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I nm th- man l< fix } ir teeth
bo you cat: eat tin pie tint I put
4 In the' PK mont It-IL
I mr* <? plate, at $ .50
! mnk' ".old crowns . '.$-1.00
Silvc. liing<S, f;0r d.izp.
Gold li'rtjji $1.00 nd u;j
Pain! t>a Extracting 40\c.
I ma i'
snrt a!i
and re;
All Vr .
a api jlty i
Alveo' of
iinvii ad bri
im gum
igo wurti
uf for qd tei I :
?uar t<udj I st-cla:,;.
S. G. |b R '?CE
[. If ;i:t &tt
low hii'i ldt'.il
plfii to gi
br ifr : 1
! its, wl
you f
ie blank
wt: shall he
' linrtl iilara
. uly.
(. 'i Or rip Meuse, <;
t. ionic : -
MM roiVi (1 in ;
Offer .-.liov>- refcrr
.dual ' lull [iarti< ul
r moue> r.av
to, ami wish
s lamcci-him
P. O 'aliire
P - %
:.v. -j^ss :
' T?ik Why Election
Returns Were Held
. llo-v returna?T"a"a nro'Cluet Ute the"
Slv'.h ward in V- .rrc ilaute. v*r- orf
dcVed held Brause Kttall. K*l.-iand.
. ?. Di ar.er.nlc ..<:;.'nc?-iaie for / ; Ircuit
.tiii.te. wno; rnl. iirif, bbnhd. f.: i re
S^uteito. toddy "at the, h?arm
fi; ! Ctitir. -C?V-t'- e! ti?:
. ,i?? i a
h- Syl-.<.f,ter . -?rd a, DeJ
V ?:( 1'iinii?r.cmnh,.;.: <l ceie of ili?
V:-h:!'.r pleaded gu ' :y.
: "i hie/ . of ?E Uci -Ho!1 ?. ' !
.1- - eon. "eeuie i to i e, r reel net
find tol-i mo i-, he?, the r.-cr.: livid
-1 ;. !. until late, c ml :h't -.sve !?
' .. . Id a lurndreti 'o'v'cr o f-.r.f
B-it?dni?ri'l. 1 later ... w;. i|j. at.
S: wouldn't have to a : -any vit; .".
HorivW?lI B- T^n
pst eu For Tiiai
1!?. Y/i:v:n
a interstate
!>h.-lv- in con
l>pt te .. reel; the
i h: idg? . w?s
trial a - a rasuP
. raj < aiinisBioa
lay;. The
lie Indlet
at basL
The de
? of Horn
s a belli
war was
Horn. eh!;rj;<
nectton with
taa< !i to . Ho.
i f the f'-idre
I er Charles' 1
1 cpr?fni .sir'
.meut waer:
[. . for holfiiiSK
feuae'? nu)t;
Ihe gro
cat .Wei
IMfeiers T?lrr. Vin
?.'Uja?j?c; io Attend to
Any 'ofe Her Soissswpr?i.
Pleasant Hill, N'. ?.?"I suffered for
til'ree summers," -^rites ' Mrs^-' Walter
Vinceni, ot this Iowa, "and the l?tifd'and j
'jail titna; was my v?jr$t.
ngv'Ats hcailr.clioD and
prostration,' fltiW?. scarcely ablo to
v.T.lic'ab'?^: Cott|tW.'do any oi my
also had drcafu! pains in niy back
<andwafc.'?ne or those weak,
ah! corne on aie, 1
and-Hai down,
<J ? ? O O O O O O <<
? ?-XTILi NKW.S.
II U 0 (? O 0 O 0 0 II
.1 r. Iliiffniun I? now living looms,
iii Die hey Mill, ||i?kory. N, U.
I r. Cain hats resigned ifs super
i il ill of tir enrol na .Mills.
Um nviiif, si c. . .
V. I p-hureb lias r. signed as
.:n. i mieul tit:it manager of tin;
Va' . i\. C,):Mf; C6\
pi Oil
liai ' ii!
