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Editorial and J: .slticsa q
Job Printing .
?nis< iuiTioN
Sc mi. Week I
Oae Tear .
Six Moutlio
One- Tear
f.... 6931
Jb delivered bj
It you fall td
llarly p'ease not!fj|
natoc on the
Is printed date tu
paid. AH check?!
bo drawn to Tte|
is a hard thine; to du
one' stands for eon
run counter to other
ami anyone who has
< convictions is likely
br to the views of those!
fare of opposite opinions
tor them brings dlf-j
(no two persons see
i the same manner
conviction for one
le a duty to pe. form,
>thing but a passing
fan makes a mountain
Fill and another makes
'if a mountain. So this
jing, therefore fcr one
fe his or her own lifo,
that Inward monitor
'for peace of mind and
?plne3s. True, you will
f-ome people, and there
against you, but the
tint person to please after
fown self. You have to
lourself all- il-^time. and
(her person*Mo Ihinks
mt onb, *j
Fbile. It
te, there
Fhoin you
|w best,
that are
';,c that person
whom you k
ftands for thin
iure and holy.lneed not
popular with hose who
thoughts or whe do not
those things, j s one eo
to the writer sometime
.'hey do not ring true, and
not hope to Bta d in with
is with feelings of reBpect
'runs up against A man who
[est and sinc?re convictions
lot afraid to stand for them,
rbat we have been able to see
jr Manning is such h man, and
getting the plauditsjof all peo
fbether or not he belongs - to
political faction, except those of
whom he has to conder.m In
arformanee of his. duty aa the
; chief executive. |
,-spupors also- should.have con
jns. ? newspaper is but the
[thpiccc for the thoughts and- con
fiions of its editors, aid if a riewa
nr really has honest: and sincere
violions, there will be those who
1 diiffer from. its vi^ws. A real
spnper man likes to]have persons
c issues with op.. ions expressed
ffering from those of the newspaper,
d an editor usuallj is never, bet
pleased than when;'he can con
cr't some opposite opinions. A
o is sharpened by > whetting it
list a rock. So is ? mind brlght
c'd by nibbing it against some other
mind. Hut 4ih editor despises a little
bit of a mind v '.,ich feels an affront
at an opposite expressed, and which
seeks to do the per3oo:pr the paper
an injury because forsooth'the news
paper man docs not agree with the
lews held by the person. AU me?
should learn the difi?ten?o between
convictions pnd person thought. We
jhavo heard of men. who thought they
Were nlmost annihilatiiig a riewspaper
when they ;atopped a subscription -for
these differences of opinion;' but al
most, in every sveh case there wore
alwaysv two or more-'to step in and.
take his place. ;
The editor of The Intelligencer has
enjoyed tlie discussion over the road
bond ispUo; Vvo feel that with the
good feeling displayed by those de-,
?tiug the question, only good has r?
or can result. j,
hat we started out to say watf.
should do ono's^full duty at
Put.-^B^o as to ptaase that inward
ftt ouQ ^ISMGfaacleno?l
l times
uitor^csjY DA? tOR A WAR.
lOVElHi, i3 tb i best old soul
in r,afiy a day. Sho's
Auut.-Mor$n^.^ni;t,nR Jn ,tho gopd
;: .never gabs
no tlc~.e. to, gab
iads the ; papers,
.. i
lu un actl
like niiii<> mie
dogmatic, (ejus, uiireasonabl
and sharp tfiuout (hem nnd
HlHt them,' toflish Ihelr certa
Rat one tie victories tha
are when cB-suuiks und st?
? ??, ji?'i'iiiii?4e people *ee wi
more things lie. Hut when j
tiling yon nL Httie udmiratl
your tt.iiu'ue.l
So I fluni Jut I would hem-i
?hat I (liouwrtby oi lere, um
I would argl 1 argued at all.
?M t with lu'tfls, not to wound,
a little fmielfear. It only men
tiiul Illings lu by their own I
t:> muul yon ! because jeu un
do not mittel hint.
Life N so I, und yet there i
to I?' inieres in, that these uglj
und ?trciigthly yielding to then
being uouiiiB It is not as if yui
by striking J; you only put yoi
1 do not nl to practice mildn
sert of t'eebAs; but 1 wonhl ?i
and to be mil il rather than ungl
Hies, und tkwrtiiinties of perve
Uteni. lint ?utienee und luden
signs of unify.? A. C. Bensen iu
hey make her sad.
