " the remaindcr.'oi' the year of $59.
Idfl OOP, showing a lie! dftlirit of $20.
100.000 at the cud iff the fiscal year.
The increases art tine in part to Ii"?
ibrniai g?vVwih of the government and
part are due to conditions uriaiug out
.1 ihe European war and the. ahnor
nal conditions in Mexico."
prael Ically
"have lallen
to depressed
eouni of the
Much Concerned About.
Fate of Constantinople
(My A.-?ii-iutr(l e-,? >
LONDON. March rJO 111.35 p. m.)
Amsterdam dlaputeb to tho lyx
hnngo Telegraph Company saya:
"The ?moeror received Diavid li?y,
'??rki-?h minister o? (leAncc, ut l?cr?ln
e?t"'.viav wIwh' iite Dardantdius s?
ation was discussed. In an intor
iew which appeared in the Herlln
aper 'Djavhl Bey Intimated tlie em
crbr was much concerned about the
t.ssil.h- fate <>!' Constantinople, not
nly because uf .lie i.rmcndous polit
>iil consequences-) which would result
ut also on account of the prosperity
hieb the forcing of (be Dardanelles
ould brim; t" OdesVa. Tin1 emperor
; I]noted :;s saying: '\\V i-nnuot nl
?w Odessa to become another llniu
irg.' "
t-'rosi Warnings Issued.
WASHIXOT OX. Marsh 20.->rosi
amines, have been issued lor tin
ulf States, including northern and
titrai Florida, the weather bureau
ino?nc?d tonight in its geneva I fo're
ist. Temp?ratures in the south; it
;-s stated, were ffcpui it) to 20 de
fees below the seasonal average.
Snow fell last ulght and today at
dnts as far south as Meridian, Miss.,
id Soltuu. Ala., -ba: it was believed
op damage would be negligible. The
low quickly melted.
%arU Manga E
LOXDOX, March 20. A German
roplai.c dropped several tamilis to
y off Deal, a-seaport on Ihe strnits
C.ner. The bombs all landed in
r? sea'. - -
A patrol boat Opened lire o'A /the
roplanc, which turned and dlsap;
arcd. One of- the bombs dropped
mg side.the Ani:rlcan bark Manga
vh and deluged her with n great
lr.nie of water.
, V . ? ' '-'
lias Und Aihcntiirsuinc Career.
[ Ull.ADKIii'HfA, March 20..Die
urican l>;irk Manga Uevn, which
rrowly on-apod lf:lng struck by a
inh -dropped by. a Oerman aviator
Deal, England,* lias had an ntlven
csoihe -career. She was formerly
l'riti-h iwrk I'yrennes and wns
lit on the t;iydt> in. -1MU. lu 1900
lie bound from Rangoon to Xow
ttie, Xew Son?ii Walen, she struck
; Islandf'of isi<inga itc-vn. a low lying
al re?fTn tho South Cai ltlo. When
i vessel ?treck the 'natives, many
never hiijl spoil p white man.
f h
Arrives in Bluff ?tali After Ten
Days' Search in Indian
(My Axutr?itfil !'i.?>.)
WfiNVRlt C?1.? Mar.-l, Stf. General
Scott, chief of staff of the army, hc
OUtpHllicii hv Ts. -.'\(' ;| I'llltC IH
.Iran wanted by Ute f?deral authorities
fur murder; "Old Polk." his father.
Chief Posoy and the hitter's son, ar
rived In Bluff. Utah, hue today, ac
cording to a Special disputed to the
Uoi ley Mountain N'eus from MlulT.
General Scott entered the Indian
rrountry two weeks nap to seek to
tmclfy recalcitrant finies who were
tiding Tse-Ne-Gnt Iii resisting arrest.
a posse of federal deputh h under
Marshal Xelteker, n't Rait l.nko pity.
enipj :? ?le.'m I lie Indian; if' in a.