- V ai. li
lia > hei a
ol' Ci
.1. .M. \
? stiPY <>:
Un* posi
.?! i ito Vnldu
w. NlcComb*
rhu? mlcui <
i i ville.
1. II !! ha?
.eavfng a
; ienoir
(111 of
I.V. '
lias :
X. C, has
I Mfg. Co.
pgjghed as
: ;. i second
Mills. Heids -
in .o
II. '
\.:r. lit
the M
moi h
per. i: i
fro; :
'ni? nil
. of
.1 g<
.1. II
iiiin Mfj
Voodruff is no
spuming at
IlOOlfl?hl, Va.
Van Palton h:
oi' over ec'r i
1 .Mills. ?gal
: at tho
HVlllc, Ca.
McNeejy lioa
iiilonl of in"
i :ioi'. (Ja.
: Smith has
. rseer of cc
nl of . 111 ? . <
Hie, S. C.
< 'ochran i Pi
. \. ('.. has act
'inning room i
ville, X. C.
\i. ?inerson of
. opted Hi po
: ral manag?r
iirill?n, Ga.
^ccond hand
,io Dan III ver
accepted the
weaving at
eeonie master
Cotton Mill.
signed "ns nu
I per ton Mfg.
i ?e'n promoted
i.'iing to ,;tiper
liannett Mills.
ett Mills. Hfgji
pted a ooHition
Edna Mflls.
of f pinning am!
Vail : (<ia.) Mi
M Shelion hit:
:; i Ik Franklin
n overset r ol
tills Mil!. Douglasv
Ii. M. Mutch I 'm i
Win tlou Saloni, \.
pc?iti of Incut, fi%
i'e. X. C.
Ui?K?rl lia
til ion of nyi
Arcade* t Vitt.
iylacauga, Ala.,
ll?n of oversee:
(he Fort
the i
'it 111
S. C
C, hi
Mil! i
Vinning a'
v tied his position
I, Griet r.- S. V.. to
spinning ut tie'
le, Ca.
Inverness lilirls.
i '.. ht? ; accept i
r ut Ednu Mills,
been piomoted to
seer f,t' weaving
a Mill, ttock Hill,
Green way,
ice?pt?d tl
carding a
of that piae
ii. Cox has r<
of : pinning at the
Cptton Mills to b
Carding at the Ii
Rai i! Ionian: X. c.
W. 12. Mcatlie. pr
mon: (S.- C.) Mfg
of F i.;:erville. S.
position oFpvofj
tho (onhamiett
ilglied as over <>er;
Salisbury (X. C).
:dm'c overseer of*
ep Hirer Mills,
shhmi of the I'ied
Co.. and trcastirer
*>f the Parker Co-ton mills Co., was
in t'.i'o XcwYork mji&kel last wek.
C. P. Harris, of Aurora, 111., has ac
copied rhc- position .of second hand,}w
weaving at Edna "'olton Mills. Heids
ville. X. C.
W. F. r??n?.vcutl lia:; been trans.fer
red from overse e "of spinnln:; at the
Clara Mill, Gastcnia, X. C? to a.aim
ilar position at thejSDuni) Mill of'tlie
punie piacc.
V. M. Jolinsoa. formerly salcannan
for the Hfuwley'; Eaboratories,. of
phnvlotte; X. C.. iitiB accepted the'pos
ition of 3Uperir.: enflent o? the" Caro
lina Mi 11b, Greenville, S. ('.
\V. I). McDonald has rr: ijrned :?is
position with thp.Springfield rv-ills.
Laurel Mill. X. C, to bof me as ist
ant upeririierdent-of" the \ifktapT (:'.
C.i ""iitT.
J. II. Hull has roslgned as oyeiscer
of w. aviug at the Arcade Mills, Hoch
?lll?r s ('.. to become superintendent
of t! Elhormn (Ga.) ' Mf?. Co.