In this afternoon to
and Wilbur Jones
invited her to sit.
is war awful?" and
My Land! Aint
'cause, she ;ayi
She drove i > td
shop arouml a
the grocery mai
Says he "Aint jj
Aunt Mary saji
heard'a word-& tout it?I aint even
hard no hand." And Jones says
"Pure, old Englj ml and France and
Russia, too. ara! a fighting with the
Kaiser,?why, it's worse than *62."
Vtint Mary answered sweetly, as she
started on her way. "Well they've got
rice weather for It, 'cause it's jest
i lovely day?"?Ed. McLityre.
Cut this out and learn it. Then,
lien the vveater opens up ami your
lends get their, rars out. you can sit
? the porch and hum it over. It's
ill of trutli and human nature:
I the gloaming, oh, my darling, when
the cars whizzing paet.
'-^^we'tv^jflpov. our front porch till
we see the very last,
t is time lo seek the feathers, but we
linger still outside;
wenty persons said they'd take us
out a-ridtng, but they. lied.
1 the gloaming, oh, roy darling, we
will sit till midnight's hourhour
s the motor cars tly past us on the
wings of benzie power,
o not give up hope, my darling, keep
a-smillng, and sit tight;:
we wait for twenty sumniers-maybe
one will 6top some-night.
- PardevilTe. Wis., Times.
"A newspaper should he a watcher
l the housetop, and see afar and
lead the isaties coming up and try
lead those hot occupying the van
ge ground of the newspaper. A
?wspaper Bhould not be a. weather
ine only, stewing which way the
Ind blows, 3t it should be a. wind
at blows. A;true newspaper stands
r something, and is a real factor
the development of its commun
f. Helleving] this The Intelligencer
i3 stood* forinany matters progres
ve, and we] feel that our efforts
ive not been in vain. It is, per
ips easier .to drift with the cur
nt. but we {prefer to be right."?
Uly Intelligjincerv
And say neighbor, ia it not the
ity of every1 body to have courage
d manhoodfenouph to stand for th?
fht and to contend for It when
v'e think so, and we
Jnion that this is one
rwon why! so many things go
ong. Pcoif? either have no strong
r if they have them
enough courage to run
ogs that are not right,
people are afraid that
business if they show
, This newspaper has
ard this knd of talk, but in not
single inst ince has it held it up.
we must i ell our honest' Convie
ns and ma ihood for business, then
? figure ib it the sooner we cIobo
shop and get out the better. The
low who ipagiaes that he can run
on that kbdTo fa threat h?s misa
nts aim. lie needs to strike his
ntt and Ury again.?Or ecu wood
urnnl. ;\>
o^of the
ay hav^s ni
great ma
5jr' may lo
sir colors.
brother Ba ks of the -Columbia Re
rd is tnclln d to find fault with the
'achers- beaiuse they do not pray
the ?dites, considering all the
e notices ;ftft. editors give to the
ljgious enterprises
if"anybody ever
.ray for the news
ii r che s
ird a pr?s
per s..
iVcll, yes,
r In a li
>te was
? may inif
is singled
was, feli
J. and w<
iyer. wo?
ro or U
at wo.att
t preach?
rd a preacher pray
Iffjspapcrs" one Sun
f hgregatlon, When
'jo editor present,
???at tho lone, editor,
n nil kindness as
frraslngly ^onsplcu
ive much preferred
icher pray for htm
'sure that such a
lawcred as readily,
s one uttered with
illty.in a great coa
ls leads, right up to
nii to sr./, which is
newspaper editors
Is Mon;;)]I fun- (o fur(> with stiff*
le peuple. It is easy to say rough
lu them; und one is tempted to re
latlesyto show their luck of reason
t way, because U?e only victories
ravts und encourages. Then you
tat is beautiful und good, and find
ou urgue and controvert, only
mi for your skill, a little terror of
fforth only try, to praise and bless
1 4 bat if I were met by controversy
with good humor und amusement,
lit-cause hitterness really betrays
us that you cannot trust the beau
jeauty and sweetness, and you try
afraid lu> may damage you if. you
s so much to admire and love und
r tempers are just a wa.^te of time
l you only increase your power of
l decreased stupidity or roughness
urself en a baser level.
pss und meekness; that is another
ish to he generous und chivalrous,
j. Life is full of pleasant absurd.
r#c and stupid people are among
ess und contempt are only the
the North American Review.
in their private devotions. We would
prefer it that way. if we were to be
consulted about... the matter.?New
berry Observer.
o o'
|o o
Cuddle Time.
