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fada Izmar
f-f 1 n n ?
Irailce m^ium
Special Readings 50c
My iVorh Speaks For Itself.
W Is ; '.* I liave endorsements of hun
dreds of tin most noted nu n and wo
Uieu of America, 1 deem them of Ht
tp* value since I stand nlone upon
tli< merits i?t' my work. Any prison
wlio can believe lliolr own eyes and
ears cannot help but know that my
work V- of tit" highest order of gen
uin" ciuirvoyance.
Why arc you so unsuccessful in
Why are you so melancholy ami
Wity arc you drawn through life so
V'.'liy'ls some one sharing the love
thai is rightfully yours?
'I hose und Vindrcd questions can
h.? unswercd, advised, upon, and the
ra:i c explained, i will impart to you
a force iio-^ff?mg. fo subtle that life
becomes Bright Happy and Prosper
K you care to know what business
you shall follow to be successful,
where you shall go. and wlio fa avoid,
if you intend to make uny changes,
or to start a business, buy or sell
property, or, in fact, take any import
ant steps, you should call on me at
Thos.> who arc in sorrow, doubt and
dstress should. I have helped thous
ands, why not you? No matter how
had your conditions or of how long
(?tnnding; I can bring the success and
I happiness that is rightfully yours.
t5-.il habits and influences that
bear >ou down, causing bad luck and
makhig you despondent and unable
to gala your desires, I can, through
my fully developed psychic forces,
My long and successful practice In
adjusting business affairs makes it
impossible to fail in being of benefit
in affairs of love, marriage, divorce,
changes, wills, deeds, mortgages, pat
ents, sickness, and, in fact, every
If you have trouble or difficulties or
any kind come to me and have a
rjulec chat, confidentially. I will tell
you what can be done. I can assist
you in all walks of life. Don't b? des
pondent, worry or reel bad' when you
oniy have to call. *
Now, as a business adviser, I stand
preeminent . I will teli you more
about your own. business than you
know yourself. If you are not doing
well, and want to do totter, call on t
me.i .
lave you .'domestic difficulties? Is
\or.r wife',* husband or sweetheart un
iruc7 Do others share the love that
rightfully belongs to you? If so, don't
nesltate. Call quick before too late.
I am beslegt?d<n;vKry hay.-with the
very best. peoDjp of Anderson and
surrounding country, seeking advice
and information on all matters or in
terest such as business transactions,
lawsuits, contested will, lifo Insur
ance, damage, shits,'deeds, mortgages,
collections, speculations, stocks and
financial affairs, love, courtship, mar
riage and divorces.
ijounlte the separated,, settle
lover's quarrel?; locates Tost relatives
ir frlerds. You will also be told how
to Have your every Want acd wish
satisfied, how lo live happily and con
tented the remainder of your life.
Docs evorythlng^seent to go wrong?
Han fortune never smiled, oh you?
!? las'your life been full of ups and
downs?. If so, why not call and let
ma advise you how to overcome tho
stumbling blocks that seem to stand
In your way.
I* teach palmistry and persounl
magnetifin. -Develop* weak mediums,
bud will instruct you in the occult,
mparting to you-the wonderful secret
My practice and professional repu
ation Is built upon hpnor, . reason
ble charges, faithful', service and
needy success. Call. today for Ao-t
orro>a may be loo late.
Special Readings 50c.
; McDufflo St, one block c.aat of
office-; near the -ntaridplpo.
\>i'Ap a. m. k,HU R p.
^De^ftment of ?grjpctilr?ej
f Weekly Bulletin
"The notice you put in the bureau
of marketing bulletin last Tuesday
for my :!0 Orpington chickens Hold all
of them, and checks are Btlll contint;
In for more. All of the orders came
from your city but one. I wish to
thank yon for the grea* work you are
doing for the fnnnerH. I think the
bureau of market? you have establish
ed is the greatest medium through
which to advertise that I ever saw."
The above notice readied* the bu
reau on March IS front a farmer
near Cheraw. A fanner from Lexing- |
ton writes:
"I am greatly interested in your i
work, and think it a great thing for
our people if they will only make use'
of it."