I". V. Mabry him hoen provrnted
from overs 'dtL?f w.eaVlug at the Mar.
t-.l M11I.?. Vizaw, Ga- to g?nerai fiver
?eer of ivetving 'at all the miils of
v.'Mra Hi c. Dresser is-general 4uper
'ctoudc-.it. ' 'i'ii; -
. oushx. and u?iea
As a Private
-. PARIS; Mu ch l?i?iCv:3f> >>. m,)
TIk- -.loath 'oi Henri (-"ojlligt'opv con l
uollr.r of .Sf; ;. ou. the fiele 'of fiat tie
in . :.-;ti rn 'V.iuVe wits 'ajntmiiliecd to
day. M. ('o. -gnoh. ivho .was 53"years
of c. volunteered a { a i rivate. sol
dier. K&j?
-.lid hod 1' a fighting for^months- in
th.rt trench. a*jd.- ucco'rt'.ing to li'.t
of?h'orr,, ?j'ie ved rtma-Jui'ile coolness
and braver . ; Ho was i .commended
several til. ?' for. promcion to the
rank of : md Hmtieuaat, . which ho
refoaedj'pr isr/lne lo.si.wc as a pri
bclicvj.l v.-ottW have died if I ?iadn't
takiii it.*
.After I began faking Cardui, I'was
-rcaHy t:i';,)Cti, and sil three bottles re
jieved tuco:iuely.' ; ' ',. :\ lj/
I (ai.er.cd itp, r.nd grew so mrCch
stronger i:i' threeri:ionths, I felt UTp.ian
oih.':r perron a?to?ciheri" (
Crudulis purely vegetable ?fttd gentle
::c!in;.;. Ks ingredients havala milct* tonic
?lizzi, an i?ir womamy joofg?tuttoh.
Cardui n^kes for iriaJcHsed strength,
TP|ppeti ! e .Ji o : i e up lh e' ner
r.tgPi.and; hc/ps to. make, pals,
fresh fmd rosy,
s heJpcdtmore than a tnillion
dU/iffift. tIte". past 50 years.
Cardui today.
Another !hep tVc?l Fop Seneca.
SE.NRCA, Minli ]!>. A < on lin et
for another^ jep well for the town
(... Seneca liuy been let (oilr. .1. J.
William ,um, uni work b?gan ou it
yisterday* U is being drilled ou tho
< orner "?" .Mat:! Klroo; near the Citizens
Bank- it isi!:ouj?ht thai the well will j
not b< mom\?f>y, :.">o foet deep'.' it will j
lie a g r?do imhyehieiicc tu those i:i ,
'Uii of'fie town. '
I'optiluWVuiing Couple lo iVed,
li has b?ni publicly announced (lut
MIob .Ma-.' Hamilton,, and Mr. F.?. I).
N'olll nie Ii' l>" married lu < I ? ? - i'res
byteriftn tfiiilrcli lure, on April 21.
Mis: llnn/l ton is the dni liter of Mr.
W. C. tlaiiiiltou, one uf the most
suct --:iii! iiujiness men ?"ii this sec
tion ut' ti !>d?ntry. She i.-. a young,I
woman ?. many charms and much !
good seh-e. and justly popular with
all el a s ii -. ages in colora, in Seneca.
M . Xell is eue of the proprietors of
iii So'i? a Oarage, but until recently
. an th? aCcoiiimodBtlng 'bagguge man
; .{ th? ?'pot here, la thai capacity he
made f": ends with ihe publie gen
erally by hi.j agreeable service. The:;i
young aeople have t F?t' good wishes
oi i-ver: body In. Seneca, for their ha;>
p in ess .n their new life.
<)ii":(st Sunday Mia.-: Itosie Black
M . Lei' Dick .-on were married at
th? le ne "i tho bride's parents, Mr.
end As. J. F. Mlack. The ceremony
waa i - . funnel by the Rev, .las. Ma
.i.n. /
Mil. Lucy Harbin and Mr. [tobt.