As the evening shadows gather.
Then v'tis cuddle time, I know,
When my baby, dressed for dream
Come aromping to me so;
Comes and .begs of me to hold him
On my knees and "rock-a-bye,"
As the purpling sun sinks lower
In the gleaming western sky.
And ho cuddles to me nearer,
As the firelight softly glows,
And across the dusky portals
Ghostly, flickering shadows throws;
And two dimpled arms about me
Are clasped tighter for a kiss?
Ah, was richer, rarer necklace
Placed about one's neck than this?
And I clasp and hold him closer,
Llllte touBled head of gold.
As he begs dad for a "story"
Which a hundred times I've told,
Begs to have me "tell it over"
Of the quaint Red Riding Hood,
Of the bears?that happy family
Living in the deep, dark wood.
Seen the drooping, dropping lashes
Cover up two eyes of brown,
And the tousled head eo golden
On my breast sinks lower down;
Lower yet. till deep in slumber,
Cuddled close to me he lies,
With the glory of the sunset
In hlB sleeping, dreaming eyes.
In his eyes, In whose rare lustre
Shines the beauty of the dawn,
Till I know that into Dreamland
My wee golden head has gone.
Ah, the sweetness of the pleasure,
Making life one golden rhyme,
With a dimpled babe to fondle
When it comcth cuddle time!
Surrounding the Shooting of
. Lowndesville Negro Deep
As Ever
(From Sunday's Dally.)
There were no further develop
ments yesterday in the Scott murder
myp.tery of Lowndesville, according
to information received from Magis
trate Huckabee, of that place, who
has charge of the situation. "
The.negro Earl Burton, who was
mysteriously shot Thursday after
noon and whose power of speech was
paralyzed by the wound, was still
olive yesterday afternoon at 7 o'clock.
Magistrate Huckabee stated that the
negro had never regained his power
of speech, and as yet he had .been un
able to make known the name of the
person who shot him.
For the Witch.
W. H. Keepe & Co., have for dis
tribution- to owners of Hamilton
Watches a number of leather strips
?vhich are intended to serve as a unk
between the watch and the watch
chain. The weather link keeps the
watch from slipping out of the pocket
ind at tho same time saves the wear
in chain and watch, as It relieves fric
tion between tho snap, hook on the
and of the watch chain and tho ring
In .the system of the watch.
lAtes at 01.
GETTYSBURG, Pa.". March 20 ?
Misa Hannah Moore, .91 yea?s old. an
>rlglnnl Daughter of the American
R?volution, died at her home here.t?
?ey us a result of a fall down.a stair
Officers ctntl Committees for the
Ensuing Year Are-Chosen.
Tho annui 1 smoker with elections of
officers, of Host D, Travelers Protec
tive Association, was held last even
ing in the rooms of the chamber of
commerce, and proved a thoroughly
enjoyable acair. Upwards of r>0 mem
bers of tho association were present.
Tho deliverations of the organization
were presided ever by C. Han Allen,
the genial- and popular president of
the post.
The election of officers for the en
suing year resulted as follows: C.
Han Allen, president; R. J. Rnmer,
first vice president; B. H. Gossett,
second vice president; A. M. Mc
Pall, third vice president; Fj. IS. Hur
riss, secretary and treasurer; Rev.
\V. II. Fruzer. chaplain; Dr. Clyde
P. Ross, physician.
Committees were elected as fol
lows: Railrond, A .S. Farmer; Press,
J. ii. Godfrey; Legislative. A. S.
Fant; Employment, Furmun Smtih;
Gor.d Roads, W. L. Brissey; Sick and
Relief, P. D. Skelton.
Delegates to the States convention,
which will be held in Charleston May
13-14, were elected as follows: W. L.
Brissey, E. <'. King, J. B. Shanklin,
A. M. MeFall. Fc.rman Smith, G. P.
Browne, P. E. Watkins, Jr., B. M.
Aull, C. W. Causey. A. S. Fant, E.
P. ThDUias, J. H. Godfrey, B. B.
Gossett, D. L. Reed.