These are but samples of letters,
that now reac h the stale; bureau of,
marketing in amosi every mail. The
bureau is called ujion to conduct
transactions from such as three !
thousand bushels of corn or one bun- .
dred tons of hay on down to flower
bulbs, and almost every other tiling |
that, enters int^ the economy of, t'-?
farm or mercantile business. During;
the present season th^efi'orts of the ,
bureau several distributing houses inj
tlie State have been enabled to se"
Kood. pure home raised corn and up j
to the present time have not bough: J
for distribution one pound of Wes
tern corn, something that has never
happened before since they have been I
in business.
Again the bureau would admonish |
all citizens of the State making use
of its services that it is a strict re
quirement in making offerings or in
expressing wants that they shall state 1
clearly tho exact amount offered for J
sale or wanted, and if for sale the j
price nt which the offer is made, and
whether that price be P. O. B. or de
livered. The bureau would also again i
impress upon all such the absolute
necessity of filling in and mailing the
return pcjst card when goods have
been sold or purchases have been |
made, in order that the calls may be
eliminated from the record. It is to
be hoped that these requirements will
be strictly compiled with in the fu- I
tore. If they are not, sometimes the
listing of articles offered for sale is
unnecessarily delayed for a whole
During the week just closed the ac- j
tivltlcs of the bureau have "been va
ried and numerous and the offerings
have been plentiful. Among 'the of-1
ferings and wants not yet disposed of
for the* week may be mentioned tho
following: \
o o o o o.o O O O-.o O O 0 O O O 0 0 o o
The farmers arc finishing picking
cotton this week. There have been a
lots to-pick since Christmas,.
Mr. Harmon Fisher a delegate of
Bethel W. O. W. camp left Monday
for Charleston to attend the W. O. W.
convention which is held at that
place and he will return home Friday.
Miss CoL'hran of Shoals Junction is
spending a few days with her sister.
Miss Maggie Lee'Cochran.
Mr. and Mrs. W. .J. Murdock attend
ed preaching at Mt. Bethel Sunday
and dined with Mr. and Mrs. Leo
Mr. and Mr3. J. \V. Fisher and fam
ily vlstt?d MJss It. E. Brock Sunday.
Master Capers Lathen spent Satur
day night with Master Henry Tyler.
Mr. and Mrs. Asa Hall, Jr., were
shoppers in the Electric City Mon
Mr and. Mrs. E. C. Colo visited
relatives of this community Sunday,
Mr. Garnet Tench is expected home
today from Tbccoa, o- Mr. Tench
Iras been there to see um brother wlrS i
is critically 111.
Mr. Anderson Brock worshiped ut
Bethney Sunday afternoon.
Mr. M.-A. McClellan and sister, Miss
Allie of the Vernncs section visited
relatives of this .community last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Asa Hall and -Mr.
Oeorge Carson were out automoblling
Sunday afternoon.
Rev. O. L Martin filled his regular
appointment at this place Sunday. A
large congregation, was present. ,
Mr: Preston Ashley spent Sunday
with Mr. W. J, Murdock.
Mr. Sam Fisher is now clerking for
his son, Mr. H.G. Fisher while he has
gone to Charleston.
Miss Clandia Brock called on her
grandmother, Mrs.: R. E. Brook re
Mrs. Rosa McCurry spent a few
hours Sunday with her daughter, Mm.
John ABhley. ?
VMr. J. P. Owen was a recent visitor
t-.v Anderson. Am
.Wonder where 'hose Z. Boys,
went Sunday, we caw.-^maglne.
nooooooo 0.0 &6 oo-oooooo
a ? o
oooooooo o o^?To o,o o o o n
There is much mcj^ sick-ies3 to re
port from this community than usual.
There is still hope for? the recovery
of Mr. and .Mrs, Moffott Pruttfs lit
tle girl who was seriously burned re
cently.. It is incerely hoped he --will
Rev. J. T. Mann underwent, an op
eration' at his home last Tuesday, per
formed by Ors. Haynle and Todd of
Belton. Ho is doing as well as could
be expected, and It is believed this
operation will greatly strenghten him
in his work far tho^a^^gffl"
Mr. Frank -Eitrln -gSlffiam a wagqo.
loaded with wood QQ^my^^AJWSWtT
striking his anldt^fj>??tfKiCMvapoii
tire. It- is "caujrt^blrn: cbnw'dortble ]
pain. althOMdj^ l^Alwjia^rhe will I
noon bo ouwagain. j& ' '!