Kittle between the posse and th?
flute's i! member <>i' the posse and
wo India:'.:; wer?' Killed and several
cere Wounded. Six Indian: were
raptured and one of tire number was
liter thot dead while attempting to
General Scott, aeeoiuptiliicil only by
lis aide, a: orderly and Xnvajo
rnides. l"fi Bluff ten davs ago in nil
rfforl to.induce the Indians to sur*
eild?r, Details of bo be irot the lenil
rs of the band to return with him
ikve not been receive*! here.
Florida Men Arrested.
?HRLSKA. Mas.'.. March lit). -Two j
iieii thought to he Kr?nk Weil', for-|
1er postmaster of Wade. Flu., and j
"laude DlRosa, of Xewbury. Flo.> j
,ere arrested here tonight us f?gt*
iV?1? from justice. The police say
Hltosu has nilinilleil that they are j
lie men wanted by postollicc Inspect*
rs. for the alleged larceny of $7,500,
I was charged, the police say. that j
avions sinus of money wore obtained i
-aitdulcntly through postollicc money j
rders which Well sent to DlRosa,
ho cashed them.
leva Has
(some Career
' I,
ck'cd the crew with spears. When,
ley had exhausted their weapons the
dlors, catrying rifles, went ashore
id captured several of the. natives
iSpouMbio for the attack.
For months the 33 sailors lived, on
10 island without being further mqt
itcd. subsisting.mainly on Cjocaimts
id birds cgc.s. All hands . ilnally
ere rescued by a passing" vessel and
ken to San Francisco..
The wreck/v.as sold ;<* auction hi
in r"rnncisco for (S.\7> to a Captain
Wyler wjio fitted vmt a wrecking ex
(litlon, floated the ship In. March,
02, brought her to California, re
irer'i her. placed the vessel under
e * lu'orican flag and named her the
inyu. H?yn>
In, October, 1913, while she was on
vo'ycgo nroi'ind Cape Horn, from
llTadtlphin to s^n F-ranclf.ro. the
ijorlty of her crew /mutinied, found
c.'capt.olu and first mate, locked
ein In Vielr cabins and navigated
n vessel back t o Delaware Break
itcr. There Hie crew ?:n>, n-rr?stoil
d Some of .them were tried and eon*
of mutiny n?id- given 'prison
ricas Greatest Bat
16,102,143 BALES
Alabama, Louisiana and Oklaho-,
rua Only States Makinr?
New Records
vvASllLXGTOX, March 20.?The j
*xoi I st un>Ion crop ever produced In '; '
the ( niled states was grown Iii Ml I.
, Census bureau stallst h i i.-r.uod to
; day ghiug final ginning figures, of
|ficiall.\ phice the l'.H t crop as a rec?
! ard with 1(1.102,14!! bales .of
pounds end*. That i- 409,442 i-tiuiva- !
[ Ion I r>00-pcui?T bale.':, or 2:H.72I uan.'
{pounds, more than produced in the
S "rivai 'crop of l!Ml: la addition to th> j
production of lint cotton, a ro(-ord i 1
S quantity of Inter cotton, which is e'jf- ' ;
I tensivoly used in manufacture <>f !1
military explosives, v. .Is obtained', i
This amounted to 395*732,01 0 pounds
a'ui brougl't. the total LOI-t crop to
10,8!)3,(i04 etiuivaleui 500-pound bales
or S.44G,f>0?l'?i"?O? pounds <
While the crop was a record ..one
the only States to make new record
iu productions were Alabama, Louis
iiiiH and Oklahoma. Tue other cotton
States all came close to their rec
I'nofltcial estimates phice the value
at" the crop at $570,000,000 for lint.
That is based ou un average price of i
7.- cetity a pound to producers, arid ;
an estimate of 70 per c-nt as the
uuantUy already sold with the re '
'inain?Vi selling a| un average of T.n'1"
cents a pound. On the same bat-lb the IS
value oi the sev.ii is estimated at , ~
>i;:'..?tOO.OtiU. Theso together make.the 7
istlmntcd value 'of the 1?! i-'r, crop ; I
to pot ton ramiers $704,000,000. com- [J
pared with $911,000,000, the. value of!
tl?o l!il3-'tl crop estimated -, hi the
lan.'e manlier.
Included in the flgcr.s are 121.341 j
l;al?s estimated to bti uvncd ov> after'
the March canvass.