During the meeting matters of in
terest to members of the organiza
tion wore brought up for discussion.
Among these matters was that of the
recently enacted legislation which
makes tho Z form of mileage good for
the exchange of tickets, on all roads.
Cleanses the little liver and bowels
' and they get well
When your child suffers from a cold
don't wait; give the little stomach,
liver and bowels a gentle thorough
cleansing at once. When cross, peev
ish, listless, pale, doesn't sleep, eat
or act naturally; if breath 1b bod,
stomach sour, given teaspoonful of
"California SyrUp of Figa." and in a
few hours &li the c'ogged-??-?, consti
pated waste, sour bile and undigested
food will gently move out of the bow
els, and you havo ;-. well, playful child
If your child coughs snuffles and
tins caught cold or Is feverish or has'
i sore throat, give a good- dose of
"California Syrup of Figs," to evacu
ate the bowels no difference what bth
sr treatment Is given* .
Sick children needn't be coaxed to
take this harmlen* "fruit laxative."
Millions of mothers keep It handy be
zause they know its action on the
Uomach, liver and bowels is prompt
ind sure. They also know a little
riven today saves .a sick, child tomor
Ask your druggist for*a 50-cent bot
;le of "California Syrup of Figs,"
which contains directions for babies,
children of all ages and for ' grown
jps plainly on the bottle. Beware of
counterfeits sold here. Get the gen
uine, made by "California Fig Syrup
Company "
Trains Blocked In Cuts.
MITCHELL, S. D? March 20.?Six
trains are fast, in cuts on th? Mil*
waukoe system between Mitchell and
Rapid City as the result of a snow
storm which has been^ sweeping the
western half of South Dakota since
late Friday afternoon. The storr; was
Especially severe went of the Missouri
River, as the snow.ia drifHng heavily.
Relieves Sourness, gas* Heart
burn, Dypepsia in five
- ?*?
-Sour, gassy, upset stomach, lndlgcn
ion, heartburn, dyspepsia; when the
noil you eat. ferments Into gaties and
stubborn lumps; your head aches and
'ou feel sick and ; miserable, that's
ivhen you realize thjo ma?lc in Papo's
liapepsin. It makes all stotuach mis
ty vanish lit . five minutes. ' \
If your stomach is in a. continuous
evolt?if you can't get It regulated,
lease, for- your sake, try Pope's Dla
icpsin. It's so needless to h?ve a bad
torn ach?make your next meal a fav
irite food meal, then, tako ?. little
~>inpepsin, there will not ba any dis
roBS?oat. "Without, fear. It's because
'ape's Diapepsin "really doea'.' regu
ate weak, out-of-order, v utorimcbs
hat gives it Its millions of sales nn
Get a- inrgo fifty-cent case of Pape's
Hapepsin. from any drug store.^It in
ho quickest, Burest stomach relief und
uro kno.wr. It acts almost like tnaglc
-It is a oclentlflc, harmless and pleas
nt .stomach preparation which .truly
clonga in every home.
oooooooooooo ooo o o
o o
Well, the Bun Ib still shinning on
old Denver school. And Denver school
is still prospering as It always has
. Wo wish to say that the social en
tertainment and box supper that we
had on the night of March 12th, was
a success, and we presume that a11
that were present enjoyed themselves.
The amount of money that was raised
wob twenty-one dollars clear.
We have already begun preparing
for the commencement for the close of
school f WeJjope to have the best that
was ever had at Denver school. We
are expecting to have a game of ball
with "Possum College" (Smith) pret
ty soon. We hope that the result.will
be in our favo?.
We wish to thaak the editor for the
educational page, as we always like
to hear how all the schools are pros
We are also trying to improve the
school grounds. We have ?et out
some trees and flowers.
In conclusion we wish to say that
everything in the community in Tun
ing very smoothly at present.
(From Sunday Dally.)
To supply his regular trade and to
provide for a portion of tho order
which he has for the Clemson college
cadets encampment, Mr. W. A. Power
stated yesterday that he had' killed
during the week some 8,500 pounds of
meats, representing 12 head of-cows.
n addition to this, ho imported dur
ing the Week some 1500' pounds of
wostern meats. With his artificial
cooling system, Mr. Power'Is able to
kepe his meats in splendid condition.