"ffl,, ^1 Slilr?o^nnffc.fe.1 tin nt,'
maaPm appendicitis this week, (hi
t G0mrfi3fce and ln^s?jp'??_
MARKE8*SMct >*?f
! Commissioner
t of Information
White Holland turkey eggs for
One bushe l of velv?e-bean seed.
Pure bred silver lac?d Wyandotl?
eggs for hatching.
One.bushel of Chufu seed.
Upland rie,, seed. Anyone having a
supply of tliis seed please communi
cate with us at otue.
Sever mammoth fcagc plants. ,
Several, K'>m!red large Russian vio
l?t Ulaitf?C very reasonably priced.
Gray and blue violet plants at 2?s
per dozen.
Canna bulbs. $3.00 per hundred,
cents each in less quantities.
One thoroughbred Jersey heifer,
nine months old. $25.00 F. (). 15.. Co
O ii?-cock and three in ns. Mottle*d
Anconas, hens now laying, ?5.00 l'<<r
tlie lot. ,
For sale or exchange ?ine Maxwell
runabout lor liorHe or i'cll cattle of
equal value.
lluds or sjjroijfej from very fine
peach ar*?.
. */,?>0 uoard feel of seasoned walnut
lumber. ?
50 tons of li?fy. tO tons or oat straw,
and 20 tons of prime baled fodder.
3,000 bushels of corn in the shu^k.
Two registered Jersey bull calves.
10 months old. Will exchange lor
milch cows.
Two hens and two pullets S. ('.,
brown leghorns, $2.00 each.
Eggs in hatching from prize win
ning pen:; of S f.* brown leghorns,
$3.00 Tor 15, $?.00 for 30.
Eggs for hatching from pur? or; !
S. C. brown 'eghorr? and a. ('. Rhode
Island reds. $1,00 for 15.
100 bushels of tripple selected mon
ey maker cotton s-jed, $1.00 per bush
Viole, niant? at 12 l-2c per dozen.
Canna bulbs at r.Oc per dozen,
j Chrysanthemum plnnts at 20c per
dozen or $1.25 per hundred.
One Duroc Jersey gilt, six months
old, price $20.00. Fifteen Duroc Jer
sey pigs, eight weeks old, $10.00
each. All entitled to registration.
I One car of oat straw at ?!>.?? per
ton P. O. B. Hatesburg,
50 cords of eight foot wood.
One car or stovo wood sawed to
' One extra fancy registered Berk
shire gilt, six months old, $40.00.
50 bushels of peas for quick sale.
, Canna bulbs, assorted varieties, 25c
per dozen.
Three Guerney bull calves entitled
to registration^
Friday afternoon Bhe was somewhat
The many friends of Miss Russie
Kay will regret to learn that she has
something like paralysis, hut it is not
serious, according to her physician,
who holds out hope for her final re
covery. This will be the wish of
Mrs. R. C. Shirley has been unable
to attend to her domestic duties for
several days.
Mr. Editor I regret to make this
3uch a sad letter, but the above par
agraphs are facts in which friends
and relatives In other sections will
he interested.
Mr. Henry Smith and family have
moved into our community, occupying
a house on Mr. J. L. Kay's place near
Mr. Joseph Erskine's. Mr. Smith will*
work a small farm. We are glad his
health has improved and hope lie will
grow stronger.
Mrs. -J-.ettle Shipley, who has spent
Bovon months with her daughter, Mrs.
George Jacks of Bowersvllle, Ga., is
expected to return to the home of her
son, Mr. R. G. Shirley this week.
Miss Cecilia Abercrombe of . New
Prospect visited relatives here recent
lir:"Pendleton Has Declined Cull Ex
tended by Macon.
SPART ANB?RG, March 21.?The
Rev. W. H. K. Pendleton, rector of the
Episcopal church of the Advent, 'an
nounced to his congregation at the
morning service touay that he had de
cided to decline the call recently re
ceived by him from Christ Church>
Macon, Ga., and would remain in
Spartanburg. Tho announcement was
received, with general rejoicing on the
part of lite members of his church
and- will- be gratifying to tho people
of-tt e city. Mr. Pendleton said ther.e
were many evidences that his work In
Spartanburg and In South Carolina
was still effective and ' that many of
the things he had on his jjr?njl .and
heart in this field wero *&?8K*Hplish
cd. He spoke of his wont in connec
tion with the 'State Sunday School
association, of which he
and said he did not feel i
abandon that oKthis
ores&ed n?preclaty^n&
Macon, lx't said,-?-a<?' V?
that his work In Sparta'Aburg ana m
South'Carolina was. not filched, and
so long pi> ho was ,making progress
and had the support of, so many loyal
coftyborcrs he. felt<>.he r should, remain
with them. .