Sand- rr were married* al the homo of
Mrs. Kiln Whitlen, i.isU-r of the bride.
Friday ni.-:ht. in Anderson, Mri.
Sane ira Is a daughter of Mr. ,j. A.
liar: In of the Sklluh section.of Ihlo
coli: ty. and Mr. Sanders has lived i
ma: Wnlhe.llii for a iiuiunet' af years.
A Xnmner of Iter.U.s.
A.r. .Idsn W. Hunter. Si; yenrs of J
ag . died at his home ia (he Ketr?ut
je< ion of the county, lie was a'meni
b< of a large and influential family '
of Ocoiiei? county.
vlrs. ('. I.. XlcfJumn died at the 1
In mo of her father, Mr. .1. s. Den
n , in the Old Liberty Section 'of this |
? unty iaht Thursday morning', ?be !
v l'a S:] y (Kir ; Of ago and had ije?h a ;
: ifferer from ?rights diseuse lor som?. j
i me. .Mrs. MeOufllh is survived by !
'. or. hu3bahd and three small child- J
The friends in this county of Mr.
ty-. II. Cory, of lionea Path', will be j
iorrv to learn thai he is critically f
ii. . ;
Mr, and Mrs. G. W. GlgnllliU-and j
Miss Suc Gignillist huye returned \
from an extended visit to Miami and j
etiler pplnts in Southern Florida. [
Mira Winnes, who has be>.-n Visiting
Miss Norm a Gignillist lias returned j
!o her home in St. Matthew-.
Mrs. \V. H. McClellun. of Wood-"
bury, (ja-., is .vltdtliig relatives inj
Sconce'County. Mrs. AleClellen is a'-'j
.ister of Mrs. John W. Pnpla of)
Walhalla. Mrs." Arthur Davis of
Sr?envlll? visited relatives in this
-ornmunitv latt Sunday.
Miss Mary Julia Shanklin, of An
1' rjon ' is .vislt'ng her grandmother.
Mrj. Julia,Shankiin near here.
\lrr?. Ed. Adanm, who has. been
vl.dting Mrs. J. Stribbling. bus
returned to lier home in Hartwell.
Mr. .T. S. R?binson went to Aladi
3on Friday.
Mr, W- O. Hamilton has been in
Minuta Qui' week on business.
Iii.race Wood und Willie 'Austin,
cadets at Clemsou College got 'homo* j
[or the day, Thursday, on account of j
uilh?uh'8 birthday.
_-L___- ,
u o o o o o O 0 O 0 U 0 0 o o 0 ? o o ?y :
>'* . , o!
ii IS?FIWK 1TE1I$ ;
il '-.. ;. -..;.'. " ' ' ' -. ' *\ ,- \
o'o o o d -j- O O O 0 O 0 0 0 O .0 O O'O
!0'ur Sunday school is progressing
nicely.now, with Mr.. Clarortce . Wil
son-as sup.erlutendent, Mrl. Ilatup
Hicks, clerk, and Miss Aiu lo Xolson,
Mrs. ' W.\ H. Crcniihav.' aud little
ahlidren. Charles and ilaur and Mrai,
Ellen -Jenkins, all of Pendleton, and
Mr;. -Mettlci Cillesple wer", visiting
Mr. aud Mrs. Lawrence -. Craig ot
.'entrai last "Wcdneailay.
' A goodly .numhsr of our young poo
plo. und elder .ones too, enjoyed' ?
?i?o singing at'^Vlr. ami 'Mrs. Faut
[jilh'spic'g last AVcthieatfny ni.qht.
Mrs. C. E. Wilson and litlle ehi!
Iren viMted Mrs. W. H. Hicks, last
iunday cveulng. '
Air. W. 0. Wilson and dauRliter,
Miss l^ila, 'visited tub fcrmer's'slster,
Nti-e. R. AV, Nelson last Tuesday.