The imported meats, are received hero
in ice cold condition, and kept that
way after they are. placed in his mar
ket, If necessary.
One of the. show windows of W. A.
Power, which, was dressed yesterday
with a wldo variety of meats, by His
expert butcher, Bbyce Rouda attract
ed mere attention than .any show, win
dow that has been seen about Ander
son in several moons.
Afro SfockOwnev!.
We carryJn stock all the
Boyil's Ressiedles
winch are guaranteed to do tho
work claimed for " them-'or pur
chase priceAvili be refunded. -
Boyd'a Sura Pop Colic Cure, largetlM
Poyd'? Sum Pop Colic Cnrc.tar.all , .10
Boyd'a Sure Pop Fcrer & Con nh. Cur? .f0
Boyd'i g?re Pop Pursatlvo.*? , . , .V
Boyd'a Sure Pop Eye Roroddy ? . . M
Boyd'a S um Pop Hocf IHqoJd . . . .23
Boyd'a Sure Pop Magnetic Ointment. J2&
Boyd'a Liniment, amall . . , ... .25
Uoyd'a Liniment, in t-diuni ... . , .60
Boyd'alinfcaent. larne .... . 1.C0
Boyd'a Worm and Condition Po. ami.. .S3
Boyd'a Worm and Condition Po. med . ,?
Boyd'fi Worn and Condition Po, Ige. LOO
For Sale by y
- ?< . ' a ,
F. 5. Crayton,
Anderson, S. C.
Perhaps he's writing a
poem on spring, perhaps
a line on birds and
flowers. a
But today it will pay
you to get ? line on our
special showing of
y?ung men's suits at
,315, $18, #20.00,
They're "poems" al
right. For the price, bet
ter suits have never been
Some of the models
for young men are rath
er extreme, but what's
the use of being young
if one must be conserva
tive and dignified. .....
Let's have a
them today.
peep at
Well Known Physician Died Yetter
terday Morning Near Peleer.
(From Sunday's Dally;)
Dr. Mark Sullivan, a well known
and "Steemed physician of Greenville
county near Pelzer, died yesterday
morning about 5 o'clock at the home
of his brother, Mr. Harold Sullivan,
at that place. He had been ill for
about six months with heart trouble.
Some time ago he went to Florida in
the hope that the change of climate
would be of benefit to his failing
Dr. Sullivan i3 survived by his
wife, who was Miss FU^sbeth Frier
son, of Sum ter. and two children.
Dr. Sullivan was a son of Mr. and
Mrs. Danklin Sullivan, the latter be
ing a Miss M?David of Greenville
county, who has several relatives in
this, county, namely, Mrs. B. F. Guy,
Mrs. B. E.' Reed and Mrs. Lou
Keaion. Mr. A, M. Sharps of this
city is a first cousin of the deceased.
Dr. Sullivan was a graduate
Erskir.e College, and formerly liv
there. His medical education was o
taincd in a Northern institution, a
after graduation Jic spent sever
years in hospital.,.work 'in -New Yor
City. He was a brilliant and sklllf
physician, and a gentlemen of ste
ling character.
The funeral services. will be hel
at neon today, after which interme
will'be in the family cemetery
Decrease in Foreign Tnk'a.
PARIS, March 20.?(4;45jp. m.)-^
Foreign trade.of France* during Job
uary and February decreased G3S,
000,000 francs (?12C,000,000 franc;
($126,400.000)) a month, equally ?1
vided between exports and impor
compared with last year. The d'
crease ia the first five months of tb
war was at thG rate .of 820,000,000
francs (1164,000,000) a month. t?w3
figures are taken to indicate a r
vivr.l ia trade.
cat* of good mules
we w^-tit to
Call around and see how far jtour dollar will go at
our stable. We keep a buyer on the market all the
lime and,if we don't happen to have thejnuie you
want leave your order with us and we can guaran
tee to please you, Also have a lot Osgood cheap
m?les an4 horses,t with little age, just the kind to,
make cheap cotton. We handle high grade vehi
cles, such as Mover, Babcock, Tyson & Jones,
Rock Hiii, "etc. Also Studebaker, Tennessee and
Old Hickory wagons, none better. We manufac
ture and repair harness and guarantee everything
we sell to be as repr?sent?e!. We want your busi
ness. Call around, we will be glad ?0 show you
vvhat w*e have to off en '

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