Thousands of Towns Destroyed b;
LONDON,. March 22.?Statistics
published In Petrograd concerning
losses.to propertv in
as a jresul
j .TbcsO flgrtrcs. -by P.'suterVi
correspond . y h-.tVt.i_ Polish
provinces. Tim dr-'. j
: ht mon- thon $?'of!,f.d0,0ft0
Monday, Mardi 22.?
Local cotton" 8 1-2 cents. v
Open. High. Low. Close.
March.x.7<: s.so :;.7G s.jf>
May.!?.?0 y.tij :'.<io 9. OS
July.9.83 9.40 ;>.:>:! !?.4(>
October .. .. 9.G4 9.79 9.04 0.71
Suets 9.1 5.
Open. Closo.
May-June.r>.22 5.24
July-August .6.34 5.3*1
Oct-Nov.5.49 5.61
Spols ?.
Sale:; 8.000.
Receipts 17.001).
Cotton Shuns Strength.
N'BW VOHK. March 22.- Cotton
showed renewed strength early to
day. Soon alter opening active months
sold about 0 to 10 points net Uglier,
making a new high record for the sea
son on. July and later deliveries.
Prices continued to hold firm early
afternoon on continued investment
buying and scattered covering.
n o o t> o o o 0 o o o ev? ft 0 o o o o o
0 *** ?
'? ? SfcOlV Hil l. ITEMS. ?
?' o
O O O O O O O O O (1 o O o O (I O <? O o o
Tho weather has been excellent for
the past week. Tim; fur piers bave been
making us..- of it plowing and getting
their land in lix to Pknit their crops.
Mr. Jesse T. Drake has planted
fifteenau.crcs of corn.
The roads have been hi good fix for
i'.e fut men; to :-??t their fertilizer
hauled home.
It looks like we were s;;:i;'g t:; lune.
r< in? more rain ami bad weather
which will delay the farmers from
their work.
Mr. anil Mr.;-. L\ B. Pruitt spent
last Sunday with Mrs. Joe Lyon.
Mr. and Mrs. Webster Kcbinson of
Augusta, G?., spent part, of !: ; week
with Mr, iSugcric Robinson.
Mr. and Mr:-.. J. P. Ashley nn?l th<-'r
? i t * t ? ? son. Marvin. spent lar." Sunday
with their tarr-ii. Uv. Mrs. ,f.
.V, Fi : her.
Mr. Joan Thr.mas Drake spent last
Sunday v/'lli his friend Mr. Henry
Mr. Robinson and son of An
dersoi- .. S rday with Mr. Oscnr
Mr. ? . 0. Robin son went to Ander
son. Wednesday on business.
Mr. Harmon G. Fisher has returned
from his nice trip to Charleston last
Tuesday which lie enjoyed very much.
His friends were all glad that he
could go.
Little Miss Eugenia and Ruth
Drake uro stayine; with their grand
mother. Mrs. James Drake who will
be ninety three years old on her birth
day which is March 22.
Mr. John R. Drake bas ginned seven
hundred and fifteen bales of cotton
this season.
0000.0.0 0 000000 0 000000
A very charming affair was the re
ception recently tendered by" the*
Misses Giguilliut to ?Miss. Wingcs of
St. Matthews, who lias been fheir at
tractive guest for several weeks.
The guest were received at the door
by ?viiH? L?h* UigniHiat, and shown
to the parlor Where' they were enter
tained until a late hour by a progres
sive conversational contest. Mr. R.
D. Neill was thc-winner in this inter
esting feature, Mr. Tom Nlmmons
coining second.
The guests were then shown to the j
dining room where an elegant salad
luncheon was served. The house was 1
attractively.?rcoratcd in huge yel
low .lowers. Those present were the
Misses May and Luclle Hamilton,
Louiso Farmer, Cussle Cunningham,
Miss Golhpin, Miss Reid, Mlss'Mor
riyon, Miss Jennings, and Mis Wittges,
Messrs. R. D. Neill, Tom and R. K.