Hound bales included 57.CIS. Sen j
island hales-81,598. Aveiv.ge gross;
weight of bah'm 507.? pounds-. Gin
neries "operated 24.5211. Linie cot
ton,, not Included hi total. .'72,270
running bales, or" 795,4t'4 equivalent
500-pound bales.
Production by .StnteH.in 500 pound'
hales: .
AlnbamR 1,750.281; Arkansas 1.01,"..
H74. Florida 8P.9G3; '."-eorgla "2.713.470;
Louisiana 447.SSI; Misslfcslppi 1.244.
703; Missouri S1.CS7; North Carolina
)2023( Oklahoma '1,201.350; South
I'nrolihri 1.6*24.595; Tehnesaee 382.43t;
Texas 4,584.933: Virginia 25,1X2. All
?ber .States ?3.880. '
At The Exposition.
'.SAX" FRANCISCO,.-March I.O.--Vice |
resident Thomas R.. Marshall arriv
til h?re today with his party ?o take
xarr in the formal dedication -if the
^nnama-PaVhie exposition as the rep- j h:i
e.-;( ntstiy? .of President "Wilson, and } ah
ater to participate In Fir.iilar . core-1 po
(ent?s ai the l'aunma-Coli hin; ia ex- | ai"
l?eskip and Her 2
Statement By Witness in Election.
Fraud Case Causes Laugh
in Court
(II;; A(?o?iaj?|l l'rp^vj.___..._ I
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.', Marth 20.?;|
A rycord tor voting <.f 22 Unies Intone j
day was claimed by Fred Planer, who
testified today lu the trial of the Ter
re Haute election case. F is n er told of
his work on November I9H. with
a smite; and enured a laugh, which
wan Joined in by Judge Anderson, nf
ler he had had ihe witness repca? the
number.- Eisner said he confined his.
ipcr?tiiiuu to three precincts and
with r.ne exception, received a dollar
for each time he voted, tie sail! he j
cheated out of the Other dollar
"as the puymaster said 1 had made
L'iio?gh money' already." Eisner ?:n
I'hnllc-iiged only once during the day.
le *aid. v
Firmer and others, who today ??4
cribed alleged fraudulent, voting in
which'- they participated last Xovem
bi r in Terre Haute, have pleaded,
Kvitb life? bearing on the alleged
'training school for witnesses." which
nit cd States District Attorney
'"rank G. Dulley^described In hi:;
penlng ?internent, also wuj Intro- '
luecd today.
Moted Woman Writer
Jumps From 5th Story
(Hy'Aftftiriatrd I'lvM.) %: .'' _"''/
NEW V?RK, March 20.?Mrs, Elten
Ieney, editor of the Women's Mag
sine, published in Detroit, and writ
r of short stories, plunged live, stor
es to her death at her home here to
ny. She was delirious from typhoid
.Mrs. 1 Ieney was a Bister of-"VVT^VV.
"arley, State excise commlssionur.
he was .',2.years qld.
Passengers Ah
Steamer Wiii
(?y Aisodat?d .P?o?>.>
NEW YORK,* March 20.-- Passen
srs aboard the British steamer Lap
ind, which reached, here today froni
ivcrpool, witnessed a battle in the,
ifh channel betweeu a British tor- !
?do boat, which escorted the Lap:
nd, aud a German utihtv?.rine. The
upland, crowding on all stenni, tied
a zigzag line tiow the'eombatants.
The Lapland joined her ce'cOrt just
it.slde Livbrpoi.l harbor. They wore
>t far from Liverpool when the tor
do boat opined lire.
The roidev bred a torpedo.'ai au :
her vessel. Pat?sen'gbra. aboard ?the
-tpland watched the progress of the
spile through the water', ami say
went wide, of Its' * target K X? tar
do wan discharged nl the Lvj.U'iiti
far as could [bo leai a-, d.