WaJker-McElmoylo and IJlshpp'.s
l?ranch played ball laat Friday after
ippn, L great many of our 'yd?nger
iOt vfcnt to AJcElfimyle to seo Hte
?ame. They rejtyMqA tho game to be
h\0 II in favor of'MnKlmoj le.
Afrs. Nannie -White/ and little
kuiy.hter, Leon, spentv.Tuesdny with
Mrs. V. C. Gillespiel and her mother,
Mrs. June Evatt.
. Alia. E., T; Arnold spent .one day
aat week .with /.Mrs. Ara Ev^itt.
Mr. W. Cr Xori'is and little daugh
Lois, uCshded Kuiiday school at
hjfl place last Surida>.
The people of thin tommunity were
,ery orry lo learn of Mr. Ludo
White's snd a,ccldeiit<,\yhlle ritlinr- l
l.orSc to - water Tfvsr. Frid.o. it became1
lightened htid'he W:>.? Girown to the
erpQ'hd'. breaking, bis right ankle. He
I, -'reported .'to:- bo' -getting ;.bn exceed-,
i .Rly well under the skillful atfen
!'.nee of Dr. BeorJen,-Of;Central, S.
The grain crops "are certainly 100:'.
Iiig pretty ttiiicc. the weather has fror
i? niV liiue.-wm-M-..- hope.''if It {'
b- th?- will;-of.?ur Master, that t v.-iy '
fa rite r who. h.-->-- : . . in sown, will make
bduntiful en.'..
Mfr. and-Mr;. !>. Cf Evatt and Ift
II. v ?oa. D. C.-spool hi:U Wednesday
uiglii1 with .-the former's mother, Mrs.
M.--J. Futt.
J?lMl'np^nlisl 5)ire; in AiKr.i
KV' VQRiK, .Marth pl.?Willlaih
.Sl.nine, . au .iner-.
iand enpitalia? of .tliir
i '
a '? mm
ire 1**1
A Merchandising Service of Commanding
Influence Dedicated to the Greatest Possi
ble Benefit to the Good People of Anderson
The long arm of this ol d and reliable store has pene
trated intoTnany different sources of dependable ready
to-wear, and" millinery in the assembling of this remark
able exposition of spring garments; but we are glad to
sav that we are now ready with a display of spring wear
ing apparel, bought at prices which enables us to price
these troods very, very attractively. . ^
We have the greatest display ol Spring Coat Suits that we
have ever shown the good people of Anderson; every fabric
and every color which Dame Fashion has decreed for Spring
is ill our stock. Gabardijies, Poplins, Failles. Crepe Poplins,
Mattesones, Serg?; Men's Weaves, etc.,' made in all the latest
cuts, and in every wanted color. These Suits were 'bought
SPLiClAL, so we are going to sell them SPtClAl. for these
three days. ...
$25.00 values at..$17.49
20. (hi values at.., .. 14.98
l 5.00 values at. .12.48
12.50 values at. .\ ......... . 9.98
We are showing a wonderful line of One Piece Dresses,
made of Silk, Poplin, ChiiT?n, Taffeta, Crepe de Chine, Gr?pe
Metedr, in all the season's authentic styles and colors?putty,
sand, Belgian blue, navies, greffn, purple, etc., etc. We drove
a good bargain on these dresses, and have priced these dresses
SPECIAL for the next three days.
S2 7.5.0 values at . . ..,. . . .$19.98
S25.00 values at . . . .$17.48
S20.no values at...$14.98
Sl5,oo; values at . :.$12.48
$12.50 values at.'.. ... ... . .$ 9.9S
?510.0(1 v luesat....$ 7.48
S .7.50 values at*..'A..$ 4.93
*--. ' re-:
Spring Opening Display of Stylish, New and Authentic Mil
linery Modes, and nt prices within the reach of everybody.
We have a beautiful display of Spring Bonnets and Hate ?\ '
every hue and description at* SPECIAL prices this three dayr..