Nimtuons, Chas. Verncr, Carl Moore,
Prof. H. C. Smith. Whit. Holoman, t
Oliver Doyle. ,
Another interesting ovent was the
meeting of the Gossipcrs Club, with
Mrs. J. S. Stribllng on last'Tuesday
afternoon. It is generally understood
that wlnn "this lively bunch is called']
together that there is something* un
usually interesting in the air. It did
irot appear, however, until near the j
close of the meeting, when what provi j
ed to bo the interesting piece of news;
that was to reward their' pr?sent as
sembling, as, when the last course in
the elaborate retrsshment? were pao-i
sed, there was a note on each plate J
announcing tho engagement of Miss
May Hamilton to Mr. R. D. Neill. the
marriage to tako place iv;>r|) 21, .191-0. j
Tho gUest were ont-jrbained by a
Floral Wedding. Study Story Contest.
Thoso preBpnt were Misses QlgnlHbjjs,
and their guest, Miss .Wingcs, V^pt.
Matthews, Misses May and JfAiCtlc
Hamilton, Mis Cunningham. ' Miss
Hopkins. Miss Harper, Misses Reid.
Morrison,. Fincannon, Sleigh, ,T?U
niags, Moore. Riohbure. Arnoldi??'v
W. K. Livingston ^rs' ?K- TSLjaPfo'*
ger, Mrs. G.: -Jp^wreuftv ..P^* fei.ti.
Jones, Mrs. Dr. E. C. Doyle Mr^. L?**i;
L-owry and Mm. T. L. Stribllng.
Atfellghtful salad anil sweet course ]
was? erved by Misses Francis Ham- :
iitoii und Lu?a.Wiiey. ,"
Miss Lula GIgnilliat had* for her]
charming week-end gueal Miss Snrah
White of Abbeville. ,
"When Broadway Was n Trn?," at
Th? Anderson..
"Whe.v Broadway Ws3
reel Shubcrt
of the leading"
Anderson" todny.
of\ historical nat
pal leads and it is unnecessary 'to' a&jj|
that* everyone known v>? tber/>
ciaso meting before the camera. Tho
pregfv.pi at "The And ? m cm" today.-is
unusually'good no Chas. ?lmp?in in
rt I wo reel production ."The Champ
ion" will nhto bo shown
et-tion was
ft of wcath
lhon snow
On lay Saturday thi
visited by almost all 1
( ; . Pirat rain, then snb
anil rain. Iben some sl?*.' rain and
snow. aiK.l In the afternoon clear and
Por several days past tii farmers in
this section lias simply ?jsi making
things hum. Soute havi? hd/an putting
in guuuc, some nre preiiring corn
land, and oiic of our cltiziis, Mr. C.
X. Murphy has finished renting in
fertilizer. <\ j
.Mrs. Robt. .Murphy , or V'lat Rock
community has been visitinV her chil
dren, Mr. Adoiplma-Murphi and Mrs.
A. M. Mai tin. \
Wo thiilk the famous gumming den
known as the '"Ape YanU" & the up
per edge of Uarvhi townidp will
soon have a successful rival In this
community. From reports t seems
that quite a lot of gambling!.-; being
indulged in every Sunday n?tla thous
and miles from this !?!,:t VYo
wouldn't mind seeitig^Tlie BlidViff run
i:i abolit a dozen violators soA Hun
day. \
On account of ih(> cold dlsuttecable
weather Sunday \.c drfei m?l have
"Me a'! largo attendance at Enday
scliool as usual. Only 1*0 bcini pres
ent. \
.Air. and Airs. A. M. Alarlir. I>ited
at the home of M?. J. il- Mass fnear
AU. Springs Sunday.
Messrs. .; S. Martin, A. P.|ftrif
fit!'.. W. M. Stone and A. i;.
have each purcfineed a cream
tor aud will giyo the creamery
iness a thorough trial.
Kingslcy once sa'<l that man wn|th.
most precious and useful thiu
earth, but the countries of Kuroji
not seem to believe what lie said.
Relieving that the aft of list
is finer than that of talking, we
decided to. say nothing mere nl
the bond issue.