MLnntime . the ' torpedo lu, '.; ,-;im<i
d quickened their lire'.
tidV.. captain ordered full i-eeed
end. To .nfiord .the su?-nu.r**-;
or iarget. ihe'.Lap?aiii? "wa.i steered
intervals nbru>:i,y *o port to
irhoard. The
Pulled -States, If not iii lie world,
pped, d->'.vii tlx- ways a- Newport
ws tii^j other day. as Mi-- Eliza -
th Kolh, dec-lured by Ihe ??vernor
Pennsylvania to he tb<- "sweetest
1 in the, State," smashed a bottle of
iimpiigrie, on her bow.
There Is a question it the new bat-,,
ship, and the five nuire like bei
de.- way, are greater than the
<:en 'Elizabeth, now*bombarding the
rdan'e.tles., and the flv,. supcrdrcad
u^hts just b?lng'completed for the.
Itlshjnavy. The Pennsylvania will
rry l-J-intJU guns. The Britisher has
im It.'gnus. The latter - 111 shoot
tirer.'tbut the total tonnage of steel
it .may be fired from '.l:*' Queen
iz?betl? is' less than thin of the
nnsylvnula,. At close quarters the
pen Kjizahcih would not do as
eh damage as the American ship,
t at S? di^anee. the British ship
ild strike vwhile the American
uld be j^ifefe out of rauec._
Eight British Vessels
A&'Lwit During Week
^ A fifcf lit- -
.' 'i.r t L_
> -V (?RAwftdntod IV*0
LONDON. March 20. -German jsuli
marin? 'l'aid? during the week end
Ing March 17 resulted in loss of eight
British".Vessels, with a total tonnage
of 22,825 out of. 1,539 arrivals and
saillngH, according to a summary is
sued today by the admiralty. Three
other vessels which were torpedoed
were .Jfble, to reach port.
The-itotai losses to I'.rltish coin
merco frquv the beginning of the war
lo March v-17 were 90 merchant ve.
scls and 4?: fishing vessels.
.. j-.j ? _
. (^>f'.A?-mh-iiit.-.l 'V.1
XOnjc?L?sl ;Vn.. March 20.?Appsr
er.tly dd.i legating that the Germ-in
j auxiliary c^ser-Eitpl Friedrich, now
I at Xew^fJrtV-News,*' would attempt to
: niako ?.vda?h?\ft)r the' sea under cover
I of a fpg,/two' British cruisers which
have been'hovering around the Vir
j ginia ctjji??jl^r a weelc. came/in ^iV
i to sijp1r^ ,tedn^'atrti-l?en? ?lwinrf'Ylsi<>4<
ble from C?p^THenry
Thrown I'Wtdren Out of Winilon. .
PH1LA D Efvpi ! IA : March 2.?Sam
uel Idolnhan of Xow; York charged
by police of that city with throwing
his two small',\cki!dron out of a lifth
story windc\w^_:rCsnlt!ng in the death
of on? and-.the* serious injury of tie
other...was arrested here tonight, i
rJTcbmtui Si:; ;.'.. ?! '.-. "."J -
Iv-.defectives, 'said be throw J
the 'children' oijji of the widow because-j
he Was tired ofa supporting them. '
. . ??' >&.. 1?:
('arg^d^f ^inpeluiriaii Corn.
SEATTLE. Wa^h., March 20. The
Japanese'; RteainVry Hakiishika Slam is
due. htfro?'fJtom;.' tvbbe in a few days
vyitii.-we.-ntat-.fjilj. cargo of Mnurhur
lan corn eVer borne across the Pacifie,
amonntiu;; . to .5,000 tons. It will be
used, ii...the manufacture of stock
food. ;HJgV gralnV'prlces in the Unit
ed Slates bus coated-.a briak market
for. Mancli'drJ?jt1^brn afld further
heavy innmrtabous ;ate expect rfl.*
Cavranzn '.Ft>Vce? Cut On.;
, I)OBG^AB;/'.^?^. March p.?
i'ol.onel Saninniego'i; Canaaza force of
700 men Is'.rcpo'rVM'^b liaV?-;be?p"cut.
:>l'C from its ba!M;>aV:4Cfiua Prieta, bp
i:o:;Ite Douglas.t?Hu^P have- started
louth'wnrd hi nnVwi&mpt to jolii Gen
rnl 1 turbide and Colonel Oonnj:, the.