Shepardess Hals, Po^e Bonnets for young ladies and misses,
large new style sailor hats, darge mahne shapes with . in!;_ud
flowers, etc. Come and'see them. yourself., 'Priced from '
#1.98 to $5.00 and worth much more. ^
J.* j / '"-' "' '" ". ' . -.V.?. ,V "' v.*
?*. ' ; 'p. . - ' I ' :' .-,. > ' x^*?2l -V ' '. '
Special prices will. Prevail in every
^here You Pay Less*
l;>r Attel?t la. uf.> Ask. fT S Judge
Johnson <<i .Reestablish lt.
Ali effort Ifi-gipliig to bo inade to
ave ?iie Kodoripl office of rct?'rc'? in
innkruph'.y, "flfjtet?bllshed lu Ander-;
in, nod o comrnlttee of the local Bft*
.B?td?itlon will-be appointed shq^riy.
i call upon Urstli'il Staton Judge) JosV.
pli T. JohiiHortVflf the newly created
[nited Blairs district court Tor the
tstcrn dliirtlct of South Carolina and
Bk him to recreate tho office bore
ud appoint someone !o ?|11 it. '
As generally irVunvn, a ir.Fcre.e ir.
ankrtiptcy' was inain?ibifd h'es-e;ntv
I la?r summer. &hon the tc!rm ot oi
ol the referee/ C.Mi. Gelder, J??'fi..
icpir'fid. i'eliir-ra;; a practice he..had
Published- ?>i rddveliiK- .the nu'tnb'er
f refei ;;n.?ruptey. by no!
iP'optM where terms
l,?e 11er. ry A. :.T.
<S. district
Ville, referee for Anderson and Green
ville counties, together with the couh
tie.H of Oconee and Plckens. As gen
eralis- known; Oconee county was
within the Jurisdiction of- the,r?f?r?e
at Anderson anl -Picken? county was
Within the! jurisdiction of the referee
at Greenville. , *"
If the orfie.o of referee is re-created
h?f?; it will be for both Anderson'ami
Ocbnee comities. In -other .words, tho
Hat Associ?t 'in wishes to have the
inattor put' baok where it was b:.ior<5
Judge Smith abolished the-office here,
that is. have a recr?e at. Anderson
Jos' thin an? ?ebhee-Counties.
liquor in a State only when posses
sion of any quantity of liquor in G;?t
State i/* unlawfu).
,LA\\ i:St'ONSHTl T10XA1?
MONTGOMiSn-V; Ala.. -March la,--'
Tim law recently enaetrd by the
b.mii legislature, prohibiting the de
11 very *nio the Sti'te',-;oT more than
one quart of In : Honor to
one person U\ any one month-,' was
held ?': I- ionat today by Judge
, in cit; c'Mirt. The ?-ourt ruled
j *tl'm. of in
tli?, loa
Found Not Gull'y.
ltltloqEPORT, Conn.. March 19..
Mrs. Helen M. Angle was found not
guilty of manslaughter by ti jury la
crlni.'nal court l-.crc t?te today. She
Avas accused of having caused tho
|f(eath r f Waldo H. Ttailou at Stamford
on the night of .Tun? 2;? last.
rtie annminceinent of the verdict
.tvas'!greeted with cheer.-;.
?elglftn ?eilef Ships Mitit.
NEWPORT NEWS. Va., Mareii 1
?With-,a .cargo ?f grain valued
?3fH.tiS0, the Belgian'relief ahlp,- tl
Rritish steamer John Hardie; clearc
tb.'s afternoon and Avili ?r.il tonir'
for Rotterdam from whence tin
will be rc-shlppe'd to' Bclgldui 'for d
trib'utiop sinopg the dosltule . cl
liana. The cargo, ; which jnclm
310,500 bus.hcla' 'efMvb'eai and
bushels of cortl, was supplied by
Anteriffan' Commis,ion foi- Relief
will buy for CASH '
/,*-.. . - :' I ? -. - ' -'. . '\
. f.o Geese
50 Ducks
75 Guineas ' ! ,
2?. Turkeys
S(r,it!i Side Grocery

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