We have seen somC people who
greatly stuck on themselves. Tl
certainly must tu? a good grade
It is said that the people of i!
country spend one thousand sev
hundred and twouty-four million do
lur.i for liquor every year. If liqm
was banished from this nation till
great amount of money thai hi wors
than wasted eftch year for intoxicatim
liquor would be expended lor mon
and better food and clothing. ')'(
upply this greatly increased domain
for provisions and goods of all kindi
would require the building of thous
andj of row factories and give cm
ployment to millions of laborer
more than are now employed, whlcl
wouid easily take up all the labor am
capital now in the liquor business, I
would .do away with the employmcn
question and to a largo extent obvi?t,
the necessity of child labor. W<
would soon be the busiest, healthiest
happiest and most prosperous pcoph
on earth.
W. C. B.
o 1
L S , - >' '
oooo 0 0000 o/o O00OO0O0?
Mr. Joe Smith and Air. Allei
Mahaffey attended the W. X). W
meeting held at ("hurlest'.:i have re
turned and reported a nice trip.
Our people in West Cheddar shouh
he proud of o?r mall -carrier Mr
Silas Horton as lie is prompt and ne.
f.r.?hmC?iiiting to all r.u the route, am
don't think he ever has the blues a
he Is;always iniillrig. if all the ma!
.carriers in the country were a
prompt as ours, the mall would no
bo delayed.
Their is one eld bachelor left il
West Cheddar and we believe he ha
decided to jdin the matrimonial bain,
and anyone wishing to takq him up
a3 he Is a fine looking gentlcpmn. S<
come.nil you young h-.dies u3 the!:
's a chance fir some one.
It tk?ks all you can hear is of lb
road question, and I have "come li
the conclusion if the people vote tin
bond Issuo they will be no more thai
the old negro In slavery time. I
seems at tills day .nnd time tho hi;
man wanti tho "little fellow to Wail
.up r.ud ask him what ho will hav<
lilm tin do. Well, of course, the farm
ers Will lose a week from their fa fini
before they will vote for the bom
I wish you well.
As heart can ViBh. .
Or tongue can toll,
I wish you . well,
Glod bless you all.
" that comes into- this market ~wM
an order from her mother gets JubI
as gopd meat as the mother woulc
THE iWoBElit??TSf
on anybody, no matter .how liitk
' square d"il npairket, with' squ'ari
- ;. th?y. know- of mo&Ja. 1i\iz .,!?. t
deal methods.
THE Eiljfe^lrttifE 3IARKKT.
Ires Cf>4 and GOr..
J. X. l.indsa.v,' Prop.
A delicious preparation for icing and -tilling tor line takes.
Pressing for fruit sala'ds, pastries^ gelatines, shortcakes, etc.,
for ice cream- sherbets and candies. Foi sundaes, hot ehoco
late or Cocoa.
!-*<*r Sale By
CaijsSi Grocery Co,
Bay Roofing Now! Prices ?tacin
Prices on this Corrugated and V-Crimped Roofing has advanced in
I price about doubie what we paid the manufacturer for the supply we
ir:cw have; so if interested in roof BUY NOW. We will give you the
advantage of our fortunate purchase.'
East Whitner Street
The following editorial from The New-"
I ark Sunday Call, .February 7th, 1915, is in
teresting and amusing:
\ "The Mutual Ilcnelit Life insurance! Company's policy I
boldcrf is Joseph I.. Winslow, of Portland, Me, It seems '
i\e was insured in January, 18-16, for.$3.5oo. He.lias? made
isoney on the investment, which is now nearly seventy years
old, and,- of course, the company is proiifl of this* fact. He
was insured when he was only 15, so he-is about 85 years .
olS now. What we d<> not understand aiiput this insurance .
Iiumess % why "the companies advertise the money return \
ani business beuciils; They are all right, bf course, but the
realpoint is that you get yourself insured on an annual ba/Tis
youlHve to be 85 or 90 years old and se?fn to be healjjn
haply and" prosperous. It is the same wa\| if you
an atom it y, but, of course, that'is seliish. 'No man of
woul|die if he had an annuity which stoppeifc
Insurltice where you pay something every yegnys
a reaftlife-saver, in spite of yourself, our ni dc
probably ,k> die at once and collect," but youcl l>
all, yoVlive und grow portly and smoke a lfcigA
read thVnewspapers, like Mr.' Winslow, aild gJurseV
vertisemfoesides. By all means insure, unies? 1 are
of existitce.'"
Note:l ^Literally this should be "the hold
est polie;!'-?not the "oldest policy-holder." ,
Write t\r our leaflet, "A Serene-and Care-i'r
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