.%-irrankli. 'l?a'd?r.v.who are' trying lo
nvade- Sonora irom/the south,.;'
ilen TYn?t .'Slopped.
LONDON, March',1{? <C:40 p.m.).-..
The Dutch stcame/._Znam;trooju, .w ith
i cargo of eggsje afflk-'P snipped in
lia North Sea h jrt?j?us and taken
o iZecbpigge.vV \ iL '
onilratanU i.ir b.M\,i;i: Tiio Lapland
a rried ' 11 a p: |?llfH]|r *~T?j^Mj
gOT^BUbmarijit? synl; bv the
oi-p?fh,' boat, in the j?inibn' of -Cap:
ain f.ffadsh; :..
.-id'.'!'iug c!r. ; i,i ? i o-aw^w^l
l\o "c'alt?ina!';. told of ttib s?biua
lAe's'fate. ' " " , '.
1 . . ..' a e.i: ,.?,
oi i'.-jr^Vrt] j.?mbi-.ii.'ur
oc to Turl;e\.
ie i.u'ii : ii-iim , -, : .! i,
oat, Wbie'n h:: - '/ ..< '' r, : oi
K> La;d<iiv.
. Ml . m
radi:haw had . :
lid not; a;
"?v^ ^?.oui tnt YEA!
Criticises Military Authorities
Trying to Germanize Frenchi,
Territory- ?Jj|
riw A-nn-ltttr," Pre*-.)
BEllLIX, Vlarcli
March 21: ::.2f? a. n^)?The s(Sj$Uj
"truce of Hod" nmo'ng the ,politic
parties sun ?red a ^breach In ?1
KeiehstaK today, leading to exrltln
scenes sta le as' havpv b.cen nnknpw
since the war began und revealing
apparent riff in the':Socialist 011)0
Ceorfge Ledobour, a .'Socialist im
e.iade the loading jspwrtbh his ^
and during'his remarks crllibis
(lennan military authorities. I
Scheideinann. another; Socialist niwh
her, later made a formal statement. 1
behalf of the" party, however/disa'^
ing Lcdbour's attack and B?j v.
Heine one of the lending Social?
interrupted, while Hejr' Ledfepour"was
talking und shouted.- thnt the lP-flar
was not speaking on behalf of the
cialists. V
Deputy Ledebour's htfonsi
in saying*that he'waxC?hs?iutely '
rified when a few day'ago th?V mll
authorities, announced that
would burn three, H.fsi?n villages
every one burned by' the ?timslan
fliese words raim^J a.'.stormy .:prot?j
who shouted "treasori
'call him* to order!'''|nnd^ffl??|W&
OC?! ?" j ' *' -rt-:"-'
Dr. Kurl Liebknecht, .Socialist, I
erjected the word ' 'barbarism"; f.
.vliich the president ot>the "RelcKsjU
ater called him to order. .H?rr 'Statl'
bagen. a Socialist l?emper, --rl?ei?v?
he censorship which , he claimed,
:eed?d purely militari -r???irArti?."i2l'J !
o::;o ?? i>n >g?, WhlpN^th?neiilo nu;
iced a censorship.-'Sr.-^edom Of the
iress lie said, must to restored.; prec
isely "for the reasph.'.tlnU dermnny is
mining a victory .and; th'e-presK muv
/ allowed to discuss a bi^[~.oi vi-:
onabie peace.
L?'- ' '
. '1'jf-..FA Y :
11 Rations for ,
..? Local M&ltRnts''
Any. person who '.uny have doubt*.;
to ! whether th- .niictit hi
is/week' Q? a?eV-C4?f?fbn collcg%-; ..
ts will be of beu.-iif.V.! theccrmmtir
?!' interest's' of ,! ; " -1"
l'y alter bin > !<
nt already cpntr
with at h-.e t
ge :quaiiHtics ;
Mr. w. a;
th u ' ^ diflM
sterd?iY K*?t?
ictcd with C.
;m?o' .
th ab#?K3
ilv '.hiritoJ
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